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Expect the Unexpected

The Sallie House

Atchinson, Kansas

July 12-13, 2021

"Triangle of Terror" investigation #1

Back in the 1990's,  I remember watching a show called "Sightings" which was on TV.  The show had clips and pieces on about many different things, mostly paranormal and supernatural.  There was a sprinkling of Government conspiracy theories and similar matters.  However, there was one story that came up several times and I thought it was very fascinating and frightening at the same time.

These clips that came up involved the Pickman family and the haunting they were going through at the time. There are plenty of sources with information about the incidents, so I won't regale the whole story here.  In a nut shell, the husband Tony was subject to numerous attacks by an entity that would become known as Sallie.  Tony would get scratched and quite viciously at that.  I remember hearing this place was like the Amityville of the Midwest.  The family eventually moved out, but the reputation of the house and its horrors continued on. I remember watching the show and while fascinated, I thought to myself I would never dare enter a house like that, not even for a second.

We now fast forward to 2015 and I'm watching an episode of "Ghost Adventures " on TV and they finally get to the Sallie House, a place I had hoped they would investigate since I started watching them.  The show did not disappoint at all.  Then I started watching videos of Paranormal teams who visited the house.  Suddenly that "itch" was starting to pop up.  The fear I had in the 90's of ever stepping foot into a place like that was now transformed into a curiosity of what it would be like to go there.  Eventually this would be the first stop on my trip to the region.  I started planning the trip in 2019 for a 2020 go.  Alas, COVID hit and everything got pushed back till 2021.

Just a quick note of humor, the night before I left, Andrea and I were watching "Ghost Adventures" episodes on the Travel Channel, when ironically, the episode of the Sallie House came on. Andrea had never seen it before. Well in the first 15 minutes all hell breaks loose.  Jay gets scratched on his arm and a young medium feels the dark entity taunting them as she almost topples over (vertigo attack?) near the scratched out Pentagram in the basement. At that moment, Tony Pickman standing not 3 feet away gets attacked with a burn and deep welt on the back of his neck.

Andrea watches this, looks at me and says, "And this is where you are going?  Are you nuts!!!????"  I chuckled and said yeah.  Yeah I am nuts!

After a 20+ hour drive to Iowa, I stayed in a town called Shenandoah. This was ideal as it was roughly 30-35 minutes from there to Villisca and Malvern where my next two investigations would be. I started off with the Sallie House first as Atchison was a 2 hour drive from Shenandoah.  A manageable drive after the big trek from New Jersey.  I did have an afternoon and evening to rest properly, though I was still very excited about what the next three nights would have in store for me.  I packed up and was on the road by 1PM,  arriving at the Sallie House around 3PM.

Welcome sign to Kansas on the Kansas/Missouri border.  Atchison is the first town you drive into.  Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
Stopped at a Sinclair gas station in Missouri, right at the edge of the border to Kansas and Atchison for this photo!

Close up of front of the Sallie House.  Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
The Sallie House - 508 Second St, Atchison, Kansas

As I pulled up and parked in front of the house, that surreal feeling came over me.  A place that I've been fascinated with for almost 20 years and I am going to be spending the night here.  As I got out of my car, a walking tour with some adults and I believe college age kids came up to the house. I thought they were going in as part of a tour,  but they weren't.  They were taking photos and I was talking to some of the people.  One lady said she went to high school with Debra Pickman and hadn't seen her in years, but did hear about the stories of the hauntings.  One of the kids asked if people still investigate there and I said I was going to be there for the night by myself,  which prompted some gasps and "OMG"s.   As people were taking photos,  somebody got very creeped out as they took a picture of the side of the house to the left.  When you looked you could see why.

Window in the nursery room at the Sallie House. Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
Window from the nursery room.  Creepy doll staring out the window.

This photo doesn't do justice to the way the doll looked outside.  A few kids saw it and quickly made their way back to the sidewalk in front of the house.  Most likely placed there by a previous investigator or house caretaker to scare some peeps.

After the tour moved on,  before I moved any equipment in,  I needed to go inside for an introduction and to declare my intentions for the evening. This was key for me as after watching several videos from other Paranormal teams going into the house to investigate,  it seemed to be that those people, going in and challenging and demanding responses from the negative entity, were most likely to be attacked in one way or another.  Some people got scratched, some people had their energy sucked out of the to the point they were ready to pass out.  Other stuff too.  Since I was alone,  antagonizing the dark entity was no game plan.  I walked in, introduced myself and called out that I was not there to cause trouble or challenge them. I was there strictly to communicate and if they didn't want to interact with me, I was not going to complain.  I noted what others had done and I was not like that.  I would be there till 7am the next day and I was not leaving till then (well unless things got out of control).  I immediately felt their presence as my head started to throb like a slight headache,  typical for me when there are spirits close by.

Of course as you walk in the front door, there is another creepy doll right by the front door!

Creepy baby doll in carriage just inside the front door Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
The doll when you walk in the front door. It never moved during my stay there.

With that,  I went back outside, did a quick live feed on Facebook and posted to other social media that I was live at the Sallie House, which shocked quite a few people.  I advertised my trip to the Midwest, but did not say where in advance to but only a handful of confidents. I wanted this to be a nice surprise for all my paranormal friends and supporters who I know would never make it out here. I could share live feeds and lots of updates on what was going on and plenty of pictures of the house.

After I got my equipment inside,  before I did anything, I walked the house to take photos and see the layout of the place.  Of course the first place would be up the staircase to the second floor.

Staircase leading to the 2nd floor Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
The Staircase to the 2nd Floor.

When I walked up the stairs the first time, as I got to the third stair from the top,  I felt like I walked into some sort of energy curtain.  This happened every other time I walked up there, except once the next morning.  Yet as soon as I got to the second floor,  this "energy curtain" vanished.  I don't know how to describe it any other way.  I found it harder to breathe here and I could feel the energy in the air. When I stepped up to the top, there were no issues.  The stairs were not steep and this was not a case of being winded from walking up there.  I walk 10+ floors of large stairs at work when I need to get in some leg stretching, so I am used to it.  I felt nothing malevolent about this area and I have no rational explanation why it was only at the top 3 stairs.

Oh and when I walked downstairs,  I felt like I was walking through it again, hardly the case of being winded when walking down stairs is much easier.  Naturally I made sure I held on to the hand railing going down because of this sign that was at the top of the stairs to the right:

Sign by top of the staircase Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
This sign, near the staircase, made me extra cautious walking down.

The first room to the left of the staircase was the nursery,  probably the biggest  point of activity in the house.  The Pickman's reported finding their baby's dolls and stuff animals removed from the shelves and placed in a circle on the floor like a sťance.

Nursery room at the Sallie House Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
The nursery room at the Sallie House - my first look in.

There was a bed to the right, with more stuffed animals on it.  Also of course there had to be a Raggedy Ann doll up there too,  reminiscent of "Annabelle" the haunted doll!

Bed with toys on it Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
Bed with toys in the nursery room.  These toys remained undisturbed through my stay.

I did think about taking some dolls and putting them into a circle,  but I did not want to what everybody else does.  Instead,  I set up a bunch of dolls in my own way, while setting up a lot of devices to detect movement if anything got moved.

Equipment set up in the nursery room. Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
How I set up the dolls and equipment (Laser Trip wires, EDI 3-in-1, Paramid, Telephone and gift)

I set up all the dolls in a row. If the entity preferred to make a sťance circle, it was going to have to work for it.  I set up a camcorder just outside the door to the room to videotape all night long (hence the extension cords).  I placed 2 laser trip wires, a Paramid motion detector and the EDI 3-in-1 meter to record any possible EMF spikes, temp changes or movement as it also has a Geophone to detect vibration.  To the right of the Paramid,  Andrea wrapped up a giraffe beanie baby as a gift.  I remember reading a story about how Debra left a gift wrapped present for Sallie in the nursery as an offering.  When she came back later, the package was supposedly opened and the doll was removed and on the floor.  I said the package was for Sallie,  if she wanted to open it, great!  If any other spirit there wanted to open it for her, great!  I also brought a miniature pumpkin bucket and put it on the floor as well.

I also placed the old fashioned telephone in there and placed the toy piano out too in case it wanted to play with them and make noise.  Even though lots of investigators go in there to communicate,  I purposely stayed out during the night.  I had hoped that Sallie or whatever child spirit might be there, to go in and play and disrupt the equipment.  While I am still going through the video as I post this,  there is nothing out of the ordinary so far.  The Paramid did light up oddly for some reason without its alarm going off.  I reset it by switching it off and back on again, but it happened a second time. Can't say it was Paranormal for sure, but it was odd.  From my photographs,  the dolls in the room never moved during the night and the package remained untouched as well by the time I left the next morning.

Next I went to the basement to set up down there.

Staircase to the basement Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
Entrance to the basement.  At bottom left there looked like a dead bird. When I got down the stairs it turned out to be a paper cut out.

Hole in the side wall in the basement Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
The hole in the wall to the other part of the basement. Some claim this is a portal for the dark entity to come through.

Looking inside the hole in basement wall Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
A close up of the "portal". Just pipes and debris and very dusty.  I did not climb back there, just in case of spiders hidden by debris.

Site of the crossed out Pentagram Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
View from wall opposite the stair case.  The dark spot on the floor is where a pentagram was said to have been placed, then blackened out by somebody later on.  The wet spot on the floor from left to the staircase was from a humidifier running down there and the bucket was overflowing.  I emptied it, but by the next morning it was nearly full again, showing how much humidity was in the basement. I emptied that one too to give the caretaker a break from having to haul that heavy thing upstairs.

From the photos above, you can see the basement was not very large at all,  but still it was hard not to dismiss the place due to the history of affecting people down there.  I did feel as if I was being watched, though my initial Mel-Meter readings were pretty flat,  from a 0.0mg to a 0.1mg.  So there was no "fear-cage" effect going on due to abnormally high EMF readings.  As much as my initial plans were to spend a lot of time here trying to communicate,  when I was finally in the basement,  my gut was already telling me to tread lightly and not spend a lot of time down here.  I planned to be down here later at 3AM.

Still,  I wanted to have this place covered with equipment in case anything happened while I was upstairs.  The main focus was the "portal" entrance.

Laser Trip Wires and Mel-Meter guarding hole in basement wall. Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
Entrance covered with laser trip wires and a Mel-Meter that scans for temp changes.

As you can see from the photo above,  I managed to have two well placed laser trip wires across the entrance way.  If anything with any type of shadow or substance tried to come through there,  the noise from the alarms would be loud enough for me to hear on the first floor.  I also placed a Mel-Meter capable of measuring temp changes up to a distance I believe of 30 feet.  In addition,  I placed a REM-POD in the center of the pentagram and a ball which is a cat toy.  If the ball moves, the ball lights up.  I would place a video camera filming that.

REM-POD sitting on pentagram Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
REM-POD on the pentagram.  Just to the left of it you can see the reflection of the cat toy. Being filmed with night vision.

I had 3 video cameras with me.  One was already set up to monitor the toys in the nursery and one I was keeping to walk around with or for the stair case.  Since I had one left,  I set it up this way to watch the REM-POD and the cat toy. Due to the size of the basement, there was no way to set up the video camera to film both the portal and the pentagram.  I figured if the trip wires or Mel-Meter reacted, the video camera would clearly hear them.

Just to note early,  the only time anything reacted in the basement was when I was setting up everything.  I had placed the REM-POD on the pentagram and about a minute or two later it reacted to something for a couple of seconds.   Nothing disturbed the equipment in the portal entrance.

As I was inspecting everything in the basement one more time before going back up stairs,  the first really audibleEVP of the night was captured.  There were actually two before this one,  one calling me out to come to the spirit and one telling me to watch myself on the stairs,  but they were very hard to hear.  This one wasn't.

(As always,  each EVP is played in its original format, then replayed twice afterward by itself.   Each replayed EVP is audio enhanced through either amplification, noise reduction or both.   Headsets and a quiet room are highly recommended to hear EVPs the best way)

Sallie House EVP #1 -  As you hear me moving something and clicking my flashlight,  a voice calls out my name, "Chuck".

After finishing with the basement, I then made my way back up stairs to start setting up a few things in the kitchen.  Just as I am at the top of the stairs entering the kitchen,  I get a warning about the temperature inside the house!

Sallie House EVP #2 - As I get to the top of the stairs,  a voice calls me out, "Chuck, it's warm up there."  The house was quite warm as compared to the basement and the air conditioning ran at odd times.

Naturally I didn't hear these with my own ears at the time, so I set off to do my pre-investigation work.


Spy Gear Toy and Cookie trigger objects Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
Spy Gear laser toy and a cookie.

Flour on the kitchen table Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
Flour placed on the table in hopes Sallie would draw in it..  I put it there next to the garbage can for easy cleaning the next day.

I wasn't sure how active the kitchen area would be, but since there was a makeshift operating table and turn of the century medical equipment laid out along with a drawing of "Sallie", I thought this might be a place she would come into.  The Spy Gear tray has 4 laser beams that come out. I placed coins in the center so if any of them would get disturbed, the alarm would go off. The cookie  (Nutter Butter) seemed like a good lure for a child spirit.

The flour on the table was a last minute idea inspired by what another paranormal team found at the house.  In the living room area there was a TV stand, with a TV and some DVDs if you wanted a break from investigating. The other team said in their video they found a child sized hand print in the dust that gathered on the bottom of the stand.  Now of course it is possible that the handprint could have been from a child who was part of the daily tours that take place there, but it still gave me an idea nevertheless.  When I called out to the items I had on the table, I said that I placed the flour there so they could draw in it.  They could take their fingers and make a picture, write their name, whatever they wanted to do with it, just make a mark.  There were no open windows and no AC vents that could disturb it, so I felt confident it might work.

However,  nothing happened during the time that I was there.  The flour, cookie and the coins remained undisturbed.  However, the cookie would later turn out to help out with an amazing piece of evidence I got the next morning when I was packing up to leave.

Makeshift operating table with 1900's doctor tools Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
The makeshift operating table in the kitchen with another picture version of "Sallie"

Notes about Sallie's operation Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -More notes about Sallie's operation Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
The note on the left was by the entrance into the kitchen and the other was placed on the operating table. This is the alleged story on how Sallie died and why her spirit is at the house. Research by other investigators cannot find any historical documents of any little girl named Sallie dying at this house.  This does not discredit the story altogether, it could have happened, however there is no official records to back up this claim.

Broken clock on wall Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -Religious items on cabinet.  Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
The clock was on the wall to the right before entering the kitchen. It was not working, but other investigators said at one moment the clock would read one time, later they would discover the hands had moved.  This was the setting when I first took the picture and stayed this way till I left. The cabinet to the right of the clock had a lot of religious items available for use.  Since these seemed to provoke the dark entity there, I left them alone and would only use as a last resort.

Living Room area Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
The view of the living room from the entrance to the house.  My equipment bags on the floor and a cooler to bring food with as I did not want to leave the house during my stay. The TV stand is seen to the left where an investigator found the child sized handprint in some dust.  The couch is where I would try to nap for a while late at night.  The lamp to the left I left on, I couldn't even think of trying to nap with it off! LOL.  Before I did sleep, I did have quite a K-2 session with something sitting on the couch, answering my questions by lighting up the K2.

There was one more place I wanted to set up some equipment before I would break for dinner.  This was a walk-in closet on the 2nd floor in one of the bedrooms.

Upstairs bedroom and walk in closet Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -Walk in closet up close Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
The view of the closet and entrance to the master bedroom. I placed a ball in there along with a Mel-Meter and an audio recorder to catch any potential activity. The next picture below explains why I chose to set up equipment here.

Note about Sally playing with a girl in the walk in closet. Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
This note is on the wall right next to the closet. I saw this as a possible hiding spot for Sallie while adults unknown to her in the house for tours and investigations. While the ball never moved and the Mel Meter recorded no odd fluctuations in temp or EMF, the audio recorder did pick up some EVP during the investigation.

While setting up in here,  I managed to catch this impressive EVP,  though it is faint.

Sallie House EVP #3 - At the 4 second mark you can barely make this out this sound of a child.  Upon amplifying the audio,  you can how hear the scream of what sounds like a little girl crying for "Momma!   Is this Sallie crying for her mother while the doctor was operating on her if in fact such an event took place?

After finishing my set up and letting video cameras record,  I sat at the dining room table and had a Subway sandwich and read through some of the visitor logs in the guest book on the table.

Guest book with guests experiences. Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
Guest book for stories and experiences at the Sallie House.

The guest book was what you would expect to find at a haunted location. There were a few people who had experiences and were very scared, there were a few who felt nothing and felt like the place was a tourist trap.  Some just felt creeped out for no reason at all.  A few entries were from investigators who told about what they did during their stay there,  pretty much the same things I have seen on Youtube videos of investigations there.

After I ate,  I did a walk through video for my friends on Facebook and answered a bunch of questions I had after I had posted I was investigating at the Sallie house. One thing that was very odd, was that whenever I entered the nursery or the walk-in closet, my live feed would get disconnected, even though my phone was showing full 4G strength.  I had no issues walking around the basement, which was the one place I would have expected to lose my live feed.  At this point the house felt like it was coming alive as now I could hear bangs coming from around the house that I had not heard any point prior to this.  The feeling of being watched or followed was unshakable.

After my tour and live video feed,  I sat down in the living room on the sofa to answer the stream of messages I was getting on Facebook.  While I was answering questions,  I received my first threat of the night.

Sallie House EVP #4 - First you hear me exhale as I am reading.  At the 4 second mark the EVP is first hear.  On enhancement,  I clearly hear this male voice say "I'm coming for you!"   That's not a little girls voice and he does not sound like he's happy with me.

Me doing EVP session on staircase Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
Conducting an EVP session on the staircase. Just above me on the 3rd step from the top is a plastic ball that lights up when moving..

After I was finally finished catching up on messages,  I made my way over to the staircase to do an EVP session.  Since whenever I was walking up the stairs I seemed to be walking into that energy curtain,  I thought that might be a spirit sitting at the top of the stairs.  I also placed a ball on the 3rd step as part of another experiment I was trying on behalf of another team that was there.

Before I went to the Sallie House, I reviewed Youtube videos of the different teams that were there so I could see if there was anything I should watch out for.  One team, "D Investigations",  had placed a ball on the 3rd step and asked if Sally could push it down the stairs.  Not long after this request was asked, they filmed as the ball ended up coming down the stairs!  Of course I wanted to see how level the step was that the ball was placed on. I also wanted to see if there were any possible air currents that could have accounted for the ball to fall over the edge of the step and go down stairs.

Ball on staircase. Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
The ball placed on the 3rd step.  The ball will light up if it bounces or shakes hard enough.

I bought a mini-level that I brought with me for the trip to measure the stair case,  it was only a couple of inches long.  But a handy tool that I can certainly use in the future to measure how level an area is.

Mini Level to test slope of stairs. Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
Mini-Level,  about 3 inches long.

As you can see by the photo, the step the ball was on was just about perfectly level.  The only place that would have been off level was the lip of the stair, which did have a downward slope.  However,  I placed my ball where the girls from "D Investigations" placed their ball and it sat there the whole night.  There were no open windows or air conditioning vents that could have forced enough air current down the steps to push the ball off.  Ergo,  I believe they had a legitimate paranormal encounter with a spirit pushing the ball down the stairs.

I tried offering $3000 in poker chips, but to no avail.  The spirits were not interested in pushing any balls for me down the stairs that night. :-(

After the EVP session on the steps failed to produce anything,  I went up to top of the stairs and set up on the other side of the railing next to one of the bedrooms to do a live spirit box session for my friends on Facebook.

P-SB7 Spirit Box in action. Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
The P-SB7 spirit box here in action with mini-speaker during a live Facebook feed.

There was a bunch of little responses, but nothing crazy earth shattering.  That was until I decided to get into religion, which is one of those things that could be "poking the bear" so to speak if there really is an evil entity there with me.  So I asked about Jesus Christ and what was thought about him.   A very faint reply came back and said he was stupid.  I asked the spirit to repeat that, however it did not.

So at that moment I wanted to know who I was speaking to.  So since I know that some spirits will lie, I figured what is good for the goose is good for the gander.   So I told a lie to get a name and boy did I get a name!  Here is the spirit box clip of what it says and then the follow up to my question!

Sallie House P-SB7 #1 - As you hear me lie and say that "Universal Law" demands that a dark entity or demonic must reveal its name to me,  you can hear as clear as day the response of "Satan".   

Sallie House P-SB7 #1b -  After I hear the name "Satan", you hear ask why of all places,  Satan is hanging out in some small house in Atchison, Kansas.  At the 9 second mark, the reply is, "He works here!"  LMAO!   I certainly was not expecting that answer!  Right after as I am speaking, a spirit says "Chuck" followed by the word "Omen".  I thought at the time he said "woman", but on the audio review the spirit says "Omen".  Why?  I have no idea.

Now for the record.  There is no "universal law" requiring demons to say their name.  Maybe when a priest demands it during an exorcism,  but not to a paranormal investigator doing a spirit box session.  Again, I just figured they will lie, so I will lie too!   also do not believe this was "Satan", but rather that it was something just saying that, hoping to scare me.  Except I have already seen videos from other teams there,  some of them also catching the name, "Satan."  

After the session and I ended the live feed, I went back downstairs to investigate the banging noises I heard during the spirit box session,  but saw nothing out of the ordinary.  I turned on the stereo to play the country radio station that was on,  maybe to keep the spirits happy for a bit.  I went down to the basement to check on my equipment and all was undisturbed.  After coming back up stairs,  I grabbed a video camera to do some video work on the 2nd floor.  When I was coming back down the stairs, I walked past the stereo,  through the living room and into the kitchen to double check and video the equipment set up in there.

It was not until I was doing my evidence review that I made a startling discovery!

When I was reviewing the video tape,  there was nothing out of the ordinary.  However at the time I was walking around,  I was also carrying my digital audio recorder.  I was listening to it and there in the background was some whistling to the music.  At first I thought maybe the whistle was part of the song, but it was very short and odd.  Then I remembered that I had the video and when I played it back,  a .5 second piece of whistle sound.!

Here are the sound clips of both!

Sallie House EVP #5 - This is from the digital audio recorder.  From the 2-4 second mark you can hear a whistle to the song, then I start to speak as I am going into the kitchen.  Replayed twice,  no mistake it's a whistle.

Sallie House EVP #6 - This clip is from the audio recorder.  I play a longer clip so you can hear this no whistling at all coming from the radio,  though there is a very slight pitch at the 15 second mark which sounds like the beginning of the whistle,  but you don't hear any more.  If this was coming from the Stereo,  then both recorders should have picked up the sound the same.  Oh and it's not me because 1) I cannot whistle and 2) the sound sounds a bit distant.

Picture of living room and stereo.Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
The stereo which is left on to play country music for the spirits.  It is left on when nobody is in the house.

The house continued to play games,  with knocks coming from different directions throughout the night.  I believe this is done like a game to get you to go actively search for whatever the noise is.  Here a couple of examples of these knocks.

Sallie House EVP #7 - This was a knock I recorded while I was on the 2nd floor.  This sounded like it came from downstairs.  Then it was confirmed with this EVP just moments later.

Sallie House EVP #8 - I was being quiet listening for the knock when this male voice is captured.  It was too faint to understand at first,  then after amplifying it,  I can clearly hear it saying, "Down....stairs."

A little bit later I was sitting down again to answer some posts on social media about the trip,  then this knock came and it was much closer.

Sallie House EVP #9 -  The louder knock.  These were numerous throughout a good part of the night.

Later on,   I muttered something about going to the bathroom and then captured these back to back crazy EVP,  again featuring that raspy male voice!

Sallie House EVP #10 - First you hear the faint EVPs between 2-4 seconds,  then each is replayed twice at the end.  The first EVP is a voice saying, "Wow".  I guess being a smart ass because I had to go to the bathroom.  But the 2nd one is the spirit we've caught speaking several times through the night.  After the "Wow", this one says to me to  "Come Back!"


Around 1am,  I was thinking about what I was going to do the rest of the evening.  Probably try to take a quick nap,  get up around 3am and then head into the basement for a spirit box session to see what would happen.  However,  for some reason I got a feeling that the spirit of the woman who died in the house was in the living room with me.  My head had that slight throb, but for some reason I was sure it was her.  I was also getting the feeling that she was treated badly by men in her life and was not too thrilled with me being in the house at that time of night.

So what I did next was sort of unprecedented for me.  I shut off all of my camcorders sans the one observing the nursery and I turned off all my audio recording devices.  I called out to the lady to come sit down and I wanted to explain to her it's not just men that treat women badly.  There are also women that treat men badly too.  So I wanted to have a heart to heart talk with her and tell her about me.  I told her about the two worst relationships I ever had.  One who cheated on me and one who strung me along for a bunch of years.  I never mentioned any names and in the end I told her I eventually was led to dating Andrea ,whom I would eventually marry.  Some other little things too, but the talk lasted about 30 minutes.

I mention this here, because the story about the girl that strung me along?  Well her name was said several times during a spirit box session in the attic at the Villisca Ax Murder house the following night.  Four times her first name and a couple of times it included what sounded like her last name said incorrectly.  Yet I said nothing about these stories at Villisca,  I never mentioned her name at the Sallie House.  So how did the entity at the Villisca Ax house know to say her name?

That will go into more detail in the Villisca Ax blog once I get it finished.

Afterward,  I turned on my K2 meter with the buzzing sound when it detects an EMF field and it was quiet.  I sat it down on the couch and I left to go the bathroom.  When I came back,  it was lighting up quite significantly.  From there I proceeded to ask some general questions and the K2 would light up immediately to indicate a "yes" answer or stay silent being a "no" response.  I had to laugh when I asked "You wouldn't lie to me would you?" and the K2 immediately lit up.  I thought that was  funny and later on in the morning while I was packing up,  my audio recorder picked up an EVP that told me,  yeah,  a spirit there would lie to me!

K2 lighting up to my question Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
K2 lighting up on the couch in response to my question.  The P-SB7, speaker and camera on the couch were all turned off.

After about 20 minutes of questioning,  I asked if it wanted to do a spirit box session on the table in the other part of the living room.  I spent another 15 minutes or so asking questions and even went as far as to bring up my friends from Dungeons & Dragons for my usual joke questions.  There were 2 interesting responses I received.  The 2nd one I did not hear at the time of the session.

Sallie House P-SB7 #2 -  As I am question about something where a voice responds, "Hi Chuck."

Sallie House P-SB7 #3 -  Once again,  an imposing name is tossed out.  In the first 5 seconds of this clip,  you hear a male voice tell me to "Beware",  then after a slight pause,  the same exact voice speaks again, saying, "I know Lucifer!"   This is immediately followed by a female voice that sounds like she is saying "Help Me!"

Earlier a voice tells me he is "Satan" and then now a couple of hours later,  another spirit is claiming he knows Lucifer.   Now with the dark, violent past of the house,  is Satan / Lucifer really there or is it just some spirit trying to scare me by throwing out the biggest of the evil names out there.  Considering I didn't feel threatened nor had I been attacked in any physical matter as others had been in the past there,  I think it was more likely the latter.

Now it was after 2am when I had stopped and I was tired.  I wanted to nap for a couple of hours, but now getting up at 3am and going to the basement did not seem like a good idea,  so I abandoned it since I would be too tired and more vulnerable to attack then.  Which now leads me to another question.   Was I distracted by the female spirit or another long enough to tire me out so I wouldn't be alert enough  to go to the basement at 3am? 

I wanted to spend the full night in the Sallie House,  so I left the lamp on by the couch and turned the country music station on to keep the spirits appeased.  I laid there with my eyes closed and maybe drifted on an off until about 5:45am when I decided to get up and start packing up my equipment.  I truly had a hard time sleeping,  even with the light on,  the house still felt very creepy like that 3am witching hour was going to see all hell break loose.  However,  all my equipment that makes noise when interacted with, stayed silent.  The banging on the walls ceased and other than the feeling of creepiness, all really was quiet sans the radio.

When I got up,  I really did not say too much as I walked about,  but I did leave my audio recorders running with me and at the top of the staircase next to the nursery.  I was shocked to discover a lot of EVPs on the audio review.   So here are the EVPs I captured going in order from the time they were captured.

Sallie House EVP #11 - I am talking about doing something.  At the 4 second mark a male voice says, "No.........wait."

Sallie House EVP #12 - As I am gathering my equipment from the nursery,  I announce I will leave the little plastic pumpkin that I brought with me.  This leads to a response at the 6 second mark of "Wow", followed 2 seconds later with a very faint "Cool."

Sallie House EVP #13 - The cookie that I left in the kitchen that was never touched?  Well I did say I was going to throw it away which I did.  Later upstairs this EVP of a little girl's voice saying "Cookie" was heard at the 2 second mark.  Then a faint male voice chimes in a few seconds later by telling her to  "Take it".    This was an extraordinary EVP since I had left a cookie out as a trigger object!

Sallie House EVP #14 - I am in the living room putting equipment back in the cases.  You immediately here a faint baby cry followed by me saying "I'm not going to hit this, but you knew that I had it right?".   The baby cry is incredible,  there was nobody outside, the radio was not on. 

If you are wondering what I was talking about there, the object I had was a tuning fork and a powerful one at that.  I have a theory that items like wind chimes and tuning forks can put out a frequency that will hurt or annoy a spirit,  much like a screeching chalkboard does to our ears.  Before the original Sallie House website expired,  I remember reading a post on there where a paranormal team took tuning forks into the basement and were using them.  This in turn caused a lot of trouble for the people involved later.  I wasn't going to use it,  only as a last resort if things got ugly there.  Fortunately they did not.

Sallie House EVP #15 - This one is really faint, but on the amplification,  you can hear a female voice calling out "I'm here."  Is this the female spirit I spoke to in the living room earlier in the night?

Sallie House EVP #16 - The male voice here says faintly, "Help him!"   I have no idea what male spirit I am supposed to help, unless it's a ploy to get me to invite something home with me to help out.  Which will never, ever happen!  :-)

Sallie House EVP #17  - This one starts off with a female saying "I love you." and then followed by a male voice a few seconds later.  The male sounds like he is saying, "I sent.....Dan."  but it is a bit too faint to make out clearly.  I hope the female was saying "I love you." to another spirit there!

Sallie House EVP #18 - This EVP shows the spirits do watch and pay attention to us.  Not that we need proof.  First you hear the clicking noise of me folding up my tripod by the nursery. The latches click into place.  Right after I click the latch a voice responds, "Something broke!" right before I speak.  Nothing broke on the tripod, but the sound of it clicking could make one think something cracked!

Sallie House EVP #19 - I am talking about something.  Right after I finish a spirit challenges me by saying "Come and get me!"

Toys in the nursey. Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
How I left the stuffed animals on the floor before I departed. I left the gift wrapped package with the beanie baby and the little pumpkin.

Sallie House EVP #20  - I mutter sound to start the clip, followed by this Class A EVP of a male voice telling me, "You come back!"  I've seen investigators who tell how once you've been to the Sallie House, there is the feeling that you need to go back again.  I'm no exception to this,  I would love to go back and spend another night.  So I wonder if the spirits there do something  like subliminal advertising to influence people.  We don't hear the EVP when it is said to us,  so maybe it acts in a similar manner to subliminal messaging.

Sallie House EVP #21  - This one is faint, but takes place as I am doing my final walk through to make sure I have collected all of my equipment for the night.  This is a faint EVP, but to me it sounds like the spirit is saying "Don't go."  Did some of them like me, so they wanted me to stay?  I did leave the wrapped present for Sallie in the nursery, a Beanie Baby Giraffe.  So if you see the small stuffed Giraffe and the small Pumpkin head,  those are from me!

Sallie House EVP #22  - Walking back upstairs one more time to take photos, a spirit exclaims, "Look you're back!"

The last EVP captured before I left was probably the most telling one for my time there.  I think this one explains a lot of what happens when investigators are there.

Sallie House EVP #23  - You hear me walking around when the male spirit, whose voice sounds familiar to other raspy EVP captured during my time there,  says, "I like to fool...........people."

Is this a confession from this spirit?  Is he the one coming through during spirit box sessions and claiming to be "Satan", a "Demon" or even calling himself, "Lucifer"????   Saying these things in order to scare people?  This would not surprise me in the least.

Equipment cases before leaving. Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
My equipment outside before putting it in the car to leave just after 7am.  I survived the entire night! LOL

After I got all my equipment outside and loaded up,  I made the 2+ hour drive back to Iowa for a little sleep and to get my equipment ready for my next investigation later in the day at the Villisca Ax Murder house!

However,  even after I left the house,  the universe has a funny way of pranking you.  Before I drove to Iowa from New Jersey, my first plan was to fly to Omaha, Nebraska, rent a car and drive to my hotel in Iowa which was only about an hour away.  However, the plan to fly was thwarted just days before the trip, forcing me to drive.  I had hoped to fly into Nebraska since that was a State I had never set foot in before.  You know, one of those things were you would like to visit all 50 states during your life.  However,  since I was driving from the East,  going into Nebraska was not going to pan out.  I would be in Indiana, Iowa and Kansas for the first time.

As I left the Sallie House, the GPS did not take me the way I came, which was on the Interstate through Missouri back into Iowa.  Instead it put me on KS-7, a state road that was taking me through some out of the way road with nothing around but desolate farm land and very little civilization.  As I am driving,  I see on the Google Maps that KS-7 ends and turns into 666 Ave!!!!!     Yeah I just spent the night at one of the most haunted houses in the country and the GPS is taking me to 666 Ave in the middle of nowhere!  I'm thinking this is how they finally get me!

Route to 666 Ave from the Sallie House Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
The map showing how state route KS-7 turns into 666 Ave!

Just as the road turned into 666Ave,  all of a sudden the Google maps on my phone announces "Welcome to Nebraska!" LOL.  So the Universe set it up so I would get to drive through Nebraska briefly on my way back to the hotel!  Thus I get to cross Nebraska off my list of states I have physically been in.  Though I could have done without the 666,  but it's okay.  Even the Universe likes to play some jokes on us from time to time too!


Selfie of me before leaving the Sallie House. Chuck's Paranormal Adventures Investigation of the Sallie House -
One last selfie in front of the infamous Sallie House before leaving back to the hotel in Iowa.

So what was my final assessment of the Sallie House?  Well it is definitely haunted and certainly has more than one spirit present.  I can't say for sure if Sallie was there or an entity pretending to be her,  the "Cookie" EVP from what sounded like a little girl was intriguing.  There was plenty going on,  a lot to keep me on my toes through the night for sure.  This is a house you need to go in and show respect.  I did that,  made some offerings in the way of presents and was not demanding or challenging.  I still got plenty of great evidence without being an asshat like some folks unfortunately do.

I guess the most important part of the evening was that I was not scratched.  Though at 4 different times during the evening,  twice on my arms and twice on the back of my legs, I felt this warm sensation start like I was about to get scratched.  Except it didn't happen.  I think this was just somebody's way of letting me know to keep minding my P's and Q's.  Some teams go in there,  act disrespectful and pay a price for it. No shocker there.

Was whatever entity there that terrorized the Pickman family back in the 90's?  Maybe,  I can't say for sure.  If it was,  it left me alone and let the other spirits in the house interact with me. 

Would I go back again?  Yes I would and I'd go back and do things a little differently,  but still showing the same respect.

On a scale of 1-10,  I gave the Sallie House a 9.5.    It didn't get a 10 and that's only because I did not get scratched and that's okay,  I can live with that!


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