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Investigation #3 - Cemetery, (Jamesburg, NJ) - November 10, 2010

This is the investigation that taught me a very valuable lesson,   EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!!!!!!

Plans for this day had to be modified as my daughter was feeling ill,  so she stayed home instead of going to her activity.  So instead of being dropped off there just before sunset, I had dinner at home and the drove over to do a 7PM - 8PM investigation in the dark.   Not entirely dark as there was a clear sky and a crescent Moon overhead,  so I was not entirely blacked out.   However,  being this was my first investigation starting off after sunset,  I did feel a little creepy being there from the start.

I arrived and drove to the top of the hill and parked to the left side of the mausoleum.   I planned on doing most of my investigation in front of the mausoleum to see if this was indeed a hot spot at the cemetery.  Was this place the equivalent of the the hang out for the spirits that were residing there?

Note:  The two tiny lights in the tree to the right of the mausoleum are from a road at a far distance from my position.  The orb seen over the mausoleum is a dust orb.

My equipment for the investigation  was the K-II EMF detector,  IR thermometer,  digital recorder,  Sony Coolpix 3100 and a Sony Video Camera with night vision capability    The temperature was around 40F, and a slight breeze.

The plan for the hour was to set the K-II meter by the front of the mausoleum and film it with the Sony night vision camera.  This was in the hopes that something would come close to the K-II meter and set it off,  while capturing it on video.  I also left the digital recorder up there for a short time as well,  to see if anybody would leave a message while I was away.   As I was setting up the video camera on the tripod that I brought,  the first EVP of the night was captured here.

EVP #10  -  As I had just finished screwing the camera into place on the tripod,  at the 2 second mark you hear a voice say  "Set?"

Again,  I am the only one there.   That is not my voice.   Coincidence that it says "Set?" as I finish?

I then walked off,  taking pictures and talking to whatever spirits might be listening.  I had made it clearly known that I was leaving the digital recorder behind for anybody to leave a message.  Completely unaware of what had just been said to me.   While I was in the process of taking pictures towards the bottom of the hill,  the digital camera picked up 2 more EVPs.

EVP #11 -  This is what sounds like a woman humming.

EVP #12 -  Shortly after EVP #11,  there is more humming, again from what sounds like a woman.   It is faint but you can make out the tone.   This is not wind or breezy air blowing by the microphone on the recorder as the sound that makes is completely different.   My friend Chris suggested I look for trash bottles lying around or anything that might cause the sound from the wind.   I was there the next day and could not find any such items.

After about 30 minutes I came back to the mausoleum to get the digital recorder and continue walking about taking pictures and see if I could get any more EVPs.   The best one of the night was captured on the Sony Camcorder.  While the K-II detector did not light up,  a voice could be clearly heard saying "Am scared".  It was the only EVP caught on the camcorder.  Unfortunately,   that EVP was lost the following week when I learned another valuable lesson - DOWNLOAD AND SAVE EVIDENCE BEFORE YOU DO SOMETHING STUPID LIKE TAPE OVER IT!   I will explain my buffoonery about that later.

While I still had about 15 minutes to go,  this is where things took a creepy turn.   As I was standing near my car and explaining about it to any spirits that may have passed decades ago (not familiar with today's cars).  I could hear footsteps on the pavement coming from a crossroad in the cemetery near a monument.

Note:  This picture was taken from a different night, but this is the area where I heard the footsteps.  Orbs in the picture are dust IMHO.

I shined my flashlight down the pavement to see if anybody was walking up on me,  but there was not anybody there.  No animals,  footsteps like somebody wearing shoes.  Walking on the pavement.   I said I was not going to walk towards them,  if they wanted to see me, they would have to come to me.   The footsteps continued,  in the area near the monument.  So in a moment of being brave,  I said fine.  I walked towards the monument.  When I approached,  the footsteps went down a side road to another part of the cemetery.   I said out loud that I was not going to play hide and seek or follow the leader.  I was going to take a few more pictures and head back.   I aimed my flashlight down the paths and did not see anybody.

I had shot the last picture that my digital camera would take and said I was going to place the camera back in my equipment bag.  As I had just walked past my car,  the car alarm went off and scared me to pieces.   I was not prepared for that.  Yes,  I was freaked.   I shut off the alarm,  quickly, but calmly gathered my stuff,  tossed it in the car saying you want me out of here,  no problem!    Also yelled out the window to be sure they knew,  nobody had permission to follow me home!

Now before I list the last EVP,  this MP3 was from when I was talking about my car.  You hear me tapping on it.  This was a few minutes before the alarm went off.  This is to debunk that I had accidentally set the alarm and that I accidentally set it off by brushing against the car.

Audio Clip 1

I also had not accidentally set off the car using the panic button,  as my car keys were in my flannel jacket lower pocket, which was big and roomy.   A couple of days later I tried to recreate possibly setting off my panic button with the keys in my jacket.  I tried for 15 minutes and could not do it.  Had the keys been stuffed into my jeans pocket,  maybe.  Not in the flannel jacket.

Well after I got home,  my wife asked me why I was home earlier than expected.   I rewound the tape of the video camera to the point where she could hear the car alarm go off and me grabbing everything to throw in the car.   I immediately proceeded to download the audio file and listen to the last couple of minutes to where the car alarm went off.    Then the last EVP of the evening that, in my eyes,  made it crystal clear who was responsible for the car alarm going off.

EVP #13  -   You hear me walking toward the mausoleum then the car alarm goes off.  You can hear how freaked I get.  At around the 12-13 second mark,  you hear a very loud voice say "Oh yeah!".    I did not hear that, but again I was grabbing all my stuff and saying it was time to go. 


Yes I was spooked and a clear reason why people tell you that you should not Ghost Hunt by yourself.  I got home and I was shaking from quite the good scare I got.   However,  after listening to that EVP of "Oh yeah!",  just seconds after the car alarm went off told me two things.   One,  the spirit set off the alarm.  Two,  it wasn't trying to scare me in a threatening way,  it was playing a joke to scare me or doing its best to let me know for sure somebody is there.

One of the other things I do when I visit, is I always tell the spirits that if they do not want me there,  all they have to do is talk into the recorder and say "get out",  "leave",  "go away" and I promise I will leave them alone.  Not once have I heard anything remotely threatening like that.    So that meant I had to do something that I was still a little unsure of doing at the point.  Going back the very next day.