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Chuck's Paranormal Adventures, LLC.

Dancing with the Divine and the Darkness

The Face

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

The opening chapter goes into a little more detail on why I started investigating the paranormal. While always fascinated, I never had a calling for it until after watching one particular TV episode of a ghost hunting show and that led the way to the flood gates opening up so to speak!

Here I will also talk about the key moment early on that could have finished my paranormal career before it ever got off the ground. Instead, a key discovery changed my attitude and cemented with me the desire to investigate the paranormal until the day I can no longer do so. I also offer up some insight into my first major solo investigation at a place in Virginia City, Nevada known as the Old Washoe Club. Certainly one of the most haunted locations in Nevada if not the western United States.

I also discuss my meetings with people and teams in the paranormal field, the good and the bad. Speaking of the good and the bad, I also give my opinion of the those who are not investigators, but offer their own opinions and analysis. The skeptics, the religious zealots and of course some of the every day people.

The picture to the left was taken at the cemetery where my "paranormal career" first started. This was taken on my 7th investigation of the location and is one of my best photos ever. You can read that description of that day and how I got that photo here. The Face

The Scratch

Chapter 2 - The First Doors Open

Not long after I started investigating, I had a very serious situation that left me in a peculiar predicament. This led me to the person who would change my life and help me see there was so much more out there beyond our own everyday experiences and perceptions. Her name is Amy and she would be my initial guide into that realm that goes beyond the paranormal.

The door ways open up and I learn about things I never had any interest in before. Meditation, healing energy, crystals, metaphysical devices and so much more! Find out what I asked for when my wife Andrea wanted to know what I wanted for my 50th Birthday! Certainly not the sort of thing a 50 year old man asks for! Nope, not a sports car or a trip to an exotic location. Something very down to Earth and something I still use very much to this day!

The picture to the right was what I discovered after an investigation with Bearfort Paranormal. If not for that scratch, I am probably not here right now writing this book!! It's in the book, but this is the whole story of what happend that night and the days that followed! The Scratch

Tombstone with Angel carved in it.

Chapter 3 - Where There is Light, There is Love!

This chapter touches my connection to religion, spirituality, God, Jesus and anything else divine prior to what happened after I began paranormal investigating. Earlier in my life, I talk about religion at home and where it all began to go south. Things were so repulsive to me, it got to the point where somebody mentioned the name Jesus Christ or God and I was heading in the othe direction. Then came a point in my life where I was depressed and down on life in general. I prayed for a sign things would get better and to my suprise, they did!

Yet even after that one time, it would be a almost a decade before the powers that be came knocking on my door again. This was the first of what a friend called an "Ah ha!" moment, which was having a dream where I met Jesus Christ face to face. The experience was so real, it did not seem like a dream. Another decade passed until I met Jesus for a second time. Except this time he left an impression that left no doubts in my mind. Just like the time I was given a glimpse of the other side, a couple of years before my Mom passed away.

I also talk about how it came to be where I would end up becoming what is called a "Gatekeeper" and help cross spirits to the other side. Something I never, ever expected to be involved with, let alone believe in.

The picture to the left is one of my favorite pictures of a tombstone at a cemetery. Yes I believe there are angels and they do watch over us!

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