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Dancing with the Divine
and the Darkness

Dancing with the Divine and the Darkness - My story about my paranormal and supernatural experiences.


This is my story about how I went through incredible life changing experiences after I started paranormal investigating. I wanted to know how much truth there was to what I was watching on TV. All it took was one trip to a local cemetery to forever open my eyes to what was out there.

Little did I know at this point that my life was going to change on a scale I never could have imagined. None of my research warned me that what I was doing might open doors to things that went beyond my understanding.  The paranormal led me to the supernatural and I was woefully unprepared. Thank God that the Universe introduced me to the right people to assist me or I would have lost my mind.

After 4 years of working on this book, it is finally ready!  These are my real life stories and experiences as I can best remember them, quite a few going back to my childhood days. While many of you may find them fascinating and entertaining, this book is also for all of you going through similar ordeals.  You may not know why you’re experiencing what you are, but I can tell you that you are not alone.

Available now on Amazon in eBook (Kindle) format and Unlimited Kindle.

Paperback version also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble Online

Thank you for your support!

Dancing with the Divine and the Darkness - My story about my paranormal and supernatural experiences.

 For any questions or comments regarding the book you can email me here

I will be posting more content here shortly as it relates to the book that I could not include (aka: pictures).

I will also post most common questions and answers too as I receive them!


Q#1 - Who did the artwork for your cover?  It's incredible!

A#1 - This is actually a two part answer.  I went to the website Fiverr and I hired a lady to do my book design.   What I was instructed to do was go to the website Depositphoto and pick a picture that I would like to use for my cover.  In turn the lady would purchase the picture and the license to go with it,  add the writing I wanted and she then created the cover as it is today.   I don't know the name of the person who designed the photo,  only that they went by the screen name of exile7 and the person is from Greece.