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This is the different types of equipment  I use on my investigations.   I don't use everything listed on every investigation,  conditions dictate what I can use without worrying about contamination.  For example,  a laser grid will not be effective outdoors during the day.  A digital camera will be worthless during conditions of rain or drizzle as water droplets near the camera will show up as orbs.

K-II EMF Meter

K-II EMF Detector

This device is used to measure EMF or "Electro Magnetic Fields" which spirits are said to give off.  EMF can be found in most electrical devices such as Power Breaker boxes,  computer monitors,  microwaves,  TV,  radio, etc.

High EMF from electrical devices or bad wiring supposedly can cause side effects in some people that are sensitive that include giving you that creepy feeling of being watched,  paranoia, etc.   Some houses that are thought to be haunted turned out to be due to high EMF that the occupants were sensitive to.

Sony Digital Recorder

Digital Recorder

This common device is used to record sound.  Except with a digital recorder there is no moving parts inside, unlike a tape recorder, in which internal noise can be made by moving parts.  This can add sounds that might be considered paranormal but are not.

Digital recorders sometimes pick up EVP,  sounds or voices made that in most cases cannot be heard by the human ear, but somehow are able to be captured on the recorder. 

This one has USB capability, which allows instant uploading of sound files to the computer for analysis.   A recorder without USB cannot do this and in order to upload, you would need cables to hook it up to your sound card.  Then you would have to upload the entire recording in real time, so if you had a 2 hours session, it would take you 2 hours to upload!


IR Thermometer

IR Thermometer

This device is used to measure temperature readings at a short distance in front of the user.  By holding the button down,  you can scan the current temperature and see any fluctuations as they happen. 

This tool is useful as spirits are said to create cold spots as they try to manifest themselves or draw energy from the nearby area.   Noticeable when you have a warm temperature and then all of a sudden the air is ice cold with no drafts or air conditioning causing the effect.

This particular model has an automatic off feature, 15 seconds after you release the button.  This is a palm sized object and a battery life of 25-30 hours.

(This equipment piece has been retired as my Mel Meters have instant temperature readings)

Flexible Mini Tripods for digital cameras

Flexible mini-tripods

These are used to mount digital cameras on.  The arms can be twisted in order to secure them to just about any object for a steady picture.  Perfect to eliminate any shaking effects if your camera does not have a anti-shaking feature.

Plus it comes in handy when you want to photograph yourself with the camera timer, instead of holding the camera out with one hand and snapping a point blank picture!


Sony Video camera with Night Vision

Sony Camcorder with Night Vision

This video camera is an oldie but a goodie!  It comes with a Night Vision feature so you can record in the dark, using the same technology as night vision goggles!   Though the range is limited, it works great and I will be able to increase the night viewing distance once I get an IR light to use with it. 

The drawback is that this is an old "8 Tape" camera and does not use flash memory cards.   Which means you need the proper hardware to upload to your computer.  Also means you have to be careful not to tape over good evidence you might have captured.  I know,  I wiped out a great EVP caught on the camera by taping over it!  DUH!

(This equipment piece has been retired)

Sony DCR SR42 camcorder used by Chuck's Paranormal Adventures

Sony DCR-SR42 with Night Vision

This is a newer upgrade, though out of production.  This is the Sony DCR - SR42 camcorder with a 30GB hard drive for recording.  A vast improvement over having to find and buy tapes to use.  Plus there is the advantage of being able to load the movie footage (MPEG2) to the PC through a docking port and USB.   Small, lightweight, easy to carry!

The drawback is if you get the camera without the docking port,  you cannot load up the files to your PC through the USB.   Night Vision on this camcorder is not as good as the old 8MM camcorder, but can be compensated for with a good IR light source.

I also have 2 Sony DCR-HDR5 camcorders with Night Vision.  The difference with these recorders is that they can record in HD for a much cleaner, crisper picture!


Ghost Box or known as Shack Hack

Ghost Box or "Shack Hack"

This is a Radio Shack AM/FM radio with a built in scan feature so you can scan between the stations until it finds a clear signal.  Why its called the Shack-Hack is because on Youtube, there are videos that show you how to hack the radio and disable the scan feature so that it will not stop on a clear station.  It will continuously scan the stations, regardless of clarity.    The theory behind the Ghost Box is that as it scans like 2-3 frequencies every second,  the spirits are able to pick up snippets of sound and use that to communicate whole words and even sentences with.

(This equipment piece has been semi-retired as I prefer the P-SB7 Spirit Box,  but will use the Shack Hack on occasion.)

P-SB7 Spirit Box, used by Chuck's Paranormal Adventures

P-SB7 "Spirit Box"

This is an advanced "ghost box" that has many advantages over the Shack Hack.  One is that the box scan sweep can be set by milliseconds, so you can have a slow or fast sweep.  You can set the sweep to go forward or in reverse.  Extra white noise is produced during the sweep.  This model in the FM mode allows you to scan an additional 119 frequencies that have no radio stations whatsoever. 

This device is controversial due to the fact that radio stations are swept through and some believe that words that are picked up are nothing more than matrixing or radio bleed through.   However,  I have picked up full words and sentences as direct answers to my questions in the same voice.  This should not be possible when you can sweep through a dozen frequencies in a second.

Vivitar night vision camera

Vivitar Night Vision Video Camera

This is a ultra cheap, hand sized video camera that has night vision capability.  I took this into my garage, turned off the lights so it was pitch black, but I could see everything in the garage.  The camera also allows you to take still pictures using the Night vision technology.

It only cost me $35,  so I felt it was worth giving it a shot to see how it works on future night investigations.  If it does, this will allow me to cover more hot spot areas at once!  Comes with 2 GB memory and you can add up to a 8GB SD card, runs on 4 AAA batteries.  Of course I got rechargeable ones!

(This equipment piece has been retired as I have a full spectrum digital camera now.)

Laser Grid Light

Laser Light Grid

This item is unique in that it does not shoot out a focused beam of laser light as most laser pointers do.  This one makes an adjustable star field,  almost like a laser kaleidoscope.   This has been used in Ghost Hunting shows to create a grid in hallways and rooms.  If a manifested spirit, shadow figure  or an orb tries to pass through the laser grid (while being monitored with a video camera),   the laser points on the wall should end up getting distorted or blackened out.    This item can be used at night to project off the side of a mausoleum or large tombstone and see if anything tries to pass through it.

Polaroid Infrared Light

This is a nice sized Infrared light source to give me the ability to videotape in Night Vision in a greater area.  Much like using a good flashlight to illuminate at night time.  Except the light is invisible to the naked eye.   When you look at the light,  it looks like nothing more than some faint red bulbs.  Except when you look through the night vision you would think somebody has a powerful flashlight on.

(I learned a hack from Youtube that showed how to replace the 45 min battery and attach a 3AA battery holder so you can use the Light for 2-3 hours of recording time!)

Phantom Lite IR illuminator, used by Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Phantom Lite - Infrared Light

Basically an Infrared flood light that is powered by a 9 volt battery, with a life of around 4-5 hours.   25 small IR LED lights are inside the box and provide excellent IR light for your camcorder while it is filming in Night Shot mode.

37mm Infrared filter 37mm Infrared Light Filter

This little lens screws onto the Sony Camcorder to allow the Night Vision feature to be used during day light.  This dark lens blocks out all visible light and only allows Infrared light to pass through.

Sony Camcorders were made with a feature that prevented use of the Night Vision during broad daylight once it was discovered that use of the Night Vision during daylight would give it an "X-Ray" effect so that you could see through thin clothing onto people.

Now the Camcorder can be used during the day to videotape any movement within the Infrared spectrum.


Mem Meter 8704-R used by Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Mel Meter 8704-R

This device, developed by Gary Galka, is a basic meter device that can monitor spikes in EMF energy as well as area temperature.  A very effective tool in determining the presence of possible spirit activity by showing EMF spikes or sudden changes in the temperature.

Also very effective in determining EMF output by electrical devices that may be causing minor paranoia in those who are sensitive to high EMF fields.

Mel Meter with REM and SDD detection, used by Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Mel Meter 8704-R-REM-SDD

This device, developed by Gary Galka, is an upgraded Mel Meter that can measure spikes in EMF energy, monitor area temperature, detect Shadow movement and detects disturbance in a localized static electro magnetic field produced by an antenna.

If anything should get close to the antenna, the EM field is broken and a series of lights on the Mel Meter will light and sound off depending on how close an object is to the antenna.

The Shadow movement detector is used in conjunction with a laser grid or LED light source that is constant.  If there is a slight change in the light contrast due to possible shadow figure walking in front of the light source,  a small alarm will sound.


Ovilus X Ovilus X

This is an amazing device manufactured at the website - Digital Dowsing.  This device has been used on some of the ghost hunting shows such as Ghost Adventures.

The device has a 2048 word vocabulary where spirits are supposed to be able to manipulate with their energy in order for the unit to speak a word or words (in a computer monotone voice).  The unit also allows a phonetic setting where spirits are supposed to be able to speak words not in the device's vocabulary.

Plus the device has the ability to pump out white noise for EVP sessions,  a low power EMP pump that would serve as a beacon for spirits to home in on,  the ability to repeat the words spoken in the dictionary mode, touch mode that will emit a ping when a spirits energy is detected.

While the item is listed as an entertainment device as the creator cannot make the claim that people are actually talking to ghosts and spirits,  the results I have had using the Ovilus so far have validated my decision to get this device.   I also have the Digital Text Display (DTD) which plugs into the data port of the Ovilus and the screen will show the word that the Ovilus speaks (dictionary mode only).  A real time saver as sometimes what the Ovilus says sounds completely different than what the word is supposed to be.


ES Speaker used by Chuck's Paranormal Adventures EEnergy Speaker (ES)

This device, also developed by Bill Chappell at Digital Dowsing, is used to plug into an audio playback device such as an iPod or MP3 player.   The device takes normal sound waves and transmits them as a silent magnetic field output.  Sort of like broadcasting our voices or music as an EVP on the spirits side.    By placing an EMF detector in front of the Energy Speaker as it broadcasts,  you can see the EMF levels spike according to the sound output.

Paramid  - paranormal detection equipment Paramid

 This amazing object is called the Paramid and is a Stereo Ultra-Sonic Sensor.   It has 2 sensors on each side of it that will detect movement up to 4 feet away.

According to the makers of the Paramid,  it is "extremely sensitive detection of an object similar to Radar or Sonar."

If something gets within 4 feet (1.2 meters), it will light up a display LED to which side it is on and how far it is away, in meters on the LED screen.


This device produced by Gary Gelka,  has a telescopic antenna that creates a small electrical field around the antenna.  Much like the Mel-Meter with REM,  anything the gets close to the antenna and breaks the electrical field will create an audible noise and light up the small lights on the top of the device.  The closer something gets to the antenna,  the louder it gets and more lights go off.   Even a spirit that we cannot see can let you know it is present by touching the antenna!

Laser Trip Wire Toy,  but is very useful! Laser Trip Wire

This is a kids toys produced by Spy Gear brand.   There is a base unit that receives laser beams from the two end units.  If something should cross in front of the laser beam and break it,  an alarm is sounded from the base unit.  I got two of these on clearance at Best Buy for $12 each.   Ideal for placing in doorways or in rooms with lots of activity to see if a spirit will break the beam and set off the alarm.


A standard EMF pump produced by Digital Dowsing.  The theory is that spirits are attracted to the energy output of the device as the spirits may need to consume the energy in order to manifest, react with the equipment or to better communicate EVP and such.

Laser Grid device

Laser Light Grid #2

This device produced by Ghost Stop creates an amazing grid of red lines that is more concentrated than the standard laser light grid pen.  Plus with this unit, you just flip a switch, there is no need to use tape or a specially modified mini telescopic holder to keep the laser light on.  If a shadow figure steps in front of the laser,  it will easily be seen on the nearby walls or furniture.

How the laser grid looks.

RT-EVP Audio Recorder RT-EVP Audio Recorder

The RT (real time) EVP audio recorder,  developed by Gary Gelka at Pro Measure,  is used during active investigations to try to hear EVP live.  The unit, while recording,  also has a feature where you can listen to the recording on a timed delay (ie: 10 seconds).   So if an EVP is spoken,  you can hear it right away off the recording and react accordingly during the investigation.



Xbox Kinect Camera

Kinect Motion Detection Camera

 This is a standard Kinect Xbox motion detection camera that is used to play Xbox games.  Over time some people realized the unit was picking up something trying to play games when there was nobody else in the room with the game player.   The TV show "Ghost Adventures" successfully used an Xbox Kinect camera to catch spirit activity at  Tuolumne Hospital.  This break through as a lot of amazing potential as the Kinect sends out 1000's of little InfraRed laser dots into a room.  With the use of special software,  the Kinect can be attached to a PC and used to monitor a room.  If a spirit breaks the dots,  it gets tracked  on the PC screen as a stick figure,  much like the Kinect is supposed to work when a person uses it to play video games. 

H2 Digital recorder used by Chuck's Paranormal Adventures H2 - Zoom Recorder

An amazing recording device that function way above the standard digital recorder.  The H2 can record in 2 or 4 channels.  It can record facing forward or backward.  It can record in basically is surround sound.  Very sensitive, the ideal tool to set and forget in an area known to have paranormal activity, in particular, EVPs

Uses an SD card and can record for hours in different formats.

White Sage, Lavander Oil, Angelica Oil, White Sage Spray,  Holy Water,  used by Chuck's Paranormal Adventures. Spiritual Tools

After getting scratched at the Italian Villa - Roy Vail house and a possible attachment from a female spirit there,  I was introduced to a whole new realm of what can happen during a paranormal investigation. 

 Now I always keep a supply of White Sage (herbal and liquid spray) to ward off negative energies and help with protection.  Some essential oils,  Lavender and Angelica, for spiritual protection

Of course,  a supply of Holy Water on hand in case there is a run in with a Demonic entity.  Demons are very rare and I don't expect to encounter any, but I keep a bottle on hand just in case.