Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Brainerd Cemetery Investigation - October 30, 2014

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Investigation #1 - Brainerd Cemetery, (Cranbury, NJ)
October 30, 2014

Since I would not be able to visit anyplace on Halloween day this year due to work,  I figured the day before would be just as good.  So on this day,  I chose to head to Cranbury, NJ,  to visit one of the oldest cemeteries in Middlesex county.   Brainerd Cemetery!

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Brainerd Cemetery Investigation - October 30, 2014

Directly across the street from the historic (and haunted) Cranbury Inn,  I figured this cemetery would probably have a fair amount of spirits roaming about,  especially Cranbury was one of the oldest towns in New Jersey.   According to history,  Brainerd Cemetery was established in 1740 as 5 acres of land was donated next to the Presbyterian Meeting House.  There are dozens of 1700's and 1800's graves on site.   Several veterans of the Revolution are also buried there.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Brainerd Cemetery Investigation - October 30, 2014

I arrived around noon time and there was plenty of parking on site.   No visitors on the grounds,  though there were some people who had pulled into the large parking lot to sit in their cars and eat lunch of just hanging out.  There also was a nearby preschool who did have children outside playing with the teachers.  So I knew any if I picked up any possible EVPs from what sounded like children,  I would have to discredit those due to the contamination.

I parked my car and got out and immediately got a good vibe about the place from the first tombstone I saw directly in front of my parked car.   It was just like on my first trip to Old Tennent Church cemetery and saw the name "Groff" on the tombstone directly in front of my car.  (Groff as in Nick Groff from Ghost Adventures!)

Except this one said the name "Huff" as in Steve Huff from Huff Paranormal!  (He is one of the premier users of the spirit boxes and excels at spirit communication with them.)

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Brainerd Cemetery Investigation - October 30, 2014

I walked around for a little while,  calling out to any spirits that might be present that I was there as a friend and looking to make contact with anybody that wanted to say hi,  leave a message or ask for help if needed.  I just used my audio recorder and took photos as I wandered about.  Both with my regular and full spectrum cameras.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Brainerd Cemetery Investigation - October 30, 2014
I messed up the time stamp as this was PM,  not AM!

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Brainerd Cemetery Investigation - October 30, 2014

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Brainerd Cemetery Investigation - October 30, 2014

This part of the cemetery in the picture above was from the oldest part near the church building.  As I made my way back here,  I caught my first EVPs of the day.  As always,  the original clip is heard first with the EVP replayed twice at the end.  Enhanced either with amplification, noise reduction or both.   Headphones are always recommended to hear the EVP better.

Brainerd Cemetery EVP #1  -  For the first 3 seconds you can hear the children outside at the daycare area.   Just after the 3 second mark you can hear the EVP.   Upon amplification,  you can hear that raspy, whispered male voice that sounds like it is saying,  "Look at me."  

Brainerd Cemetery EVP #2  -  Approximately 10 seconds later,  another voice is picked up in that same, raspy whispered sound.   Right after I comment about the kids making noise,  you can hear the EVP.  It sounds like 3 words,  with the first 2 saying - "Do  you.......?"  I cannot make out what the 3rd word is that is spoken.

Brainerd Cemetery EVP #3 -  Then almost another 10 seconds later after I note the kids are still yaking away,  the male voice again says what sounds like "Visit" or "Is it?"

After this series of EVPs,  that was it for a while.    Of course I heard nothing than the kids playing at the time and it is quite clear you can distinguish quite easily the tone and quality of the kids vs. whomever was making the raspy, whispered sound.

I placed my audio recorder on top of one of the tombstones near a large monument and called out to any spirits nearby that if they were afraid of me,  but wanted to leave a message,  they could speak into the little black box where I would hear their voice later.   I then proceeded to walk to the front of the property to make more photos of this historical area.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Brainerd Cemetery Investigation - October 30, 2014
I had placed my audio recorder over on one of the tombstones near here.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Brainerd Cemetery Investigation - October 30, 2014
Tombstones from the 1700's and early 1800's.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Brainerd Cemetery Investigation - October 30, 2014
A view of the historic Cranbury Inn,  just across the street from the cemetery.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Brainerd Cemetery Investigation - October 30, 2014
Tombstone of Mary Kerr,  died April 2, 1814.  Age 1 year old.   There were quite a few tombstones all over with children that had passed away at a very early age like this.

During my walk around,  other than the children,  the audio recorder I had placed on the tombstone captured no EVPs.   I guess they didn't want to talk into the box without me around!

I then proceeded to pull out the Ovilus 4 and give the device its first test in the field.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Brainerd Cemetery Investigation - October 30, 2014

Due to the brightness,  it was hard to make out the viewing screen as you can see from this photo.   Since it was too bright to make use of most of the visual features,  I put the unit into dictionary mode to see how it would perform.   The great thing about the Ovilus 4 and compared to the Ovilus X,  you can understand the words as they are being spoken.   There was a setting to use a male or female voice and so also English or Spanish.   I chose to female English as I did not anticipate too many Spanish speaking spirits here!

About a minute after activating the unit,  the first word that came out was "Cellar".   About a minute and 40 seconds later,  two more words came out, "Malicious" and "Malevolent".   Here is how the Ovilus 4 words sounded.

Brainerd Cemetery Ovilus 4  -  "Cellar",  "Malicious" and "Malevolent".   

I had asked questions about the cellar when the other 2 words came out.   Was something trying to tell me that something bad was lurking in the cellar of the church?  Or was it just the Ovilus 4 spitting out a couple of words as it adjusted to its environment.   The database has a dictionary of I believe 2048 words,  so its kind of interesting that these 3 came out.   A skeptic will say complete coincidence,  the fear monger will tell me that I am messing with things I should not be messing with.     It comes with the territory,  so I am completely used to it by now.   

Before moving on towards the back of the cemetery and away from the older burial area,  I set up my cameras for a couple of timed picture selfies.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Brainerd Cemetery Investigation - October 30, 2014
Using the full spectrum camera for this picture.  My jacket and pants are really green and my shirt is blue.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Brainerd Cemetery Investigation - October 30, 2014

What I find odd about this photo is comparing it to the others I took.  Standard 16MP Fuji camera.   All other pictures came out with nice clarity,  this one comes out odd.   It is not crystal clear.   I set the timer for 10 seconds, there is no wind blowing and the camera is steady.  So it is not like the wind or anything bumped it to give it this odd look.  Almost like it is being taken through a window or glass.    I do always call out to spirits to stand next to me when I take photos,  so who knows if there was one nearby and caused this photo to come out like this.   I took almost 100 photos with my Fuji,  this was the only that looked like this.

As I started to walk out of this area and towards the back so I could do a Spirit Box session,   I noticed a road that ran parallel to the right side of the cemetery.  Looked like a dirt road,  maybe for maintenance trucks for the grounds.   I called out to see if anybody was there,  not a peep,   But as  I was walking along,  I caught this faint, raspy EVP.

Brainerd Cemetery EVP #4  -  You hear me walking and the voice.  To me it sounds like it might be saying "Craig" or "Greg",  but this one is pretty subjective.

That was the last EVP I would capture for the day.   I then found a nice little shaded area towards the back where I could conduct a Spirit Box session with some privacy.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Brainerd Cemetery Investigation - October 30, 2014

It was still a little too bright to make full use of the other features on the Ovilus 4, so I basically had to stay with the Dictionary Mode.  A couple of other words came out,  like Lamb and sky.  Nothing that any possible relevance that I could make out.

I then started a spirit box session and of course like many of the others I have conducted,  this one had some amazing responses and an ending that baffled me.

Brainerd Cemetery GB #1 -  Right after I start,  I ask if there are any spirits than can speak to me.  At the 7 second mark you hear an elderly female voice reply "Hello".   Repeated twice after the clip.

Brainerd Cemetery GB #2 -  I first thought the female had replied with "help" instead of "Hello".  When I ask if they needed help,  another female voice chimes in and says "I would"!

Brainerd Cemetery GB #3 -  As I am telling them about this way to communicate,  I ask if they understand what I am saying.  Again, as soon as I finish asking my question,  a young female says "No!" very loudly! 

Brainerd Cemetery GB #4 -  To make sure it's okay,  I ask if the spirits there mind me trying to communicate with them.   Again,  about 2 seconds after I finish talking,  the older female replies "No"!

Brainerd Cemetery GB #5 -  One of the most extraordinary replies I have ever received regarding the afterlife.  Two seconds into this clip you hear a male voice call out "Help".   Again I hear this live.  I ask him if he needs help.  As I am listening for a reply from the male that called for help,  a female shouts out "Light" (15 second mark).   As I ask if they want to go into the light,  a male voice replies faintly,  but the reply is "Heaven." 

I did not hear the heaven part,  but right after I ask if they need help crossing into the light and a fast, faint male voice replies with what sounds like "Send me"!    I slowed down the voice to listen to it as best I could,  but it still sounds like "Send Me".    If so, this is some of the most direct contact I have ever had in regards to spirits needing help to cross into the light.

Little did I realize at the time what was going to happen.    As I was preparing this segment and listening to the rest of the voices that came through,  I realized how amazing this all was.   So rather than type out the next couple of dozen responses,  I went straight to video so you can hear the whole P-SB7 session as it happened.

After the session was over,  I packed on up and headed for home.  Little did I realize how incredible the spirit box session would turn out after I listened to it fully.   One of the most incredible sessions I have ever had.   Some of the voices do come in soft and in a more wispy tone than I would have liked,  but I believe it all depends on the amount of energy the spirits have to use in order to communicate.  

So in the end,  like the other places I have been to,  Brainerd cemetery seems to have a few spirits lingering around.   Not a surprise considering the age of the land and how long people have been interred there.  I'll definitely be looking forward to returning here again in the future to see if I get more responses and find out if any spirits crossed over during my spirit box session.