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I have 3 different e-mail contacts depending on what you want to contact me for.

1. General Comments - If you have any basic questions or comments you would like to send to me,  you can send to me at this e-mail address: comments@chucksghosts.com

2. Other Paranormal Groups - If you wish to contact me about anything from saying hi, to asking my opinion on some evidence, collaboration, joint investigations, questions, etc etc,  you can contact me at this e-mail address: chuck@chucksghosts.com

3. Investigations - If you are a homeowner, business owner or somebody who thinks they may have a potential haunting and would like to have an investigation to determine if you have paranormal activity or not, please contact me at: investigations@chucksghosts.com

Please include name,  phone contact, describe events happening at the location that seem like they are paranormal,  time of events,  location age, history,  anything that might be useful to help determine if there is possible paranormal activity taking place.

Please note the following before contacting me for a possible investigation........

1.  I am generally a solo investigator and do not have a team of members to investigate with.    I have plenty of contacts that I can bring if need be to assist.  I've accumulated quite a few contacts over the past few years.   That could be a plus for  where you don't need or want a large team to investigate a smaller place.

2.  I am in Central New Jersey and  can travel to most places,   it will depend on distance and time.  I will not travel to areas that are publicly considered to be dangerous and crime ridden.  There must be parking at the location and not public parking on the street where I have to say, walk 5 blocks to your place.   Eastern Pennsylvania that is within driving limits is possible too.

3. I cannot remove or banish anything that may be haunting your home.   Again, the best I can hope to do is provide you with evidence via scientific equipment or find natural causes that might be causing what looks like paranormal activity.  If you have a spirit that is not threatening or causing serious mischief,  I can attempt to reason with the spirit to leave or cross over, but I cannot guarantee their departure.    I can work with the family to help empower them and give them suggestions to help themselves too.  

Evidence captured though could be what is needed to help another paranormal team who is versed in cleansings and spirit removal if things are that serious. 

4.  (August 10, 2022) - Currently I am available for  Saturday night investigations.  This is subject to change due to my work schedule.

5.  I do not charge any money for services and I will never refer you to anybody who will charge you for their services.   I am here to try to help you,  not make a buck for myself. 

6. Privacy and confidentiality are always respected.   I would like to post my investigation on my site of course,  but names and locations can be changed to protect your privacy.   If you are against anything being published online,  I will of course respect that.