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Investigation # 1  - Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse,
(Manalapan, NJ)  - October 17, 2012

Important Disclaimer : I have been back to the Thompson-Taylor farmhouse since this visit and was able to sneak a peek inside the house due to gap in the wall boards.  This place is very dangerous.  I would never, ever advise anybody to enter a deserted or abandoned house, more so for the trespassing reasons.  But this place is old, the floor is destroyed or weak in places.   Investigating on the grounds is hazardous enough,  but somebody trying to enter the house could be seriously injured.   Please do not try to go inside any building that you do not have permission to enter, especially an old abandoned house such as this.

A couple of months ago,  my paranormal friends Gabby & Ian had sent me an e-mail following one of their visits to the Monmouth Battlefield area.   Along one of the main hiking paths that comes from the hedgerow area, across Route 522 and through a wooded area towards the farmlands where the Sutfin and Craig farmhouses lie,  is another farmhouse that time has forgotten.  The Thompson-Taylor farmhouse,  listed as an 1830's circa farmhouse.

The farmhouse lies abandoned and in a state of decay, along with other structures on the property including an old silo and a barn that is still used for storage by the Park service and one of the local produce farms still in operation.   I had seen the location marked on a map,  but had basically paid little attention to it until Gabby and Ian told me about the two times they have tried to approach the property.

Gabby, who is a sensitive,  told me that it was very hard for her to get close to the property as she sensed something bad going on there,  whether it was a lot of anger, or sadness,  but something seemed to be giving off negative energy.  As much as they wanted to investigate there,  they decided not to because of the bad feelings they were getting.  Of course this piqued my curiosity.  Why would this piece of land have such bad energy, considering soldiers were killed all over the battlefield.

I parked at the usual spot off of Rt. 522 at the old Friends of Monmouth house and started off by making my way towards the Sutfin house for a quick visit and some pictures.   The house lost a piece to the front since my last visit.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Sutfin Farmhouse

It's a shame that this piece of history is also slowly giving way to neglect and decay.   I took several pictures here and did some EVP.  I did catch two possible faint EVP,  one as I was leaving here and one as I was walking down the trail. Like that of a little child acknowledging me,  but too faint to post here.

The path to the Thompson-Taylor farmhouse was in the same direction as the Craig House,  except this time I would not have to walk as far.   At the 1/2 way point of the hike,  there was another fence line that extended the length of the farmland and had the Historic Trail marker to help point the way.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse Investigation

The small white building in the distance is the Craig House,  about 20 minute walk from this point.  The woods to the right of the trail marker in the picture is where the path takes a turn towards the Thompson-Taylor farmhouse.  It's a creepy looking path towards the house.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse Investigation

There was a small brook that ran behind the property that I quickly thought might be able to supply some type of energy for any spirits that might be present.  There is a theory that running water at other historical sites has given energy to spirits there (Slater's Mill for example) so why not here in an isolated area, even though its a brook and not a big river.

As I passed the little bridge to the land,  I did catch a faint EVP that sounds like somebody saying, "wait".  Again to faint to post here, even with using headphones its very hard to hear.

As I came up the path towards the house,  the first two things you notice are an old barn and a silo by some piece of equipment that is unknown to me.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse Investigation

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse Investigation

I have no idea what this piece of equipment is.  It is fixed into the ground, made of metal and very thick.  I wanted to get a closer look at the silo,  but the brush was too thick and a lot of poison ivy in the area.  I'd have to come back again in the future when the foliage was gone and easier to move around in the area.   So I decided to have a look at the barn first.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse Investigation

This is the front view of the barn.  Inside was some park equipment, some tables, an old plow and a lot of old lumber piled up.  On the right side out of view was a side entrance that was open where the lumber was stored.  The perfect place to set up my Ovilus,  DTD, Mel Meter and digital recorder to do some EVP work.

As I was setting up my equipment and explaining what every was,  I got the first EVP of the day.  (Note:  all EVP played 3 times,  in some cases the 2nd and 3rd plays are audio enhanced to hear it better.)

Thompson-Taylor EVP #1 -  Right after I finish explaining how to use the Mel-Meter,  we get a female voice saying what sounds like "Maria". 

A couple of odd things to note while I was by the barn.   The temperature on the Mel Meter read out kept fluctuating up and down a couple of degrees.  There was no breeze blowing and it was mostly sunny, with the occasional cloud floating past.  Now maybe the quick little peek behind the clouds maybe affected the temp briefly until the sun was out again.  Yet the barn has some significant tree cover and on the side of the barn, there was no direct sunlight.  Most likely not paranormal, but just wanted to tip off any future investigators who visit and set up where I did.

I also at one point heard some leaves rustle as if there was somebody walking in them, in the front of the barn.  I stopped what I was doing and peeked around the corner but nobody there.  It could have been a bird poking around and then flew off before I could see or maybe a field mouse moving about.  Again another thing to consider when you hear leaves rustling when outdoors.

There were no other EVPs I captured by the farm house.  I did use the Ovilus X.  For the most part the words seemed random and with no apparent story or meaning behind them.  There was some groupings of words like,  "demand, dinner" & "Enjoy Our Zinc" & "Give Some Nickel".  Most likely random groups of words that fit.   The word "Sandy" did come out as the 13th word and it was only a few days after this that Hurricane Sandy hit the East coast and caused a lot of damage in the New Jersey area.    Sandy being the "un-lucky" 13th word? 

There was one more grouping of 5 words at the end that did give me some pause,  only because of the uneasy feelings my friend Gabby has gotten in this area before I came.  The Ovilus put out the words "Portal, informed, Field, Beast, King".    Is this random words or is somebody letting me know there is a portal in the area, maybe on the field itself.  Beast King?   Is there a demon or devil that comes through the portal into the area?   Of course that is total speculation based on what might be nothing more than random words coming out of the Ovilus. 

Here is the farmhouse in its present day state.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse Investigation

This house has been abandoned for some time.   From the looks of it,  maybe 20-30 years if not longer.  This was the back of the house.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse Investigation

The roof has collapsed in the back part,  debris all over.  However,  as you look in the center,  you can see a door open off the roof.  I found that boards in the view there look like they were stacked so somebody could climb up into that area and enter the house through that door.   To me it looked far to dangerous to even attempt something like that as the wood is rotting in some places,  a serious place to get injured.   However,  10 or 20 years ago that may have not been the case.  This looks like the type of place adventurous kids might have gotten into back in the day.   Of course one would hope nobody entered the house to do any type of rituals away from the public eye.   I saw no evidence of any such thing on the outside of the property.

As I did my walk around and set up for some EVP sessions,   I did catch an astonishing number of EVPs that I would never have expected for this place.  I captured 11 EVPs that could be made out and a couple that were too soft to understand.   Not only did I get a lot of EVPs, but lots of different voices.  Female, male and child sounding.   I was very surprised because even with all the activity I got on the battlefield,  I did not get as many as clear sounding EVPs in a session as I did here.

Here are the best of the EVPs,  headphones could be used, though you should hear these with good speakers.   Everything looped twice after the original file with some amplification to hear it better.

Thompson-Taylor EVP #2 -    This is basically what sounds like a child saying "F-you" to me. 

Thompson-Taylor EVP #3 -    Approximately one minute later, I get this crystal clear Class A EVP of what sounds like a young woman saying "Hey There" as if she is standing no more than a few feet from me.   One of the best EVPs I ever captured at the Monmouth Battlefield area.   Is this a young lady who lived at the farmhouse during the 1800's or maybe 1900's?

Thompson-Taylor EVP #4 -  Now about 90 seconds later after catching a strange noise,  here is the same voice that said "Maria" when I first got on the property now what sounds like she is moaning.  Clearly not the same voice as the "Hey There" girl!

Thompson-Taylor EVP #5 -  13 seconds later,  now a male voice is captured asking a question - "Who's that?"  So now in the span of about 3 minutes,  we get a child with a foul mouth,  a nice young lady,  an older sounding female and now an older male.  Is he asking the other spirits who I am?

Thompson-Taylor EVP #6 -   I set up a tripod and left my digital recorder on it so I could go walk around the building to take pictures and do some filming.  I called out and said in case anybody was afraid to talk to me directly, they could go leave a message in the black box on the tripod.  I got a series of EVP's,  this one being the best sounding.  Sounds like another older male asking about "the dog?" 

Thompson-Taylor EVP #7 -   Shortly after the male asked about the dog,  the "Hey There" girl comes over to say "Hey".   It's clearly her voice again, though not as loud as the first EVP she gave.

After I came back to the stand,  I set up to do a ghost box session with the P-SB7 spirit box.   While there were quite a few responses that were noticeable,  this one really got the Goosebumps up on my arms.  I did not hear this at the time, but on the playback,  I was startled to hear what sounds like an exchange between two spirits about me!

Thompson-Taylor GB #1 - This one has noise reduction for the replays of the voices.  Not that it is needed, but it helps to clear it up a bit so there is no mistake what is being said here.   There is a female spirit who says "He knows.", followed by a male voice that says,  "he doesn't."   The female voice is more mature than the "Hey There" girl and not the same voice that says Maria.   The male voice does not match what I heard in the EVP either.

Is this a female spirit telling another male spirit that I know they are there and the male spirit doesn't think I do?????

After the Spirit box session,  it was time to move on out.  I packed up and headed back out to the battlefield and the hiking path back to where my car was parked.   Though as after I crossed the bridge and got to the end of the trail that hooked up to the battlefield, I catch my last EVP of the day.  I'm not sure if this voice was a spirit from the battlefield or the farmhouse,  but clearly did not want me around.

Thompson-Taylor EVP #8 -  This one was faint,  you will need headphones for sure to hear it.  To me it sounds like a male voice saying "Get the hell off".   Was this somebody from the Farmhouse area who followed me to the edge of the path and wanted me out or was it an angry soldier who did not want me walking on the battlefield? 


The Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse was quite an eye opener for me.  I did not expect EVP's like this, but it clearly validated my friend Gabby's feelings when approaching the area.   Of course this meant a trip back as soon as it was possible.  As I write this,  I had already been back for the return investigation and that too was really an eye opener.  The farmhouse has definitely got some secrets to that and I want to find out what is driving the activity at the house.


Again,  for any investigators who decide they want to check out the Thompson-Taylor farmhouse for activity.   Please do not go there at night.  Besides the fact that you should not be there when the park closes,  the grounds are dangerous with all the fallen debris from the hurricane.  The ground is tricky in spots and there are spots where other buildings used to stand and have since collapsed into the basement as seen below.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse Investigation

As you can see,  if you were walking around at night or not paying attention,  you could end up falling into this or tripping over an embankment in the area and you could be seriously injured.    Be smart and be careful.

Also,  be aware with different EVPs of spirits cursing and being angry,  I strongly advise against provoking here.  I pretty much would advise that with any investigation,  but I get a strong feeling here this is not a place you want to make angry spirits angrier.   There are some friendly spirits here also it seems and I think you will get good EVP by showing respect and kindness.  Just keep your guard up.