Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - June 9, 2011 Investigation #3 Monmouth Battlefield State Park

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Investigation # 3  - Monmouth Battlefield,
(Manalapan, NJ)  - June 9, 2011

Note:  Due to my audio recorder being accidentally destroyed a few weeks later,  this log of the investigation has no audio clips for you to hear.  My hard drive was full and I could not download the clips to be saved until I got a new larger hard drive to place them on.  Naturally it arrived after the recorder was destroyed.   However, I had listened to the audio and took notes of what was said, so this log will include the noteworthy voices I captured.

My third investigation to Monmouth Battlefield was without a doubt going to be one of the hottest days of the summer as the early forecasts had temperatures going into the upper 90's.   I felt this would be a great opportunity to experience the heat as the soldiers did during the battle when the temperature and humidity were very high.  This had resulted in probably a significant amount of death due to heat instead of gunfire,  especially with those heavy uniforms the Americans and British wore back in the 1700's.

Thus, I came with a jug of ice water to use as a potential trigger object to offer any spirits of soldiers that might be present.  Water was the means between life and death the day of the battle and I felt to call out and offer water would entice a few spirits to make contact with me.   Plus I had a chance to test out my replacement Ovilus X, as the last one had malfunctioned after my trip here,  but Digital Dowsing replaced the unit without a problem!

As I arrived at the park,  I had wanted to sit down on Combs Hill by the visitor center and do some EVP work,  but alas there was another school group there,  listening to a park staffer who was dressed like a Colonial American would have been back at the time of the battle.   Since I could not do any EVP that would end up being contaminated by the kids and lecturer,  I proceeded down Combs Hill to cross over onto the farm field where I had earlier success.

As I was walking down the hill,  the lecturer was showing the kids how to load and fire a musket.  Right after he fired the gun,  the Ovilus X said the word "Hide".  Was this a spirit telling me to hide because of the gunfire and maybe thought I was a target?  I don't know but it really surprised me!

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - June 9, 2011 Investigation #3 Monmouth Battlefield State Park

The picture above shows Combs Hill from down on the farm field.  You can see the temporary picket fences put up in advance of the reenactment of the Battle of Monmouth they did a few weeks later before the Anniversary date.   I was half way down the hill when the musket was fired and I was told to "hide"!   I then made my way over to this location.   Thank God the park cuts down swaths of this grass to hike over because I had run into two regular Army soldiers at the visitor center who had just finished hiking.  They each had a few ticks on them, so no doubt walking through this grass would have given me the same result.  I caught one on my sock before it had a chance to crawl up on my leg.

I set up my video camera,  to record using my infrared filter on the camera, but did not catch anything noteworthy.  I did take several temperature readings with the IR Thermometer and you can see from the pictures it was quite hot!

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - June 9, 2011 Investigation #3 Monmouth Battlefield State Park  Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - June 9, 2011 Investigation #3 Monmouth Battlefield State Park
Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - June 9, 2011 Investigation #3 Monmouth Battlefield State Park

Yes the temperature was measured as high as 99F!   It was a good thing I brought the ice water with me because I drank an awful lot of it!   By the time I left,  I was flushed,  heat rash all over my neck and just drained.  The heat made me really appreciate what the soldiers from both sides had to go through that fateful day and I was wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt!  Not a heavy uniform.

I then proceeded to set up the Ghost Box and did a quick session as well as some EVP work.  There were was one EVP that sounded like somebody said "Hey" but rather faintly.     During the Ghost Box session on the field,  the names Karen, Rose, Alex, Billy, Grandma, Doug and Eric were spoken during the roughly 11 minute session.  Of course the word "Bishop" was mentioned four times as well.

The most amazing thing that came out of the box was in the last minute and a half when I made my standard announcement that nobody had any permission to follow me out of there.  The Ghost Box responded in a male voice saying "Okay......alright.".   Twenty seconds later as I was saying my intent to shut off the box and move to the hedgerow,  an older female voice with what sounded like a Scandinavian accent said "Don't Leave!" in a sad voice.   I had played this bit specifically for my wife to hear to see if she could identify the accent.  

Just before I shut the Ghost Box off at the end and asked if it was safe to turn off,  two voices responded by saying the words "safe" and then "yes".  

I then moved over to the Hedgerow where I had the very good responses on my first visit there and they did not disappoint the 2nd time either.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - June 9, 2011 Investigation #3 Monmouth Battlefield State Park

I set up the video camera to film myself again as I did another EVP and Ghost Box session in the area.   The most interesting piece of audio I heard was from the Ghost Box when I was talking about the battle in that general area of the hedgerow.   I had said aloud "that I learned from history that because of  tactical errors in the beginning of the battle, General Washington was so upset that General Lee was sent off the field". The Ghost Box responded with a sharp response... "He was kicked off!"   Hardly a response that was expected to be said!

Not much else was said of significance, other than the word "Bishop" again.   Questions as to the identity of the Bishop and what he is needed for is still not clear.  Is it an inside joke the spirits are using on me to drive me nuts thinking about it?  At the first trip here, the spirits here said the Bishop was there and needed me, but still no other clues.  I'll keep on asking about the Bishop, but I'm not going to knock my brains out trying to guess what is going on.  Research to Bishop's from the 1700's and 1800's for Jamesburg and Monmouth Battlefield have turned up a zero in regards to either a Religious figure or a surname of Bishop.

The last few seconds though turned out to be another amazing coincidence as I was ending my investigation for the day.  I did my countdown,  went over and shut off the camcorder, put my equipment away and then left.  It wasn't until days later when I was reviewing the video that I discovered what happened as I was doing my countdown to shut off the Ghost Box.

I have no explanation as to why the camera cut off during the middle of my countdown.  I was alone and I do not have a remote to control the camcorder with (as somebody suggested that is what I was doing).   The battery had a good charge and plenty of tape on the video.   Just another coincidence?