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Investigation #2 - The Logan Inn
with Mario
New Hope, Pennsylvania - January 30, 2013

After my first trip to the Logan Inn and the amazing experience we had,  I knew I had to go back again.   This time, however,  I wanted to experience what it would be like to spend the night in Room #6.  This being the most haunted room in the Inn,  how could I not?   Figuring a cold January would not be a prime time for tourists to be visiting New Hope during the middle of the week,  I picked a Wednesday night for my return trip.

Initially I was hoping that there would be no other guests staying at the Inn so I could set up cameras in the hallways and some trigger objects in hope of capturing the phantom footsteps that I captured on my previous visit here when I stayed in Room #14.   Alas,  some other rooms were booked for the night,  so the investigation would have to be kept low key so as to not disturb any other guests in the Inn.

I also invited my friends Mario and Kevin (from the Bound Brook investigation) to investigate since they were looking forward to going out on another investigation again.  Due to work conflicts,  Kevin could not make it and Mario could only join me until around midnight or so.   This worked out as we would investigate until then and then after Mario left,  I would retire for the night and set up camcorders all over the room to videotape to see if any paranormal activity could be captured.

When I arrived to check in,  I just knew it was going to be an interesting evening when the lady at the front desk saw I had booked Room #6 and asked me, "You chose this room on purpose?"  LOL.   I said I had already been abused in Room #14,  so I said if I am going to get abused again,  then might as go all in and get in Room #6!

I got my equipment and overnight bag up and in the room.   I was only in there maybe 20 minutes before I got a chill that made the hair on my arms and legs stand up.  Just like I experienced on my previous trip here.   Did they remember me from before and if so,  who just gave me the chill?  Would Emily mind that a male would be staying in her previous room?  Of course my biggest question I wanted an answer to was what did Emily mean when she told us before in an EVP  "I am not dead!"   Did she think she was not really dead or did she want to let us know that even her body was dead, that she was not?

As I waited for Mario's arrival,  I set up 2 camcorders to record in the room while I was out and my H2 Zoom recorder to see if anything would be picked up while I was out of the room down in the bar area.   I set up other equipment around the room (Ovilus, trigger objects, K2, etc) so they would be ready for when Mario got there so as to not waste time setting up.   As I am doing this,  I catch the first EVP of the night,  Class A.

Logan Inn #2 EVP #1 - You hear me talking about setting up on the window sill  (trigger objects).  At the 8 second mark you hear somebody with an accent that says "Skippy I hurt".  EVP replayed twice with no enhancement because none is needed.

This EVP sounds like somebody right there in the room with me,  but I was all alone.   Was this the spirit of one of the Revolutionary War soldiers telling me he was hurt?   It helped confirm the chill I had received a bit earlier may have been this spirit!

I then went down to the bar and hung out until Mario arrived. 

We had a nice talk with the bartender and the front desk lady about stories they had heard regarding hauntings at the Inn.   One interesting story involved a business man who was staying for a night in Room #6.  He checked in,  went to his room,  unpacked some of his suitcase and put the clothes in the drawers, etc.   The business man went down to dinner.  When he came back to his room,  his clothes were all folded up and placed neatly on the bed.   After finding out that no employees had gone into his room to do this, he promptly packed his stuff and left,  even turning down a full refund from the front desk.  He just wanted out of there.

Then of course people hear that story and ask me what in God's name would I want to stay in a room like that for?  LOL.   Why you ask?  It's because its what I do.   Besides,  people have slept in that room without the slightest hint of paranormal activity taking place.   I would say that the spirits at the Logan Inn don't spend a lot of time trying to communicate with those that are not looking to communicate back, though the occasional prank by the children spirits probably leaves some people scratching their heads.

We then headed back to Room #6 when we discovered that both of my camcorders that I had set up to run (8MM tape and HDD) were both shut off.   Both on each side of the room, not near each other.  As I started up the camcorders again and then started the 3rd one,  I noticed an orb fly right past me and downward.  At first review,  Mario and I saw it on the camcorder viewing screen and were impressed by it.  Upon playback on a large video monitor,  I can see more clearly that it was a piece of lint that had floated down,  so we were able to debunk the orb.

We also had gotten a K-2 hit right off the bat,  then Mario discovered he had just gotten a text message at the same time, so we debunked that as being caused by the cell phone.  We shut off our phones after that.  One always has to be careful of cell phone activity which can possibly contaminate potential evidence.

We then shut the lights off, with the whole room covered by camcorders.  The picture below is from me sitting on the bed.   The room was pretty dark minus the flash to show how we were set up.  You can see the 8MM camcorder with night vision,  the Ovilus X on the edge of the bed post along with a kids glow stick and a digital recorder. The image in the mirror is me sitting on the bed taking the photo and is not a ghost.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures w/Mario at the Logan Inn, Jan 30, 2013

In this picture below,  Mario is sitting in a chair listening in with the RT-EVP recorder,  a HD camcorder with IR light to his right.  On the bed post you can see the Mel-Meter,  the K2 and  the Digital Text Display for the Ovilus X.  On the desk to the right you can see the laser grid pen in action,  along with the IR Phantom Lite to help illuminate the room in IR. 

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures w/Mario at the Logan Inn, Jan 30, 2013

Then to the right of the desk in the back of the room by the closet,  another camcorder with night vision covering the area where Mario is sitting.   It was this camcorder and the 8MM in the first photo that were deactivated when I left the room to go to the bar!

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures w/Mario at the Logan Inn, Jan 30, 2013

As I was doing last minute checks of the equipment before we started our investigation,  Mario felt something touch his arm,  like a bug had landed on his arm.  It was something of substance and not an air current.  The camcorder in the back of the room by the closet was trained right on Mario when this happened,  but nothing was caught on film,  other than Mario reacting to the touch.

As we started off with an EVP session,  we were explaining to any spirits nearby about the instruments in the room.  We said that they could touch the various objects around the room when we caught an intelligent EVP response.

Logan Inn #2 EVP #2 - I am telling any of the children spirits that they are welcome to move the giraffe or glow sticks,  we catch an EVP clearing saying "No".  EVP replayed twice amplified.  This does not sound like a child and more like an adult male replying to us.

For roughly the first 40-45 minutes,  our investigation was hampered by a lady crying in the street, something to do with breaking up with her boyfriend.  So she was loud,  some other folks with her were loud, so everything that might have possible spirit voices on the recorders or EVP we had to toss out as possible contamination.  Even though we were inside on the 2nd floor, they were loud enough to put a crimp in our early plans.  That is one reason I am not to keen on going on these "group" ghost hunts where you have to pay to attend.   Too many people talking, whispering and then you have no evidence you can rely on being real.

After the crowd quieted down outside a bit, I decided to put on the Real Time EVP and let Mario conduct the EVP session while I listened to see if I could hear any responses.   There was some faint EVP captured,  but to faint to be able to recognize anything.  However,  Mario did hear some unexplained thumping while asking the spirits to speak into the recording devices.

Logan Inn #2 EVP #3 - A few seconds after Mario finishes speaking,  you can hear 2 sets of taps, just seconds apart.  The tapping is faintly heard,  but on the replay amplified, you can hear the thumps.  Mario said it sounded like it was on glass.  As we were on the 2nd floor,  nobody could have been outside the window tapping on the glass.  Was this an acknowledgment of Mario asking the spirits to make contact with us?

As Mario is asking the spirits to make the tapping noise again,  I am hearing the faint EVP's on the RT-EVP.  Then I get an instant chill and my hair stands straight up on my hands and arms and as I am making note of this,  the voice of a mail spirit is caught.

Logan Inn #2 EVP #4 - About 2 seconds after I finish speaking,  you catch this really faint EVP that is not just a word, but a full sentence.  On the replay, with noise reduction and amplification,  you can hear what sounds like a male saying, "Just be silent, they're near you." or "Just keep silent, they're near you."  Are we being told not to speak so we can hear them communicate with us?   If that is what is being said to us,  it's quite remarkable!

About 6 minutes later,  Mario hears the 8MM camcorder make a noise like it has stopped recording.  I go over to check the camcorder and not only had it stopped recording,  but I also notice the battery has been drained after about 30 minutes of use.   It was a fully charged battery and with the viewfinder screen closed,  I easily had hours of recording time left.   However it was drained.    This camcorder was in the same spot where on the previous investigation,  Robert from Bearfort Paranormal had a 7 hour camcorder battery completely drained after 1 1/2 hours of use (seen in my video of the investigation).   Fortunately,  I had the power cord to hook up directly to the camcorder and plugged it in to continue recording.

Ten minutes later,  Mario and I switched so he would use the RT-EVP recorder and I would conduct EVP.   To note up through this time, not once had any of the 4 camcorders in use captured any orbs or strange lights.  As I was lying down on the bed,  I asked the spirits to respond to that old ghost hunting trick where you knock on something to the tune "Shave and a Haircut" and ask them to finish it off with the final two knocks.  I've done this in many of my past investigations and never had the response given back.

Then it finally happened!

Logan Inn #2 EVP #5 - About 4 seconds after you hear do the first part,  you hear the quick 2 part tap which sounds a lot like the tap Mario had heard and we recorded in EVP #3.   Now on the audio replay with amplification,  you can hear a faint EVP going on before the tap is heard.   I cannot make out what is being said,  but it is not me and it is not Mario.

Trying to seize upon this,  I asked for them to do it again.  They didn't but was interesting was an EVP that was captured on the audio recorder that none of the static night vision cameras did.

Logan Inn #2 EVP #6 - As I am saying finish up the last 2 parts of this,  you hear what sounds like a female voice say "No!" just before I begin to knock.  Again this EVP was only captured on my digital recorder and not on any of of the static camcorders that were recording.

Then in another turn of amazing events that just seemed to keep rolling out,  about 30 seconds later this Class A EVP was captured!

Logan Inn #2 EVP #7 - Again, only captured on the audio recorder and none of the static camcorders,  a male voice is heard hear clearly calling out the name "Sandra!"   This was not outside and this was not in the hallway of the Inn because if this was the case, everything recording would have captured this noise.   Sandra, by the way is Robert's wife from Bearfort Paranormal who was here on our previous investigation last year.   The voice of the spirit sounds like he is calling out to her like he is seeking her out.   Were they expecting to find Sandra here since they remember she was also here when I was last?

As it was getting later into the night,  we decided to let the Ovilus X run to see what we could catch with that.  The Ovilus II that Robert from Bearfort used on our previous trip had amazing results and I had hoped the Ovilus X would provide something as exciting as before.   The session was quite amazing.

As the session started off,  the first word the Ovilus X said was "elementary".  It was right after this,  we catch an EVP from what sounds like a little girl!

Logan Inn #2 EVP #8 -  Just before I repeat what the Ovilus X said,  you hear a little girl say something.  I'm not sure what it is saying, but clearly sounds like a little girl.  Is this the spirit of the little girl who drowned behind the Inn some 100+ years ago?   Yet again,  only picked up by the audio recorder and not any of the camcorder audio in the room.

The next word from the Ovilus was "metaphysics".    I then asked if since they are on the other side, is elementary metaphysics considered child's play to them.  The next word that followed was "unclear"!    So maybe elementary metaphysics is still not understood by spirits on the other side?   Or was it just all a random pattern of words that came up by coincidence?

Over the next few minutes,  the Ovilus said the words "Climbed, our, marry, hike, skip, record, luck, scan, waves, cycle and him".   Mario immediately picked up the activity words that came out,  climbed, hike, skip, waves, cycle".  Things that a child does?

While we were speculating on something Mario thought we heard,  not heard by us we capture this interesting EVP.

Logan Inn #2 EVP #9 -  Three seconds in after I mention the people outside,  you hear what sounds like a little girl doing a quick shout at the top of her lungs.   Looped twice.  Is this the little girl screaming at us?

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures w/Mario at the Logan Inn, Jan 30, 2013

Here I am by the bed being filmed by camcorder #2 by the bathroom door on the left side of Mario who is sitting out of the picture just to the right.

Then about 2 minutes later,  Mario is asking me if I want to sit down because I had been doing a lot of standing, when we catch this Class A EVP!

Logan Inn #2 EVP #10 - Right after I answer Mario that I am okay about not sitting,  Mario says "Yeah".  This is followed by what sounds like an elderly woman saying "It's too hot!"   Looped twice amplified.  Is this Emily complaining about the room being too hot?   I didn't have the heat adjusted when I got there,  it was just room temp.  Or was the spirit talking about a piece of equipment, like the IR lights as they give off heat.   Whatever the reason,  this is an amazing EVP.

Just moments after this EVP took place, I notice we got the dreaded 666 on the Mel Meter!  So I had to take a picture.   Is 66.6F too hot for Emily in the room, or is the temperature associated with this number too hot?

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures w/Mario at the Logan Inn, Jan 30, 2013

While this is popular on TV paranormal shows to get the audience excited that something "evil" is afoot,  this is more common place than you would think.   With room temperatures varying in the mid 60s,  once in a while your Mel-Meter or digital thermometer are going to drift slightly and hit this number,  if just for a couple of seconds.   This was not a sign that something evil was about to get Mario and I,  the room temp floated between 65-68F most of the night.   Now if the room temp was say, 76F,  and then all of a sudden it spiked down to 66.6F in a matter of seconds for no reason at all, then that might have been a sign of something evil.

Right after this we set up to do a ghost box session with the P-SB7 and again, we got amazing responses.

Logan Inn #2 GB #1 - I am telling any spirits that want to use the box that they need to speak loudly and clearly.  A few seconds later you here a male voice reply "This thing?"   Is it referring to the P-SB7 and/or the speaker?

For the next 3 minutes we get nothing but static and white noise when we get this.

Logan Inn #2 GB #2 - I ask if there is anything they can do to let us know they are there with us when we get an immediate response of a female saying what sounds like "Gladys".

We had a couple more responses to questions over the next 5 minutes,  but nothing we could understand until I switched from the FM to AM band to give it a try.

Logan Inn #2 GB # 3 - This one has 3 distinct messages in this clip.   It starts off with a female voice saying "sounds good",  followed two seconds later by a male voice saying what sounds like "Would Kelly?"  I had to slow down and listen to this several times as at first I thought it said "hear me",  then I thought it sounded like "would kill me" and the slowed down it came out more clearly as "Kelly".

Following the female voice again saying what sounds like "48",  a distinct male voice starts at 7 seconds and over a scan of 8 stations says "Please...talk to...them."     The 3 main messages are replayed once at the end. 

We got a few more things,  mostly one word replies that of course could have been radio bleed.  We then switched back over to the FM for scanning and got a female saying "me" in the heavy static.   At the time,  Mario and I felt like we would get something on the AM scan,  but we couldn't make anything out.   I almost wish now I had done the AM scan a little longer because I think we would have gotten even better results.  Live and learn!

After about 10 more minutes and not hearing anymore noise of people retiring back to their rooms for the night,  Mario and I proceeded down to the main lobby to do some EVP work.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures w/Mario at the Logan Inn, Jan 30, 2013
Here is Mario in front of the portrait of Emily's parents in the main lobby.  Holding the K-2 and Mel-Meter

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures w/Mario at the Logan Inn, Jan 30, 2013
Here is Mario in front of Emily's picture.  Emily again made herself known to us this evening though we did not know it at the time!

We sat in the lobby for a while,  with no results.  No EVPs captured or any hits on the equipment.   We then decided to walk down the hallway,  I showed Mario the picture on the wall of a colonial era card game that Steve the Medium from Australia had picked up on during the previous investigation.   As we were talking,  Mario heard a toilet flush, coming from the Men's room down the hall from where we were standing.   As we were the only ones on the bottom floor,  we knew nobody could walk past us without being seen.

We walked right into the bathroom,  not a soul was in there.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures w/Mario at the Logan Inn, Jan 30, 2013

Now at first we thought that maybe it was an automatic system and that the toilet perhaps had flushed itself.  Mario checked it out and in fact the toilet had a manual lever on it and needed to be pushed down to flush it.   We have no explanation on how the toilet flushed itself.   While Mario was doing this,  I started to get a heavy EMF spike in the door way to the stall on the left.   At first we were excited that perhaps a spirit was standing right there in front of us.   After further checking , the stall on the left ended up being a mini "fear cage" as the EMF spiked wall to wall in there with the K2 and the Mel-Meter.   There had to be some wiring in the walls causing this,  so we debunked the possible spirit presence.

The bathroom did have a history of reported activity,  a Colonial solider had been seen in the 1st Floor Men's bathroom in the past.   Was it this spirit that may have flushed the toilet while we out in the hallway?   The noise from the toilet filling up stopped,  so we knew it was not the case of a stuck ball valve where the toilet keeps making a noise until somebody jiggles the knob.

At this point,  it was time for Mario to leave for the night as he couldn't stay.   We went back up to Room 6 to get his stuff.  I said I would walk him down to the front door.  As we were walking out of Room 6,  we got one more EVP for our joint investigation efforts!

Logan Inn #2 EVP #11 - As we are getting ready to walk out,  a voice says "Don't touch right here."   I thought first it might have been me,  but I had no reason to tell Mario not to touch anything.  Mario did not recall me telling him not to touch anything.  Andrea didn't even think it was my voice. 

After Mario left,  I came back up and started to position the equipment for the night.   I rearranged the HDD camcorders to cover myself on the bed from two angles,  one which would cover the equipment set up on the window sill about 2 feet from the bed.    One was set up to cover the mirrors from the Armoire, so if anything reflected in it during the night,  I would catch that on camera.

As I was setting up everything and then getting ready for bed,  I made note that I would not talk and if they had anything to say to me,  they could talk into my digital recorder.

They did. 

Logan Inn #2 EVP #12 - As you hear me doing some things,  a voice is heard saying "Yep".   Why did he say that?  I have no idea.   Looped twice amplified.

Logan Inn #2 EVP #13  - Five minutes after this,  the same voice is caught saying "Come Up".   Again,  I have no idea why it is being said or what for.  Replayed twice.

Logan Inn #2 EVP #14 - Last one here,  same voice,  now saying "Hey", like it is trying to get my attention.  Looped twice at the end.

I went to bed and laid there doing an EVP session using the RT-EVP to see if I could hear any responses live.  I did this for about 15 minutes with no results.   I then turned in to go to sleep.

There was a heavy storm that battered the area for a good part of the night.   Lots of heavy rain and some wind so while I thought that I was up most of the time,  my camcorders caught me snoring at different parts meaning I had fallen asleep.   Like last time,  there were assorted little bangs and screeches in the room captured by the camcorders and the audio recorder I left running.   Nothing that woke me up.

At approx 2:39AM,   the K2 sitting on the window sill all of a sudden lights up.  Not just a quick little flicker to the 2nd green light,  but up to the 3rd light. A powerful blast.   Three times, 5 seconds apart the K2 is caught lighting up.  It is the only time during the night this happens.

At approx 3:22AM,  43 minutes later,  the Mel-Meter with the REM antenna has the electrical field around the antenna broken,  making that initial buzz noise.    After a few seconds,   the full alarm goes off meaning that something is touching the antenna.   This happens 3 times in a row,  just a few seconds apart.   As this was going on,  I lay there in the bed, frozen like a rock.  I'm squinting my eyes as barely as possible to see if I can see anything visible that is playing with the Mel-Meter REM.   I am half spooked (as this woke me up) and half in total awe that I am getting solid interaction with the device.

I didn't want to move because I thought if I did, it might scare off the spirit that was playing with it.   There were no EVPs captured on any of the equipment at the time of the K2 or Mel-Meter REM hits.

The best part of course is capturing all this on video!

The last thing of real interest to note was that at 3:49AM,  as I was sleeping on my side,  it felt like somebody had grabbed me on the side by my ribs,  as if somebody was trying to tickle me hard.   I woke up,  but instead of like last time where I was getting angry,  I played it off like a joke and did not let it bother me.   This was the last interaction of the evening.

I got up at 5:30AM to get back home so I could get my daughter to school.


The Logan Inn again proved to me to be an amazing investigation experience and I'm glad Mario was able to make it.  Though we had no idea what great evidence we captured this night at the time,  I'm not surprised just based on the amazing time I had on my first trip here.   The only regret I had was that we did not have the Inn to ourselves.  If we had booked the reservation the night before,  there would have been no other rooms booked.   We could have then set up camcorders in the hallways upstairs to try to catch the mysterious footsteps that woke me up on my last trip.

Room #6 was amazing as I had expected.  A note to anybody who stays in Room 6 in the future.  These are friendly spirits and a lot of people sleep in this room with no activity whatsoever.   I believe that they interact with those who are looking to make contact with them and just maybe peek in on those that don't.   I'll get back there again in the future for sure!