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Investigation # 1  - Monmouth Battlefield,
(Manalapan, NJ)  - May 11, 2011

Monmouth Battlefield State Park has been high on my list of priorities for paranormal investigations as soon as I started back in October, 2010.   My main theory is that if Gettysburg, site of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, is haunted as it is,  then why shouldn't Monmouth Battlefield be much different?   Granted,  probably ten times as many soldiers died at Gettysburg than at the Battle of Monmouth.  However,  men dying from cannon balls,  grapeshot,  musket balls and other early weapons that would inflict heavy damage on a person.   Let alone the heat of that day in  June, 1778,  that may have killed more soldiers than actual weapons fire.

There is virtually almost no investigation reports by paranormal researchers at Monmouth Battlefield on the internet.  That is not to say investigators haven't been there before, but if they were,  they have not made note of it.  Other than a psychic,  a local paranormal researcher named Steve Hultay  trying out his ghost box and stories about the ghost of Molly Pitcher that has been mistaken for a reenactment person by people visiting the site,  there is nothing that I can find.   To me this is a choice location to do an extensive investigation at.  Extensive as going there once or twice week for the next few months.

Monmouth Battlefield State Park sign

I arrived around 10:30AM,  the sky was alternating clouds and sun with a slight wind and cool temperatures.  It was really a perfect day to investigate.   The parking lot was pretty much empty except for a few people coming to the park to walk their dogs,  a single school bus was also present.  A group of kids were being taken on a tour of part of the battlefield.   It was perfect as I could conduct my first investigation anywhere and avoid just about all human contact.

As this was my first trip ever here,  I wanted to go inside the visitors center to get a map and learn something about where the significant skirmishes took place as these would be obvious places to check out for possible paranormal activity.  Plus there were quite a few artifacts from the battle and the period which I was curious to check out as well.

I was the only person inside the main visitors area.  There were a couple of voices coming from an inner office, but that was it.   I made my way around the one room area,  examining the artifacts, checking out a large scale diorama of the area and reading the different footnotes on the shelves.  As I made my way over to a large display case that housed a collection of uniforms, weapons and artifacts,  I was hit with a feeling that something was going on.   It's hard to describe,  not a creeped out feeling or scared feeling,  but like that atmosphere of the room had changed and felt heavy and I could feel it.   The only other time I had ever experienced a similar feeling like this in my life was at a wake of a friend who passed some years ago.    The funeral home had a downstairs sitting parlor where the bathrooms were located.   When I went to go use the bathroom and walked into the sitting parlor,  it was the same feeling.  Not bad,  not eerie or scary,  but just there.

I had my infrared camera with me and decided to take some pictures just in case.

I snapped about 15-20 pictures in here.   I did not catch any "spirits" while I was taking pictures, but  a few of them came out blurred for no reason. 

Thinking back from the Madame Tussauds experience,  I am making sure that when I use the infrared camera that I am staying as still as possible.   This is not proof that there was paranormal activity taking place here,  but the "heavy" feeling I experienced here was something I will not forget.    Just to note, about an hour later just before I left,  I stopped back in here to use the restroom.   That feeling was not there this time around.

After  I got a couple of brochures of the Park that had maps in them and some historical reference,  it was time to go out on the field and do some investigating.   According to the maps,  I would be going to Parsonage farm, just at the bottom of Combs Hill.   There is an orchard at the top of the farm where some fighting took place,  but as the school group was up in that area,  I decided to stay on the lower portion of the farm area.  I pulled out my new Ovilus device and placed the setting on "Energy Mode".   This causes the device to put out a small EMF pulse, which would be best described as a sort of homing beacon for spirits.  This is because they are supposedly made out of electromagnetic energy and the theory is they would notice or be attracted to something putting out EMF waves.  

I made my way down Combs Hill and crossed a small foot bridge over some swamp area that was filled with bullfrogs.  Not the ideal area to do any EVP work in!  Ribbit ribbit!

I made my way to the left and followed a large trail that divides the farm land into areas.  The trail is basically cut grass in the field for visitors to walk on.   The areas in-between the trails are filled with taller grass and vegetation.   Not the area to be walking through as there were warnings about ticks at the Park.

While walking along,  I decided to switch the Ovilus over to "Dictionary Mode".   This would allow any spirits to make use of the word database inside the unit and use it to say words that are in there.  About 30 seconds after switching the mode,  the Ovilus spit out the word "Ox".     An interesting word to use as I was on a farm and ox could have been used back in the day to plow the fields.   As I was waiting,  the next word to come out was "Depressed".    Depressed ox?

Not having my digital recorder on,  I grabbed it and turned it on to record what else might come out.   Over the next 4:30 minutes,  the following words were said:   black,  steer, speculate, open and mistake.   Though it was anywhere between 20 - 45 seconds before the next word in the sequence was said.    What does this mean?  It is unknown and that is the controversial nature of the device.    If a spirit is manipulating the box,  the words being said might be random or they might have some meaning.     The word is said once a certain energy is applied to the box as this is detected by the Ovilus.    There were no power lines in the area or any easily seen power sources, so something was applying energy to make the box spit out words.

As I pulled out my camera to take pictures,  the box said "study".  As I was trying to explain about the camera,  the Ovilus said "words".  I then was trying to explain about the camera doesn't use words, at which point the Ovilus started changing modes on its own and then went into a dictionary test mode, where words from the Ovilus database started coming out.   Was a spirit trying to figure out how the box worked?

From this point I decided to follow the makeshift trail to the right,  about 100 yards up the field.   With not a soul in sight or close enough to contaminate any EVP work,  I took the Ovilus and placed it in white noise mode.    Spirits are said to be able to talk within the white noise so I wanted to try a short session.

I did manage to capture one EVP which was kind of surprising.  I did not expect it.

You will need a very quiet room or headphones to hear the EVP.

MB EVP #1 -  I am asking if they died at the Battle of Monmouth.  At 5 seconds you hear a faint, drawn out voice say..."Fight."  

 There was not a soul within 500 yards of my position on the farm land.    There is not a chance this is voice contamination from anybody at the park.   As you can see from this picture below.

Farm land on site of Monmouth Battlefield

This is a good 10 minute walk from my position here, to the hill in the center horizon and up to the Visitors Center.

Is this a spirit  who fought here?  Is it a spirit that is asking me to fight as if the Battle continues?  Does he want to fight me?????   Who or whatever said "Fight" and what that refers to is unknown.   I didn't hear anything when I was asking the question.

After continuing for a few more minutes,  it was time to bring out the "ghost box" and see if anything would talk to me through this like at the cemetery.    I honestly was not expecting to get anything significant,  but again the saying of "expect the unexpected" once again applied here.   Not only did I get some remarkable responses to my questions,  I also got responses that I would not have expected here! 

The following Ghost Box sounds can be heard mostly through your computer speakers.  However there are some faint ones, so that you will probably need headphones to hear better.  I am editing out the clicks and pops from the original audio and some amplification to make them more audible.   Some of these I was able to remove some of the static to make the spirit voices more noticeable. 

 BoMGB = Battle of Monmouth Ghost Box.

BoMGB #1 -  I am asking what their name is.   A male voice at 4 seconds asks for somebody.  This is followed by a female voice saying "what?"  The male responds with "Come........Over.........Here".   At the very end the female says what sounds like "no".

BoMGB#2 -  Shortly after  I ask if they know where they are at right now.  Right after my question,  you hear the name "Art" come in very clearly followed by an word I can't figure out.   At 4 seconds you hear the word "Bishop", followed by a female voice saying what sounds like "Art".  At 8 seconds a male voice comes in and says "Shut....Up.....Gene".

This is something I was not expecting.   "Art"  is the name of the spirit who I appear to have had communication with on several occasions at the Jamesburg cemetery.   "Bishop" is also the word that has been tossed at me at most of my investigations as the Jamesburg spirits have repeated that word,  asked me about the Bishop and where is the Bishop?    Now the question is why is Art's name and the word "Bishop" coming through at Monmouth Battlefield, which is about 35 minutes away from the Jamesburg cemetery?    Am I being followed?   Were the spirits (Art in particular) aware I was going to go to Monmouth Battlefield?   In the past they have answered questions before I could even finish asking them.   Can they read your mind as some other paranormal websites have speculated?

BoMGB#3 -  Next I ask if there is more than one person with me.   There is a female voice that comes through as I am talking, but unable to understand what is said.   Following some unknown words,  at 5 seconds a male voice says what sounds like "Lib....Hate....Her."    I can only think that is being said at the female that seems to be coming through.  

BoMGB#4 -  This clip is 24 seconds long, but to give you a bigger idea of what comes through on the box.  Right from the start you hear a voice say "here" followed by a faint female voice saying "Bishop".  I acknowledge the voice and ask for a name.  At 6 seconds you hear a female again say "bishop"  then at 8 seconds she says her name is "Beth".   As I say this is a chance for us to communicate,  at 13 seconds the female says "hi there", followed by two more voices that say "cool" and "think".   At 19 seconds a voice is clearly heard saying "Bruce" and when I repeat his name,  he follows with "yeah man".  At the last second you hear the female voice again saying "Bishop".    

BoMGB#5 - Another case of getting an answer before my question is asked.  At 1 second in, you hear a faint voice say  "Didn't fight" before I can ask the question "Did you fight in the war?".  This is followed by a female voice saying at 5 seconds which sounds like "Meager" and immediately followed by a faint male "Yeah".  At seconds this clip finishes with a voice clearly saying  "he's dead"!

BoMGB#6 - I ask who is here with me right now.  A faint "Chuck" is heard followed by a loud voice saying very clearly...  "Right....Here.....Chuck......Hear Me!"   I mention it is the year 2011,  you hear a voice say "wow.  Then a female voice right at the end,  can't make out what she is saying.

BoMGB#7 -  When asking if they fought in the war against the British,  this followed by 3 distinct male voices.  The first one says something that sounds like "I did", but kind of garbled.  The following 2 male voices clear say "I did"!

BoMGB#8 -  I ask if Molly Pitcher is there by chance (Yes I know that was only a nickname and not her real name).  At 5 seconds you hear a female "yes".  This is followed by a voice saying very clearly... "We.....fought......????".   The last word is overlapped with me speaking so I cannot make it out.

BoMGB#9 - This is a short clip, but through the static you can here the voice say "The Bishop's here."  I hope so because I'm tired of looking for him!  :-)

BoMGB#10 - Out of the blue I am told  "Isaac's safe!"  Followed by what sounds like a sarcastic remark from another spirit saying...."Oh gee."  I guess it's no big deal to him Isaac is safe!

BoMGB#11 - Another "roll call" session.  With numerous voices coming out,  I wanted names so I asked them to get in a big circle as I did at the cemetery in Jamesburg.   I ask them them to get in a big circle around me.  This is followed by a voice saying..."Can't".   I do the countdown and then.......nothing.   Around the 18-20 second mark,  I start to ask is anybody there or they won't answer.  Then the names came out:

21 seconds - "Names....Bob"
23 seconds - "Richard"
24 seconds - "Carl"
26 seconds - "Nick"
27 seconds - "Eric"
28 seconds - "Mark"
29 seconds - "Bruce"  
(note: this session is on Youtube and at first I could not make out this name, but a person viewing the video suggested it sounded like Bruce.  I listened again and that is a good fit)

I then ask if they fought with the Colonial army or the British.  As I am saying the word "Colonial", you hear a loud, clear female voice saying  "Yes!".

BoMGB#13 -  As I am saying I will be leaving shortly but will come back,  I am told....."Isaac will come!"  (Note: the end part I tried to remove some of the background static so you can here this better)

Now I have to figure out who Isaac is.  He is safe and he will come the next time I come!

BoMGB#14 - Another voice out of the blue that says..."I....fought".   Maybe its just me, but this sounds like a British accent,  in particular the way the word "fought" is said.

BoMGB#15 - This is my first true case of what sounds like an angry spirit.  I have removed as much static from this audio as possible as I missed this when I first reviewed

Shortly before ending the session, I am asking if anybody needs any help.  At 5 seconds it starts and the following is said over 1 second intervals....." I.....DON'T......NEED.....YOUR.....HELP".     Following some static at 11 seconds he finished up by saying what sounds like  "F**K  YOU".

I will have to tread carefully on my next visit as I have no idea how angry this spirit is,  but he does not sound happy by an stretch here.   Did he die in the battle and is angry about that over the past 230 years?  Is he angry because he is stuck there?  Does he want to keep fighting a war then ended 230 years ago?  Could be anything and I have to make sure I don't anger him to the point he wants a piece of me.

BoMGB#16 - Another piece of the Bishop puzzle?  This segment starts off with the voice saying,  "Bishop needs you".  This voice sounds identical to a lot of the other segments where the Bishop is mentioned with a male voice.   Following my voice at 6 seconds,  you hear the same voice say what sounds like  "Bless.....You."

BoMGB#17 - This was the last good segment I captured.  Higher up on the field near some orchards (where some of the battle was fought), there was a school group making their way out of their and back towards my area.  As I make note of this out loud,  you hear a clear male voice say "There.....he.....blessed........????"  His last word was overlapped with some static and noise I could not edit out.

On the way out I stopped at the Visitor center to use the bathroom one more time before I left.  When I walked through,  I did not experience that feeling that I had there earlier.   I will definitely stop by there a few more times to see if the feeling comes back.  I would also like to talk to any of the staff there to ask them if they ever get any feelings like that.   You would think if ghosts are hanging out in the Visitors Center to stay near items they are familiar with (tools, weapons, clothes),  that the staff there would have some experiences also.

There are few other sections of the park that I will have to visit also, so this looks like the next few months are going to be spent making several trips here.  After this short visit,  I can only imagine what will happen next!