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These are the different types of equipment I use on my investigations. I have been collecting a little bit at a time since 2010 as some of these tools can be quite expensive. Many of these you have probably seen on the various TV shows and while a lot of them have that "COOL" factor, I would say 95% of the time they will sit silently without interaction.

Remeber what you see on TV comes over the course of many hours of footage that needs to be edited out to the highlights of the investigations. With that said, the times that some of these devices seem to interact with something unknown is quite remarkable.

Remember - none of these tools can detect a ghost or spirit. What they are reacting to might be the result of some natural source (EMF, static electric energy, etc). We do not know for sure that a ghost or spirit is the cause at first glance.

Always try to debunk before assuming something is paranormal!

The Paranormal Tools!

Below are pictures of the equipment I use and a brief description. If you are planning on getting any of the tools on this page for your own investigations, some have links to the product page on Amazon where I can earn a commission on sales. This will help support this website as everything I do here is self-funded.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

K-II EMF Detector

This device is used to measure EMF or "Electro Magnetic Fields" which spirits are said to give off. EMF can be found in most electrical devices such as Power Breaker boxes, computer monitors, microwaves, TV, radio, etc.

High EMF from electrical devices or bad wiring supposedly can cause side effects in some people that are sensitive that include giving you that creepy feeling of being watched, paranoia, etc. Some houses that are thought to be haunted turned out to be due to high EMF that the occupants were sensitive to.

Grey K-II EMF Detector Amazon Link

Black K-II EMF Detector Amazon Link

KII meter

P-SB7 Spirit Box

This is one of the most popular spirit boxes available and easy to use. The box operates on a continuous scan of either the AM or FM radio band. Unlike the "shack hack" or other modified commerical radios, the P-SB7 scan speed can be set from 100 to 300 milliseconds per frequency. This means on a sweep of say, 250ms, you scan 4 frequencies in a second. You can also set the sweep to go forward or in reverse through the AM/FM frequencies.

This device is controversial due to the fact that radio stations are swept through and some believe that words that are picked up are nothing more than matrixing or radio bleed through. However, I have picked up multi-syllable words and sentences as direct answers to my questions in the same voice. This should not be possible when you can sweep through a multiple frequencies in a second. In a 3 second sweep of 250ms, you will have covered 12 frequencies, most of which are white noise or dead air.

Newest P-SB7 Spirit Box Radio Amazon Link

P-SB7 Spirit Box

Mel Meter 8704-R

This device, developed by Gary Galka, is a basic meter device that can monitor spikes in EMF energy as well as area temperature. A very effective tool in determining the presence of possible spirit activity by showing EMF spikes or sudden changes in the temperature for no apparent reason

This tool is also very effective in determining EMF output by electrical devices that may be causing minor paranoia in those who are sensitive to high EMF fields.

Mel Meter 8704-R Amazon Link

Mel Meter 8704-R

Digital Audio Recorder

This common device is used to record sound. Digital recorders sometimes pick up EVP, sounds or voices made that in most cases cannot be heard by the human ear, but somehow are able to be captured on the recorder due to the frequency range it can record at. If there is one piece of equipment you are most likely going to capture any potential evidence with, this is it! If you are on a budget and can only afford one item, I highly recommend this!

This one has USB capability, which allows instant uploading of sound files to the computer for analysis. A recorder without USB cannot do this and in order to upload, you would need cables to hook it up to your sound card. Then you would have to upload the entire recording in real time, so if you had a 2 hours session, it would take you 2 hours to upload!

Sony Audio Recorder Amazon Link

Digital Audio Recorder

Portable Mini-Speakers

This little speaker does not look like much, but it is a must have, especially when using the various hand held spirit boxes. This helps amplify the sound and makes it a lot easier to hear. These plug into the 3.5mm jack on any audio device, including mini-mp3 players, smart phones, laptops, etc.

These charge via USB and have up to 10 hours of use before needing a recharge. They are small and easy to carry around. Plus I use this with a mini-mp3 player attached to my trigger dog to play the sound of a dog barking. The results have been fantastic!

Silver Mini Speaker Amazon Link

Black Mini Speaker Amazon Link

Silver Mini Speaker with 3.5mm male jack

Black Mini Speaker with 3.5mm male jack

Andoer IR light

This little IR light is the perfect compliment to the older Sony camcorders (or any newer ones) that have night shot capabiliy. These have 49 Infrared lamp beds and provide plenty of extra IR light when videotaping with Nightshot. Plus there is a dial on the back so you can increase or decrease the intensity of the night to match the conditions for videotaping.

These are palm sized lights, come with shoe mounts and are USB-C rechargable. They easily last several hours non-stop so if you are looking for IR lights and on a tight budget, these are for you.

Andoer IR light Amazon Link

Andoer IR light

Green LED Flashlight

This is my go to flashlight now when I am walking around in the dark at night. This little flashlight fits in the palm of youy hand, can easily fit in your pocket or clip to a cap or belt. It is adjustable from a floodbeam to a spotbeam. Except it emits a green light. If you are video taping with nightshot video cameras, the light does not interfere.

It also helps your eyes to adjust to the dark faster when shutting it off than a conventional flashlight would. The light has a range of up to 100 yards, so its ideal for indoor or outdoor investigating. Runs on a single AA battery

Green LED Flashlight Amazon Link

Green LED Flashlight

100 LED Black light UV Flashlight

I have a full spectrum camera, but I wanted to get some black UV light to use at night instead of a regular flash. Since I didn't want to break the bank for a top of the line light, I found this 100 LED flashlight which does the trick for 1/3 of the price of the top shelf units.

Made by UVBeast, it has a 30 foot range, perfect for investigating in the majority of indoor locations. You can rest it on a table or jury rig up a holder. I just hold it with one hand while I take photo with the other! Great at finding pet stains or checking out those sheets in hotel rooms too! Runs on 6 AA batteries

100 LED Black light UV Flashlight Amazon Link

100 LED Black Light UV Flashlight

Cat Ball Motion Light Toys

I was shown these a couple of years ago and they have been an amazing addition to my arsenal of tools for investigating. These are basically cat toys. When the cat hits the ball, the ball is put into motion and lights up. The ball only lights up for a few seconds, which saves on battery life for sure.

These could be effective during investigations, the key is to make sure you place it in a spot where it will not roll and will not be affected by vibration as a simple movement could cause it to trigger accidentally. A simple experiment, but many investigators have found it to be very effective!

Cat Ball lights Amazon Link

Cat Ball Motion Light Toys

Pluck Foam Case

One thing that is a must for protecting your paranormal equipment is a good case to carry it in, not a cardboard box filled with bubble wrap. These pluck foam cases are not bad and should protect your equipment from minor spills. You could spend the money for a top of the line hardshell case, but again if you are on a budget, then should work for you.

You pluck the precut foam to customize the box the way you see fit! I have 4 medium size cases for most of my equipment. These have an aluminum frame with ABS plastic panels.

Pluck Foam Case Amazon Link

Pluck Foam Case

Eneloop Rechargable AA & AAA batteries

One of the simplest and most overlooked pieces of equipment is the standard battery. It can cost you a fortune to keep purchasing top of the line batteries for things like flashlights and other minor pieces of equipment that don't need top shelf batteries.

Eneloop AA and AAA rechargable batteries have worked really well for me over the years. These are not very expensive and have fared better than some cheaper brands I have tried over the years. The AA pack comes with a charger which is perfect for both the AA & AAA batteries.

Eneloop AAA Battery Amazon Link

Eneloop AA Battery w/Charger Amazon Link

Eneloop rechargable batteries

"Shack Hack" Ghost Box

This is a Radio Shack AM/FM radio with a built in scan feature so you can scan between the stations until it finds a clear signal. Why its called the Shack-Hack is because on Youtube, there are videos that show you how to hack the radio and disable the scan feature so that it will not stop on a clear station. It will continuously scan the stations, regardless of clarity. The theory behind the Ghost Box is that as it scans 2-3 frequencies every second, the spirits are able to pick up snippets of sound / white noise. They use that to generate speech to communicate whole words and even sentences with.

This is the orginal version that could be hacked to allow the scan mode to be continous (but it does still stop from time to time). This required bending a pin inside. The version that followed used a ribbon instead of pins and could not be hacked the same way. Though I prefer the P-SB7, I still use this on occasion as I feel there is a connection there when I use it in the field.

Radio Shack AM/FM radio hacked to be a spirit box

Mel Meter 8704-R-REM-SDD

This device, developed by Gary Galka, is an upgraded Mel Meter that can measure spikes in EMF energy, monitor area temperature, detect Shadow movement and detects disturbance in a localized static electro magnetic field produced by an antenna. If anything should get close to the antenna, the EM field is broken and a series of lights on the Mel Meter will light and sound off depending on how close an object is to the antenna. Just like using a REM-POD.

The Shadow movement detector is used in conjunction with a laser grid or LED light source that is constant. If there is a slight change in the light contrast due to possible shadow figure walking in front of the light source, a small alarm will sound.

Mel Meter 8704-R-REM-SDD

Ovilus X

This is one of the first Ovilus devices manufactured at the website - Digital Dowsing. The device has a 2048 word vocabulary where spirits are supposed to be able to manipulate with their energy in order for the unit to speak a word or words (in a computer monotone voice). The unit also allows a phonetic setting where spirits are supposed to be able to speak words not in the device's vocabulary.

Plus the device has the ability to pump out white noise for EVP sessions, a low power EMP pump that would serve as a beacon for spirits to home in on, the ability to repeat the words spoken in the dictionary mode, touch mode that will emit a ping when a spirits energy is detected. While the item is listed as an entertainment device as the creator cannot make the claim that people are actually talking to ghosts and spirits. It's a great device to own, though results are not like what you see on TV. I also have the Digital Text Display (DTD) which plugs into the data port of the Ovilus and the screen will show the word that the Ovilus speaks (dictionary mode only). A real time saver as sometimes what the Ovilus says sounds completely different than what the word is supposed to be.

Ovilus X

Energy Speaker (ES)

This device, also developed by Bill Chappell at Digital Dowsing, is used to plug into an audio playback device such as an iPod or MP3 player. The device takes normal sound waves and transmits them as a silent magnetic field output. Sort of like broadcasting our voices or music as an EVP into the spirits realm of existance. By placing an EMF detector in front of the Energy Speaker as it broadcasts, you can see the EMF levels spike according to the sound output.

Energy Speaker

Laser Trip Wire (ES)

These were kids toys produced by Spy Gear brand years ago. There is a base unit that receives laser beams from the two end units. If something should cross in front of the laser beam and break it, an alarm is sounded from the base unit. I got several of these on clearance at Best Buy and they have been great so far. Ideal for placing in doorways or in rooms with lots of activity to see if a spirit will break the beam and set off the alarm (which lasts about 10 seconds).

You can occasionaly find these on eBay for around $20-$30. Just don't overpay for them. The units each run on 2 AA batteries.

Laser Trip Wire

Spiritual Tools (ES)

After getting scratched at the Italian Villa - Roy Vail house and a possible attachment from a female spirit there, I was introduced to a whole new realm of what can happen during a paranormal investigation. Of course over the years even more experiences awaited me that were far worse than having a female spirit take a liking to me! (You can read about those stories in my book!) Now I always keep a supply of White Sage (herbal and liquid spray) to ward off negative energies and help with protection. Some essential oils, Lavender and Angelica, for spiritual protection

Of course, a supply of Holy Water on hand in case there is a run in with a Demonic entity. Demons are very rare and you probably will never encounter one, but I keep a bottle on hand just in case.

White Sage Smuding Bundle Amazon Link

Holy Water Speaker Amazon Link

Spiritual Tools

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