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Joint Investigation with Bearfort Paranormal
Silvio's Italian Villa Restaurant - Roy Vail House
Warwick, New York - January 22, 2012

First I would like to thank Rob and Sandra from Bearfort Paranormal for inviting me along to join them and their team on this investigation of Silvio's Italian Villa Restaurant.   This is without a doubt an investigation that lived up to my website slogan - "Expect the Unexpected"

To borrow from Bearfort their description of the house that is now a restaurant,  "Revolutionary War Veteran Levi Ellis built this home in the late 1700s. Gilbert Drew later purchased the house in the mid 1800s. Drew constructed the second story of the home and renamed the estate Maple Glen Farm. In 1920 Harry Vail purchased the home and his family occupied it until 1960. Roy Vail, a famed gunsmith, lived in the house while he ran his business from a nearby barn. Misfortune came to the Vail family when Roys sister was found murdered in 1972. Her death seemed to be without motive and no one was ever formerly charged. Rumors surfaced about Roys involvement and a decade later Roy Vail walked into what is now known as the "Peach Room" and took his own life. The house was converted into a restaurant shortly thereafter."

Rob and Sandra had investigated the house/restaurant earlier in 2010.   There were paranormal claims of doors opening and closing, things being moved,  a little girl spirit,  ghost cat and some other incredible things happening at the location.   Stories of customers at the restaurant having some minor paranormal experiences.    When Robert asked me a week before hand if I would like to join his team on the investigation,  I could not pass it up.  This would be my first true investigation inside a house, still much different than the airport we did a few months earlier.

This began the bizarre change of events that really opened my eyes to how far and deep the paranormal can go.   Again it is way different to experience this yourself as compared to watching it on TV.  It also served as a reminder that if you don't watch yourself and take precautions as an investigator,  you can get more than you bargained for.

As I had to get off from work to do the investigation,  my good friend Lynn offered to work the day I needed.  As I would be getting home late,  I needed the next day off  to recover from being out all night and the two hour plus drive to New York.   Then on Saturday,  the only big snow storm of the season we got, the day of the investigation.  Luckily the snow stopped by 4PM, then the main roads had just enough time to be plowed for me to drive up to New York to meet Robert, Sandra and Jerry at the restaurant.    I note this trivial stuff because of how this entire investigation played out.

We met at the restaurant around 9:15PM,  got all of our equipment inside and Robert gave me a quick tour of where we would be investigating.   The owner and his son also gave us all a little tour,  giving us a good history of the house, some of the activity taking place and some interesting history involving Roy Vail,  a previous owner of the house and whose spirit was still thought to be lurking.

For the next 2 1/2 - 3 hours, we investigated in a renovated bedroom and living room area on the 2nd floor and the attic while Bearfort Paranormal had camcorders and other equipment set up in the different dining room areas.   Other than Jerry picking up an EVP on his Real Time digital recorder,  some ghost box responses and a quick K-II meter hit,  the evening was very quiet and "dead".  Not even a weird feeling.   It was if we were investigating a place that had no history, though obviously the house does have its share of paranormal activity taking place.  Was this a night the spirits did not want to make contact and kept their distance from us?   About 1:15am, we packed up our equipment and went home,  a little disappointed that the evening seemed to be a loss.

The following morning,  I got up, had some breakfast and than sat down to start reviewing my audio and video recordings to see if maybe we got lucky and picked up something so the night wouldn't have been a total loss.

At nearly 6 minutes into my audio recording,  I caught the first EVP of what would be many more.   Sandra was at the bottom of the staircase leading to the attic and thought she saw a pull string to a light bulb moving back and forth at the top of the stairs.

Stairs to the attic in the Roy Vail House
IR picture take of top of the stair case.  Nothing unusual in the picture.

I then went to the top of the stairs where the string was, but it was not moving.  I remained still in order to see if there was a slight flow of air coming from somewhere in the 1700's era attic, but not could not feel anything.  However,  with the outdoor temp in the teens and the attic not insulated,  it was quite cold up there so it would have been hard to notice a very slight air flow.   I brushed the string and asked if anybody else could do that. Then this EVP was captured.

Roy Vail EVP #1 -  The EVP is said while you are hearing the beep of my IR camera.  To me it sounds like the spirit is saying "good camera, Chuck".   Noise reduction and amplified twice at the end.

The string never moved while I was up next to it.

We all then gathered in the converted living room area, to the left of the staircase to the attic.   Before the investigation,  a psychic friend of Robert and Sandra's  (Steve), had warned them that he sensed the spirit of Roy not being in a good mood and be careful not to anger him.   I walked into the living room area and praised Roy for his house.  Shortly afterward,  Jerry,  who was listening to the real-time EVP recorder with a 10 second delay,  heard an EVP response to me.     Could not make it out at the time.   Here is the audio recording of this.

Roy Vail EVP #2 - Right after I finish speaking, around the 11-12 second mark you hear the EVP.   Cannot make out what is being said.  You will hear Jerry make note of the EVP after he hears it 10 seconds after it is said.   Looped twice at the end of the clip.

Just after the EVP took place and we were discussing it,  a glowing orb came in from the ceiling by the door and flew in a perfectly straight trajectory over my head and off screen.   There were four of us in the room and nobody saw this, but this was captured on the camcorder I had placed in the back of the room.

Still frame of orb in motion.  Chuck's Paranormal Adventures

The orb is the streak in the blue box as shown that is right over my head in the picture.  This is a still photo from the video footage.  This was not a bug and not caused by lens flare from the camcorder that is by Robert to the left in the photo.   When you see the video, you will clearly see this is not a natural phenomena happening.

As we continued to do more EVP work,  Sandra heard a noise outside.  She checked it out to discover it was the workers who were living at the house, though on the other side of the building.  As she comes back in, Robert tells her to close the door.   Unbeknownst to us at the time,  somebody was not happy with closing the door.   Thus we caught this amazing EVP.

Roy Vail EVP #3 - Right when you hear the squeak of the door,  a voice says "Leave it alone!".    Was this Roy telling Sandra to leave the door alone?  Looped twice at the end.

Note: EVP's #2, #3 and the flying orb were all captured on a static camcorder that I had in the back of the room and are the Youtube video I have embedded at the bottom of the page.

We then split into 2 teams,  Sandra and Jerry going to the attic,  Rob and I to the converted bedroom for EVP sessions.   We again did EVP session,  Rob filmed with his night vision camera,  but nothing noticeable.   He left the room to get some equipment,  I stayed behind by myself.   I asked any spirits present to make a knocking noise, so I knocked 3 times on the wall behind me.    Then I waited, heard nothing.  Then I asked how about 1 knock, so I did one knock.  Again nothing.

While I was sitting there alone in the bedroom,  I did catch 2 more EVPs.

Roy Vail EVP #4 - Not in any direct response to what I was asking,  but here is what sounds like a small girl singing to me,  "Go back to the room" or "Go back to the roof".   Either of which made sense because I had been in the attic and the other room just a short while earlier.

About 15 minutes later, as I was holding Robert's camcorder,  I was filming around the bedroom and asking questions about the renovation, if they approved or not of things being redone.  Then I captured this Class A EVP.

Roy Vail EVP #5 - As I am asking about what they think of the bathroom and closets,  you hear a male voice say "Hello" to me.  This is in between what sounds like 2 footsteps, except I was sitting on the floor and not walking at the time.  Looped twice at the end, but no enhancements made as you can clearly hear what is being said.    This also coincides with me noticing the Mel Meter spiking and dropping right after the EVP is captured.

Roy Vail EVP #6 - This last EVP in the back room takes place just as Robert is coming back to join me.  I have no idea what is being said, but as loud as it sounds,  I did not hear this and this was not the door making the noise.   I almost want to say this is possibly Native American as Roy Vail did find various artifacts and have them near the home. 

A short while later,  Sandra and Jerry came down to the bedroom to join us a and asked if we heard a knocking.  It turned out it was dead in the attic and they asked for a sign before they would leave.  Then at that moment, they heard me knocking!  So they stopped and sat long enough before asking, can you knock again for us.  Of course it was at that moment I did the single knock!  They were bummed because they thought they caught something and I felt bad because it was me, unintentionally of course.  Sorry Sandra and Jerry!

As we sat all sat in the bedroom,  I was telling a story I read on IMDB about John Wayne. After I finished telling the story and some chuckles,  this EVP was captured.

Roy Vail EVP #7 - I have no idea what is being said, but it is interesting.

We went up to the attic and found a small sitting area with a couch and a couple of chairs to try a P-SB7 spirit box session.  Rob sat on the floor next to the door that separated the sitting area from the rest of the attic.  Up here Rob had a green laser grid covering the area to detect any possible movement by unseen or shadow figures.   My name and Robs name were said several times during the session which went roughly 20 minutes.   Here are a few of the best responses captured from the session.

Roy Vail GB #1 - Rob is asking if Roy is up in the attic with us.  After a few seconds you hear the response...."correct".

Roy Vail GB #2 - Here Sandra catches Jerry with his eyes closed and accuses of him sleeping.  She says that Roy told her that he was sleeping.  Not caught by us at the time was the Ghost Box responding with a female voice that sounds like "and look your bald" (at the 4 second mark of the clip).  Looped twice at the end!  (Note: somebody who heard this clip thinks it sounds like she is saying "and licking your balls".  Well, that wouldn't be the first time a spirit was a smart ass! )

Roy Vail GB #3 -  While there was a short pause in asking questions,  a male voice says here "Want Rob.....", but the rest of the message was unintelligible.

There was a short break here when Rob switched modes and sweep rate on the P-SB7 spirit box.  At this time the K2 meter I had on the floor, started spiking when we had no activity for the first 10 minutes we were in there.

Roy Vail GB #4 - As we notice the K2 going off and talking about it, the Ghost Box says "Rob".

Roy Vail GB #5 -  As Sandra is asking a question, right after you hear an older male response,  "She's a smart woman."  Looped twice at the end with noise reduction.

Roy Vail GB #6 - Here Rob is moving himself out of the doorway into the room.  Here he is told by the box "Don't move!"

Incidentally,  while I was taking pictures of when Rob was in the doorway,  this strange picture was captured by my IR camera.

Possible face matrixing next to Robert from Bearfort Paranormal

The light dots you see on the wall to the right are from the laser grid.  The odd looking thing out the photo is directly to the left of Bob's face as he is looking down at the equipment.  This is probably matrixing,  but it almost looks face like.  Note that from where I take the picture,  Rob is casting a shadow on the door, but not for that face like brightness to his left.

After the spirit box session was over,  we did catch an EVP that was heard at the time it happened.

Roy Vail EVP #8 - You hear Rob do a little hum, followed by what sounds like a girl doing a hum back.  This was heard and noted by Rob right away.  Looped twice at the end.

We then headed downstairs for a break and then went into one of the dining room areas for an EVP session.  It was already getting late and we were tired.  While we were discussing something,  an EVP was captured during our talk.

Roy Vail EVP #9 - Around the 6 second mark of the clip as Jerry says the word "cemeteries",  a voice is caught overlapping us.   Looped twice at the end, it sounds like "the wall is leaving" or "the war is leaving"?

Roy Vail EVP #10 - As were packing up our equipment for the evening,  I was heading towards a room and was turning off my Mel Meter. Right after you hear the beep of the Meter shutting off,  you hear a female voice say my name.  Looped twice at the end with noise reduction and amplified.   This might have been the point something happened to me that I would not find out about until the next day.

By the time we packed and left the Roy Vail house and headed our ways,  it was close to 2AM.   I got home around 4AM and was pretty tired considering I had been up since 3AM for work earlier that day.  I had tried to take a couple of hours nap when I got home from work,  but I was too excited about the case to really sleep all that well.  Thank God for energy drinks!

The next morning I got up around 11AM,  not really expecting to find anything and then caught the first few EVP's which I e-mailed to Rob and Sandra.   Rob then followed with a brilliant piece of footage caught with his motion detection camcorder in the bedroom.  A bright orb sets off the camcorder and flies past.   There was nobody in the room and the camcorder was by the doorway so if anybody had walked in,  the camcorder would have captured it.

A few hours later,  I decided to go take a shower and get myself presentable for the day.  My wife and daughter were out so they were not home at the time I woke up and did some evidence review.  As I went in to take the shower,  I took off my shirt and noticed something in the mirror that was not there the day before.

Day 1 scratch of my chest - Chuck's Paranormal Adventures

There was a one inch scratch on my chest.  This was not just a scratch,  it was a deep scratch that was welted and still had a sting to the touch.  For me to have scratched my chest like that from an object,  I would have remembered.   I then notified Rob that I had been scratched,  he then told me to take pictures right away.  Now mind you this was only a single scratch, not the 3 that they say come from evil entities who are trying to mock the Trinity.

Here is how the scratch looked on day 2.

Day 2 of the scratch - Chuck's Paranormal Adventures

I did not feel anything that night,  though I was wearing a black turtleneck shirt and my heavy "Chuck's Paranormal" t-shirt over it.   I double checked the shirts to see if either of them were torn or ripped from something, but they were intact.  I couldn't check for blood as the shirts are black and would not have been noticeable.   I was asked if maybe I had done that in my sleep,  but the shirt I was wearing when I went to sleep was unmarked,  no sign of blood as it was an orange shirt and my nails were not sharp enough to have caused this.  Even if it did,  a scratch like that would wake you up.

So feeling like I had achieved a badge of honor,  I spent the rest of the day doing evidence review and thinking about how I actually got scratched by a spirit.   You see it on the TV shows sometimes,  but its really hard to believe something like that can happen, until it happens to you personally.   I feel that if when the scratch happened it either happened in the attic where it was very cold and I wouldn't have missed that warm / hot feeling other people have had when they were scratched in haunted locations.

The other possibility was the last EVP I caught of the female calling me out before we left for the night.   I think this is the more likely of the two and here is why.

The next day at work, I was feeling pretty good.  Then Rob came over and asked me to show him exactly where I got scratched.   So I showed him.  Then like a doctor to has give a patient bad news,  Rob told me about his conversation with Steve the psychic the night before.

Steve had accurately told Rob exactly where the scratch was located on my body.  Rob did not even know and this was not public knowledge yet.   Steve knew it was one scratch and not 3 as what a research usually asks about such a thing.  So according to Steve,  a female spirit there had taken a liking to me and scratched me in order to form an attachment.   Now all of a sudden I did not know whether or not to be flattered or horrified.

I was told that I needed to smudge and apply lavender oil to myself in certain location on my body as soon as possible to break the attachment before it get a good hold of me.    Even with all the research I had done and everything I had seen on TV and everything I had learned from other groups,  nothing really prepared me for this type of experience.   Whether you believe a spirit can scratch you to form a mystical bond or not,  I was not going to shrug it off as nonsense.   Why take the chance?

That night I went home and stopped off at some stores to see if they had Lavender oil as Rob had supplied me with a sage stick for smudging and some anointing oil to use temporarily.  Nobody had it.  I knew of a local Spiritual Shop that had opened, but was closed on Mondays, so I had to wait till the next day to get some.   The next morning,  I was going to go before I went to the gym for a workout,  but then at the last minute decided to wait until after the gym some 2 hours later to go.   To make a long story short,  I ended up meeting a Reiki instructor / Gate Keeper  (somebody who crosses spirits) named Amy, who knew all about spirit guides that I had asked about.  She invited me to attend her weekly meditation class and I have been learning a lot from her the past few months.   The importance of grounding and of course learning how to meditate properly along with other subjects from the spiritual side..

Looking back and reflecting on all the events that had to take place for things to work out like they did is really a head scratcher.

1) Steve,  a psychic from Australia,  makes contact with Rob and Sandra at Bearfort Paranormal and becomes friends with them.  Of all the paranormal teams all over the world,  he makes contact with them up in West Milford, NJ.

2) Bearfort is short one person for the investigation,  if they aren't,  I don't get invited.

3) If my friend Lynn does not offer to work for me the day after the investigation,  I cannot attend it.

4) The only major snow storm we get that year happens on the 22nd,  yet if it doesn't end around mid-afternoon and continued for a few more hours,  there is no time for the roads to get plowed and for me to drive up to Warwick, NY.

5) If I don't attend the investigation,  I don't get scratched.

6) If Steve from Australia,  never makes contact and becomes friends with Rob and Sandra,  there is no psychic who Rob is going to tell about the scratch.

7) Without Steve advising me that he not only knows about the scratch, but who did it and why,  I never know that a possible attachment is being formed.  Who knows what would have happened because of that.

8) Without Steve advising me on how to break the attachment before it becomes serious,  I am not out looking for lavender oil to help break the attachment.

9) If I find lavender oil that first night at one of the local stores,  I do not meet Amy.

10) If I go to the spiritual shop before gym,  I do not meet Amy.

11) Lastly,  if I do not meet Amy,  I am not learning the proper way to meditate,  about our spirit guides and how they help us when called upon, etc etc etc.

Is it fate that all these conditions had to be met before I am where I am at today?   In the grand scheme of things,  who really knows for sure.   I just know that this was one of those things that will have me scratching my head a long time.


Enough of the sidetrack.  Embedded below are the highlights that I captured on my static camcorder,  EVP's and the moving orb.   Also below, courtesy of Bearfort Paranormal,  is their video of some of the highlights they captured from the investigation at the Roy Vail House.




By the time all was said and done,  I was shocked.   My slogan "Expect the Unexpected" truly lived up to its mantra on this night as now the investigation had become a tale of two days.   Dead the first,  unbelievable the next upon evidence review.   Clearly a lesson to be learned that no matter how quiet an investigation is,  doesn't mean you are not being bombarded by spirits trying to make contact.  Not to mention how fate can come into play, but that is a subject matter for another time!