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Glossary of Terms

Ecto -  A mist like substance that forms in the air, supposedly as a spirit is trying to manifest itself.   Often not seen, but captured on image by a digital camera.

EMF -  Short for "Electro Magnetic Field". There is a theory that ghosts/spirits give off an electro magnetic field,  the same way that a typical electronic device in the house might give one off (microwave, electrical box, TV, computer monitor, etc).  These fields can be detected by an EMF detector, such as the K-II that I use in my investigations.   There are various types of EMF detectors available.

EVP  - Short for "Electronic Voice Phenomenon"    These are voice or sounds that are usually not heard by the human ear,  but recorded on a device such as a tape recorder,  digital recorder,  video camera etc. These types of devices have the ability to pick up a slightly broader range of sound than the human ear can detect.

False Positives -  This term is used to describe a piece of evidence that looks like it may be paranormal in nature but upon closer review it turns out it is completely natural. This can apply to photographic, equipment, and audio evidence. Please see my page about False Positives for photographic examples. For a couple of audio examples, a whisper by a person can be misinterpreted as an EVP or the growl of a hungry stomach can be mistaken for the growl of a menacing entity on an audio recorder. Paranormal equipment can sometimes react to an artifical source, such as a REM-POD reacting to the use of a walkie talkie close by. Even a K2 EMF detector can react to somebody sending or receiving texts on their cell phones if they are in close proximity to the device.

Ghost Box  -  A modified radio or box that scans the frequencies of the AM or FM band of a radio without stopping.   The theory is that any spirits nearby will take the snippets of sound that are picked up during the scan and are able to use these to form words or complete sentences.   Considering that the scan will bypass a channel in less than a second,  it is mysterious how complete sentences can be formed in the time several channels have passed.

IR Thermometer -  IR short for Infra Red.    This device allows you to measure temperature at a short distance in front of you.  Commonly used by auto mechanics to measure the temperature of the engine after it has been running.

K2 Meter  -  This is a device that measures EMF readings through a series of 5 lights on the face of the unit. The stronger the EMF field, the more lights will be lit. Investigators use these to determine if a ghost or spirit is nearby, the theory is that some entities produce EMF fields that can be measured by the K2 or other EMF detectors. This device IS NOT made for paranormal investigating, but for electricians to test for EMF around wiring, electrical boxes, applicances, outlets, etc.

ORB  -  A round shaped object that appears in video camera footage or digital camera pictures.   Orbs are typically dust or moisture droplets (rain, snow)  that happens to be directly in front of the camera when pictures are taken.  However there are orbs that give off their own energy pattern, their own colors, and sometimes showing a streak of colored light that is not explainable in the absence of artificial light. Some orbs have even shown the attibutes of faces upon closer examination.

Trigger Object  -  These are items that paranormal investigators might use to illicit a response from a spirit, due to the spirit possibly being familiar with the object. For example, a spirit in a saloon might want to react to a bottle of alcohol or pack of a cigarettes. Spirits from a haunted gambling parlor might react to a deck of cards, dice and poker chips on a table. A male spirit from Colonial times might want to check out the musket ball and piece of flint offered to him. Female spirits could be interested in the costume jewelry that looks like something they might have worn when they were alive.

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