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Investigation #7 - Cemetery, (Jamesburg, NJ) - December 2, 2010

As the weather was getting colder,  this was going to be my last investigation to close out the year with.   Another hour (5-6PM) just arriving at sunset, so I wasted no time taking as many pictures as possible.   As I moved around the cemetery,  I advised any spirits listening that this would probably be my last visit until the temperatures warmed up again,  probably not till March/April.

I went with the standard equipment (camera,  K-II,  digital recorder, Ghost Box) to see what I could get on this last day.   Aside from the car incident,  this was one of the best nights for evidence gathering.

The first picture I got was not long after I made my way up to the far back end of the cemetery.

A small blue orb over the center of the road.   Notice the layout of the cemetery here as this is important shortly.

As I continued to walk around the cemetery,  about a dozen pictures later,  another blue orb was captured,  this time streaking across the air in the upper left hand corner.

A close up of the orb shows it is streaking in motion.

This orb is clearly in front of the tree and not a plane in the sky behind it.   This is not dust as it has the bluish hue and does not show the properties of a dust orb (grey, transparent, circular, not in motion).

About 10 minutes later after the sun had set and after about another two dozen pictures,   another blue orb appeared.  Again,  in the center of the road.

Here you will notice that the orb is almost in the same position in the road as the first picture above,  but you can see it is in another part of the cemetery.  To debunk that it was something on the camera lens,   these were the only two pictures that had the orb in a similar looking position.   I of course was amazed at this.  Was this orb that of a spirit that was following me around the cemetery as I took pictures?   I had been asking repeatedly that if any spirit wanted to pose for a picture that I would appreciate it.  I also had asked several times if there was one spirit that could channel as much energy as they could into manifesting for a picture,  it would be appreciated as well.

Turns out that I may have gotten my request answered.

While showing my wife the pictures of the orbs,  she pointed out another orb in the distance that had a weird look to it.   The red arrow in the picture is that orb.

Note:  The bright lights to the left of the orb are from a distant telephone pole by a townhouse complex.

I had not noticed this,  another reason why it is good to have an extra set of eyes to look at pictures.   Well,  to get a closer look of this object,  I cropped and zoomed in on the object.   An amazing feature came out.

The face of a spirit?

Here is what clearly looks like a face.   The features of eyes, mouth,  nose and chin appear.  Three other smaller orbs come into focus here too.  The small red one just to the left of the face and one in the upper and lower left of the picture.    

Upon using the auto-correct feature to make the picture brighter brought out more detail.

The eyes, mouth and nose get a better definition to them and a hairline becomes apparent.   Who is this?  I have no idea, but will be a focus of my investigation when I am able to return.   I was completely unaware of anything showing up in my photographs until I got home and examined all the evidence on the computer.

This was not the end of the evidence for the evening.   After I took my pictures,  I proceeded over to the Mausoleum for one last Ghost Box session,  again stressing this was going to be my last time visiting for sometime and if anybody had any messages to pass along, now was the time to do it.

The session was amazing.   These are the best 8 responses I got.

GhostBox #9 -  Right after you hear me asking for spirits to give their names,  one at a time,  you hear a voice say "Chuck".  At the 7-8 second mark,  you hear a voice say "Chip", pause and the say "up".

GhostBox #10 -  A voice says "Chuck" right before I ask them to say my name!

GhostBox #11 -  This one is a bit disturbing.   I am asking if they like living there (in the cemetery).  Drawn out between 3-5 seconds,  you hear a voice say,  "It.......hurts."  

GhostBox #12 -  For the second time,  a voice comes out that says "Howard",  as was in the very first Ghost Box recording captured (#1 on the Ghost Box page).

GhostBox #13 -  After asking if there are any messages they would like to leave,  between 4-6 seconds you hear a male voice say "I uh....need a cure."    What type of cure a spirit would need is unknown to me.

GhostBox #14 -  A voice says,  "Come".  I heard this and ask where I should come to.  At the end another voice pops up and says what sounds like,  "wait".

GhostBox #15 -  I ask if they want me to leave.   At four seconds you will hear a very distinct shift in the noise coming from the Ghost Box.   I heard this quite a bit when I would ask a question and pause for a response.  It's as if an energy surge was going through the box,  though just speculation on my part.

At nine seconds,  there is a voice that says two words..." _____  home".  I have no idea what the first word is but I heard the word home and asked if they wanted me to go home.  There was no response to that question.

GhostBox #16 I ask if I should move to a different spot in the cemetery (to do more Ghost Box work).  Right afterward you hear a voice say "Stay".  Two seconds later,  a softer voice comes in and says "Please stay".


At that point though,  my wife and daughter were on their way to pick me up,  so it was the end of the nights investigation.   A lot of exciting evidence which really got me excited to return so I could respond to the messages and try to find out more about whose face was in my picture.  Alas, it is too cold at this time to return,  plus the constant snow fall would make picture taking impossible, as the flash off the snow or blowing snow, ice would contaminate any photo or video evidence.