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Dancing with the Divine and the Darkness


Chapter 4 - Encountering the Dark Side

While there is a dark side to the paranormal, there are plenty of situations that can make paranormal activity look like a demon or evil spawn is at work. Alas we will often find many times this is not the situation. Angry spirits and what I call "pranksters" can make an event look like the son of Satan has just shown up at the doorstep. I briefly talk about them and how a prankster spirit almost ended my career as an investigator after my third trip to a local cemetery!

Eventually I discuss my encounters with dark entities, from nightmares that evolved, to a night time attack while I was awake and even an experience with a family being affected by a gypsy's black-magic from Italy! I also talk about the worst experience I've had as an investigator when I was oppressed by a dark entity that basically transformed my entire personality from a good natured person to a complete angry, jerk.

I also talk about the nightmare where myself and several people are trapped in a large room with terrifying monsters before their leader appeared. After a brief stand off, rather than attacking, it showed me what type of "luxurious" life I could be living. I knew there would be a cost for taking such a deal and Jesus showed myself and the others what that price would be!

The picture to the left was taken at the cemetery where my "paranormal career" first started. The mausoleum you see is near where I had such a terrifying experience, I almost gave up after only my 3rd investigation! The Car Alarm Incident

A skull

Chapter 5 - Reincarnation - Remembering Past Lives

The last thing I ever gave any thought to when I started paranormal investigating, was that the doorway was going to open to me to having visions of past lives. I'm looking for ghosts to communicate with, not thinking about what famous person I was in a previous life. Hat tip, anybody making outlandish claims to being one if not several historical figures from history is usually a red flag and I explain why.

In one of the most bizarre occurances in my life, I am shown a past life death by my Twin Flame Rhea and how I was on the same path in this life to possibly doing the same thing all over again! I will also tell the story about how a past life dream/vision left me so full of guilt that I had to apoligize to a long time friend of mine, confess to my inner circle of holistic and spiritual friends and a stadium full of angels!

The picture to the left was the culprit for a childhood full of reoccuring nightmares. I would not find out until many years later what the reason was for this and how a past life was identified!

Chapter 6 - Rhea The Twin Flame (Soul)

When I was writing this book, I knew before I could publish it that I had to have my wife Andrea read it. If she objected to me publishing it, for respect I would have never done it. I cringed when she would eventually get to this chapter of the book! She did not know about the Twin Flame and I did not know how she would handle it. Heck when I was first told about my Twin, I didn't even know what the term was or what it meant. Now how do I explain this to Andrea when I can barely understand it myself!

The whole story is told from beginning to end! For those of you familiar with Twin Flames, this is different. That is because Rhea is in spirit, she is not here on Earth. She could be standing right next to me, yet she is a trillion miles away at the same time. The first 30 days following my introduction to her were an absolute roller coaster of emotions, energies and other things I still can't describe to this day! I also talk about my research and some of the disturbing things I discover. Not about the Twin Flame itself, but the obsession some folks have about the Twin.

There is no picture to the left of Rhea. I couldn't post it in the book as I did not have permission since the artwork is copyrighted. I can't post it here for the same reason, but I did find a link to someone who posted it on Reddit which you can find by clicking the link. How do I know this is Rhea you may ask and how did I get this photo? Well you will just have to read this chapter now won't you!

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