Logan Inn Investigation,  August 28-29, 2012  with Bearfort Paranormal and Friends

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Joint Investigation with Bearfort Paranormal & Friends
The Logan Inn
New Hope, Pennsylvania - August 28-29,  2012

On August 28th, I was privileged to be invited to be part of a  joint investigation of the Logan Inn, with Robert and Sandra from Bearfort Paranormal,  journalist Jennifer Lopez from the Examiner.com and her friend Amy,  plus Steve Lewis,  noted medium from Australia joining us via "Facetime" over an iPad.  Without a doubt, this was one of the most amazing investigations I have ever been a part of.

The Logan Inn is on the oldest running Inn's in the United States, established in 1727. There have been reports of several spirits in the Inn, the most famous is Emily Lutz, whose family owned the Inn. She died at an elderly age in Room 6 , the most haunted part of the Inn.  Most of Emily's original furniture is still in the room. She is said to still wander the halls and if you could smell lavender in the air, her presence was nearby. Also, the spirit of a Revolutionary War soldier or 2 has been seen wandering around the Inn on the 1st floor and basement, the spirit of a little girl who drowned in the canal behind the inn has been seen in the parking lot and inside the inn. Also known to be a bit of a prankster. A couple of other spirits have been picked up on as well including another man who was not happy and a couple of other child spirits.

The Logan Inn has been investigated before by other paranormal researchers,  but with this Revolutionary War era Inn still running and reports of numerous spirits,  I couldn't pass up on such an opportunity.

Rather than my typical log of pictures and story line,  I have published a 4 part video of the night's investigation on Youtube.  This had to be broken down into 4 parts as there was so much that happened in the night.   There is roughly 70+ minutes of video total,  enough for a TV show!

Here are the videos below with a brief storyline behind each segment.

Logan Inn Investigation Part 1 - Brief History of the Inn, the spirits there and a quick Ghost Box session in the room I would be staying in,  #14.  Listen for the spirit of the little girl who says "Boo!" to me!

Logan Inn Investigation Part 2 - This part covers the investigation into activity in the room that was considered to be the 2nd most haunted room in the Inn,  Room #18,  where Robert and Sandra would be spending the night.  The Ovilus interaction is amazing!  Plus the first time I have seen how a spirit can have an affect on the health of paranormal investigators.

Logan Inn Investigation Part 3 - This part covers the most haunted room at the Logan Inn,  #6,  where Jennifer and Amy would be spending the night.   Equipment malfunctions,  feelings of being touched,  plus one of the best EVPs I have ever caught during an investigation!

Logan Inn Investigation Part 4 - The wrap up where we continue the investigation in Room # 6.  Something said on the Ovilus gets a few different interpretations, but Steve's vision from Australia is verified by a discovery in the lobby area shortly afterward.    I return to my room for the night,  #14.   Here I discover first hand what it is like to spend the night alone in a haunted hotel,  especially when the spirits have targeted me for their all night hijinks!  Plus the last photo taken before I left the Inn leaves one last mystery.

In my opinion and without a doubt,  the Logan Inn is haunted.  There is enough there that you can say it's possibly a mixture between residual and intelligent spirit activity.  I will make an effort to try to get back there one more time in the future to see if we can add to the amount of amazing evidence we captured on this night.