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Disclaimer Page

I am posting a disclaimer page so I can make it perfectly clear what I do,  what I don't do and so I won't get deluged with e-mail from unhappy people.


1)  All evidence I post here (pictures, video, audio, etc) is my own, I do not borrow, hot-link or use anybody else's material here without their permission.   If you wish to use anything I have posted on my site,  I please ask that you obtain permission from me first as well.   I have no problem with my material being used elsewhere, as long as the proper credit is given.

2)  All evidence posted here has not been tampered with for the sake of making paranormal activity seem real.  If you are a skeptic and think this is all fake,  you have the free right to think so.  Just don't waste my time and yours by sending me e-mail to tell me you think its fake.  I took the challenge to find out for myself if this was real.  If you don't want to do it, fine.  There are millions of other websites for you to visit.

3)  If you have a legitimate point of view that suggests that any evidence might be a "false positive", I am more than inclined to hear it.  I have an open mind and not beyond discounting evidence because I think there is something paranormal about it.    I try to debunk as much as I can before proclaiming something to be paranormal.  I am not just a thrill seeker.   I didn't start Ghost Hunting for the thrill of being scared.  I have my own questions I want to answer for myself.


1)   Every paranormal group has their own rules and means of conducting investigations.  A lot of investigating methods are probably very similar to each other, though I am sure there are differences of opinion in some methods.  Example,   look how the Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures shows compare.  Ergo,  I do some things that other groups do,  some I do not.   Please don't contact me to lecture me that is not how your group operates.    If you have a helpful tip or suggestion on what I might do differently,  again I am open to anything that might prove useful.

2)  I am not a trained paranormal investigator.  I do not hold any degrees or certificates from any schools regarding anything related to the paranormal field.  I am in the process of being "self-taught".  I have read books from the "experts" in the field,  I have visited and read many of the various paranormal groups on the internet.  I watch the various TV shows on Ghost Hunting.    I investigate taking a little bit from everybody and making my own methods.  I don't mind trial and error, that is how one learns.

3)  There is a cardinal ghost hunting rule that every site has and I break it outright.  "NEVER INVESTIGATE ALONE".     For the most part I investigate alone.  Why?   One, is because there are not many people I know ready to overcome their fears and come along with me.   If I have the opportunity to have companions,  I welcome them.   I do not have time to join an active group of investigators due to my work life shift schedule. 

      Another reason is that I feel that the spirits at the cemeteries don't feel as threatened with just me approaching them, as opposed to a group of 10 people that just showed up.   How would you feel,  standing on a street corner.  If one person is walking towards the corner,  do you feel threatened?   In most cases you wouldn't.  Now picture 10 people walking towards you.  Now you might feel a little inclined to move away and create a little space.  

      Lastly,  I know the main reason you should not investigate alone is for safety reasons.  Well,  when I investigate,  somebody knows where I am at and how long I am staying.  I have a cell phone at all times and a mental escape route should I need to get out in a hurry.   I am also not concerned with the "living" element as I do have some martial arts training and I do carry LEGAL protection (aka: allowed by law).   What if somebody shows up with a gun you say?  Well,  if that was the case,  what good is a partner or 2 going to do you, right?

      With that said,  I am not endorsing anybody to go out and investigate by themselves.  You should have a partner, especially if you go out at night.  What if you step in a mole hole and twist your ankle and can't walk?   I understand the risks involved and that is my own decision.

4)  I only investigate in public places.   I do not trespass nor I do not gain illegal access to any place I decide to investigate.  I may be a lone wolf most of the time, but I do it legally.  I am also respectful of the places I go to.  I do not litter.  I say a prayer for the departed and those that have chosen to stay behind for whatever reason.

5)  I am not a sensitive.  I am not a psychic.  I am not a clairvoyant.   I cannot see the dead nor can I speak to them like a medium.   I am just an average, everyday, normal person.   Well,  my friends would say that I was not normal, but that having nothing to do with being paranormal.  LOL    I just make note of this in case somebody thinks I can make contact with dearly departed Aunt Betsy for them.  I cannot.   I use electronics as my means of investigating.   There is no guarantee that any spirit will try to communicate with me through the devices I use.

6) I do not use "dark arts" to contact spirits.  That means I do not do sťances or Witchcraft or use a Ouija board, etc etc.   That stuff is potentially dangerous and I will not engage in such activities.  When I do an investigation,  I will politely ask for any spirits to come to talk to me if they desire.  If they don't fine. 


1)  I have my own personal beliefs when it comes to religion.  However,  this site is not intended to push those beliefs on anybody else.  Nor has this site been created to challenge or call into question anybody's religious beliefs.  I just present the evidence I find from my investigations. You judge for yourself what the paranormal is all about.