Chuck's Paranormal Adventures,  Chuck w/ Mario and Kevin in Bound Brook, cemetery investigation

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Investigation #1-3 - Cemetery, (Bound Brook, NJ)
March 27, April 18, April 24, 2012

A couple of my good friends,  Mario and Kevin,  were very interested in my Ghost Hunting investigations and being they each have had some paranormal experiences in the past,  they were interested in joining forces with me on an investigation.

Of course the problem was finding a location that was good for everybody and being they are from the Bound Brook area,  I suggested someplace in that area.  It was only a 30 min drive for me,  no more so than going to Monmouth Battlefield so I had no problems making the trip up there.   Mario suggested a cemetery in the area that he has family buried at.  It was big,  had tombstones dating back to 1800's  and certainly a great candidate to find possible paranormal activity.   (I'm leaving out the name of the Cemetery for privacy reasons at this time).

The next step was securing permission from the manager, as we wanted to do a night time investigation when things would be quieter.   The manager gave us permission,  some history of the site and was quite curious whether or not any type of paranormal activity was going on.   The only other step was to notify the local police, which was a good idea because we learned later that some thieves had been breaking into houses nearby and were using the cemetery as an escape route.    Last thing I needed to do was call my wife for bail money because we were mistaken for burglars!  LOL

March 27 - Preliminary Walk through

Being this cemetery was new to me,  I wanted to do a couple of daytime walkthroughs to become familiar with the area and see if there were any potential hot spots to note for the night time investigation.  On March 27,  Mario met me at the Cemetery and we spent a little over an hour walking around.   Mario walked around using the Mel Meter with REM,  I snapped pictures and walked holding the digital recorder, trying to capture any EVPs.

One thing we noticed fairly quickly was that the Mel Meters would be useless near the front of the cemetery that bordered on the main road.  The power lines gave off a strong EMF field that would cause the Mel Meters to spike within roughly 50 feet of the fence line.  So we knew we had to stay away from this area.

While we were walked around,  we called out for any spirits to come over and say hi.   We acknowledged that we could not hear or see them, but if they came up to talk into our "black box with the red light on it", we could hear their voice.   During this,  we stopped by some old tombstones and here we caught our first EVP.

Bound Brook EVP #1 -  Mario is reading off the date of a tombstone (1819).   As I finish making a call out, you can clearly hear a breathed voice saying what sounds like "hello."

While we walked around,  we passed by a spot where I got a feeling inside this was a place to stake out for the main investigation.  Picture below shot in infrared.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures,  Chuck w/ Mario and Kevin in Bound Brook, cemetery investigation

This was a ring of tombstones that surrounded a ring of small trees with the center empty.   Why the feeling hit me I am not sure,  but I couldn't shake the feeling this area had something to it.

We walked around to the back of the cemetery and found an area bordering on a wooded area (separated by a creek) that had the tombstones of babies and small children who had passed away.  A depressing area for sure.  (photo taken in Infrared)

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures,  Chuck w/ Mario and Kevin in Bound Brook, cemetery investigation

As we walked around,  we would get an occasional little spike on the Mel Meter.   However there were no power lines or light poles or any other power sources that could account for this.  Of course that didn't mean it was paranormal activity, but it was odd and we did note it.

We came up to another area near the back that seemed quiet,  so we set up here to do a ghost box session with the P-SB7.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures,  Chuck w/ Mario and Kevin in Bound Brook, cemetery investigation

Though it was hard to hear at the time,  review of the audio later on turned out some interesting response.  Little did we know then we would get something here that would mean something the night of the investigation.

Bound Brook Ghost Box #1 -  About 4 minutes into the session,  I am saying we are here to communicate.   A male voice immediately responds, " I'm talking too!"

Bound Brook Ghost Box #2 -  I am asking for the name of anybody who is here with us.  7 1/2 seconds into the clip you hear a male voice say "Wood".   I heard this and thought maybe he said it like "would".  Shortly after I ask this, at the 13 second mark of the clip you hear the name "Patrick" come out.    We did a search and there were a couple of "Wood" last names, but none of them named Patrick.   Possibly 2 or more spirits present with us?

Bound Brook Ghost Box #3 -  Right after "Patrick" is said,  I ask how they are doing.  A few seconds later you hear the same voice that said "Wood",  now say what sounds like "Good". 

Bound Brook Ghost Box #4 - This is one of the more bizarre catches I have caught with a ghost box.   There is 4 parts to this clip.  In the first clip is the unedited audio of the same voice in clip #2 saying "Wood" again.   I did some noise reduction to clarify that it is the word "Wood" being said.   With the heavy static gone,  there is now an EVP embedded into the audio that you cannot hear in the beginning.   Tome this sounds like it is saying "Let's get", followed by the other voice.  Looped twice more at the end with more noise reduction and amplification.     This is the first time I have done noise reduction on a ghost box session and found another voice hidden in the static background!

Bound Brook Ghost Box #4a -  Just proceeding this while Mario and I were talking,  the male voice that says the word "wood" is heard hear saying the name "Emma".  From ghost box chatter,  it seemed like Emma did not want the male talking to us.   This prevalent name shows up again later in the same location!

From there we made our way around the rest of the cemetery and nothing to eventful to mention.   The walk through was good and gave us a good idea where we could investigate later on.  Plus it gave Mario a chance to experience what the investigation would be like,  except it would be at night time!

April 18 -  Walk through #2

Time was getting on and we still had not a chance to meet with the cemetery manager to speak to him about doing the night investigation.   Mario and I arrived and were lucky enough to catch the manager on the way out.  Mario had met him before so he introduced us and we chatted about the ghost hunting and the opportunity to do one at the cemetery.  The manager was intrigued by the idea and had even told us about some experiences somebody he knew once had.   He gave us permission, but warned us that we should advise the local police in the event somebody saw us there in the middle of the night and called about possible grave robbers.   Last year there was a series of grave robbings at cemeteries in the central New Jersey area, so it was a good idea.  Mario knew some of the local police and advised them we would be there the following week.

Good thing too because we learned that there had been a couple of break-ins at some houses and the thieves were using this giant cemetery to escape through.  A big lesson here for those of you that just want to show up at your local cemetery at midnight to do an investigation without permission!

Afterward,  Mario and I decided to do another walk through and see what else would happen.   The circle of tombstones and bushes gave me an odd feeling again.   This time though, as we made our way through the cemetery,  instead of the 0.0 constant reading we got,  this time as we walked,  we would see a constant 0.01-0.03 reading.   Then as we stopped,  it would spike another .01 and then vanish.  We were walking at a slow pace and not fast and reckless enough to cause the meter to spike by shaking it or sudden movement.   

As we would start to walk again,  the meter would spike and stay constant until the next stop.  Go up .01 more than vanish back to 0.0.    It was if somebody was following us and then when we would stop,  they would keep walking into us and then jump back out of range of the meter.   This happened through out the cemetery.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures,  Chuck w/ Mario and Kevin in Bound Brook, cemetery investigation

Again,  most of the cemetery is far enough from the power lines on the main road,  that on our first visit,  we got a constant 0.0.    The most interesting thing that happened though was at this crossroad in the middle of the cemetery.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures,  Chuck w/ Mario and Kevin in Bound Brook, cemetery investigation

As Mario and I were standing here talking,  the Mel Meter jumped up to a 2.8 as we both felt a sudden chill.  Colder than the low 62F reading you see on the picture above.  As if somebody ran through the center of us.  The 2.8 reading only last a second or two before going right back to 0.0.

There was one faint EVP captured during our walk around.  We stopped by one of the small outdoor 12x12 size tarps they put up on the ground,  I guess near were somebody is going to be buried to help keep the rain out. 

Bound Brook EVP #2 - I am asking if anybody is there waiting to cross over or be buried.   This was hard to hear at first, but when looped twice at the end with noise reduction & enhancement,  it sounds like it is saying "Whose this?"  Perhaps the spirit wants to know who we are talking about?

We didn't have time to do a Ghost box session and of the photos I took around the cemetery,  nothing was caught that was noteworthy.

April 24 -  The Investigation

I met up with Kevin and Mario at the cemetery around 7:30PM,  plenty of light still left to walk around and give Kevin a feel for the area.  I gave each of them a Mel Meter to hold and scan for signs of EMF disturbances while I carried the equipment bags and the digital recorder.   I always start recording as soon as possible so as not to miss anything!  

Since we could not do a pre-smudge by lighting sage to get it to smoke,  I used the liquid spray to cleanse us and a prayer for the spirits there and to declare nobody had any permission to follow us out of there.

We made our way over to the ring of tombstones and the bushes first.   I wanted to set up 2 of my homemade EMF pumps and place the H2 Zoom recorder in the center of this area to record in 4 channel stereo anything possible signs of activity.  Little did I know at the time this we would catch an EVP.

Bound Brook EVP #3 -  Mario and I are commenting on something when a deep male voice says what sounds like " Hey You F---king guys!"    Looped twice at the end.   Was this a spirit who was not happy with us for going into the center of this "lair" and setting up equipment?

We then made our way to the back of the cemetery near where the children were buried.   There were 2 more EVP captured along the way but to faint to list here.  There was a response to Kevin asking for any spirits to touch the "silver knob" on the Mel Meter (REM) to get the lights to flash.  The 2nd was when I was talking about the Ghost Box,  but it was too faint to make out what was being said.

As I was trying to take some photos,  I gave my other camera to Mario to take photos with.   This was where we caught our 2nd EVP of the night.

Bound Brook EVP #4 -  Right after I finish talking,  you hear a whispered voice say what sounds like "Hello".  Looped twice with noise reduction.

As we took some pictures and walked off and walked along the roadway,  Kevin and I both heard something that sounded like somebody was talking nearby.  It was only the 3 of us and one side was marked off by a small creek and a wooded area.  We looked but could not find anybody and the noise was very faint on the digital recorder to be played back here.    Not one minute later as we were walking,  Kevin had registered a quick 11.2 on the Mel Meter.  Now he had just scratched an itch and we thought maybe he shook the Mel Meter,  which can cause a spike to show up.  But he said it was a soft motion and that shouldn't have caused the Mel Meter to spike that.

We next made our way over to the area where Mario and I had done a ghost box session back on our first trip here. 

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures,  Chuck w/ Mario and Kevin in Bound Brook, cemetery investigation

We set up the Ovilus and DTD to do an Ovilus session first.  As began to set up, Mario and I were discussing if this was the exact location or not.  I had noted a tombstone marked "Conover" and right after caught a double EVP.

Bound Brook EVP #5 - At the end of me speaking you hear a voice say what sounds like "Thank You" followed by another voice saying "Thank God".  Replayed twice.   Possible spirits happy that we set up in this particular location?

Over the course of the Ovilus session,  we got the following words "Eerie, feed, enjoy, dirty, cut, king, Rebecca, inner, chance and objective.    Nothing that had any type of pattern to follow,  though if there were more than one spirit present trying to use the device,  you could get that random mix of words.   Also to note, when we first started,  the Mel Meter Mario was holding spiked to a 1.9 while he was standing still.   Kevin,  standing about 5-10 feet away was occasionally getting Mel Meter spikes from 0.2 to 0.6 and then back to nothing.    It appeared we were getting some interaction,  but nothing concrete.

Though the last word that came through was when we were talking about pulling out the P-SB7 spirit box, was the word "Spirit"!

We then set up the P-SB7 for a run and some of the responses we got were pretty interesting.  The responses are looped twice at the end of each clip!

Bound Brook Ghost Box #5 - In the beginning we were asking about a name we first heard,  Steve.   Except a female jumps in here and gives us another name - "Christopher"!

Bound Brook Ghost Box #6 -  As we are asking about another name we heard that sounded like Bess.  When we ask who is Bess,  we get the response -  "It's Grandma"   None of us present were familiar with the voice.

Bound Brook Ghost Box #7 - This is one of the best Ghost box  responses I have encountered to date.   As we are listening,  we hear the familiar male voice say "Look".  We ask where.  Right after (5 second mark), you hear another male respond "At the grave!".   It was too faint for us to hear so we ask again.   Between the 9-12 second mark of this clip,  you can make out a voice saying "want you to look right here."  We clearly heard the hear part.  At the 18 second mark as I am asking if we are supposed to be looking right here,  a female voice speaks at the same moment,  saying what sounds like "Chuck"!   This is followed by some words where it sounds like the male and female are splitting up the sentence,  "the older finds out"?   At 25 seconds a male voice says "here the grave".  When I ask again what to look at, the final word is said at 30-31 seconds,  "please".   This male voice sounds the same in most of this clip.

About one minute before we got that response to look on the Ghost Box,  I was randomly taking pictures of  the area.  This photo was taken towards the back of the cemetery in the direction of the woods behind us.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures,  Chuck w/ Mario and Kevin in Bound Brook, cemetery investigation

As you can see from this picture,  nothing to note other than some very faint dust orbs.   Then right after hearing the P-SB7 tell us to look,  roughly 2 minutes after the picture taken above,  I take another picture of the same area and get this result.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures,  Chuck w/ Mario and Kevin in Bound Brook, cemetery investigation

There was no breeze or wind taking place when these pictures were taken.   There is a lot here that is easily dust orbs,  but there are quite a few that look like they have self-illumination.  In particular all those very tiny ones to the right above the heart tombstone.   I have taken a lot of outdoor photos and never got one like this.    Strange how the Ghost Box told us to look,  I took a follow up picture and get this result.

We got back to listening to the Ghost Box and caught a few more interesting responses.

Bound Brook Ghost Box #8 -  We were getting mixed responses throughout the night about spirits wanting us to stay or leave.  Here Kevin asks if they want us to stay here.   Two seconds after Kevin is finished speaking, you hear a faint female voice say yes,  following by a strong male response, "Yeah".   We all heard that one clearly.

Bound Brook Ghost Box #9 - One of the best smartass responses I have heard come back from doing a spirit box session.   Kevin is asking if the spirit present is named Brad King.  Immediately after we hear the box say "nah" that we heard.  We start laughing and the box responds by saying what sounds like "bitch".  Kevin hears this and we inquire who said that.   The name Brad pops up.  When we ask why he called Kevin a bitch,  the box responds "cause.....I want to"!   

Bound Brook Ghost Box #10 -  We heard a female voice that said the word "go".  I ask who said this and the response is "Emma"!  This is the same name Mario and I picked up on our first trip here as heard on Ghost Box clip #4a.   Also to note it was Emma who did not want the male voice to speak to us when we were there the first time and now here she is telling us to go!    I guess Emma did not like us being there!

Bound Brook Ghost Box #11 - Another intelligent response.  I am explaining that we use the boxes for communication as we cannot hear them.   At the 5 second mark you hear a male voice reply "For the Spirits" ending with a voice saying "Yeah".   The voice is replayed twice at the end.

We wrapped up the session and walked around the cemetery a bit more.  We passed by a wooded area where we heard a crash and movement in the tall grass about 50 yards in front of our position.  We concluded it was deer moving about and moved out of the area.   We went over near the storage building in the back of the cemetery where I set up a static camcorder to videotape an outside area of the building.  I set up the laser grid so it would reflect on the wall in the hope of anything passing by it would cause a shadow we could see.

The video footage shot was interesting, but inconclusive.   There was a round light that was picked up moving inside the window of the building and vanishing inside.  Like a flashlight.  Except we were not using the flashlights and the building sits on a low slope at the back of the cemetery.   We think its too low for car lights to reflect off the window,  but I will need to go back and check the position from a vantage point by the road to see if this was the case or not.  There was also some strange clanks of the tripod,  but again inconclusive.

While the video was going on,  we made our way over to the crossroad area where Mario and I had the big spike on the Mel Meter and we set up there to do a ghost box session using the Shack Hack.    While we were doing the session,  nothing to note was captured off the box,  but we would take turns getting up and walking around to see if we could get any interaction.   At one point Mario had walked off about 30 yards away and caught an odor like somebody had been drinking Amaretto in the area.   As he was saying this,  I took this picture of the area he was in.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures,  Chuck w/ Mario and Kevin in Bound Brook, cemetery investigation

Again there is clearly, grayish, transparent dust orbs about.   However, to the upper left,  you can see a blue orb in motion and some smaller ones to his right.   Noting this was at the moment he caught the smell of Amaretto and I assure you,  none of us were drinking or brought alcohol with us.

There were more pictures similar to this that were taken before I left,  no need to use up bandwidth trying to upload them all.   However,  there was one picture that really struck me.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures,  Chuck w/ Mario and Kevin in Bound Brook, cemetery investigation

The orb with the red square around it caught my eye,  the other objects apparently dust.  Now from this photo,  the orb does not look like much,  but having learned from the Jamesburg face photo,  you should always do a zoom in and see what you can find.   It's not what the orb looks like per se,  but what it appears to be doing that is amazing.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures,  Chuck w/ Mario and Kevin in Bound Brook, cemetery investigation

Cropping and zooming in,  this orb looks like it is coming out of the tombstone!  (Or into it as another way of looking at it)

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures,  Chuck w/ Mario and Kevin in Bound Brook, cemetery investigation

You can see this is not a round orb,  and the side that looks flat looks flush up against the tombstone.  Almost like if you could take a coin and lodge it into the stone.   In the follow up photo, the orb was gone, so this was no bounce of flash off the tombstone to create the effect.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures,  Chuck w/ Mario and Kevin in Bound Brook, cemetery investigation

By this point we had been there a little over 2 hours and we were getting tired.   Of course it didn't seem like a lot happened,  the K2 and Mel Rem's had no activity.    The spirit box said some things we could hear and the disembodied voice Kevin and I heard down by the children's graves were interesting,  but once again,  expect the unexpected.     The recordings and photos gave us some interesting evidence that this was another cemetery that had spirits still hanging around.  

We never felt anything evil or dark,  some spirits seemed to like us there,  some (Emma in particular) didn't.   I suppose that is true in most cemeteries where there is some sort of spiritual activity.   In any case,  it was a fun night and I was certainly glad to have Mario and Kevin along on their first official ghost hunt.    I gave each of them a small sage stick to take home with them to keep just in case in the future they felt any negative energy in their homes that needed purging.   We again said a prayer and boldly proclaimed again that nobody had any permission to follow us home after that.