Logan Inn Investigation,  August 28-29, 2012  with Bearfort Paranormal and Friends

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The Logan Inn #3
New Hope, Pennsylvania - February 12,  2014

I headed back to the Logan Inn again,  hoping to find the place empty of guests except myself.   Alas it was not to be that night,  but this time there would only be me alone in Room #6.    I was able to Skype in a brief session with Robert and Sandra from Bearfort Paranormal,  which really was amazing in the way the communication flowed. 

Not much really to blog about on this case and its straight to video for the highlights of the evening.    Two main videos of my time,  some amazing interactions with the equipment,  Robert and Sandra,  plus a short video  featuring  the sound of a little girl crying for her mom through the P-SB7 spirit box!

Logan Inn Investigation - Little Girl Cries for her mom - (1:38) - A short video of this amazing response through the P-SB7 spirit box.  Sounds like a little girl crying for her mom!

Logan Inn Investigation Part 1  - (17:36) - Featuring amazing interaction with the Paramid device and Skying in with Robert and Sandra from Bearfort Paranormal.

Logan Inn Investigation Part 2 - (16:56) - P-SB7 spirit box session and a bizarre EVP conversation caught between Spirits  while I was sleeping!

Never a dull moment at the Logan Inn when you are looking to make contact with the spirits!   :-)