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Private Joint Investigation with Bearfort Paranormal
Undisclosed Airport - New Jersey Location - November 26, 2011

First I would like to thank Rob and Sandra from Bearfort Paranormal for inviting me along to join them on this private investigation.  They were short handed and asked if I would like to investigate with them, so who was I to turn down this great opportunity!   Also due to privacy concerns,  the name and location of the airport have been withheld from this blog.

This was my first opportunity to join my friends Rob and Sandra at an undisclosed airport in New Jersey.   To borrow from their website description of the airport, the paranormal claims of the workers at the airport were "shadows being  reported in the tower. Strange noises and shuffling sounds have been heard in the hangar as well as the sounds of children playing."

The airport also had a unique history "The airport was originally built for private use in the 1950s. The land itself has a long history as well, having once been settled by the Lenni Lenape Indians. The property changed hands many times over the years and accommodated everything from an Iron mining operation and quarry to a children's camp and horse farm before its current incarnation. We are unable to say much more about its history as the name and location have been withheld per our clients request."

Bearfort's first investigation yielded quite a few EVPs, light anomalies, Spirit Box replies and a shadow breaking up a laser grid set up in a back storage locker.   So needless to say the place was active.   When Rob got the call to come back,  the activity had picked up again,  some of the workers were a bit nervous and hopefully some more answers could be found.   They graciously invited me to join them since the rest of the team would not be able to make the trip.

When we arrived,  Rob and Sandra introduced me to a couple of the workers on site and showed me around and the hot spots they had encountered.    When they took me back to the storage locker area where they picked up a lot of activity,  you could feel the atmosphere of the room change.  Just like when you watch one of the TV shows and they say the room feels strange,  same thing.    Just like the first time I walked into the visitor center at Monmouth Battlefield,  a feeling you can't explain, but you can feel it in the air.

We spent some time setting up equipment,   Bearfort obviously having 10x the equipment I have at my disposal.   A FLIR heat sensing camcorder was set up in the main hanger,  static camcorders with night vision where set up in various spots around the tower and hanger area,  the laser grid reestablished.   As for myself,  it was basically strapping my gear to my belt pouches and go with my standard roving mobile operation.  LOL

Since there were some people working in the hangar area,  we set up to investigate the tower area.   Basically a small tower and back room area,  just perfect for 3 people to investigate.

Tower area of airport - joint investigation Chuck's Paranormal Adventures & Bearfort Paranormal

The tower.  Basically a 1-2 person operation.  Rob had set up 3 static pods on the counter in front of the grey chair to see if they might be set off by a curious spirit.

Tower area of airport - joint investigation Chuck's Paranormal Adventures & Bearfort Paranorma

The backroom behind the tower sitting area.  Here we set up a Ovlius,  Mel Meters, digital recorders, static camcorders and the laptop for an experiment, called the Ganzfeld experiment.

Tower area of airport - joint investigation Chuck's Paranormal Adventures & Bearfort Paranorma

The view from the back of the tower into the front.  Here you can see the static camcorder filling the room.  Note: the white streak on the glass pane to the right is from the flash reflection and is not paranormal.

While we were setting up the equipment,  the airport mascot,  a cat,  came up and was walking up to us for some attention and petting.  This is where the first EVP we captured on my audio recorder.

APEVP#1 - I am calling out to that cat saying "Kitty".  After the 2nd time saying it, you hear a faint voice reply with what sounds like "Kitty".  Looped twice afterward with noise reduction and enhancement.

Then a quick set of EVP's were captured.

APEVP#2 -  Approximately 35 seconds later,  you hear me note that the Mel Meter I am watching as gone to a 0.4.  Just before Sandra speaks,  you can hear a voice say something as she is noting a temperature drop on one Mel Meter and not the other.  The EVP part is looped twice which catches Sandra beginning to talk.

APEVP#3 - Then almost a minute later,  as Sandra is talking about hearing something,  around the 4 second mark you can hear something being said.  Looped twice at the end with noise reduction and amplified.   Cannot make out what is being said.

After we set up, Bob wanted to try an experiment called the Ganzfeld experiment.  This is where you sit in the dark with your eyes covered up and white noise is fed into a set of headphones so you cannot hear what is going on around you.  While the white noise is being pumped in,  a split line is also playing the white noise into a set of speakers that everybody else can hear.   The hope was that something might try to communicate through the white noise to the person in the experiment,  yet could also be heard by the rest of us listening on the other end or picked up through audio recording.

Sandra went first.   She placed a 1/2 of a cut ping-pong ball over each eye and they were held in place with sunglasses.  There was a red light on in front of her.  She could not hear any noise in the room once the volume of the white noise was raised to a level that was still comfortable for her to hear.   Part way into the experiment,  the cat decided to sneak up on her and hit her leg, which of course was unexpected and gave her a momentary fright!  LOL.  

During her experiment,  she thought she picked up a voice that kept saying "Fishhead soup"!    When I tried the experiment,  I kept hearing a repeating hum.  Rob felt at one point that something touched the top of his head and his right leg as it was facing towards the center of the room.    Our audio recordings did not pick up anything from the split line that was playing the white noise through the speakers, though there was what sounded like a female making a noise that was captured by one of the audio recorders.

Chuck doing Ganzfeld experiment with Bearfort Paranormal - Chuck's Paranormal Adventures

This is me trying out the Ganzfeld experiment.  The room only looks bright because of the flash from the camera, but was dark except for the red light, which you can see the reflection in the glasses.  You can also make out the cut ping pong balls covering my eyes through the glasses also.

While the experiment proved to be very interesting,  there was nothing that we could rule as 100% paranormal, though I would be willing to try the experiment again in the future.   We did capture an EVP right after the experiment was over as Rob was teasing Sandra about "fishhead soup" and a voice was captured in a mocking manner.

Before we got ready to leave and head down to the hangar area (in particular the back storage area),  the K-2 meter in my hand started to light up.   I checked it against the equipment I was holding in my hand at the time and it did not set off the meter.  I held it out at arms length and it would light up.  We tried asking some questions to see if it would respond, but nothing worth noting.  I placed the K-2 on the floor and it stopped lighting up.   Rob suspected one of the machines in the tower may have been causing the K-2 to spike,  but it was odd that the K-2 sat on the table the entire time of our Ganzfeld Experiments and not once did it light up, which was close to the machine in question.

We then proceeded down into the hangar and into the back storage room where there was a lot of activity.

IR photo of entrance to back storage area- Chuck's Paranormal Adventures
Photo taken of doorway into storage room with Vivitar IR camera.

Robert had already set up his H2 audio recorder,  night vision camcorder, laser grid, EMF meter and some toys as trigger objects for suspected child spirits thought to be here.   I had a couple of glow stick bracelets that I placed in there as well, as I had seen on one TV show where the investigators were told the spirits liked glow sticks.

We set up to do a Ghost Box session using Robert's P-SB7 spirit box.  This was the first time I got to sit in a session using this type of spirit box and the results were pretty amazing.   During the session when Rob asked for any spirits present to say our names,  the names Bob and Chuck came out very clearly.    When trying to get names of any spirits present, the names Edith, Doug and Tom came out.   Edith's name had come out in a prior investigation by Bearfort Paranormal.

During the session,   Sandra had asked if the spirits back there could leave the area at any time they wanted and we got a disembodied voice that replied "no".   We all heard it,  it was picked up on several recorders and did not come from the P-SB7.

After our session, we headed back up to the tower area again,  to try the P-SB7 again and do a general EVP session.  In what was without a doubt one of the most memorable moments of the evening,  as I was saying that we left toys down in the storage room for any child spirits present to play with,  the chairs Sandra and I were sitting in (next to each other), were given a good shove.  At the same exact moment!   Yet Robert, who was sitting on the other side of the table from us,  did not feel a thing.   It was not a subtle floor vibration from somebody slamming a door or anything like that.   We asked if whatever did that could do it again,  but it never happened again.

(Note:  video of this and other events captured by Bearfort Paranormal during the investigation can be seen in the embedded video at the end of this page.)

After a brief intermission to eat some food and recharge the batteries,  Sandra and I went back into the storage room to use my Ghost Box while Robert went to take photos and check his equipment in the hangar and back in the tower area.   As you will see in the Bearfort video,  Robert caught a picture of a mist forming over the wing of one of the aircraft parked in the hangar.   It was not foggy or rainy this night,  a clear cool night outside.  What could have caused this mist to show up over one particular airplane was a mystery.

Here are the best 4 clips from the Ghost Box session Sandra and I had in the storage room area.

Airport GB #1 -  Right after we started,  you hear a voice say "Hi".  Sandra and I respond as we heard this.  One second afterward,  a voice says,  "I wouldn't do that.".   Is this a spirit saying we shouldn't be doing the Ghost Box session?  Unknown.

Airport GB #2 - About 30 seconds later,  we get another "hey" from a female, quickly followed by a male voice saying "hey".  I respond by saying hey and asking if Edith is still there.   You hear a response from a female,  but I cannot make out what she is saying.   At the time I thought she said "Doug" and when I respond and ask if Doug is still here, you hear the reply, "I am!"

Airport GB #3 - Later I am asking Doug if he likes staying in the back room by himself.  At 7-8 seconds into the clip, you hear a female voice say very fast what sounds like "good".   At 10 seconds, you hear a male voice respond with "Edith shut up!"  This is followed up by the same spirit dropping an "F" bomb.   Sounds like Doug or whomever the male is was not happy with Edith for budding in!

Airport GB #4 - This is one of the best Ghost box clips I have captured to date.   I am asking if they can go anyplace else other than the storage room.   There is a strange murmur right after I finish talking.  Then all of a sudden, you hear a male voice say very clearly "Dangerous".  When I ask what is dangerous,  you hear a female voice respond, "He's mean, please don't tell!"   Rob and Sandra suspected from their previous investigations that there is a mean spirit on the grounds,  especially since Rob had been called a "dickhead" before.   Are these spirits in the back room hiding from this mean spirit and don't want us to tell him they are back there?

After we finished the session,  Sandra and I were talking when we heard a noise.  She asked if it was me and it wasn't,  I was standing still.   Upon review of my audio recorder,  these are footsteps in the room with us!  Except we were the only two in there at the time,  not moving.   Had Rob entered the room,  we would have heard the door open and seen him enter.   Here is the audio of the footsteps: 

Footsteps  -  The footsteps are looped twice at the end.  They sound like somebody wearing boots.

Robert then came in a few minutes later.   They suggested that I head outside into the hangar by myself and do some investigating in there by myself.   While I didn't catch anything on my digital recorder,  I did manage to capture something amazing on my IR camera.

Now I was snapping pictures all over the hangar and again, taking 2 pictures in a row for comparison.     At one point,  I took this picture of one of the aircraft in the hangar.

Photo of airplane with IR camera - Chuck's Paranormal Adventures

Here in this photo,  there is nothing that looks unusual.   Just a biplane.  Then this was the next photo.....

Possible spirit captured on film - Chuck's Paranormal Adventures

Now,  in this picture,  there is the outline of a person standing behind the wing,  which is clearly not there in the first picture.   Here is the picture again,  with a red oval around the figure (thanks again Sandra for the oval!)

Possible spirit captured on film - Chuck's Paranormal Adventures

There was nobody else in the hangar except me at the time and this is not a case of matrixing, as this is not seen in the first picture.  It has the outline of a head, shoulders and upper body.  Clearly behind the wing.   What this is or who this is, is of course a mystery.

About 10 minutes later Rob and Sandra came out to join me.   I then offered to go up to the tower to do a little more solo EVP work before we called it a night.   I did catch one more EVP before the night ended.

APEVP#4 -  Here I am announcing I am about to sit down for any messages the spirits want to leave.  You hear me groan as I am sitting down into the chair.  At the 18 second mark of the clip,  you hear a voice say what sounds like "Don't sit down."   Looped twice at the end with noise reduction and amplified.   I guess the spirit of the tower was done for the night and didn't want me sitting down to continue my work!


It's funny how before we arrived at the airport,  Rob, Sandra and myself were really energized and pumped for this investigation.  We all seemed to feel something in the air, that things were going to happen and our gut instincts before hand were accurate.  It was great to finally go on an investigation of this magnitude with Rob and Sandra and I thank them a lot for inviting me along.  I learned a lot on this trip  (like to be careful about saying "wow" under my breath with digital recorders running all over!) and I certainly was looking forward to investigating with them again in the future.

Below is the You Tube video of some of the highlights of our investigation, courtesy of Bearfort Paranormal.  I hope you'll watch the video and give it a thumbs up because I think you will enjoy it a lot!