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Dancing with the Divine and the Darkness

book Dancing with the Divine and the Darkness

What is your book about?

This is my story about how I went through incredible life changing experiences after I started paranormal investigating. I wanted to know how much truth there was to what I was watching on TV. All it took was one trip to a local cemetery to forever open my eyes to what was out there.

Little did I know at this point that my life was going to change on a scale I never could have imagined. None of my research warned me that what I was doing might open doors to things that went beyond my understanding. The paranormal led me to the supernatural and I was woefully unprepared. Thank God that the Universe introduced me to the right people to assist me or I would have lost my mind.

I started writing this book in 2018 and finished in 2022. These are my real life stories and experiences as I can best remember them, quite a few going back to my childhood days. While many of you may find them fascinating and entertaining, this book is also for all of you going through similar ordeals. You may not know why you�re experiencing what you are, but I can tell you that you are not alone.

Monroe House demon doll with me!

About Chuck the Author!

I'm from New Jersey and have been investigating the parnormal since 2010. I am primarily a solo investigator but have enjoyed working with many paranormal groups over the years including Bearfort Paranormal, New Jersey Ghost Organization, New Jersey Paranormal Investigations and many individuals with more experience in the field than I can ever imagine. I've also done quite a few private investigations as well as asssited other teams with their private investigations as well.

I have been to and investigated many haunted locations with incredible history! Some of the many places I have investigated by myself include, The Old Washoe Club, The Sallie House, Villisca Ax Murder House, Rolling Hills Asylum, Ashmore Estates, Monmouth Battlefield, the Logan Inn, Gettysburg and Edinburgh Manor. That's not including the many different cemeteries I have visited over the years too. I've also investigated with groups at locations like Waverly Hills Asylum, Hill View Manor, Strauss Mansion, the Monroe Demon House, Battleship New Jersey, Burlington County Jail, Fort Mifflin and more.

When I first got into the field, I was looking for the same types of answers many of us do. Why do ghosts/spirits linger on Earth after death? Is there a heaven and/or hell? What happens when we die? Is there anything to this phenonmena at all or is it all just a lot of mistaken evidence and everything is natural? I can only speak for myself when I believe I found the answers I was looking for, but not necessarily anything with concrete proof that will ever convince a hardcor skeptic or religious fanatic that it is real. After over a decade in the field, now I am at the point where I want to visit as many different famous haunted locations as possible and see for myself if they live up to the hype or not.

Oh and I can't forget, I'll be waiting for what challenge or pathway the universe has for me next!

Doing an EVP session at Rolling Hills

What experiences do you share in your book?

I share a variety of situations and events that happened to me, pretty much over my entire lifetime. There were a lot of synchronicities that I was never aware of until some trigger event took place. Then I could start putting the puzzle pieces together so to speak.

Naturally I share some of my many paranormal experiences with you. Since I do actively take part in paranormal investigations, how could I not regale an interesting encounter or two? I talk about circumstances that introduced me to the people who would be instrumental in not only my paranormal studies, but to provide enlightment in the holistic and supernatural realms too. The timeline is not just limited to my years investigating the paranormal, but basically cover most of my life. I had crazy experiences long before I ever picked up a piece of paranormal equipment!

Over the next couple of pages I'll tease some of those experiences from chapter to chapter! P.S. If you are here to check this out based on a scathing 1 star review on Amazon, my rebuttal is on Page 5 to set the record straight.

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