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Glossary of Terms


EVP  -   Short for "Electronic Voice Phenomenon"    These are voice or sounds that are usually not heard by the human ear,  but recorded on a device such as a tape recorder,  digital recorder,  video camera etc.  

ORB  -  A round shaped object that appears in video camera footage or digital camera pictures.   Orbs are thought to be mostly dust or moisture droplets (rain, snow)  that happens to be directly in front of the camera when pictures are taken.  However there are orbs that give off their own energy pattern,  sometimes showing a streak of colored light that is not explainable in the absence of artificial light.

Ghost Box  -  A modified radio or box that scans the frequencies of the AM or FM band of a radio without stopping.   The theory is that any spirits nearby will take the snippets of sound that are picked up during the scan and are able to use these to form words or complete sentences.   Considering that the scan will bypass a channel in less than a second,  it is mysterious how complete sentences can be formed in the time several channels have passed.

EMF -  Short for "Electro Magnetic Field".   There is a theory that ghosts/spirits give off an electro magnetic field,  the same way that a typical electronic device in the house might give one off (microwave, electrical box, TV, computer monitor, etc).  These fields can be detected by an EMF detector, such as the K-II that I use in my investigations.   There are various types of EMF detectors available.

IR Thermometer -  IR short for Infra Red.    This device allows you to measure temperature at a short distance in front of you.  Commonly used by auto mechanics to measure the temperature of the engine after it has been running.

Ecto -  A mist like substance that forms in the air, supposedly as a spirit is trying to manifest itself.   Often not seen, but captured on image by a digital camera.