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EVP Evidence

If you have already checked out the investigations and heard the EVPs,  but want to come back and just review them again without reading the experience all over again,  here is the quick access point to them. 

#1 From Cemetery (Jamesburg, NJ)

Note:  It is better to listen to these with headphones on, as the EVPs are faint.  You will not hear these very well through your speakers.   Not all EVP where recorded in the same investigation. 

EVP #1 - You hear me first saying what time it is.  At around 5 seconds,  you hear what sounds like a faint "yes".

EVP #2 - I am giving permission for anything to touch me.  I make reference to the spider-webbing feeling people get when being touched by spirits.  At around 12 seconds, a voice comes in saying "Anthony".  I first thought it was "wasn't me", but I have friends who listened and the consensus was "Anthony".  This is later confirmed in a later investigation when the same voice says "Anthony" more clearly.

EVP #3 - As I am asking for anybody to speak into the recorder, at 4 seconds a faint voice says "yes".

4 - After I say I hope everybody is doing alright,  at 4 sec you hear a female "yes".  This is around a slight shuffle noise due to my moving my fingers on the recorder for a better grip.

EVP #5 - As I am saying that I will only be around for another 20 minutes,  at 4 seconds you hear a faint "yeah".

EVP #6 - This one is very faint and drawn out.  I am asking for a name and get the response "Tracie".

EVP #7 - You hear me saying it would be great to be friends.  At around 5 seconds,  you hear a very noticeable breath.  That was not me.

EVP #8 - This happens right by the Mausoleum.   I set down my digital recorder and K-II detector to take a picture.   You hear me snap the picture,  I walk and step on a leaf.  Around the 8-9 second mark you hear a deep voice just before I start talking.  I cannot make out what it is saying.  "He'll see it"?   Except I heard this because right after the voice happens,  you hear me ask can they do it again,  then the light flicked on the EMF a second later,  prompting me to ask if they can light it up again.  It did not light up.

EVP #9 - This one happens right after I say that I have finished taking my last picture of the day.  At 4 seconds, you hear the faint voice say something like  "Take it again."  Not sure, but its the same wispy voice you hear from my first set of EVPs.

EVP #10  -  As I had just finished screwing the video camera into place on the tripod,  at the 2 second mark you hear a voice say  "Set?"

EVP #11 -  This is what sounds like a woman humming.

EVP #12 -  Shortly after EVP #11,  there is more humming, again from what sounds like a woman.   It is faint but you can make out the tone.   This is not wind or breezy air blowing by the microphone on the recorder as the sound that makes is completely different.   My friend Chris suggested I look for trash bottles lying around or anything that might cause the sound from the wind.   I was there the next day and could not find any such items.

EVP #13  -   The car alarm incident!  You hear me walking toward the mausoleum then the car alarm goes off.  You can hear how freaked I get.  At around the 12-13 second mark,  you hear a very loud voice say "Oh yeah!".    I did not hear that, but again I was grabbing all my stuff and saying it was time to go.

EVP #14 - When I was asking spirits to say hello,  this EVP came in that sounds like "Help Me".

From March 11, 2011 (#15-16)

EVP #15 - As I am asking for them to make themselves known to me,  at just around 2 seconds, this sounds like somebody yelling "Helloooooooooooooo", through my speaking.  I never heard this and this was not a sound from anybody in the distance.

EVP #16 -  I am asking if anybody would like to pose for a picture,  it would be greatly appreciated. At 6 seconds you hear what sounds like a woman saying  "Okay".  

From May 11, 2011 (#MB!) - Monmouth Battlefield State Park

MB EVP #1 -  I am asking if they died at the Battle of Monmouth.  At 5 seconds you hear a faint, drawn out voice say..."Fight."  

From June 15, 2011 (#17-18) - Private Investigation

EVP#17 -  Right after you hear me finish talking you can hear a whispered voice.  It sounds like 3 words, with the last word sounding like "us".

Update:  I was contacted by a reader (Carol) who identified the unknown words in EVP #17 as to say "you better come back and see us".   Thank you Carol for helping out!

The next one was a stunner.

EVP#18 - As I am talking about crossing over, at 7 seconds you hear a female voice clearly say the name..."Sandra".    Christina was back at the car at this point and Silviene was standing about 10 feet from me.  I later asked her upon my first review of this EVP if she knew anybody named "Sandra" and she said no.  There was no reason for her to say the name.  Nobody else was close to us, let alone close enough to be heard that loudly.   That EVP,  coupled with the Ovlius saying the name earlier,  leaves me with no doubt that one of the spirits there was named Sandra.  I also have no doubt that she was also making use of the Ghost Box to try to communicate as well.

From Nov 9, 2011 - Old Tennent Church Investigation # 1

Old Tennent Church EVP #1 -  I am near the old tombstones on the hill where I parked my car.  This faint EVP was captured, though what it is saying I cannot make out.  The EVP is played back, looped twice at the end with the audio amplified to hear it better.

Old Tennent Church EVP #2 - About 20 minutes later I picked up this EVP.  The first part is the original recording.  The 1st loop after you hear it is with noise reduction.  The 2nd loop is the noise reduction with the EVP amplified.   To me it sounds like it is saying "Ted" or "dead". 

Old Tennent Church EVP #3 - Approximately 18 seconds after EVP 2,  this one was picked up as I walking about.  Looped 3 times,  can't do a noise removal as it cuts out the sound.  A faint EVP,  sounds like it is saying "keep walking".

Old Tennent Church EVP #4 -  Five minutes later as I am looking at some of the older tombstones,  this faint EVP was picked up.  The first part is how it sounded originally with the tractor mower nearby.  The two loops that follow are with some noise removal and amplification.  Now you can make out what sounds like "Help me".

Old Tennent Church EVP #5 -  Just seconds after EVP #4,   I have stopped in front of a tombstone and I am reading off the names and the date on it.  At the 7 second mark as I pause in-between my reading,  this faint EVP is picked up.   After the clip the EVP is looped twice,  sound reduction and amplification.   It sounds like the voice is saying "answer me",  but again its subjective because of how faint the EVP was.

Old Tennent Church EVP #6 -  After the mowers finally moved off,  I headed back to my car to get some more equipment to begin heading over to where the cemetery grounds meet up with the trails to Monmouth Battlefield.  As I am getting my equipment ready,  I ask if they have any family they miss.   What follows is a very clear intelligent response to my question.   You can hear it in the original audio, but I loop the EVP twice at the end enhanced.

Old Tennent Church EVP #7 -  This is last clip is me heading off the cemetery grounds towards the Battlefield.  In the 11.5 second clip, you can hear a couple of faint EVP surrounding a louder one (6 second mark), almost as if there is a conversation going on that I am not aware of.   The clip is looped one enhanced (noise reduction, amplification).  I have no idea what is being said,  but it appears 2 or more spirits were following me when I was making my way off the battlefield.   The buzzing noise you can hear in the background is one of my homemade EMF pumps, putting out energy that may attract spirits to it.

Old Tennent Church EVP #8 -   As I am walking,  I picked up this EVP saying the name "Patrick".  Looped twice at the end to hear it again.   Is this voice saying "Patrick" to further acknowledge the female spirit that said to me on the ghost box "I passed Patrick"?

Old Tennent Church EVP #9 - This last EVP I caught is very, very faint,  but sounds like it is calling out my name.  Looped three times at the end (with some noise reduction) after the original clip.

From Jan 22, 2011 - Joint Investigation with Bearfort Paranormal at Silvio's Italian Restaurant - The Roy Vail House

Roy Vail EVP #1 -  The EVP is said while you are hearing the beep of my IR camera.  To me it sounds like the spirit is saying "good camera, Chuck".   Noise reduction and amplified twice at the end.

Roy Vail EVP #2 - Right after I finish speaking, around the 11-12 second mark you hear the EVP.   Cannot make out what is being said.  You will hear Jerry make note of the EVP after he hears it 10 seconds after it is said.   Looped twice at the end of the clip.

Roy Vail EVP #3 - Right when you hear the squeak of the door,  a voice says "Leave it alone!".    Was this Roy telling Sandra to leave the door alone?  Looped twice at the end.

Roy Vail EVP #4 - Not in any direct response to what I was asking,  but here is what sounds like a small girl singing to me,  "Go back to the room" or "Go back to the roof".   Either of which made sense because I had been in the attic and the other room just a short while earlier.

About 15 minutes later, as I was holding Robert's camcorder,  I was filming around the bedroom and asking questions about the renovation, if they approved or not of things being redone.  Then I captured this Class A EVP.

Roy Vail EVP #5 - As I am asking about what they think of the bathroom and closets,  you hear a male voice say "Hello" to me.  This is in between what sounds like 2 footsteps, except I was sitting on the floor and not walking at the time.  Looped twice at the end, but no enhancements made as you can clearly hear what is being said.    This also coincides with me noticing the Mel Meter spiking and dropping right after the EVP is captured.

Roy Vail EVP #6 - This last EVP in the back room takes place just as Robert is coming back to join me.  I have no idea what is being said, but as loud as it sounds,  I did not hear this and this was not the door making the noise.   I almost want to say this is possibly Native American as Roy Vail did find various artifacts and have them near the home. 

Roy Vail EVP #7 - I have no idea what is being said, but it is interesting.

Roy Vail EVP #8 - You hear Rob do a little hum, followed by what sounds like a girl doing a hum back.  This was heard and noted by Rob right away.  Looped twice at the end.

We then headed downstairs for a break and then went into one of the dining room areas for an EVP session.  It was already getting late and we were tired.  While we were discussing something,  an EVP was captured during our talk.

Roy Vail EVP #9 - Around the 6 second mark of the clip as Jerry says the word "cemeteries",  a voice is caught overlapping us.   Looped twice at the end, it sounds like "the wall is leaving" or "the war is leaving"?

Roy Vail EVP #10 - As were packing up our equipment for the evening,  I was heading towards a room and was turning off my Mel Meter. Right after you hear the beep of the Meter shutting off,  you hear a female voice say my name.  Looped twice at the end with noise reduction and amplified.   This might have been the point something happened to me that I would not find out about until the next day.

From the joint investigation of a cemetery in Bound Brook, NJ with my friends Mario & Kevin

Bound Brook EVP #1 -  Mario is reading off the date of a tombstone (1819).   As I finish making a call out, you can clearly hear a breathed voice saying what sounds like "hello."

Bound Brook EVP #2 - I am asking if anybody is there waiting to cross over or be buried.   This was hard to hear at first, but when looped twice at the end with noise reduction & enhancement,  it sounds like it is saying "Whose this?"  Perhaps the spirit wants to know who we are talking about?

Bound Brook EVP #3 -  Mario and I are commenting on something when a deep male voice says what sounds like " Hey You F---king guys!"    Looped twice at the end.   Was this a spirit who was not happy with us for going into the center of this "lair" and setting up equipment?

Bound Brook EVP #4 -  Right after I finish talking,  you hear a whispered voice say what sounds like "Hello".  Looped twice with noise reduction.

Bound Brook EVP #5 - At the end of me speaking you hear a voice say what sounds like "Thank You" followed by another voice saying "Thank God".  Replayed twice.   Possible spirits happy that we set up in this particular location?

From Oct 17 2012 - Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse EVPs

Thompson-Taylor EVP #1 -  Right after I finish explaining how to use the Mel-Meter,  we get a female voice saying what sounds like "Maria"

Thompson-Taylor EVP #2 -    This is basically what sounds like a child saying "F-you" to me. 

Thompson-Taylor EVP #3 -    Approximately one minute later, I get this crystal clear Class A EVP of what sounds like a young woman saying "Hey There" as if she is standing no more than a few feet from me.   One of the best EVPs I ever captured at the Monmouth Battlefield area.   Is this a young lady who lived at the farmhouse during the 1800's or maybe 1900's?

Thompson-Taylor EVP #4 -  Now about 90 seconds later after catching a strange noise,  here is the same voice that said "Maria" when I first got on the property now what sounds like she is moaning.  Clearly not the same voice as the "Hey There" girl!

Thompson-Taylor EVP #5 -  13 seconds later,  now a male voice is captured asking a question - "Who's that?"  So now in the span of about 3 minutes,  we get a child with a foul mouth,  a nice young lady,  an older sounding female and now an older male.  Is he asking the other spirits who I am?

Thompson-Taylor EVP #6 -   I set up a tripod and left my digital recorder on it so I could go walk around the building to take pictures and do some filming.  I called out and said in case anybody was afraid to talk to me directly, they could go leave a message in the black box on the tripod.  I got a series of EVP's,  this one being the best sounding.  Sounds like another older male asking about "the dog?" 

Thompson-Taylor EVP #7 -   Shortly after the male asked about the dog,  the "Hey There" girl comes over to say "Hey".   It's clearly her voice again, though not as loud as the first EVP she gave.

Thompson-Taylor EVP #8 -  This one was faint,  you will need headphones for sure to hear it.  To me it sounds like a male voice saying "Get the hell off".   Was this somebody from the Farmhouse area who followed me to the edge of the path and wanted me out or was it an angry soldier who did not want me walking on the battlefield? 

From Jan 9, 2013 - Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse EVPs #2

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 EVP #1 -   Just before I speak, you hear a fast voice, then I say "All right".  I did not hear this,  just starting a sentence with all right.   The EVP is spoken fast, but when I slowed the clip down 20%,  I can clearly hear this voice saying "go back".   Oh boy, here we go again!

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 EVP #2 -  As I am in here moving about setting things up,  this male voice says to me "No chip."   Two word EVP, clear as day.  I have no idea what he is referring to, other than he is saying that my dog Chip is no longer around as he passed away a few years ago.

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 EVP #3 -  As I am asking if they want any help or if they want to people to know they are there and want to be left alone.  A few seconds later I get a response,  but I cannot make out what it is saying.  Cleary intelligent response only because its a few words and in response to my question.

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 EVP #4 -  Right after you hear me blow out a breath,  you hear a faint voice.  Replay with noise reduction and amplified.  It sounds like the voice is saying either "somebody" or "something" here.

About a minute later,  this class A EVP is picked up,  but still not sure what it is saying.

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 EVP #5 -  As I am taking a few steps around the silo area,  this voice says what sounds like "New Orleans".   I'm not entirely sure,  could be asking "You Arlene?", but I am not a female.  Still a great EVP!

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 EVP #6 -  I had set the audio recorder down as I poked my head inside the silo.  I wanted to take a peek inside to see if there was any graffiti or markings inside, but could not make any out.  Right after the Ovilus says the word "One",  a male voice says something like "better off" or "get her off",  but I cannot tell.   My friend Steve, the medium from Australia sensed some pain in this area.   It's possible that a child or somebody may have tried to climb on the silo and fallen off and gotten hurt.   There is no historical record that I could find any deaths on the land,  but records have been scarce.

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 EVP #7 -   The voice clearly says the word "Devil".  No mistaking that.   Now the question that needs to be asked is what does this mean?  Is the spirit warning me there is a "Devil" on the grounds?  Gabby and Ian pick up negative energy here and won't come to the area.   Is this what they are sensing?

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 EVP #8 -   As I am walking along,  a voice says what sounds like "Losing a head",  then followed a few seconds later by what sounds like "sucker" or "F--ker".   Not the first time somebody has cursed at me someplace on the Battlefield!