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Chuck's Paranormal Adventures, LLC.

Dancing with the Divine and the Darkness

Inside the brain of the universe or God

Chapter 7 - The Past Life Regression

After another bizarre dream involving Rhea, I ask my friends from the inner circle of the meditation group for some type of clarity on what is going on. My good friend Debra takes a huge interest and suggests putting me under to conduct a past life regression so we can find out more about the Twin Soul connection between Rhea and I.

There's not much I can say other than this was not the type of session neither of us were expecting. Instead I can only best describe this adventure as a journey that explains some things to me before entering what I can only refer to either as a supreme universal intelligenge, maybe even God. There I get answers to some things and yet, even more mysteries are left open to me.

If that itself was not shocking enough for me, but the next day when I asked for a sign what I experienced was real, I was given a sign that could not have been any more clear cut. This was the sort of thing that goes well beyond just writing it off as coincidence!

Chapter 8 - Where Am I Now?

A couple of pages of the final wrap up, but only for the book which was finished in 2022. The adventures and signs continue to this day!

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