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Investigation # 2  - Monmouth Battlefield,
(Manalapan, NJ)  - June 2, 2011

I was hoping to visit the Battlefield a bit more often than almost a month later,  but May was a bad month for weather.  The days I had a chance to go to investigate,  it rained.  Then when I had one nice day,  I had to use that to do the yard work that needed to be done before it rained again!

Well fortunately,  June started off on a good note with sunny skies,  but the wind was a problem today.  It was the only day I was going to have to go and investigate for the week and I had been dying to get back out here and pick up where I left off.

I did a quick trip inside the visitor center,  took some infrared pictures,  but nothing to report.  No crazy feelings this time around either.

I proceeded down Combs Hill, back over the foot bridge crossing the swamp and made my way back to the left side of the farm where I conducted my first Ghost Box session.  However the wind was too strong across the field and made any attempts at doing a EVP or Ghost Box session impossible with the sound on the digital recorder.  So I decided to go up the farm to the small orchard there.

Orchard at Monmouth Battlefield

It was a small apple orchard, but the trees made a fair wind break where I could attempt to do a Ghost Box session without the wind sound.  I still had to screen the box and recorder with my camera bag just to be safe.

Here are the 4 best responses I got during my session up here.

BOMGB18 - Within the first minute of my session,  I was once again greeted with the word - "Bishop" which would be said 6 more times in this area.

BOMGB19 - While trying to find out if anybody will tell me anything about the Bishop,  somebody just blurts out...."Bruce......Phooey!"  LOL!   Somebody not happy with Bruce I guess.

BOMGB20 - This one opens up with a faint "Bishop".  At 3 seconds there is a voice says what sounds like "shoe or shoo" and then right after 4 seconds is a voice that says Chuck in what sounds like a British accent!  I removed the static noise on this one for optimal hearing.

BOMGB21 - This piece was pretty amazing, at least from a historical perspective.   I am asking if the person near me had served with General Lee or General Washington (Colonial army).  At 6 seconds, it sounds like a voice is replying with the word "Clinton".  Clinton was the General in charge of the British Army!   As I hear this I ask if he served under General Clinton and at the 16 second mark before the end, you hear a voice reply - "Yes"!

There were a few more minor replies.  The name Bob was said again and of course the obligatory calls for the Bishop!  As a tour group of school children was approaching my area,  I decided to pick up my gear and move over to the hedge row for my first trip over there!

Hedgerow on Monmouth Battlefield

The hedgerow  apparently was first defended by General Lee's troops during the initial stages of the battle.  Shortly afterward, due to his indecisiveness and half-assed orders give to his troops,  his army went into a retreat just as General Washington's army was moving up.  Washington apparently scolded Lee,  relieved him of command and rallied the troops to regroup to fight the British.    Being this seemed like a significant area,  it was a logical place to try to make contact with spirits.

So I called out for any Colonial soldiers who were there and gave them praise in light of bad leadership given by their officers at the time.   As I was saying this,  I got hit with a blast of ice cold air.  As if somebody had just opened a giant freezer door next to me.   I scrambled to get out my IR thermometer and digital camera to snap proof before the cold spot vanished.  It was in the low 80's this day and very comfortable, even with the wind blowing.  However the wind was not the factor in causing me to catch this reading.

Cold spot reading, hedgerow, Monmouth Battlefield

As you can note in the picture,  the air temp around me when I snapped this photo was 35.7F.   You'll also note at the top of the IR thermometer, the max reading was 72.1F.   As I pushed the button and held it down, I had to turn slightly to catch the cold spot.

Here is the next picture I got a few seconds later as the cold spot started to move off.

Cold Spot reading, hedgerow, Monmouth Battlefield

Here the temp shows 46.8F.   As I am out in the middle of farm land,  I have no reasonable explanation as how a cold spot can pop up like that and drop the temperature from high 70's - low 80's, down to 35.7F.   The battery in the unit is fresh and when I took other air temp readings later,  it was showing what was expected,  78-82F range.  The wind certainly could cool things down a little,  but nearly 50F?  

Naturally, this got me very excited!  Was it a coincidence that as I asked for the soldiers and ripped on their officers I felt this cold spot come upon me?   Again,  it is all unknown and I can speculate forever to guess what caused this and why.

I proceeded to start a fresh Ghost Box session as time was running down for my stay.  Here are the best 2 responses I got here at the hedgerow.

BOMGB22 -  I removed the static for this.  I am asking if they served in the Colonial army.   Between 1-3 second mark, you hear a faint voice say "I don't like this".  As I ask if they defended the hedgerow against the British at 10-11 seconds a much louder voice tells me to  "Shut Up!".

I later learn (as I keep learning the history of the battle) that the British also had control of this hedgerow while engaging Washington's troops and being bombarded by American cannons placed at the top of Combs Hill.   So these might be British troops responding,  perhaps not happy I am asking about the Americans and not them?

BOMGB23 - This short one is either saying "Ready" or "Freddy".   I can't tell, but it came through pretty loud.

There were a couple more "Bishop" responses and the names Howard and Steve came out.

Alas there was again too much wind interference, so a lot of the responses I could not make out even after trying to clean up the static, pops and clicks in the audio file.  However,  the cold spot and somebody telling me to shut up clearly points out this is another place I would need to come back to for further investigation, especially when the wind was not as active!