Monmouth Battlefield State Park Map
Chuck's Paranormal Investigation Locations

Map of Monmouth Battlefield and where my investigations have taken place.

This is a copy of the map the State Park provides of the layout of Monmouth Battlefield State Park.   The red numbers on the map will indicate which investigation took place there.  For example,  my first visit to the site (1A - 1C) is labeled with in red in each area I was at.     This is to give some reference to the size of the park and to give future investigators a sort of guide map of what I encountered at certain areas during my investigations.

You can reference the investigations directly by clicking the link in blue.


1A -  Visitor Center and personal experience of room feeling odd.
1B -  First use of Ovilus device on the farm.  Machine says "Ox" and a few more words then goes haywire.
1C -  EVP captured.   Ghost Box reveals names (Isaac, Beth, Bruce, Bob, Richard, Carl, Eric & Mark).   Bishop reference and angry spirit who does not want help.

2A - Orchard area.   Ghost Box reveals person who fought for British army.
2B - Hedgerow area.   Cold spot of 35.7F captured on thermometer with outdoor temp 78-82F.   Told to "Shut Up"!

3A - Farm  area.  Ovilus tells me to "Hide" when reenactor fires off musket for school group. 
3B - Hedgerow area.  Ghost Box says about General Lee - "He was kicked off!".  Camcorder deactivated while I am doing countdown to stop Ghost Box.

4A - Hedgerow  area.  Youtube video 1 of 3 covers this area.   Auto-focus on camcorder strange.   Spirits tell me to leave on Ghost Box.
4B - Parked Tractor near Sutfin Farmhouse.   Unexplained bangs on tractor.
4C - In front of Sutfin Farmhouse.   Youtube video 2 of 3.    EVPs, Ovilus Malfunction.

5A - In back of Sutfin Farmhouse.  Whisper heard but not captured on audio or video recorders.  Left toy ball for any spirits of children.
5B - George Washington's battle line.  Slight poke in the arm. Ghost Box and Ovilus sessions reveal possible deserters.
5C - Heading towards Molly Pitcher's spring.   Got bad feeling about entering area, had to turn around and leave.  (Around 7PM)

6A - George Washington line.  Ghost Box and Ovilus sessions with good results.   Used Replica Revolutionary war money as trigger.  EVP of "Chuck" said as I was leaving area.
6B - Molly Pitcher spring overlook.  Feeling of being monitored.  Ghost Box and Ovilus Sessions.
6C - Sutfin Farmhouse.  Strange image caught in open window of house.

7A - Combs Hill.  Successful Ghost box and Ovilus sessions.   Possible names of soldiers present.  Repeated mention of "Providence...B" and "fury fight".

8A - Old Tennent Church & entrance onto the battlefield.  EVP along with ghost box session.

9A - Parsonage Farm investigating at back end.
9B - Northern Part of Hedgerow area - first visit.

A1 - George Washington Line on Anniversary - Ovilus session with bizarre results, plus EVP.
A2 - Molly Pitcher area - EVP captured
A3 - Return visit to Old Tennent Church, same day as Anniversary.

B1 - George Washington trip - took my dog and let him lead.  He crossed farm field, followed path and up to the area all on his own.  No guidance from me!
B2 - Took dog over to Sutfin House to see if he sensed anything.  Not that I could figure.

C1 - First trip to Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse - Amazing amount of Class A EVP from small child cursing me to young women to adults.  Amazing ghost box response

C2 - Thompson-Taylor Return  - Over 20 EVP including one saying "Devil".  Calling me a Devil or was there a Devil there?

D1 - Craig House information trip to learn some history of the place.