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Investigation # 6  - Monmouth Battlefield,
(Manalapan, NJ)  - September 15, 2011

It had been about 3 weeks since my last visit to the battlefield,  but I had to get back there and investigate the Molly Pitcher spring area for the first time.   On my trip on August 23rd,  I wanted to get over there for some quick EVP and ghost box sessions,  but that bad feeling that warned me off.   Why did I get that feeling of dread and the more I tried to fight it, the harder it got?

This time I went early.  I would be under no pressure to leave the park before nightfall set in and I would have a clear view of everything.  The sky was overcast with a chance of rain present,  but I grabbed my umbrella and equipment and set back out to Monmouth Battlefield.  Of course in order to get to the Molly Pitcher area,  I had to pass by the George Washington battle line as I also was eager to see if I could get more interaction with the spirits that gave me quite a message through the Ovilus back on the 23rd, the day of the east coast earthquake!

As I was walking across the farm land up towards the paths to the Washington area,  I got my first EVP of the day.

Again, use headphones as the best way to hear the EVP, as some are faint, even enhanced.

MB EVP Sep 15 #1 - As I am walking,  I am saying a prayer for the spirits on the field and asking for their protection.  As I pause for a moment to catch my breath,  you hear this voice say what sounds like "Fell".  Looped 3 times, no enhancement needed IMO.   Walking with me, was this a spirit who "fell" in battle or from the heat that fateful day?

I stopped briefly at the Gen Sterling line, which was along a hedgerow just in front of Washington's position.  I had brought replica Colonial money with me to use a as trigger object.  I said that I was sent under order from the Continental Congress to bring payment with me.   There were 3 possible EVP captured  in the area,  but too faint to list here.   After not getting much here,  I headed up to the Washington line markers.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Monmouth Battlefield - Sept 15, 2011

Some more very faint, unintelligible EVPs could be picked up as I approached and set down my equipment bag and broke out the Ovilus X.  I started on what would be a 15 minute session because I was hoping there would be some sign of intelligent use of the box as before.  This, in my opinion, would validate that some spirits can figure out how to use the box to get a message across.

For the next 15 minutes,  I got a total of 42 words and some interaction that was amazing.

The first sign was a string of words that came out as "Heart, Fades, Stab" over a period of 33 seconds.   A solider who was stabbed to death perhaps?  There was some fierce hand-to-hand combat during the battle, though it was at the hedgerow on the other side of the park.   It could have been a solider who was wounded and brought back towards this position.  It was on the way to Old Tennent church (behind us) which was used as a field hospital.

Two minutes later after a few more words,  the phrase "skip violence" came out,  just as it did on the 23rd when I got what seemed like a message about deserters leaving the battle.  These two words were followed by "Daddy" and "Shouted".   So maybe it was not about deserters,  maybe somebody's father shouted at his sons to get the hell out of there.

For the next 3 minutes, the words "grind, knew, some, for, Providence and be" came out.   Providence could mean the city or it could be a reference to God as this was a term used in Colonial times.   Then I started to offer the replica Colonial money again as payment for the soldiers.   I certainly did not except what happened next.

MB EVP Sep 15 #2 -  First you hear the Ovilus say "Total".  I pause for a moment and then resume to offer $20 cash for any takes.  The Ovilus then says the word "Trick".   Put it together and you have the phrase "Total trick",  right when I am offering fake money.   Did the spirits present know it was fake money and called me out on it?

A minute later the Ovilus said the words "most" and "designated".   Approx 7 seconds after I repeat those words,  I get a very faint EVP responding to me,  'Yeah".   Too faint to post here.

Four minutes later,  the Ovilus says the words "Weather" and "Condition".  So I ask about the weather when another EVP is caught in response.

MB EVP Sep 15 #3 - Right after you hear me ask,  "What is the current weather condition?"  you hear a EVP of a male saying what sounds like "I'll do it."   Looped twice at the end with noise reduction and amplified.   If he is saying,  "I'll do it.",  I have no clue as to what he is referring to.   Perhaps a residual EVP of a solider saying he will do a certain task?

Then another EVP is caught six minutes later towards the end of the Ovilus X session.

MB EVP Sep 15 #4 - A series of words from the Ovilus has no meaning for me.  Then all of a sudden there is an EVP that at first sounds like the name "Bruce".  Then after looping the EVP with noise reduction and amplified,  now it sounds like it is saying "Use it" very fast.  

After a few more minutes I switched over to using the Ovilus phonetic device, but nothing came out over the next 10 minutes that could be possibly perceived as communication.

It was then time to try the Shack Hack ghost box and once again had some very interesting responses.  The first one, however, was not from the Ghost Box,  but an EVP captured by my audio recorder.

MB EVP Sep 15 #5 - 53 seconds after starting,  a male voice can be heard saying "Hear Me" .   To me this is an EVP and not from the Ghost Box because of the raspy way the word comes out like an EVP does.  The ghost box has words come out that don't have that raspy, wispy sound to them. 

Thirty seconds later, the ghost box drops it's first good word.

MB GB Sep 15 #1 - Here is a male voice saying "F***".     Looped 3 times no enhancements.  Not the word you hear on regular AM radio every day.  Especially when it happens a second time!

MB GB Sep 15 #2 -  20 seconds later,  as I am asking any spirits to speak loudly and clearly,  this time what sounds like the same voice now says, "F*** You."  Somebody over here does not like me I guess! 

This next clip is quite amazing.

MB GB Sep 15 #3 -  Here I am talking about the camcorder running out of film (the Super 8MM tape).  As I saying I need to put the camera away as I am out of film,  you hear a faint voice say what sounds like,  "For the camera."  Noise reduction and amplified on the playback.

The next 5 minutes had some minor exchanges where you could hear the same voice say several words,  but they were very hard to make out what exactly was being said.   After about 45 minutes total here,  I wanted to move on and finally get to investigate the Molly Pitcher area.   Just as I had packed up and was about to leave,  I caught this very bizarre EVP.

MB EVP Sep 15 #6 - Right here you hear a very loud raspy voice say my name - "Chuck!" just as I am about to tag my recording for sniffling.    It is unbelievable that I did not hear this voice.  It would have creeped me out to hear that live and me being the only person there!

I then proceeded to hike back to the area where I got the bad feelings on the last trip on the way to the spring area.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Monmouth Battlefield - Sept 15, 2011

This time though, as I walked into this path line along the woods,  I did not get that bad feeling.  All felt normal.  About 50 yards ahead was the entrance into the woods that led to spring area.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Monmouth Battlefield - Sept 15, 2011

Even though this is clearly the entrance,  if you're hiking you could end up walking past this and missing it altogether.   Then as you walk in,  a little bit in front of you is the walkway to the overlook that extends into the woods.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Monmouth Battlefield - Sept 15, 2011

Then a little bit more and you are there!

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Monmouth Battlefield - Sept 15, 2011

When you walk down to the end you have the plaques discussing Molly Hays and the true story of what happened during the battle.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Monmouth Battlefield - Sept 15, 2011

This plaque discussed the importance of water on the day of the battle.  How hot it was and how important the water from this area was.  Though looking out into the woods,  there was no sign of any water,  but again this is over 230 years later.  Things change.

As I made my approach into this area though,  I got the feeling like I was being watched.  Like there were snipers watching me to see if I made a wrong move.  There were no other people any where on the field at the time.  As I am walking into the area,  I announce out loud that I am a friend and mean no harm to anybody there.  I catch 2 EVP

MB EVP Sep 15 #7 - Between 3-4 seconds of the clip you hear a faint voice.  On the 2 replays, I have done noise reduction and amplified the sound.  Now its more clear and sounds like "Miss You".   Since this was my first time to the area,  why would a spirit be telling me it missed me?  Or was he talking about somebody else.

MB EVP Sep 15 #8 - Approx a minute later,  a whispered voice is captured by the recorder as I introduce myself as a friend.  On the replays,  it sounds like it is saying "Get outta here."  If you think it is saying something else,  please let me know!

I set up the Ovilus X,  my Sony Camcorder (SR-42) with the IR filter in place and started a ghost box session.  There quite a bit of decent responses,  the following are the best 7 from the session.

MB GB Sep 15 #4 -  This is pretty straight forward.  I say hello,  get a response from a female with a British Isles type accent and I respond.   This is not to say if this was a female spirit, that she was English.  That could possibly have been a typical accent back in Colonial times.

MB GB Sep 15 #5 -  Here I am using my Colonial picture cards, asking the spirits to Identify one of them.  At the 7 second mark,  you hear a female say Chuck,  followed by a male voice saying "....has to look."   Then a male voice says my name again that I acknowledge.   At the end the female-male combo is played back so you can hear how it sounds like  "Chuck has to look."   What at,  I have no idea.

MB GB Sep 15 #6 -  I am telling the spirits that I have lived in New Jersey most of my life.  As soon as I finish saying this,  a male voice responds quickly with  "That's right!"  Looped twice at the end in case you miss it.  

MB GB Sep 15 #7 -  Here I am back to using the cards again and announce I am holding one up.  As soon as I finish saying it,  a male voice again quickly responds by saying "What is it?".  Looped twice at the end.

MB GB Sep 15 #8 -  After I hold up the last card and not getting a response,  I say the name George Washington.  A female answer with a naughty four letter word that is self-explanatory! 

MB GB Sep 15 #9 -  Near the end of the session,  I am asking if there is anybody who needs to cross over.   A get a cheerful "Hello" from a male who strangely has the same type of accent as the female hello in ghost box # 5!

MB GB Sep 15 #10 -  In this last clip,  I am asking my spirit guide / guardian angel to help out and if the spirit needs help, they can guide them to the light.  At the 10 second mark you hear a male voice chime in "Go for it!"  Replayed twice at the end.   Is this a spirit or angel trying to tell another one to go for it, aka: cross into the light?   Yes,  its completely subjective,  but something I personally believe is taking place.

The Ovilus X session spit out a few random, meaningless words as far as I could see.

As I started to leave the area and walk away, I caught 4 more EVPs in about a one minute span.   The first and second ones are the most audible and I will list those here.

MB EVP Sep 15 #9 - This EVP is subjective, but the way it is said,  makes me think the spirit here is saying "We are coming to play" or "I'm coming to play."  Looped twice at the end with noise reduction and amplified.

MB EVP Sep 15 #10 - 15 seconds later,  here is a male voice saying "Chucky".  Clearly intelligent and the funny thing here is when I was a little boy, my family would call me "Chucky".   Does the spirit know this about me and is saying it to validate his presence or is he mocking my name? 

Before leaving for the day,  I decided to take a quick swing by the Sutfin House and take some photos.  Some of the boards had come loose from the upstairs windows, so I wanted to take some photographs with my Vivitar IR camera.

There were 2 pictures I took of interest of one of the open windows upstairs.  This was the 2nd photo:

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Monmouth Battlefield - Sept 15, 2011

This is the maximum size I could make the picture.  You can see here there is nothing of interest.  Yet in the photo I took before this one,  something was quite different.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Monmouth Battlefield - Sept 15, 2011

In the first photo,  you can clearly see something (as highlighted by the red circle), which appears to be a face looking out the window from the shadows.   As the house is boarded up,  there was no way anybody could be inside.  There was no mirror or anything to reflect.  If there was, it would have shown up in both photos.   This is also not sun flare because it would have shown up in both photos too,  never mind that the Sun was on the opposite side of the building and I was shooting from the shade.

This is not conclusive proof of a spirit in the photo,  but it is rather odd,  so it had to be noted.   After I took my photos and a quick 5 minute EVP session that yielded no results,  I headed on out for home.

The first trip to the Molly Pitcher Spring area yielded some good results and just reconfirms the level of activity did not end at George Washington's battle line.   One thing I was disappointed in is that there was no evidence of Molly Hays  being present as some reports in the past had her ghost walking walking around that had some tourists convinced that the person was a reenactor.  Until the park ranger told them they had no reenactor walking around as Molly Hays!

Of course I will have to return in the future to gather more evidence and hopefully see if I can make contact with her!  George Washington isn't hanging around, so why not her!  :-)