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Chuck's Paranormal Adventures, LLC.

Expect the Unexpected


Founder, Lead Investigator, Author

Chuck Lehman

Lead Investigator, Founder, Author


Chuck Lehman

Investigator in Training, Co-Lead Investigator

Technican , Equipment Manager

Chuck Lehman

Equipment Manager, Case Manager, Technican

Audio Analyst

Chuck Lehman

Audio Analyst, Researcher, Website Designer, Historian, Video Producer

The Mission

With over 12 years of investigating the paranormal, my mission is simply to try to find answers to what is going on. Whether it is my own personal research, private investigations or historical investigations, I want to find out if there really is paranormal activity taking place or are natural explanations responsible.

Rose Hill Cemetery



Cemeteries, parks

abandoned houses

and other public places

Private Location



Private homes, land,

and businesses

upon request

Lizzy Borden House



Famous locations

from history or

known hauntings

Do I work with other paranormal teams?

Of course I do! Where would I be without working and learing from others all these years? Robert and Sandra from Bearfort Paranormal were my early years mentors and over time that evolved into a great friendship! I've also worked with NJ Ghost Organization, NJ Paranormal, Greater Texas Paranormal Society, Ian & Gabby, New Jersey Paranormal Investigations, Shotts in the Dark Paranormal (PA), Ron & Lourdes, and more. Not only are they all great investigators, but they are also great friends as well!

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