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Chuck's Notes

All notes and news not part of any of my investigations will be posted here.

Dec 10, 2016 -  Finally got the Burlington County Prison Museum blog updated.   I apologize for the delay in getting new material listed.  These big investigations take a long time to go over,  not to mention the other little investigations I take part in that get pushed to the back burner.   Even if you don't see much updated,  rest assured I have more coming!

June 14, 2016  -  I had the great honor and pleasure to be a guest on Canadian radio today!    Rob McConnell, host of  "The X Zone Radio show" heard on the Mutual Broadcasting Network.   I was on for one hour discussing the paranormal.

If you missed the show,  you can listen to it on Youtube!

May 8, 2015 - Lots of exciting things happening right now.   I have just turned Chuck's Paranormal Adventures into an LLC  (Limited Liability Company).   What does this mean?  Nothing more than I am making the move to show my commitment to this field while protecting my own interests at the same time.

I still do not charge for investigations,  but by forming myself as an LLC,   I feel this will show I take this very seriously because of the time and money involved to set up the LLC and not just doing this for kicks.

June 3, 2014 -  The NJ Paraunity Expo was a great event,  I am very fortunate to have been a part of it.   It was great meeting fellow investigators from teams from all over the state,  sharing ideas,  talking about evidence, etc etc.  Not to mention it was great meeting all the fans of the paranormal,   I enjoyed very much sharing your stories,  showing how my equipment worked and giving out lots of free pens!   LOL!  I am very much looking forward to being a part of next years convention!

Chuck at the NJ Paraunity Expo in Paterson, NJ 5-31-14

May 15, 2014 - Finally adding the Rose Hill investigation and trying to get more done before the New Jersey Paraunity Expo  on May 31!   Can't wait to meet some of my supporters there!

Also coming soon!  One of the questions I am frequently asked is,  "When are you going to investigate someplace really haunted or really famous as seen on TV?"   Well,  even though they are not famous,  many of the places I have investigated so far have been very active and I have been fortunate enough to get a chance to investigate there.   However,  many who have asked me that question should be quite excited as back in April I had a chance to investigate the Old Washoe Club in Virginia City, Nevada.   Fans of the TV show "Ghost Adventures" and even "Ghost Hunters" should know this place all too well.

Nearly seven hours by myself in one of America's most haunted locations!   I can't much more haunted or famous than that!   Yes the place is off the charts with activity and while I am still going over the nearly 7 hours of audio and 5+ of video,  I have a video up on my Youtube page featuring the first time my Laser Trip Wire device worked!   One of the most exciting and scariest events I have documented yet!

January 26, 2014 - Today I received a big honor,  I finally was accepted as an official member of the Ghost Adventures Crew!   I am very humbled to be accepted amongst all the other great teams on their list.   This has a bit of extra meaning for me to be not only recognized by a premier group,  but because Ghost Adventures was the inspiration behind me getting started as a paranormal investigator.   I also thank my wife Andrea and my daughter Elyssa for their tremendous support over the past few years,  my friends Robert and Sandra from Bearfort Paranormal who have been like my mentors in the field when I have investigated with them.  They all helped make this moment possible!

January 16, 2014 - I'm finally getting back into the swing of things and making a big push to get a lot of my past investigations written up and onto the site.   I apologize for not getting updates posted sooner,  but as I mentioned in my last note,  its tough for one person to investigate,  do massive evidence review and then get everything else written up.   Especially when I have a 40 hour week job,  I run a business website that takes up a lot of time depending on how busy it is,  then family, friends and by the end of the day, there is not a lot of time for updating.  But things are slow at the moment so now I'll make that push to get fresh stories posted. 

Thank you for your patience and of course,  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

April 10, 2013 - For anybody who is thinking about taking up Paranormal Investigating as a hobby or something to do on a regular basis,  just remember this important thing.   What you see on the TV shows can be exciting, fun and looks very glamorous.  Truth be told,  it is a lot of hard work.  At times tedious and boring.  Investigating can be very fun,  but you can sit there for hours and not get anything that seems paranormal.

Then you go back home,  go through long evidence review and find after hours that first EVP that ends up making the whole process worthwhile.  Remember the TV shows make it look easy,  but they have editors and producers that don't show you the hours of nothing but quiet.   You don't see the man hours spent reviewing a dozen or so video cameras,  audio recordings and photographs.

For me,  I don't mind putting in the hard work that needs to be done, though  yes,  at times it can be downright boring watching everything.

Feb 7, 2013 - I'm still trying to get updates done.  The investigations have been piling up lots of quality evidence and its tough to get out Youtube videos,  converting sound files,  plus the hours and hours of evidence review.  But I should have some of my past investigations up and posted shortly!

Sept 11, 2012 - Trying to find time to get all the rest of my investigations updated.  That is the #1 problem with being a solo investigator.  Not only am I the investigator,  I am also the tech guy for evidence review,  the website manager and everything else in between!   Thank you for your patience while I work on the site!

May 22, 2012  - My first entry on this page will be to link to my first online interview with the
"Weekly Dose of Creepy Bruce" blog!   Thank you again Bruce for the opportunity,  I enjoyed answering the questions you gave!