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Ghost Box Evidence

If you have already checked out the investigations and heard the Ghost Box recordings,  but want to come back and just review them again without reading the investigation all over again,  here is the quick access point to them. 

Here is a video clip I made of my best ghost box results from 2011, posted to Youtube.

#1 From Cemetery (Jamesburg, NJ)

Note:  Unlike the EVPs from the digital recorder, these are a bit louder as the voices are coming out of a radio.  Using headphones is always preferable, but you can hear most of these through your computer speakers as long as the background noise is at a minimum.    Again,  all these were taken during different sessions and not all on the same investigation.

From Nov 18, 2010 (#1-7)

GhostBox #1 -  This one picked up within the first minute,  the name Howard comes out.

GhostBox #2 - Ask I am asking for somebody to say my name,  you can hear the snippets of sound from the scan coming through.  Though between 4-5 seconds, you hear somebody say "meter off".   Since the scan feature goes through 3-4 stations a second,  there is no way the same voice should be saying words that encompass 2 seconds.  This would  mean 6-8 radio frequencies would all have to have somebody with a similar voice saying a snippet of sound that all lined up so the phrase "meter off" would sound like it does.

The other part of this is that I had turned off my K-II EMF detector, so the meter was off!

GhostBox #3 -  This one starts off with somebody saying what sounds like "Hello".  I was able to understand this and say hello back.  What follows I can't make out fully.   It sounds like another person is saying ......
 "he would see ____ "  the last word not audible enough for me to make out.

GhostBox #4 -  This one is amazing.  I ask if they can say my name Chuck.  A second later you hear somebody say "Chuck".   I understood this and asked if they can say their names.  At the 12 second mark you hear a male voice say "Jimmy", followed immediately by a female voice saying Jenna.   Right after you hear me say the name Jimmy,  At the 16 second mark a fainter voice comes in and says  "Can we play it for you".   Again, there is no way a full sentence with the same voice should come up when in the time it takes to say it,  several radio frequencies have already passed.

GhostBox #5 -  This one shows how the snippets are used to form a word.  Is this a spirit using different sounds to create the name "Craig or Greg Mar-tin" or is it just sounds from the stations that all meshed together at the right moment?  To add to the mystery,  I am asking for the name of the person there with me.  Coincidence a name comes up?

GhostBox #6 -  Here I am saying out loud that maybe I need more white noise, to get a better response.  At 4 and 6 seconds, you hear a female voice say "Chuck".

GhostBox #7 -  As I start to ask the question,  "Have there been other...",  you can hear a voice jump in and say no before I finish asking the question,  "....people like me here, asking questions to make contact.....".  At the end another voice jumps in and says something I cannot make out...."Please ____ front"? 

From Nov 23, 2010 (#8)

GhostBox #8 -  This one brief segment pretty much caught all there was to catch.  Right after I finish asking for names,  the clip picks up with the name "Barack" being said.  Reference to the President?  Don't know.  At  four seconds later you hear the name "Andrew" being said.   Two seconds later, there is a small sentence than ends in "..... don't stop".  I cannot make out what the first word is.

Then you hear me asking if they can say my name out loud.  At the end of the clip around 16 seconds,  you hear a question asked,  "Aren't you wet?".    This question had significance because there was a slight drizzle a few hours earlier, but the sky had broken up just enough to investigate.

From Dec 9 (#9-16)

GhostBox #9 -  Right after you hear me asking for spirits to give their names,  one at a time,  you hear a voice say "Chuck".  At the 7-8 second mark,  you hear a voice say "Chip", pause and the say "up".

GhostBox #10 -  A voice says "Chuck" right before I ask them to say my name!

GhostBox #11 -  This one is a bit disturbing.   I am asking if they like living there (in the cemetery).  Drawn out between 3-5 seconds,  you hear a voice say,  "It.......hurts."  

GhostBox #12 -  For the second time,  a voice comes out that says "Howard",  as was in the very first Ghost Box recording captured (#1 on the Ghost Box page).

GhostBox #13 -  After asking if there are any messages they would like to leave,  between 4-6 seconds you hear a male voice say "I uh....need a cure."    What type of cure a spirit would need is unknown to me.

GhostBox #14 -  A voice says,  "Come".  I heard this and ask where I should come to.  At the end another voice pops up and says what sounds like,  "wait".

GhostBox #15 -  I ask if they want me to leave.   At four seconds you will hear a very distinct shift in the noise coming from the Ghost Box.   I heard this quite a bit when I would ask a question and pause for a response.  It's as if an energy surge was going through the box,  though just speculation on my part.

At nine seconds,  there is a voice that says two words..." _____  home".  I have no idea what the first word is but I heard the word home and asked if they wanted me to go home.  There was no response to that question.

GhostBox #16 I ask if I should move to a different spot in the cemetery (to do more Ghost Box work).  Right afterward you hear a voice say "Stay".  Two seconds later,  a softer voice comes in and says "Please stay".

From Feb 17, 2011 (#17-20)

GhostBox #17 -  One of the first questions I asked when I stared was asking how many people were here.   This one I did not hear over the box as it was feint,  but at the 6 second mark it sounds like "About..........50" ???

GhostBox #18 -  As I am standing near the 2 little stairs where my equipment is resting, there is a voice at the 5 second mark that says,  "Come up......check".   I did not catch this at the time,  my guess is that I am being asked to go up to the Mausoleum and check it out?

GhostBox #19 -  As it's near time for me to leave,  I mention that I am going to go around and take some more pictures before my wife picks me up.  Right after I finish, you hear an intelligent response answer me back,  " Go ahead!" !

GhostBox #20 -  As I am talking,  between 1 and 2 seconds you hear a voice say,  "Barack".   I heard this because I respond by asking if he just said Barack.   Just after this you hear a faint voice say "yeah".   In an attempt to validate,  I ask if they can tell me who the President was before Barack.  At the 15 second mark and faintly said,  you hear  "bull......s--t".   At the very end is somebody saying something, but again very faint and unintelligible.

From Feb 24, 2011 (#21-32)

GhostBox #21 -  I am asking who is here with me.  As soon as I finish you hear a voice say "Don't Know?" as if I don't know.  A few seconds later a female voice appears to say "Lucette" but it might be different.

GhostBox #22 - At the 2-3 second mark, you hear a female voice faintly say "Freddy".  At around 8 seconds after I finish talking a male voice also says "Freddy".   Between this session and the mausoleum session, the name "Freddy" is said 5 times.

GhostBox #23 - I had earlier stated nobody was allowed to follow me home.  This message comes through with a male voice saying "They won't...." immediately finished off by a woman saying "come with you".   Like a wife finishing off her husband's sentence.   The sentence did not have to do with what I was talking about, but perhaps they were answering my earlier statement?

GhostBox #24 - Here was the first string of the word "Bishop" for the session.  At 3, 7 and 15 second intervals, you hear different voices say what sounds like "Bishop".  I have heard the word "Bishop" used at previous sessions,  but now its being said to much to ignore.   It got said 6 more times at the mausoleum session for a total of 9.     Plus between 9-11 seconds you hear an older male voice say "Bridge.....ton".  Perhaps a reference to Bridgeton, New Jersey?

There were other words said,  but nothing as notable as these.   Interestingly the scan on the radio never stopped during the session (about 10 minutes) until the very end when I asked them to stop the pause at 1210 (as noted on my You Tube video from investigation # 8).  It did not stop on 1210, but make note of this because I was surprised at what happens at the end of the investigation.

GhostBox #25 -  I ask them to finally stop the scan on the box at 1210, but it stops elsewhere.

I then made my way up to the mausoleum and the spirits or whomever did not fail to disappoint.  This was one of the most bizarre sessions yet.  When I said after the car alarm incident to always expect the unexpected,  it really is the case!

GhostBox #26 -  Wasting no time after I started the session, I noticed the batteries in my recorder were low but I could not say for sure was it spirits draining it or just forgot to check the battery status before hand.  Anyway,  at 6 and 8 seconds, you hear a voice say "Chuck".  Then right after I ask how many people are here with me,  at 10 seconds you hear "Don.............is dead".    I only know 2 Dons and both are still alive and well!

GhostBox #27 -  Still within the first minute everything breaks loose as voices just pile on top of each other.  I couldn't make anything out.  So I stopped everybody and asked them to speak one at a time.   You can hear the voices still piling on.  I ask for everybody to get in a big circle.  At 7 seconds you hear an annoyed spirit, probably not happy with everybody talking,  saying "F---ing people" with another voice inter lapping with mine saying what sounds like "heard me".

I then ask that everybody go around the circle and say there names one at a time.  I finish at 13 seconds.  Then you hear the list of the names in the following order pop out!

15 seconds - Alex
17 seconds - Bridgette
19 seconds - Freddy   (again!)
22 seconds - Chuck    (me or a spirit Chuck?)
23 seconds - Joseph
24-25 seconds - Two words come out but cannot make them out.
25 seconds - Phil (faint)
26 seconds - Art

I thought I had heard the name Martin, but on the playback I can't seem to hear it.   I thought I had heard 1-2 names but when I got home and heard the roll call of possibly 8 names I was absolutely amazed.  Never mind the F-bomb being dropped!

GhostBox #28 - (NSFW)  I ask who was the person responsible for saying "S--T" and right away the reply is "I am Bill."   I say the full word in the audio just to warn you in case you have children nearby listening.

GhostBox #29 -  I was trying to set up my camera on a nearby tombstone with the flexible tripod in order to take some pictures,  offering spirits to join me in the picture.  Every time I walked the radio scan would stop.  So I would go back and reset the scan before going back to set up the camera.  Finally I just walked over and ignored the scan.  A female voice comes in and says "Get Chuck".   I guess to get me back over to the Radio and not in a violent manner.

GhostBox #30 - Another clear sign of intelligent response.  I ask if there are any last messages they want to leave.  Right after ward (3 second mark), you hear a voice say "Think so" followed by a word I cannot make out.  After a pause,  I ask what do they think of George Bush,  since the name Barack is said a lot.   The response at 12-13 seconds is  "George...Bush?".   He repeats the name as if he has no idea who George Bush is.  Could be if he lived 50 years ago and is not up on current events.

GhostBox #31 - This one reeks of a smart-ass intelligent response.  I am going through a couple of questions about the afterlife (heaven, hell) which get completely ignored.   I then ask can you tell me what life is like on the other side to which is immediately replied (5 seconds) "Find Out"!   It is said literally the split second after I say the word side.   There is a word said a second later, followed by yet another "Bishop".

GhostBox #32 - I am doing a countdown to end the Ghost Box session and before I can do the countdown and stop it,  the scan stops....on 1210!   Just as I had asked it to do at the end of the earlier session (Ghost Box #25)!

From March 1, 2011 (#33-43)

GhostBox #33 - As I start the scan on the box and announce we are starting,  at 6 seconds you hear a female voice also make an announcement - "Chuck is here."   I guess letting the other spirits in the area know I am there to communicate?

GhostBox #34 -  About 10 seconds later,  a voice greets me with "Chuck........hey bub."   

GhostBox #35 -  This one is another clear case of intelligent response in my opinion.  I asked who the Bishop was since the word keeps getting repeated.   As soon as I finish asking,  the name "Willie" is said.  I misinterpreted this as Freddy.  After asking if they knew who the Bishop was, the scan stopped (I omitted this from the clip to save time. )  I again ask if the Bishop is named Freddy.  At 16 seconds you hear the reply..."not Freddy".

GhostBox #36 -  When trying to inquire about Art,  I got a voice that seemed to be impressed with the Ghost Box as it sounds like it is saying...."good.....Ghost Box".

GhostBox #37 - This one just about made my jaw drop.   While doing this session,  I had set up the Sony Camera to film the K-II meter directly in front of the mausoleum door.   So I asked if they could go over and make the box lights blink and at 8 seconds,  you hear the response,  "Yes".   I thought he said no, so I asked why not and a second reply at 11 seconds says "Please Look".

I did not hear this so I did not look.  But upon hearing this you know I grabbed my camcorder and went right to the spot on the tape to see if he made it light up,  but to no avail.   I guess because I did not look he did not want to waste the energy to light it up.   Next time I will look!

GhostBox #38 - I decided to try the "Roll Call' again, to see if it would repeat like the last investigation.   Again,  an amazing response.

  8 seconds - Art
10 seconds - ??????
11 seconds - Billy
14 seconds - John (faint)
15=16 seconds - Pat..rick
17 seconds - Jimmy

GhostBox #39 -  This is where I make another discovery.  I ask if I was over at Art's tombstone earlier and the scan stops.  I figure out this is a good way of asking yes or no questions.  If the answer to my question is "yes", they can stop the scan.  If the answer is "no", they let the scan continue.   This clip is 1 minute 42 seconds but totally amazing.

GhostBox #40 - Not prepared for a Yes/No session,  I am trying to figure out questions to ask so I can figure out what time period the spirits are from.   So I ask if they can tell me who the President was when they were alive.  At 5 seconds, you hear a spirit say "Ford",  immediately followed by a faint voice saying "Presdet...Nix-on."   I then ask if it was Harry Truman and the scan is immediately stopped.

GhostBox #41 - As I finish asking about Teddy Roosevelt,  a weird message comes out saying "make love to beth?"   Not sure about the Beth part,  but my wife listens to my recordings to see if we hear the same thing and she thinks its Beth too.

GhostBox #42 - I am asking questions about favorite things, so I ask about favorite food.  At 6 seconds you hear a voice ask "You?",  I guess asking me what my favorite thing is.  So I reply by saying Lobster.  At 12 seconds mixed in some heavy static and chatter you can hear the phrase...."with butter"!     I guess that spirit liked lobster too!

GhostBox #43 - As I am getting ready to end the session (about 15 mins),  I announce on the count of 5 I will end the session.  Right after I say that, you hear two voices.  First one says "Great",  followed by a second that says "Go ahead."! I have read that 15 minutes for a Ghost Box session is enough as the energy the spirits need to manipulate the box for their voices takes a lot out of them.  How true that is I don't know,  but better to play it safe then sorry.

From Aug 23, 2011 Monmouth Battlefield #5

MB GB Aug 23 #1 -  Here I am starting the Ghost Box and stating I will run it in reverse mode.   Two seconds after I state this,  you hear a male voice with a British accent say "Cheers"!    This is followed by what sounds like drums that I did not notice at the time.   My conclusion on the drum sound is that it may have been caused by a branch or twig brushing up on the Plexiglas covering to the area historical marker, thus debunking that mystery.   However,  somebody saying "Cheers" with a British accent is quite a different story!

MB GB Aug 23 #2 - About a minute later I am asking if everybody is there with me right now.  Just before I finish you hear a voice say 'Yeah!" followed by 2 distinct sounds that could be a drum or gun fire in the distance.   I loop the sound twice at the end with noise and static reduction.   This sound is not the same as the Plexiglas being brushed in the first clip.   What it is is unknown.

In the midst of this session,  the name Doug was said 3 times and the word Bishop was said so I called out to see if Clint was around but got no answer.  Then this fantastic piece of audio took place around 9 minutes into the session.

MB GB Aug 23 #3 - Without a doubt,  one of the best Ghost Box clips I have to date.  As I am listening for words,  you clearly hear a voice call for help.  When I respond asking if he is asking for help,  he responds with a one word answer.  Clear, crisp and no mistaking what is being said here.

MB GB Aug 23 #4 - As I am telling any spirits present that I am not going to say the names of the 2 people there before them,  you hear a voice  between 4-6 seconds hum out "Clint went up there".   Following some gibberish, at the 7 second mark you hear somebody say...."Good Job".  At 9 seconds a female voice asks,  "Still there?", which I did hear and remark to.    Looped twice at the end just so you can hear "Clint went up there" and "Good Job!".

Was this a successful crossing of a spirit?   Clint was the one called out previously as one of the spirits who said the word "Bishop" at Monmouth Battlefield, so its more than coincidence that his name was said here.   I of course cannot confirm such an event took place,  but the ramifications of such an event happening really leave me speechless.   Helping to free a trapped or wandering soul to leave the Earth and pass into the light?   If this is something we can do to help those stuck here,  I will certainly attempt this again in the future when the call for help is there.

MB GB Aug 23 #5 -  As I finish up the ghost box session,  I am doing a count up from 1-10 at which point I will shut down the ghost box.  As the clip starts I am already at the count of 5.   At the 7 second mark (after I say 8), you hear a voice say "Do it!".   After I say 9,  you hear a male voice say "10" followed immediately by a faint female voice saying "10",  then I say 10.   After I ask if it is okay for the box to be shut off,  between 17-19 seconds you hear a series of voices combine to say "Shut..the...box..down".

From Nov 9, 2011 Old Tennent Church

Old Tennent Church GB #1 - About a minute and a half into my session,  you hear me introduce myself and ask what there name is.  2 seconds later you hear a very clear name come out with an accent that says 'Chuck Horton".  Followed up a second later with a female voice saying "Chuck".

Old Tennent Church GB #2 - A little while into the session,  I am asking about "Clint", a spirit whose name was given up to me as one of the voices that calls out for the "Bishop" at Monmouth Battlefield and had apparently crossed when I tried to cross-over sprits on a previous investigation.  As I am asking if Clint is still around,  at 3 seconds you hear a fast voice say "goes to them".  When I ask if he comes back, a voice at 5 seconds responds by saying "goes.........he did".  This is followed up at the end by a singing voice saying what sounds like "he went through!"   Incidentally,  the radio was set to AM scanning and not FM, which is what I typically do in the central New Jersey areas.

Old Tennent Church GB #3 - In this clip, I had been asking about my new friends Ian and Gabby who have been investigating in the area also.  I mention that (in an EVP) they were told to sit down and was it them who said it.  After what sounds like somebody saying "Uh oh",  a male voice with a British accent replies, "Ghost, if I'd been thar",  immediately followed by somebody saying "Ian".    I heard the word "ghost", so I asked if a Ghost had told him to sit down.   At 10 seconds the name "Howard" is said, followed by a "yeah" to end the clip.

Old Tennent Church GB #4 - Here I am asking if they are stuck or allowed to leave the area.  At 4 seconds you hear a voice reply,  "You.....pass it on", followed by another voice saying "right".  A second later voices say, "not...possible" and then "adventures!"    I don't follow the tie in from all this.  Are some stuck but some allowed to go?  Saying the word "adventures" clicked since I call my site "Chuck's Paranormal Adventures"!  Then as I am about to speak,  a female voice comes in and says, "I passed Patrick".   This is followed by a male voice saying, "Hey, it's a damn walk!"  

The female saying "I passed Patrick" was interesting because earlier I had asked if any spirit wanted to cross over,  all they had to was follow my spirit guide or guardian angel and go into the light.  Was this the voice of my spirit guide or a guardian angel letting me know that they crossed somebody named Patrick?   Of course there is no way to prove such a thing happened,  but what if it did?

Old Tennent Church GB #5 -  This clip starts off with a voice saying "Bill",  I respond by saying, "Bill?" and it answers back right away by saying "yes"!  I then ask where Bill is at and a voice responds saying very fast what sounds like "He died."  As I try to acknowledge this by repeating the words,  at the same moment a female voice talks at the same time as me,  also saying,  "he died".

Old Tennent Church GB #6 -  Another great clip.  I start off asking if they can say my name for validation.  In the middle of asking this question,  you hear my name being said.  At 5 seconds you hear a female voice say,  "He said just his name......../static/......"Friedman".   Well my name is not Friedman,  but maybe that was the name of the female?   As I acknowledge that I can hear the female talking,  she faintly responds at around 10 seconds, "Chuck you know me!"   I tried to get her name but could not make out a response.

Old Tennent Church GB #7 - In a bit of a joke question for friend of mine that I play Dungeons & Dragons with on Sundays after work (yes I still play and its still fun, though we spend a lot of time BSing about stuff),  I am asking who is a bigger "cheating dog" in the game.   I don't get an answer as to who, but this British sounding female voice responds with her own question, "You say they're cheaten on ya?"  

Old Tennent Church GB #8 - This last clip comes as I have finished the ghost box session and I am about to shut it off.  I say my good bye and get the reply  "See ya!" 

From Jan 22, 2011 - Joint Investigation with Bearfort Paranormal at Silvio's Italian Restaurant - The Roy Vail House

Roy Vail GB #1 - Rob is asking if Roy is up in the attic with us.  After a few seconds you hear the response...."correct".

Roy Vail GB #2 - Here Sandra catches Jerry with his eyes closed and accuses of him sleeping.  She says that Roy told her that he was sleeping.  Not caught by us at the time was the Ghost Box responding with a female voice that sounds like "and look your bald" (at the 4 second mark of the clip).  Looped twice at the end!  (Note: somebody who heard this clip thinks it sounds like she is saying "and licking your balls".  Well, that wouldn't be the first time a spirit was a smart ass! )

Roy Vail GB #3 -  While there was a short pause in asking questions,  a male voice says here "Want Rob.....", but the rest of the message was unintelligible.

There was a short break here when Rob switched modes and sweep rate on the P-SB7 spirit box.  At this time the K2 meter I had on the floor, started spiking when we had no activity for the first 10 minutes we were in there.

Roy Vail GB #4 - As we notice the K2 going off and talking about it, the Ghost Box says "Rob".

Roy Vail GB #5 -  As Sandra is asking a question, right after you hear an older male response,  "She's a smart woman."  Looped twice at the end with noise reduction.

Roy Vail GB #6 - Here Rob is moving himself out of the doorway into the room.  Here he is told by the box "Don't move!"

From the joint investigation of a cemetery in Bound Brook, NJ with my friends Mario & Kevin

Bound Brook Ghost Box #1 -  About 4 minutes into the session,  I am saying we are here to communicate.   A male voice immediately responds, " I'm talking too!"

Bound Brook Ghost Box #2 -  I am asking for the name of anybody who is here with us.  7 1/2 seconds into the clip you hear a male voice say "Wood".   I heard this and thought maybe he said it like "would".  Shortly after I ask this, at the 13 second mark of the clip you hear the name "Patrick" come out.    We did a search and there were a couple of "Wood" last names, but none of them named Patrick.   Possibly 2 or more spirits present with us?

Bound Brook Ghost Box #3 -  Right after "Patrick" is said,  I ask how they are doing.  A few seconds later you hear the same voice that said "Wood",  now say what sounds like "Good". 

Bound Brook Ghost Box #4 - This is one of the more bizarre catches I have caught with a ghost box.   There is 4 parts to this clip.  In the first clip is the unedited audio of the same voice in clip #2 saying "Wood" again.   I did some noise reduction to clarify that it is the word "Wood" being said.   With the heavy static gone,  there is now an EVP embedded into the audio that you cannot hear in the beginning.   Tome this sounds like it is saying "Let's get", followed by the other voice.  Looped twice more at the end with more noise reduction and amplification.     This is the first time I have done noise reduction on a ghost box session and found another voice hidden in the static background!

Bound Brook Ghost Box #4a -  Just proceeding this while Mario and I were talking,  the male voice that says the word "wood" is heard hear saying the name "Emma".  From ghost box chatter,  it seemed like Emma did not want the male talking to us.   This prevalent name shows up again later in the same location!

Bound Brook Ghost Box #5 - In the beginning we were asking about a name we first heard,  Steve.   Except a female jumps in here and gives us another name - "Christopher"!

Bound Brook Ghost Box #6 -  As we are asking about another name we heard that sounded like Bess.  When we ask who is Bess,  we get the response -  "It's Grandma"   None of us present were familiar with the voice.

Bound Brook Ghost Box #7 - This is one of the best Ghost box  responses I have encountered to date.   As we are listening,  we hear the familiar male voice say "Look".  We ask where.  Right after (5 second mark), you hear another male respond "At the grave!".   It was too faint for us to hear so we ask again.   Between the 9-12 second mark of this clip,  you can make out a voice saying "want you to look right here."  We clearly heard the hear part.  At the 18 second mark as I am asking if we are supposed to be looking right here,  a female voice speaks at the same moment,  saying what sounds like "Chuck"!   This is followed by some words where it sounds like the male and female are splitting up the sentence,  "the older finds out"?   At 25 seconds a male voice says "here the grave".  When I ask again what to look at, the final word is said at 30-31 seconds,  "please".   This male voice sounds the same in most of this clip.

Bound Brook Ghost Box #8 -  We were getting mixed responses throughout the night about spirits wanting us to stay or leave.  Here Kevin asks if they want us to stay here.   Two seconds after Kevin is finished speaking, you hear a faint female voice say yes,  following by a strong male response, "Yeah".   We all heard that one clearly.

Bound Brook Ghost Box #9 - One of the best smartass responses I have heard come back from doing a spirit box session.   Kevin is asking if the spirit present is named Brad King.  Immediately after we hear the box say "nah" that we heard.  We start laughing and the box responds by saying what sounds like "bitch".  Kevin hears this and we inquire who said that.   The name Brad pops up.  When we ask why he called Kevin a bitch,  the box responds "cause.....I want to"!   

Bound Brook Ghost Box #10 -  We heard a female voice that said the word "go".  I ask who said this and the response is "Emma"!  This is the same name Mario and I picked up on our first trip here as heard on Ghost Box clip #4a.   Also to note it was Emma who did not want the male voice to speak to us when we were there the first time and now here she is telling us to go!    I guess Emma did not like us being there!

Bound Brook Ghost Box #11 - Another intelligent response.  I am explaining that we use the boxes for communication as we cannot hear them.   At the 5 second mark you hear a male voice reply "For the Spirits" ending with a voice saying "Yeah".   The voice is replayed twice at the end.