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Investigation  - Farnsworth Cavalry Charge Area,
(Gettysburg, PA)  - March 22, 2013

On July 3, 1863,  an order was given to Brigadier General Elon Farnsworth to lead a cavalry attack against a Confederate position near Slyder Farm.  The Confederates had a huge advantage as the area was filled with large boulders, thick wooded areas and fences, so they had a decisive advantage.   Gen. Farnsworth realized this and protested that the attack would be suicide.  His protest fell on deaf ears and was ordered to attack.   Needless to say,  the Confederate troops had a field day against the Union charge and Gen. Farnsworth was killed in the attack.

My friends Robert and Sandra from Bearfort Paranormal had visited the area before with some amazing results (Click here for their video).  I was over at the 1st New Jersey Brigade memorial when Robert called me to tell me he had just arrived at the Farnsworth area for another investigation.   I immediately packed up my stuff and headed over.

Farnsworth Cavalry Charge Area

This view is from the historical marker by the main road.   In this photo,  Robert is the small figure by the boulder that is dead center in the picture.   This is where he and Sandra had their interactions on past trips.   Not wanting to disturb his activity,  I decided to make my way over to a group of boulders under a tree that is to the left in the picture.

The land looked dry,  but just after the downed tree limbs there was a very grassy, swampy land.  Luckily I was smart enough to bring some hiking boots to walk through the area in.   The area by the tree and boulders I was headed to was dry enough for me to set up some equipment.

Chuck at Gettysburg

As you can see the big boulders, thick trees and the wooded area,  you can see how the Confederate troops routed Gen. Farnsworth's cavalry charge against this position.   Plenty of cover to shoot at soldiers on horseback.

I set up my Ovilus X,  the H2 Zoom audio recorder,  the Mel-Rem and the P-SB7 spirit box.   I took numerous photos with regular and full spectrum digital cameras and did some video of the area.  Here is one of the full spectrum photos.

Farnsworth Charge area in full spectrum

There was nothing unusual in the picture,  just to show you how the full spectrum camera takes pictures vs. a regular digital camera.   I did not catch anything on photo or video that shows any type of possible paranormal activity.

Right after I set up my position at the rock by the tree ,  I started off doing an EVP and Ovilus X session.  It was the perfect location as Robert was the closest person to me and he was still a good 75-100 yards away.  What came out was one of the most memorable interactions I have had with a possible spirit to date.

Headphones are probably needed to hear the EVPs better here,  though after the initial play,  I replay the EVP twice, amplified to hear it better.

FWC EVP #1 - Just 28 seconds into my initial recording,  I am explaining about the Ovilus X I have placed out for communication when you hear a deep male voice say what sounds like "Hilt".  The only hilt I know is the hilt of a sword, which some soldiers (mostly officers) carried with them.  Why he would say "hilt", I have no idea.   Perhaps one of the pieces of equipment I had out looked like a hilt to him?

FWC EVP #2 - About 30 seconds later I am telling him my name is Chuck.  The Ovilus then says the word "taste".  A few seconds after I am ask what did he taste,  the same voice says the word "eat".   The Ovilus is heard saying another word "Tina" at the end of the main clip.

FWC EVP #3 - About 40 seconds after this,  I am asking if they can tell me their name.  Right after I ask that an EVP is captured that sounds like he is saying "Bruce"!   This is clearly intelligent interaction or the most amazing coincidence.

FWC EVP #4 - Then about a minute later,  the Ovilus says the word "Ed", so naturally I ask if the the spirits name is Ed.  Again,  immediately there is a response from the same voice,  again saying the name "Bruce".   This is not coincidence that I am answered in the same voice in direct response to my question.

FWC EVP #5 -  About 10 minutes later and very little going on with the Ovilus (other than the word Mason coming out  aka: Mason-Dixon,  but no Dixon),  I decide I am going to do a P-SB7 spirit box session.   In this clip you hear me telling the spirits they will need to speak as loudly and clearly as possible.  You hear me get up to stretch.  At around the 20 second mark,  you again here the same voice as before say,  "It's Bruce!"  Except this time I heard it with my own hears.  I was not sure what I heard as I turned my head and saw Robert walking over towards me.  I asked if he made a noise and he said it was his Ovilus,  but that was too far away to be heard.

Farnsworth Cavalry Charge area - Gettysburg Battlefield

As you can see from this photo from my spot,  Robert is by the red arrow at his favorite spot.   At least  75-100 yards away and too far for him and his Ovilus to be heard that clearly.  Let alone that the responses were clearly made in response to what I was saying.  Plus if the name Bruce had been repeated where Robert was,  he would have told me and we could have possibly debunked what I had picked up.

As I started up the P-SB7 spirit box,  the speaker I was using was making an odd noise to it,  something I had not heard before using the spirit box.   There wasn't a lot that came through that seemed like possible spirit interaction that we could hear live,  but there were a couple of things that we heard on the audio review.

FWC GB #1 - In this clip, there is a voice that sounds like it is saying help me.  Amplified and noise reduction added to the replay to hear it better.  If this was a call for help,  naturally it would be in an area like this were a lot of Union soldiers were killed.

FWC GB #2 - Later after switching to AM and using my faraday pouch,  in this clip you can hear me and Robert in the background talking and the radio sweep is practically nothing but white noise.   At 6 seconds you hear a voice come through the radio and it sounds like it is saying "Redneck"!   Was this a spirit calling me or Robert a "Redneck" ?  LOL

FWC GB#3 - A minute later I am asking the spirits if they want us to leave.  Robert points over to the boulder he came from and said that's his spot.  Shortly afterward,  the word "Country" comes though the box.   While it could be said it may have come from a country radio station,  I had the sweep on AM and most of what was coming through was white noise as the P-SB7 was inside a faraday pouch that is designed to block out radio signals.  Of course this battle was over the "Country".

FWC GB#4 -  In this clip near the end,  I accidentally backed up into a thorn bush and took one in the butt.  As I make comment that a Confederate got me in the ass,  the spirit box replies "You want us?".  I didn't understand what it said at the time,  but to me it was like they thought it was funny a poked myself on the thorn bush.

FWC GB#5 - In this one near the end,  Robert and I are talking in the background and I mention something about the Union when the spirit box replies, "They Killed".   It stopped there,  no reference to who was killed or who did the killing.   My guess would be a Union soldier pointing out they (Confederate soldiers) did the killing.


At this point we had been out on the field for quite a while and it was cold (low 40s) and breezy, so we decided to pack up and head back to meet Sandra and then to the Conference center to see some of the lectures being held by the Paranormal celebrities at the Phenomenology 105 event.    I am glad Robert had introduced me to this spot,  the EVP interaction was nothing short of amazing!