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Investigating at Monmouth Battlefield State Park - March, 2016

I have enjoyed investigating there and presenting my findings over the past few years.   Some other investigators I know have also enjoyed their time at the Battlefield Park as well,  experiencing some great things.   The park has a magnificent history,  its quiet,   great hiking trails and a park for the family.   Professional photographers enjoy taking breath taking pictures of the land.  It is one of New Jersey's best unknown treasures.

But now there is a problem brewing and some folks are going to get into a lot of trouble.

Today I was contacted by a regular patron and hiker at Monmouth Battlefield State Park about on going problems the park is now having regarding people who are using paranormal investigating as an excuse to break into the Sutfin Farmhouse on the battlefield.   These are not paranormal investigators who are breaking into the house,  these are people looking for kicks and a a thrill.

No respectable paranormal investigator would trespass,  let alone break and enter into a sealed house that is potentially dangerous.

I have stressed time and time again on this matter,  that these farmhouses are too dangerous to enter.  Never mind the fact it is illegal to do so!   The Thompson-Taylor house will soon collapse upon itself and the entire area is dangerous from hidden wells and debris.   The Sutfin house is in slightly better shape,  but if you've ever had a chance to peer inside just a little,  you can see debris all over.  Not to mention all the animal life that has probably taken up inside the house and littered the place with feces and urine.   Breathing in dust with animal contaminate can be lethal and did kill an investigator in 2012 in North Carolina.  The investigator died from a lung illness caused by breathing in such dust.

A Google search will easily find you the story.  You are not invincible.   If you think you are, go watch a few episodes of the TV show "Monsters Inside Me" and then get back to me on how you are immune from microscopic organisms and contaminants.

Looking for ghosts and spirits is not worth serious injury or your life.


Looking for ghosts and spirits is not worth serious injury or your life.


If you are looking to investigate any location that is boarded up and you break and enter and get caught,  you are going to be in a world of trouble.   If the Park Rangers catch you breaking into anyplace at the Battlefield,  you are going to be in a lot of trouble.  If you get caught on the Park grounds after hours,  you are going to get into trouble.

If you get caught,  don't turn around and say "Well,  Chuck and others come here to investigate too,  so why can't I?"

That's because I don't break into the farmhouses.   I don't stay on the Park grounds after Park hours for the day.  I don't sneak onto the Park grounds after hours.  My friends who investigate there do not do these things either.

We all follow the rules of the places we investigate.   Public or private lands,  it does not matter.

Go Google search the so called investigators who broke into a historic plantation in Louisiana and burned the house down in the name of ghost hunting.    Just a bunch of guys of aged from 17-31 looking for a cheap scare or thrill and ended up being charged with arson, burglary, criminal trespass and criminal damage.   A few of them got 5-10 years in jail as punishment.

That's a pretty F---ing stupid reason to go to jail and ruin a portion of your life.

If you go to the park to investigate,  there is ZERO reason for you to try to enter anyplace on the property.   You want EVPs,  you can get plenty of them all over the field.   Molly Pitcher spring area,  George Washington's line,  the British Grenadiers position,  the long path between the field that heads toward  the Taylor Farmhouse.   The picket fences near the orchard.   All day during park hours.     Just like if you were at Gettysburg.  

I repeat again for those who are reading,  I do not condone anybody doing anything illegal,  anyplace,  in order to look for ghosts and spirits. 

You want to go investigate inside an old creepy building at night for the thrill of a scare from a ghost or spirit?  There are dozens of locations in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania,  etc etc that you can pay anywhere from a little money to big money for the experience. 

Then you don't have to worry about being arrested for criminal trespass and going to jail.


Sorry for the rant,   but I find the complete lack of respect by a few bad apples, for the historical places on the Battlefield,  to be disgusting.