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Investigation # 5  - Monmouth Battlefield,
(Manalapan, NJ)  - August 23, 2011

Early in the afternoon (1:50PM EST)  as I was sitting at my computer,  everything in the room started to vibrate every so slightly, as a large truck was driving on past shaking the house.  Except I could hear no truck and the vibrating started getting heavier and heavier.   For a moment a brief moment,  I was worried that something from the spirit world was letting me know that they were not happy with me!   Then my daughter came upstairs and said we had to get outside as the whole house was shaking!

This was the day of the 5.8 earthquake in Virginia that shook up the entire East coast.   Outside of a few stuffed animals and pieces of paper that fell on the floor, there was no damage and of course a relief that it was natural causes and not paranormal in nature.  Just another reason to remember that not everything that seems paranormal is caused by paranormal forces.

Well with a quake this strong,  I had a feeling the energy given off might be enough to stir up paranormal activity,  so this was an opportune time to head back to Monmouth Battlefield for an early evening investigation until near sunset.  For this investigation,  I would return to the Sutfin farmhouse to see if I could get a repeat performance from my visit there for the 233rd anniversary of the Battle of Monmouth.  Plus I wanted to get my first opportunity to investigate a new spot, the area of the main battle line for George Washington's forces.

My friends Gabby and Ian had already been to the Washington marker at sunset and caught an amazing EVP when they were ready to leave......"Just sit down".   So I was ready to investigate the area and hopefully catch something just as amazing also.

My first stop was the Sutfin Farmhouse,  hoping I could make contact again with any of the voices that I picked up on my first trip there.  This time though I went around to the backside of the house that I did not check out on my first visit.

Sutfin Farmhouse at Monmouth Battlefield, Aug 23, 2011

The window on this side were boarded up as well, the door locked shut and fencing around it.  It would be easy to break inside, but again this building would be very dangerous to enter.  You could see wasps flying in and out of the vents as I had seen on my previous trip and no doubt any flooring inside would be unsafe.  Plus who knows what animals are living in there too as you could see holes in some of the foundation that lead into the basement that any raccoon or skunk could make its way in easily.    If I had the money,  I would restore this place in a heartbeat.  Such history going to waste.  But I digress.

Hoping to make contact with the boy spirit who said "okay" to me on my last trip,  I brought a trigger object to entice him to come out.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures at Monmouth Battlefield, Aug 23, 2011

This was a kids vinyl ball that you could pick up in any toy store for a couple of dollars.   Kids love balls and what child from supposedly Colonial times would not have enjoyed a ball like this to play with.  Light, easy to kick and throw.   So I set it on the ground and set up my K-2 Meter and Mel Meter by it.   I called out and said if any of the children of the house (in case more than one) could move the lights or the numbers on the devices,  I would leave the ball behind for them since it didn't look like they had any toys to play with.

As I was filming the ball and the instruments hoping to see them show a sign of interaction,  I heard a distinct whisper in my ear.  I could not make out what was being said, but I got very excited because this sounded like somebody right next to me.  I stopped filming to play back the recording to see if I could hear the voice.  However, neither my camcorder or the digital recorder I had on the ground slightly behind me picked up the whisper, leaving this as a personal experience.   I did not catch anything either visually or via audio for the time I stayed at the house.

Before I left to head up to the George Washington marker,  I called out that I was going to leave the ball in a certain spot and when I returned,  if they had moved the ball,  they could keep it.   Hence why I wrote the note on the ball,  just in case some hikers were coming past and saw the ball.  Not that it would stop them anyhow.   Due to a slight breeze in the air,  I wanted to make sure the ball could not move by the wind and make it look like it was possibly paranormal in nature.  So I took some small sticks to hold it in place on the ground by the house.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures at Monmouth Battlefield, Aug 23, 2011

I took several more pictures of the area, both with infrared and regular digital camera,  but nothing noteworthy was captured.   I then headed up through the corn field and up toward Washington's line, about a 5 minute walk from the house.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures at Monmouth Battlefield, Aug 23, 2011

There were hiking paths cut throughout the corn field.  You basically had to walk through these to get to most of the spots in this area since it is farm field.  But this did yield a slight hint of danger as Gabby and Ian had warned me about when they had visited the area before me.   Deer.

Now you may think, eh,  who cares about deer,  they are harmless creatures.   Well,  walking through a corn field where deer are grazing inside it at nightfall is not necessarily a safe thing.   Come across a mother by surprise who is walking with its young,  they can be protective and a pair of swinging hooves is not what I would like.   I figured the odds were remote,  but to be safe I did make a good amount of noise as I walked these long paths so the deer would hear me coming and keep their distance.   Though once out of the cornfield, marked off by a fence line and up to the marker,  everything was pretty clear so you could see a good distance.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures at Monmouth Battlefield, Aug 23, 2011

As soon as I got here,  I set up my digital recorder, camcorder, ghost box and Ovilus X to prepare to use all the devices to see if I could capture any evidence like Gabby and Ian did.   After I set my equipment on the ground and was surveying the area,  I felt a distinct push on my left arm.   I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and it felt like somebody had placed a finger on the triceps area of my left arm and was slightly pushing .  I looked to see what was on my arm and there was nothing there as I was expecting to see a bug or something.

As I was finishing setting up,  I was announcing to any spirits in the area that I had different types of equipment we can use to communicate with each other.  Right after I said this,  I distinctly heard a voice nearby.   I stopped,  looked, but there was not a soul around.  Anybody within at least a hundred yards of me could be spotted and heard quite easily.   I called out but no answer back.  Luckily,  the voice was captured on my digital recorder.

MB EVP Aug 23 #1 -  You hear me talking about the equipment and how they can use it to say words.  Right after I finish at 6 seconds,  you can hear a voice say "Say it".    When you heard the rest of the clip,  you hear me pause and note I heard something, but I don't see anybody about.   Now what I also didn't hear, but picked up on the audio review, was at the 9 second mark after the first EVP.   There is a very faint voice that sounds like it is saying "Pick it up fool.".

MB EVP Aug 23 #1a - Here is the clip with just the EVPs in it.   Noise reduction and amplification to hear the EVPs better,  looped twice.  Notice the creepiness of the 2nd EVP.

About 5 minutes later,  another faint EVP was picked up what sounded like it was saying "move them",  but too faint to list here as you would have to raise the volume to maximum to pick it up.

The first thing I wanted to do was an Ovilus X session where I could use my DTD (Digital Text Display) for the first time.  This little box hooks up into the Ovilus so you can read what word is being said.  A very helpful tool as sometimes the Ovilus says a word that is very hard to hear as it is a computerized voice.  The DTD only works in the dictionary mode,  not the phonetic mode.

The results were amazing.  The first 7 minutes produced the best results to date as the words being said by the Ovilus X had some solid actual meaning behind them, rather than the usual random words thrown out.   Of course this is all subjective,  but as you'll see in the Youtube video I made of these first 7 minutes,  you'll see how relevant the words have here.

The words "plain" and "plains" were said back to back 3 minutes after this video ended following the use of the word "bear".  When I heard that word,  I had started asking where was the bear and it said "plain", "plains" about 20 seconds later.   I of course scanned the horizon in every direction looking for a bear, but thankfully none was to be seen.   I did have several escape routes handy from this location in case I did see a bear in the nearby area.  Yes,  one of those reasons why you shouldn't ghost hunt alone.   Though I could have been a hiker working the trails also.  Just saying.

After the Ovilus X session,  I brought out my ghost box to see if I could capture any other audio and again,  the box did not disappoint.

MB GB Aug 23 #1 -  Here I am starting the Ghost Box and stating I will run it in reverse mode.   Two seconds after I state this,  you hear a male voice with a British accent say "Cheers"!    This is followed by what sounds like drums that I did not notice at the time.   My conclusion on the drum sound is that it may have been caused by a branch or twig brushing up on the Plexiglas covering to the area historical marker, thus debunking that mystery.   However,  somebody saying "Cheers" with a British accent is quite a different story!

MB GB Aug 23 #2 - About a minute later I am asking if everybody is there with me right now.  Just before I finish you hear a voice say 'Yeah!" followed by 2 distinct sounds that could be a drum or gun fire in the distance.   I loop the sound twice at the end with noise and static reduction.   This sound is not the same as the Plexiglas being brushed in the first clip.   What it is is unknown.

In the midst of this session,  the name Doug was said 3 times and the word Bishop was said so I called out to see if Clint was around but got no answer.  Then this fantastic piece of audio took place around 9 minutes into the session.

MB GB Aug 23 #3 - Without a doubt,  one of the best Ghost Box clips I have to date.  As I am listening for words,  you clearly hear a voice call for help.  When I respond asking if he is asking for help,  he responds with a one word answer.  Clear, crisp and no mistaking what is being said here.

After asking what type of help was needed,  I did not get any type of response.   The only type of help I could offer was to help cross the spirit over into the light.   Now I have had no experience in this and outside of watching a few Youtube videos and reading on some websites,  I really had no idea how to do this.   I decided to call for the help of my spirit guide and/or guardian angels to help cross any willing spirits into the light.   I did this for the next 3 minutes without being able to make out anything coming out of the box.   I decided to ask any spirits present to say the names (Ian & Gabby) of the 2 people who were there before me.   As I finish saying this, I got this response.

MB GB Aug 23 #4 - As I am telling any spirits present that I am not going to say the names of the 2 people there before them,  you hear a voice  between 4-6 seconds hum out "Clint went up there".   Following some gibberish, at the 7 second mark you hear somebody say...."Good Job".  At 9 seconds a female voice asks,  "Still there?", which I did hear and remark to.    Looped twice at the end just so you can hear "Clint went up there" and "Good Job!".

Was this a successful crossing of a spirit?   Clint was the one called out previously as one of the spirits who said the word "Bishop" at Monmouth Battlefield, so its more than coincidence that his name was said here.   I of course cannot confirm such an event took place,  but the ramifications of such an event happening really leave me speechless.   Helping to free a trapped or wandering soul to leave the Earth and pass into the light?   If this is something we can do to help those stuck here,  I will certainly attempt this again in the future when the call for help is there.

MB GB Aug 23 #5 -  As I finish up the ghost box session,  I am doing a count up from 1-10 at which point I will shut down the ghost box.  As the clip starts I am already at the count of 5.   At the 7 second mark (after I say 8), you hear a voice say "Do it!".   After I say 9,  you hear a male voice say "10" followed immediately by a faint female voice saying "10",  then I say 10.   After I ask if it is okay for the box to be shut off,  between 17-19 seconds you hear a series of voices combine to say "".

After I shut down and packed my stuff up,  it was approaching 7:00 and the sun was already starting to set.  I figured I had enough time to get over to the viewing deck that overlooked the area where Molly Pitcher supposedly got her water from for the troops.   As I approached the forest line that would lead up to that area,  I started to get a feeling inside like I should not go any further.   I got some butterflies in my stomach, but decided to ignore them and press on further.   Yet with every step I took,  the feeling got worse.    I caught no EVP or any readings on the Mel Meter I was holding at the time,  but after about another 20 feet I stopped.  

This was the first time I had experienced something negative,  as if I should go no further.  Not an evil warning,  just a warning.   One rule of thumb I had read elsewhere is listen to what your body is telling you.  If you get a bad feeling about something,  stop what you are doing and leave the area.   So I did this.   I knew I would come back again and try again,  but something was telling me not to on this night.

I made my way back to the Sutfin house one more time before I left for the night.  I wanted to take a few last pictures and announce that I was leaving the ball for any child spirits that were still there.   I caught one last EVP.

MB EVP Aug 23 #2 - I am just mentioning about taking pictures of the farm field.  At 6 seconds, you hear a very faint EVP say what sounds like "Help me.".    The EVP is looped twice at the end, amplified to hear it better.

Monmouth Battlefield again gave me a great experience, some things captured on audio and the personal experience of being touched for the first time,  hearing what sounded like whispering in my ear the first time and the feeling of being told to keep out of an area for the first time as well.  Was this all on account of the energy being given off by the Virginia Earthquake and did it give the spirits ample energy to make contact with me this day?