Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Monmouth Battlefield - May 10, 2014

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Investigation # 12  - Monmouth Battlefield,
(Manalapan, NJ)  - May 10. 2014

This investigation was once again being held with friends and friends of friends from Reiki Hands of Hope in Old Bridge, NJ.   This is the place where I take meditation and Reiki classes.   Originally,  we were planning on taking a trip up to the cemetery in Sleepy Hollow, NY.    However since travel time was a factor on this day for some folks,  we made a last minute change to visit Monmouth Battlefield.

On this trip,  Amy and Dana were from the groups' first trip to Chestnut Hill Cemetery back in November.  Also joining us this time were Peter (Reiki Master),  Amy's son Evan and some friends of his,  Amy (#2)  and Chris.  So there would be seven of us.   Our plan for the day, as long as the weather would cooperate,  was to first go to Washington's main battle line,  the Molly Pitcher overlook,  the Taylor farmhouse and the Sutfin farmhouse on the way back to finish off the day.

We arrived just before Noon time,  with overcast skies and a decent spring temperature in the air.   The only drawback to the day is that it was windy,  so it would be tough in some of the locations to do EVP and Spirit box sessions.  Of course little did we know some of the amazing evidence we would capture on this day.

I gave out Mel-Meters to Amy (#2)  and Chris to use and it was interesting as throughout the day,  they noted occasional spikes on the Mel-Meters.   Everybody was warned in advance about possible cell phone interference with equipment.  If you've been to the battlefield on the side of the park we are at,  there are no power lines,  cell phone towers,  street lights,  nothing.   So its interesting to get Mel-Meters picking up intermittent spikes in EMF all over the field.   Dana was given the audio recorder,  Peter the full spectrum camera and Evan took my Samsung tablet as I was interested in seeing how the Ghost Radar app would work on the Battlefield.

Personally,  the Ghost Radar app had no general appeal to me,  but others have had some amazing results with the app.  Doesn't hurt to use it since its free.   Funny though,  the app was constantly picking up things on the radar.  If the app is supposed to be picking up localized disturbances once it has "settled in" so to speak,  it shouldn't have been picking anything up at Monmouth.  But yet it was.   A pattern almost immediately developed where the ghost "blips" seemed to be following us.   Again,  this is not proof of any paranormal activity,  but it is noted how it reacted on the field.

We made our way over to the Washington battle line area to set up over there.  Amy, Dana and Peter continued up the path just a little bit as it does continue up towards Old Tennent Church.  While I was setting up trigger objects and the REM POD around the historical markers,  Amy, Dana and Peter had picked up the presence of the spirit that was possibly a Colonial Solider who had been wounded in the stomach area.   Since the pathway was used to transport wounded soldiers over to Old Tennent (which was used as a field hospital),  it is quite possible that the spirits of soldiers could be picked up there.   Perhaps this one fellow died while waiting to be taken to the field hospital?

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Monmouth Battlefield - May 10, 2014
The time stamp is off by 3 hours as I had forgotten to reset it to EST after my trip to the Old Washoe Club the month prior.  Here is the spot where the presence of the solider was.   On the bottom right you'll note the EMF pump I placed there to try to provide energy to the spirit for our EVP and Spirit Box sessions here.

There were a few EVPs that could be picked up as we set up in this area,  but wind made it difficult to hear what was being said.  We did catch a few inbetween the wind gusts that were pretty interesting.  

Headphones needed for EVP for best listening.  Trying to hear through regular speakers is difficult,  laptop speakers?  Forget about it!  :-)    All EVP's are replayed twice with amplification and/or noise reduction to hear the EVP better.

MB EVP May 10 #1 - You hear Peter say something off to the side and just before Dana speaks,  you hear the whispered voice call out to what sounds like "Hear Me." 

MB EVP May 10 #2- About a minute later I am saying that we want to communicate and the spirit is amongst friends here.  Almost missed because of the wind,  you can hear in the replay what sounds like a female calling me a liar!   This is the first time that any spirit has called me a liar and one of the first female voices I ever picked up on this side of the battlefield!

We set up to the P-SB7 spirit box session, where most of us took turns asking questions and trying to see what responses we could get out of the spirit that was sensed in this spot.

MB GB May 10 #1 - As I am starting off the session,  there is a male voice that asks,  "Where's Ken?"  The last time I had been at Washington's line was about 10 months ago when I took a friend named Ken to the Battlefield for his first investigation.  Coincidence or did they remember us being there last year and now want to know where Ken is?

MB GB May 10 #2 - Here Dana is saying she heard the name "Liam" come through.  What follows is one of those dark voices that always sounds menacing.  Here this dark voice says, "Never!".    We didn't sense anything evil or negative with us,  we didn't even hear this at the time.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Monmouth Battlefield - May 10, 2014
Here is Amy, Evan, Dana listening in as we are doing the Spirit Box session.  Dana is holding the audio recorder as I hold the spirit box just off camera to the left.  Evan is monitoring the Ghost Radar app for blips that seem to be moving around us.

MB GB May 10 #3 - This one is quite amazing.  We are asking who the spirits commanding officer was at the time of the battle.  We get an immediate reply of "Reed",  and as we note the name,  another voice comes out of the spirit box and says "Reed" again!  I asked what the rank of Reed was,  but did not get an answer.

In doing some research,  there was a Brigadier General Joseph Reed who was at Monmouth.  He was a Pennsylvania officer who served under the Command of Major General Anthony Wayne,  who also fought at the Battle of Monmouth.  Here is a link to some some photos of old paintings from the period from the NY Library.

Also a biography of Joseph Reed can be found here.     So is it coincidence that on this spot,  two male voices answer our question with the answer "Reed",  a very prominent figure during the Revolution and afterward?

We had a voice shortly afterward tell us "turn around",  which usually indicates for us to start snapping pictures because somebody might be behind us.   This worked at a cemetery in Bound Brook where I took a picture of the plots behind us and there was nothing in the picture.   Then a minute later I was told to turn around so I did and snapped a photo that was filled to the brim with orbs (though some were dust).  However,  nothing was caught of interest.

MB GB May 10 #4 - This was pretty interesting.  I am asking if anybody needs help and the reply we get,  same voice over multiple station sweeps is "Need....America!"   So this spirit does not need help,  he needs America!   How many soldiers,  maybe mortally wounded and lying on the battlefield might have told their fellow patriots,  "Never mind me fight for America?"

MB GB May 10 #5 - This is one of the most extraordinary responses I have heard involving the date.   Here we are asking the spirits if they know what year it is.  A question that has never gotten anything close to a response before.  Yet here,  the same voice over quite a few sweeps sounds like it is replying.....19...03!     The most obvious question to ask is why would a Revolutionary Battlefield have a spirit that thinks the year is 1903.   Then it dawned on me,  a good deal of the original battlefield is farm land and was farmed long after the battle and continues to be farmed until this day.   Which means that a spirit could be from 1903.  Perhaps a farmer or farmhand?

This leads into another question.  Can spirits from say, the 1700's,  see, hear and interact with spirits from the 1800's and 1900's?

MB GB May 10 #6 - Continuing after the 1903 answer,  there is a pause to we hear a voice say,  "uh",  which we all hear.   As soon as I finish saying if you don't now that's okay,  we get a very clear, immediate reply of "No!", which we all heard too. 

MB GB May 10 #7 - No blog report can be complete without the spirit box calling out my name.  I am being asked a question by somebody.  I didn't hear it but right after you hear me say "huh?",  a male voice calls out my name.  Ah if I only had a nickel for every time my name was called out!   Then at 6 seconds,  another voice says "good one" though I have no idea what he is talking about.   At 9 seconds a voice says "Safe", which Dana repeats.  Then the same voice at 11 seconds says "little bunny", which Dana thought was an answer of no.   It was faint and fast and I did not hear the phrase "little bunny" until reviewing the audio.

Interestingly,  the term "little bunny" is an old slang term meaning "An attractive young woman".   So is this male spirit giving Dana a compliment using a term that would have been used in the past?

MB GB May 10 #8 -  This next clip is interesting as it seems there are two sets of spirits,  those that want help and those that don't.  As we got closer to the end of the session,  we asked if they were at peace.    At 6 seconds into the clip,  here is a female with a possible colonial-era accent replying, "No."    We then ask if they want to be at peace.  At the 11 second mark is a strange sound,  something that I have heard before that makes me think of angels singing out.  Then at 12 seconds,  a male voice says "yes", followed at the 14 second mark by another female to tells us to "listen". 

Then as I start to tell them we want to help them into the light,  at 20 seconds a male voice bellows out "No", then another at 22 seconds also blurts out "No", which we hear and is immediately followed by a voice that says "yeah."  This ends at the 29 second mark with that dark voice saying what sounds like "black".

It's very puzzling why some spirits here in the past have called for help,  yet there are some when you offer to help them out they refuse.   Also,  this dark voice coming through again.  Is it something negative or is it an ancient spirit with not as much energy as the others to come through as clear?

MB GB May 10 #9 - At the end of the Spirit Box session,  I am doing my count down from 1 to 5 as I normally do.  At the very end the last word that is shouted out is "Help".    One last plea before we closed our session?  We did say before we ended the session we would help them cross into the light after we had made our way around the field.

We then conducted an Ovilus X session at one of the Washington markers.   While nothing historical was derived from the Ovilus,  it was noted by Dana that a lot of the words coming out of the box had to with an injury she had just had, plus something she was interested in purchasing for herself.  There are those that say the Ovilus just is some fancy toy that spits out random words,  but in this case they had a lot of meaning to Dana.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Monmouth Battlefield - May 10, 2014
Peter,  Dana and Amy watching in as an Ovilus X session is conducted.   On the Washington marker is the Ovilus X,  Digital Text Display to read the words and 3 historical figure cards I had success with here once before.

We stayed here a bit longer to do some more EVP work as Evan had run back to the parking lot to get Amy a sweatshirt to wear.  

MB EVP May 10 #3 - There is a female saying something about "that one person" which overlaps Amy #1 and I remind the spirits that they can't follow us off the field but can come with us as we move around the field.  Who that one person the female is referring to and why?   I have no idea,  another question that will go unanswered.

Shortly afterward,  Evan returns with the sweatshirt and tells his mom what happened.  So we ask and so  Amy was retelling us about Evan's adventure back to the car to get her sweatshirt.  He had noted a couple of blips from the ghost radar app following him to and from the parking lot.  Now what is really amazing is the EVP that is captured here during the story.

MB EVP May 10 #4 - You hear Evan say that these two blips followed him when you hear what sounds like 2 spirits in unison say "Fred".    Then Amy notes that the ghost radar said the words "Gate" & "Her" had come up.  Amy, besides being a White Light Reiki master,  is also a Gate-Keeper.  A Gate-Keeper is somebody who basically helps spirits cross through into the light.   So is it coincidence here that those words were said on the ghost radar app,  that Evan was followed by two blips and then an EVP is captured by what sounds like two spirits together saying the name "Fred"?     No adjustment needed to the clip.  It's clear,  easy to understand and nobody amongst us living folks was named Fred.    EVP replayed twice.

MB EVP May 10 #5 - I While we were in the middle of a silent period during the Ovlius X session, this female voice is picked up telling us to "Go Away".  Replayed twice amplified.

I was listening in on my RT-EVP when this next EVP was captured a few moments later.

MB EVP May 10 #6 - Peter is noting that the spirits there have not yet given us a name.  Just a few seconds afterward and just before I start complaining about the wind,  there is a male voice responding with what sounds like "Last."  Replayed twice.   Is the spirit telling Peter that he will give his name as the last thing he says or does?

Six minutes later,  another startling EVP comes through.

MB EVP May 10 #7 - This is one of the strangest EVPs I have captured at Monmouth Battlefield to date.  Just going through the EVP session and here is a female voice,  almost singing along playfully.   Sounds like she is saying,  "All for love,  fight me (or find me)".    One female voice calls me a liar,  another tells us to go away,  now this one is talking about love?   All in the same general area.

MB EVP May 10 #8 - Just before ending our session and moving on out,  we had asked a question to what we thought the Ovilus said the word "yes", but the Digital Text Display said the word "Pace".  So as I was explaining that is why you need the DTD with the Ovilus,  because what is being pronounced is sometimes different than what is being said.   After about 15 seconds of silence,   a male voice says "That's it.",  right before Peter says we are getting ready to move out.   So is the spirit saying "that's it." in agreement with me on why the DTD is needed with the Ovilus X?

We then picked up and started to make our way over to the Molly Pitcher overlook.   Of course whomever was with us at Washington's line decided to move along with us.  Amy (#2) who was holding the Mel-Meter,  was noticing spikes on the device as we walked along,  going as high as a 2.1.   I've noticed the spikes before in the past,  but usually they were a 0.1 to a 0.4 area.   Also to add to the belief that we were being followed was that we did pick up a few EVPs as we moved along.  A couple were very faint and too hard to make out to make a decent copy of.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Monmouth Battlefield - May 10, 2014
Amy, Evan and Amy #2 (just over Evan's shoulder in the back) at Molly Pitcher Overlook.

After we arrived at the Molly Pitcher overlook,  the first thing everybody noticed was out heavy the air felt in the area.  Now granted it was inside the woods in a heavily wooded area, but this was the same type of feeling you get when you are in a haunted house and you walk into one room where the atmosphere feels different than the rest of the house.  The temperature was constant,  the only thing different was the wind was blocked out.

MB EVP May 10 #9 - This clip has 3 EVP's in it.    As we are walking Evan is talking about the changing of colors.  At the 3 second mark,  a female voice says "Snow."   Then at the 5 second mark after Evan makes another comment, you get the same voice reply, "yeah".   Clearly trying to engage in the conversation.     Peter then notices the air starting to feel heavy and others agree.  At the 15 second mark you hear a voice say "Chuck" before the clip finishes out a few seconds later.   I left this in there because this is not one of the group calling my name out as you do not hear me reply to my name being said.   Each EVP replayed twice by itself,  amplified.

A few more EVP's were captured,  but they overlapped with somebody talking and cannot be made out.  

We then started another P-SB7 spirit box session and this one started off with a smart ass reply.

MB GB May 10 #10 -  I am mentioning for any spirits to speak into the box.  What does this male voice reply with?  The word "Speak'! 

MB GB May 10 #11 -  I am trying to get any spirits to use the Ovilus X to say our names.  Here I am finishing up by saying that my name begins with a "C" and that I have been there before.   A few seconds later,  what sounds like an old lady says "Okay", to which we hear.    Note that I am using a faraday pouch to help block out most of the incoming radio signals and the chatter here is minimal.

MB GB May 10 #12 -  A blast from the past that some of you might recall from my early investigations at Jamesburg and Monmouth.   At the two second mark,  you hear a voice say "speak up",  then at the end of the clip the same voice saying 3 words.  Upon amplification of the second voice,  to me it sounds like "Get the Bishop."!   To this date I have no idea what Bishop they want and what for.  But here it is again,  a good 20 minute drive from Jamesburg and I get this message here too!

MB GB May 10 #13 -  Right after the Bishop,  there is some talk,  but my name comes through the Spirit box again just before Evan says "1778".   We were trying to ask them what year it was shortly before hand.

The rest of the spirit box session had a few words that came out, but nothing that any rhyme or reason to them.   Could be just a spirit trying to get a message out,  but maybe only one or two words come out at a time because their energy is low.   Something I'll have to consider in the future.   Perhaps a spirit can muster up enough energy during a 10 minute session to get say, one good word out every minute.   It might take noting these words and seeing if any messages come up that way.   Too often I will hear the same voice in one or two words that make no sense by themselves,  but maybe together they will.

We then packed up the equipment to move on.  We did note though that at the end of our session,  the atmosphere did seem lighter than when we first arrived.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Monmouth Battlefield - May 10, 2014
The view from the top of the overlook down into the woods.  Down at the bottom is a small brook that might have been bigger during the Battle of Monmouth.  It is thought that Molly "Pitcher" Hays, got her buckets of water from.

Leaving the area,  Evan noticed on the Ghost Radar App that the word "scientific" appeared.  So we noted that yes the equipment we were using was scientific and if they wanted to see more they could come with us to the farmhouses.   Naturally,  unbeknownst to us as the time,  an EVP preceded the ghost  radar app word.

MB EVP May 10 #10 - We were walking and this one is faint,  but you can hear it.  Upon amplifying the sound,  it sounds like the spirit is saying "Look".   Now I can't say he was telling us to look at the ghost radar app for a message they sent us or was he telling us to look around the field for something.   Coincidence that it happened just before Evan saw the message?

MB EVP May 10 #11 - A few seconds later,  Amy, Chris, Dana and Evan are discussing the ghost radar app,  there is a voice that overlays them as they are talking.   After amplifying this one and listening on a loop,  it sounds like the spirit voice is saying "They're all the same."   Is he talking about the devices we use or is he talking about us as a group,  we are all the same?

MB EVP May 10 #12 - Now a few seconds after this as the group above is still in discussion,  there is another overlapping voice and upon review its saying something about .".........find out"   I cannot make out what the first couple of words are.  As Evan is the only guy in the group as they were walking ahead of Amy, Peter and myself,  I can safely rule out contamination from anybody in the group.

So within a one minute time frame,  3 distinct EVPs that are not from anybody in the group as we moved on out of the Molly Pitcher area.  There was one more on our walk towards the Sutfin house,  but too faint to post.

As we walked back out and moved on towards the Sutfin farmhouse,  we were getting the feeling we were being followed.   Like you would see some movement out of your peripheral vision,  then you would look and not see anything.  Nobody was spooked,  everybody felt very comfortable.  Even for the first time I was getting that feeling and I could not shake it. 

As we approached the Sutfin house,  the skies were starting to look a bit ominous as bad weather was expected to roll in,  so I decided to bypass the Sutfin house and head straight to the Taylor Farmhouse and stop at the Sutfin house on the return, weather permitting.    The Taylor Farmhouse is a world of spirits onto itself,  I could not pass up the chance to show everybody what I have been raving about the past 2 years since I first went there to investigate.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Monmouth Battlefield - May 10, 2014
The back of the Sutfin house.   Peter snapped a couple of shots with the full spectrum camera.

As we walked past the back of the Sutfin house,  a few people had gotten the feeling that they were being watched from the windows as shown in the picture above.  We did not catch anything,  but recently I have received a few reports from people having the same experience.

Here is a link to a blog run by Joe Valencia, an avid photographer who enjoys taking pictures at Monmouth Battlefield.  In his blog on this one trip,  he also describes this similar experience,  a link to another blog of a person who visited and got eerie feelings on the field.   I also got word from a friend who works part time at the visitor center about people who have been complaining about the feelings of being watched from the Sutfin house also.    Now the Sutfin house,  which I bypass a lot to the Taylor Farmhouse,  needs a closer investigation or two to find out why all of a sudden people are getting creeped out here.

As we approached the Taylor Farmhouse,  I kept a lot of my personal experiences close to the chest to see if anybody else could pick up on things I have felt and experienced here before.   I put back on the RT-EVP device to see if I could hear anything while everybody approached the grounds.

We were just walking up the path to the silo and dairy cow machinery when we caught this Class A evp.

MB EVP May 10 #13 - It's one of those voices that is consistent with the Taylor Farmhouse.  Clear,  concise,  but what does it mean?  Here the male spirit is saying "Hudson".   Now is referring to his name?  Referring to the Hudson River or Hudson Bay?  I have no idea,  another question to ask in the future!

Now the casual reader to this site or the skeptic might say that all these EVPs are the result of somebody talking in the group.  For every EVP that I have listed,  I can safely say that it is none of us talking.  The tones of our voices are different and distinct.   Something like the EVP "Hudson" should not be there as  the only males it could have come from  were Peter, Evan or myself.   That voice sounds nothing like any of us and none of us had any reason to just blurt out the word "Hudson" like that.   If one of us did say it, surely somebody else would have asked why did you just say that particular word?  Of course that EVP goes without response because nobody there heard it being said.

Besides,  for every EVP I have listed here,  there were probably twice as many I threw out.   When you go through audio recordings,  you first have to listen for what might sound like an oddity.  Then you single out and replay that clip a few times and often amplified to get a clearer sound.   I threw out voices that after further review were indeed any of the group.  I also threw out sounds that sounded like voices, but then turned out to be leaves being crunched softly or walking on gravel or wind brushing some leaves around. 

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Monmouth Battlefield - May 10, 2014
The silo and old dairy equipment at the Thompson Taylor Farmhouse.  Picture taken with full spectrum camera.

Amy (#2), Chris,  Evan,  Peter and Dana made their way to the house while Amy stayed back.  She did not like the vibe coming from the Farmhouse.   Incidentally,  she also picked up on a spirit that seemed to be hiding in the woods and observing us.   On my last trip here with Ian and Gabby in April,  since the poison ivy and other foliage had not yet set in,  we made our way into the wooded area and got some great EVPs,  including what sounded like an African-American named Ester.   That was the first time I had gotten her voice in all of my trips here.   Was this the same person that Amy felt hiding in the woods and observing us.

Also on a side note,  I have been in contact with one of the last persons who actually lived in this house before it became vacated for good.   He told me on the 2nd floor of the Thompson Taylor Farmhouse were 3 small hidden compartments that were used to hide runaway slaves in the 1800's as the house was apparently used as part of the underground railroad.   I have not been able to confirm that with any known recorded history,  but why else would there be 3 hidden rooms in the upstairs of a simple farmhouse?   Is Ester the deceased spirit of one of these runaway slaves?  Or perhaps she was a house servant during the early days of the farmhouse back from 1827 when it was built?   Why would she hide in the woods and not come out to greet us like the other spirits have?

So many amazing things going on here,  you can't just simply visit it once or twice and come away like you know everything.  You don't.  Each time I come back here,  I end up with more questions than I do answers.  Maybe that is a ploy to keep me returning?   Again another question that is difficult to answer.

As we sort of split up,  the EVP's kept on coming!

MB EVP May 10 #14 - This is a 2 for 1 clip as the same voice responds with full sentences in a 10 second arc.  First the clip starts off by me saying taking as many pictures as you want (to Peter who has the full spectrum camera).  Right after I finish this,  there is a voice (after amplification) sounds like it is saying "They can't see enough".  It is faint in the original clip (2.5 seconds in).  In the middle of the clip you hear the girls in the background say something,  then just before I say I'm going to use (the RT-EVP again),  the faint whispered voice says "That is it.".     Replayed twice at the end with amplification.

MB EVP May 10 #15 - As we are moving about,  here comes what sounds like the "Hey There" girl I have encountered on my previous trips.  This one sounds like she is saying "hey there" or "hang there".  I know the voice, its the same girl,  though not as clear as before.

MB EVP May 10 #16 - About two minutes later,  Dana is talking about a ghost hunt she went on.  Right after you hear her say the word "hotel",  that whispy male voice comes through saying a word that sounds like it rhymes with hen.  Is it hen?  Then?  When?   I lean towards "when" because the spirit might be asking Dana about "when" this event took place that she is talking about.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Monmouth Battlefield - May 10, 2014
Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse, side of the building.  Again, far to dangerous to go inside as it is rotting and falling apart on the inside.  Only a matter of a few years before it completely caves in and is destroyed.  A shame, such history to this place.  Notice the dark object on the chimney,  it is a Turkey Vulture.  We saw it take flight moments later.

Another two EVPs were captured over the next few minutes,  too much gravel crunching to figure out what they were saying.  Arrgh!  If the you just wait till we stopped walking!  LOL.   But then another bizare EVP comes up from a young female.

MB EVP May 10 #17 - This female just playfully blurts out what sounds like "We dead."   Does she know she and the other spirits there are dead and just telling us this?  Bizarre EVP indeed!

MB EVP May 10 #18 - Three minutes later,  a voice that may have said the word "Hudson" now is saying what sounds like "Believe Me"!   If he said anything where he is asking us to believe him,  it was not captured on audio.   Maybe he knows he is dead and he is asking us to believe he is there? 

MB EVP May 10 #19 - Dana and Evan are talking about antique collecting.  Evan would like to get in the house, but notes he would fall through the floor.  Right afterward a spirit replies,  though I cannot make out what is being said.

Interestingly,  as we walked the grounds,   both Peter and Dana picked up on the word murder and both had the feeling of a person who was stabbed in the chest.   Amy also got the feeling of somebody being wounded in the middle of their body.    Not known to them at the time,  I had recorded this Ghost Box clip back on my 2nd trip here from January 2013.   In this clip very fast mentions the words "heart, stabbed, wounded" in succession!

While they picked up on the word murder,  not far from this spot was where the bloodiest part of the Battle of Monmouth took place,  where fighting was done in part with hand to hand combat with bayonets.  It is possible that a wounded soldier could have been on the ground and without mercy,  an opposing combatant came up upon this wounded fellow and stabbed him in the heart with his bayonet.  That would be viewed upon by some as as a dishonorable killing or even murder.    Interesting that this was sensed on this day,  but also recorded on my ghost box over a year earlier!

Dana also felt the presence of a motherly type figure up in one of the windows.  She liked baking and tending to her flower gardens.   This does not surprise me as it seems there are quite a few friendly spirits by the farmhouse.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Monmouth Battlefield - May 10, 2014
Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse from the other side.  Window open up top.

With the clouds getting a bit darker,  we started to make our way back out again.  As  Evan, Chris and Amy (#2) started to make their way off the grounds,   Amy, Dana, Peter and myself set up by the dairy machinery to try to coax Ester to come out of the woods to make contact with us.   Told her we were not bounty hunters or bad people,  we were friends and wanted to help her if needed.  With no EVPs coming,  we decided to try one more spirit box session for the day.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Monmouth Battlefield - May 10, 2014
Myself, Amy and Dana conducting a spirit box session with the P-SB7 spirit box.   Note I am wearing my Tricorn hat and a fake bandage around my head to simulate a head would.  I wear the Tricorn hat often to Monmouth as Colonial spirits would know what it is.

Here are the highlights of the Spirit Box session.

MB GB May 10 #14 - The first voice is a male with an accent,  saying "Don't see much".  This is followed by a 2nd male saying "Know...............God?"   We reply to that and announce we are not evil.   As I had been called a "Devil" here before,  some of the 1800's spirits might think we are performing some type of dark magic with the technology we possess today.

MB GB May 10 #15 - I am trying to get the "Hey There" girl to talk to us through the Ghost Box.  Funny I can record her voice as EVP,  but have not gotten it through the Spirit Box.   When I was here with Ian & Gabby last month,  she told us in EVP that she was "just sleeping".  So I am asking if she was sleeping and did we wake here.   Dana and Amy heard the male voice reply to us,  but we could not make out what he was saying at the time (the big reason you record all your spirit box sessions!)

His reply,  "Not me...........No"!    Same voice replying to my question.  Seems like intelligent response to me!

MB GB May 10 #16 - Amy asks a follow up question if this male is related to Ester.   Right away,  this faint voice replies "No".  Replayed twice at the end amplified.   Again,  question asked and immediate response.

After a few minutes of little activity,  we asked if they wanted us to go and got the faint reply, "Yes", so we decided to head on out.   Still,  not the end of the evidence as a few more EVPs were lobbed at us before we left the area.

MB EVP May 10 #20 - We Dana is saying how nice it would be to restore the house.   After she finishes speaking,  a female voice comes through and asks "Is it Chuck?"  Not the "Hey There" girl,  an older female for sure that I have not heard her voice.   Is she asking the other spirits if I am Chuck?

Then this amazing EVP comes out from of all people - the "Hey There" Girl!  

MB EVP May 10 #21 - Peter and Amy are reminding the spirits that they have to stay, no following us out.  Right before I speak,  the "Hey There" Girl says "Not Fair!" then I follow up afterward.   She also says "Not Fair" with an attitude because she is not happy we are telling here this.  

To me this is validation of why when we investigate, we should always tell the spirits they have no permission to follow us home.   Of course one may say,  well who is to stop them from following us,  so why bother saying it.   I don't know,  but this girl is clearly not happy we are telling her she cannot come with us.   So there is no harm in saying it, right?

As we made our way back to the Sutfin House,   Amy and Chris had again noted the the Mel-Meters would stay a constant 0.0,  then spike up a bit out of the blue and then back to 0.0 again.   Everybody had either turned off their phones or put them on airplane mode.   But I've had that happen with me every time I have been there,  so again its further validation that something unknown is causing these EMF spikes to occur.

As we got back to the parking lot,  Amy, Peter and I went back onto the field to open a portal of light for any spirits to cross through.   The thunder and lighting launched in the background as the rain came down.  The three of us went out there as a promise to help cross over any spirits that wanted to cross over.  It was a weird moment for me as we set up a circle between us and Amy led us in prayer to help cross over the spirits.  For a moment after we started,  I felt like I was being lifted upwards like I was going to go into the light.    Yes,  I know for some of the readers,  this sort of thing sounds like spiritual mumbo-jumbo.   However,  in my opinion it is not.   Investigating is fun,  its great to get lots of EVPs and other evidence,  but I also feel a responsibility to help out when spirits call for help, the same as I would help  a family that needs help in dealing with the paranormal. 

For the group,  it was an amazing day.  The feelings and sensations that everybody got in the different locations was pretty remarkable.  Even without knowing what type of evidence we were catching on our audio recorders at the time!   Amy and Dana have investigated before and already know first hand what is out there.   Peter was amazed at how clear some of the responses were on the Spirit Box and he could also pick up visions of smoke from cannon fire and the overall feeling of battle from that day almost 236 years ago.    I think it was the first time that Evan, Amy (#2) and Chris were on a ghost investigation,  so they could see first hand what happens.   I liken it to a police stake-out,  where you could spend hours in a very quiet state, waiting for something to happen.    Now they have a slew of EVPs and Spirit box recordings to show for their time out in the field.