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Private Home Investigation
Marlboro, NJ  - August 18, 2015

For this investigation,  the home owner has agreed for the EVPs,  spirit box and some photos to be posted,  but for privacy reasons,  I will refer to the owner as "K".

My Reiki teacher and good friend Amy,  from Reiki Hands of Hope (Old Bridge, NJ) contacted me about a lady that was having some potential paranormal issues in her home.   Water faucets turning on by themselves,  doors opening and closing,  closet door opening,  footsteps,   lights turning on and off, odd noises, etc.   Some of the common things that happen when there is activity in the house.   Of course one does not know for sure what is actually going on until you can examine the evidence and investigate.  

We were to meet a couple of friends of K's at the house,   Andrea and Carole.   So there would be a total of 5 of us to investigate.   We would meet up around 8PM and then see where the night would take us.

Amy and I arrived first and K was outside waiting to meet us.    While waiting for Andrea and Carole,  we talked to K and asked her about the activity.   As she explained it had been happening for a while,  I would ask if she had checked for natural explanations to what was going on.   Light switches were checked, water faucets were good,  no windows opened for air to move doors.    She did explain that her father had built the house years ago,  so they were the original owners.   The area did consist of old farm land,  that probably went back into the 1800's and maybe even earlier than that.   So while there might not have been any former house owners to contend with,  perhaps it was somebody who used to farm on the land?

A sensitive earlier had gotten the impression of children in period clothing in the house.   So the old farm land tenants were a distinct possibility.    Then K told us that she had just thrown out a Ouija board that she and her brother used to play with in their teens.   Instinctively,  Amy and I looked at each other and figured that may have had something to do with the activity,  even though it had not been used in a while.   We where told it would repeat a certain two-letter pattern repeated, which I will not say here,  but fans of the TV show "Ghost Adventures" will figure it out what the 2 letter pattern was.   Very surprising to me to have a similar response as seen on TV.   Since we did not have Holy Water on hand, we decided the very first order of business would be to destroy the board with fire.    Just then Andrea and Carole arrived and we took some time to burn the Ouija board to be safe.   First I sprayed it with liquid white sage as that was the best we had on hand,  then into the fire pit while Amy prayed for it to be gone,  the archangels to protect us and so forth. 

After the board was destroyed,  we moved on into the house where K would show us where the activity was taking place.   The kitchen would serve as the HQ for the equipment and we moved into a hallway leading from the main rooms to the bedrooms in the back.   In the middle of the hallway was a hall closet with sliding doors that were have said to have moved.  On the other side was a small bathroom,  where the water faucets were have said to turned on by themselves. 

With the ladies at the end of the hallway near the bathroom and me at the other,   Amy walked into the bathroom and felt the atmosphere in there was very off.   Before I even had an audio recorder started,   we all heard the disembodied sound of a little child laughing.   We could not tell where it was coming from,  but we all heard it and it sounded like it was right there with us.   Lesson learned to have an audio recorder always rolling because you never know what you might pick up.

I grabbed some of the equipment and came back.   I placed the REM-POD in the hallway and did a sweep with the Mel-meter,  but the base milligauss reading was flat 0.0.    I called out for any spirits there to use the "black box" in my hand to speak into,  and we caught our first EVP of the evening.

Note:  For EVP responses,  best to use headsets as some of these EVP can be too faint to hear over speakers, even when amplified.   EVPs replayed twice at the end of the clip.  Either with amplification and/or noise reduction for clarity.

K EVP #1 - After I finish talking,  around the 6 second mark you hear the faint reply.   On amplifying it,  to me it sounds like something is replying "Hi".

I tried an EVP burst session in order to get the name of the spirit with us,  but nothing came through.

I walked into the bathroom and again it was one of those experiences were you could feel the atmosphere of the room change into something thick.   I did not sense anything evil or bad,  but I could get the feeling like somebody was in this little room with me.    I went back and got the K2 and REM POD and brought it into the bathroom to set up by the sink.  A sweep of the room with the K2 meter showed no EMF coming from either the light fixture or the wall switch.

  I also turned on the faucets to see how tight they were and they were fairly tight and needed effort to turn on the water.   There was no way those faucets could turn on by themselves.  Even if a heavy truck drove by the house (on a side road away from heavy traffic),  the vibration of something like that would not have been enough to get the faucet to turn on.   Little did we realize at the time,  but we would get later get responses about the water in the house.

This is how we set up for EVP session in the bathroom.  This is a still photo from the camcorder,  whose audio was completely ruined. 

In the process of turning on the water,  the K2 decided to flash for a moment.  Which was very interesting.   Amy  was sitting down at the top of the hallway trying to tune in on who was there with us.   K,  Carole and Andrea stood just outside the bathroom door,  watching in.  So we were all accounted for.    I asked if the spirit was there could make the K2 flash to answer questions we asked.  Flash for yes,  no flash for no.   Of course we got no flash,  so I tried some reverse psychology and then asked if they could make it flash if they did not want to answer our questions.  Then the K2 flashed!  LOL.

At this point Amy was picking up that there was a little child with us so we tried to get him to answer some questions.  Trying to gain his trust,  Amy noted that all the ladies there Mommy-types and would love to give him a hug.   As soon as Carole volunteered to offer a big hug to him,  the K2 flashed in response!   Moments later when Carole offered to hug him again,  the K2 flashed again.

K Audio - Not an EVP,  but just to play you the audio of what happened hear.   I was recording with my camcorder,  but the audio was heavily distorted,  dropping in and out,  hi and low.   Testing the equipment after I got home and the audio was fine.   So perhaps whatever was in there with me was causing some type of havoc on my camcorder shotgun mike.

While we were only getting flashes up to the 2nd light on the K2,  we were trying to coax the little boy spirit into putting more energy into making more lights light up.   Without any success,  K asks if they would feel more comfortable talking with her since they live with her.   We then catch 2 amazing EVPs,  from what sounds like 2 different spirits.

K EVP #2 - After K finishes talking,  at the 8 second mark there is a footstep heard from one of us.  However there is a voice that occurs at the same time.   At the end of clip,  that EVP is played first and sounds like somebody is replying to her by saying "We know it.".    After about 12 seconds of silence and noise from somebody in the hallway,  at the 21 second mark is another voice.   This one sounds like it is saying, "So let's talk to her."  As if this spirit is replying to another spirit.    Amazing responses.

I have left to go back to the kitchen at this point to give a K a chance to talk to her spirits one on one.   Amy had already said that the little boy felt sad because he missed his parents.   So a few minutes later,  another EVP is captured and one that would be absolutely amazing later on after the investigation was over.

K EVP #3 - Here you hear K say that she is also sometimes sad.   You'll hear a zipper in the background.  That is me in the kitchen getting out some equipment.   Then at the 9 second mark you hear the male voice.   Clearly not me.  Upon the amplification,  you can clearly hear it is saying the name - "Frank".   It is also not a young kid either.

Now the EVPs are flying.   A few moments later with no silence,   Andrea gets a feeling on her leg.  When she asks if it was the spirit,  we catch another EVP

K EVP #4 - Andrea asks about them touching her leg.  She is standing in the hallway outside the bathroom.  Around the 8 second mark you hear the EVP,  immediately followed by Carole telling K to go in there (the bathroom).   This one is hard to make out,  there is a couple of words ending in ......on me."   I cannot make out what the other words are, but clearly they are replying to Andrea's question.

K EVP #5 - Just seconds after Carole tells K to go into the bathroom,  K asks if it is okay to go into the bathroom.   There is an immediate reply to her question.   It sounds like another spirit,  maybe the young boy asks "See me?"

K EVP #6 - Another double EVP.  About 2 minutes later,  Amy is feeling more than one presence and somebody is not happy about it.   She asks if he is the only one there.   At the 4 second mark,  inter mixed with a footstep (one of us), is a smart ass voice saying "Good question babe."    When Amy starts to say there is more than one there and they don't like it (in-between me bumping into somebody),  there is what sounds like an older male voice saying "No it isn't.".     Now it sounds like we might have 3-4 spirits present at this point with the different voices we have picked up.

Then all of a sudden the EVPs came to a stop.   We took some photos in the bathroom and had some more K2 interaction where it got up to the 4th light which was very impressive.  At one point I felt a thud under my feet and I asked if there was a basement.  Of course there was!

Note:  The time stamp on the full spectrum photo is incorrect.   Had to change batteries out and forgot to reset the time / date.

After a few more minutes,  the K2 activity came down to a trickle.   We felt the spirit had used a lot of energy to make contact with us.   So Amy, Andrea,  K and I decided to move onto another room where something was felt.  Carole offered to stay in the bathroom with the child spirit who could sit on her lap.   When asked if it was okay,  the K2 flashed in response as this was okay!

Amy and I walked into a back room that had belonged to K's brother,  who used the Ouija board in this particular room.   Here the air felt heavy and darker than the bathroom did.   We called out for the spirit that was in there to identify itself,  but it refused.   Amy prepared sage to cleanse the room as we challenged the entity to leave in the name of God and Jesus.   The spirit was not invited,  had no business staying there and needed to leave.  We encouraged K to put her foot down and tell it to leave and she did!

K Audio #2 - Just a small sample of K telling the entity it needed to get out!

We saged the room,  blessed it with prayer and placed Reiki into the four corners of the room.   Once we did this, the room felt cleaner.   Amy sensed the entity had fled out to another room.   We then left to check the other rooms on the upper level and for the most part they felt light and comfortable.  One of the living room areas felt off for a moment,  but once we brought the sage into play,  the room went back to a light feeling again.    Amy saged the bathroom where the child spirit was,  but Carole still got K2 flashes in response to things she was saying to him.    Just shows that sage is only effective against negative energies.   It will not chase out the spirits of family members or good spirits.

Meanwhile,  as we moved on and Carole was talking to the spirit in the bathroom,  she caught this faint EVP.

K EVP #7 -  Carole is asking if she can rub his back.  At the 3 second mark, you can hear the faint voice,  but definitely sounds like it is saying "Yeah" in response to her question!

After the rest of the upstairs was secure,   the only hiding place left was the basement.   As were talking about this,  something odd is captured on the audio recorder that was completely missed the first time I went through it.

K EVP #8 - You first hear Amy mention about taking the battle to him.  This is followed by a clear voice asking "in the basement while you hear a whispered voice saying "It's going after Chuck".    I initially discarded the "in the basement" as one of the ladies,  but now listening to it several times,  I am not sure.  This does not sound like any of the ladies in the house,  their voices are all very distinctive.   Now upon further review,  it sounds like a young child speaking.   I also thought at first that the voice saying "It's going after Chuck." was Andrea's.   But then later on when she heard the clip,  she said she didn't think it was her.

Before we all moved down into the basement,  I wanted to go down first and alone.   Since we had assumed at this point the negative entity we believed to be in the house had no place left to go,  I wanted to assess how dangerous it might be before having the women come down.  Especially since with the exception of Amy,  the other ladies had not been on an investigation before. 

The basement was massive, with 4 rooms.  The first 3 I went through,  I could not pick up anything.  My light source was the red light from the Mel Meter I took with me for readings. Of course when I entered the 4th room,  the one furthest in the back,  I could feel that heavy,  darker atmosphere present.    I did not catch any EVPs as I was calling out for it to tell me who it was and what it wanted.   However,  my right wrist felt like somebody had wrapped their fingers around it lightly and then I felt a slight tug on the hair behind my left ear.   I turned on my flashlight to see if this pulling might have been caused by a cobweb,  but there was no cobweb.

I told the entity that its attempt to scare me had failed,  I've had worse scares thrown at me by other spirits in other locations  (Old Washoe Club for one!)  and that was not going to keep me from bringing back the girls and the sage to finish the job.

I also didn't notice it at the time, but I did have the Mel Meter set to record high and low EMF and temp spikes.   When I did a check of the recorded highs and lows a little bit later,  I discovered this reading was caught.

The time stamp here is correct because I had to switch out batteries that had been drained.

After I told the ladies what had happened and they could come on down,   I mentioned to K what I had experienced in that one back room.   She told me that her brother used to stay in there and did the Ouija board in there too!   We saged in that room and the moved back into the proceeding room where Amy could feel the presence of the entity, trying to hide in a corner.   I tried to take photos using my full spectrum camera,  but they were coming out pitch black.  So I tried to use the flash from my camera to take a photo.  The flash failed.  Retried,  flash failed again and again.  Then I noticed that the full battery charge I had on the batteries was gone.  Completely drained in seconds.   Fortunately for me,  I always carry spares in case of this situation.    I then remembered to fix the time stamp and then back into the room.

Amy coaxed K into giving the entity both barrels of verbal demands to leave the house and never come back again.  She was so forceful,  I was almost ready to leave myself!   We then decided to do a spirit box session and see what other information we could get.   Before we started though,  we captured 2 more EVP.

K EVP #9 - In this clip you hear me working to put batteries into the P-SB7 spirit box.  At the 4 second mark you hear the faint voice.   Upon amplifying it,  it sounds like a young female asking "Amy?"

K EVP #10 - Sixty seconds later,  same voice,  again asking for Amy.

I started up the P-SB7 Spirit box on my usual sweep of 250ms on Reverse mode on AM.   This means that in the span of 1 full second,  the spirit box will have scanned 4 radio frequencies going in reverse order.  Example in that one second span,  it will cover 1010AM then 1000AM, 990AM, 980AM, etc.    Not every frequency has a radio station on it,  so there is lots of white noise mixed in with the sound.   While you can get some radio bleed through with one word or a partial word,  it should be next to impossible to get multiple words or full sentences in the same voice over a sweep of say, 5 seconds,  or 20 radio frequencies.  I also place the spirit box inside a faraday pouch in order to minimize the radio receiving signals.

The first reply though sounded more like an EVP over the spirit box as it ran in the background.   This sounded like a female saying "Hey".   Note:  Spirit box clips will play the either the question and response or just a response.   Replayed twice at the end by themselves. 

K GB #1 -  You'll hear me talking,  and a male voice starts at 6 seconds, ending at 8 seconds (8 stations scanned) and the voice is asking "talk...out....how?",  like it is asking how to reply.  The female EVP comes in just before the male voice says how.  She is saying "Hey".   It is not any of the ladies and after the verbal thrashing K just gave to the spirit to get out of her house,  she is certainly not giving the spirit a friendly "Hey"!

K GB #2 -  Right after I ask for the name of the spirit down there,   the immediate reply is "Frank"!   The same name as the EVP # 3 listed above.   Was this spirit named Frank? The one we had chasing around the house and now down into the basement?

K GB #3 -  About 6 minutes in,  we've had some minor sounding responses,  but not the usual chatter we have picked up elsewhere using the spirit box.   K then calls out that whether they speak or not, they have to leave.   Her statement is immediately followed by a male voice asking "When?"  I heard this and say it means right now.    Notice the amount of dead air coming through.

K GB #4 -  Here K is telling the spirit to get out of the corner it is huddled in and to get out of the house.  At the 7 second mark you hear a plea saying "We're not bad."   K fires out "Now".   At the end of the clip,  there is a loud male voice calling out "Bishop".   For long time followers,  you know "Bishop" has something to do with me as that word was called out when I first started.   Find the Bishop,  Get the Bishop.    I've heard it hear, there and everywhere.   Perhaps the spirit was trying to throw me off by saying this.   I don't know.

But the reply,  "We're not bad"  was in plural.   Looking back after this evidence review,  there were several spirits here.  Different voices,  male and female.  It seems like there was one bad apple in the bunch and the rest were good spirits.

K GB #5 -  In a stretch were we were not asking questions,  we catch a male spirit saying "Water".   This was said fast, but when I slowed the clip down it sounds like he is saying "Water".   Is this the spirit that has been turning on the faucets because it wants water?  Water for thirst or running water because it provides energy for the spirits?

K GB #6 -  In this clip,  Amy is talking about the area being lighter,  protected by angels, etc.   A male voice follows as if it is talking to me.  It sounds like it is saying...."See Chuck,   God won,  over and out."   A voice proclaiming victory or trying to fool us into thinking we won?   Now the skeptic will say the end of the phrase "over and out" most likely came from a CB or Ham radio and we picked it up on our radio.  Possible,  but highly doubtful an entire phrase would coincidentally address my name and say that God won,  while Amy had just been mentioning angels and the area being lighter.

K GB #7 -  Just seconds later,  the same voice proclaims "He left.".   A few seconds later Andrea feels and says that its gone.   The air down there felt lighter,  a quick sweep of all the basement rooms felt the same.   Not like it had when I first went down into the basement.   Amy finished the saging and we did the Reiki and prayers to finish up and left the basement.  Oddly,  afterward,  Amy sensed that the negative entity was gone,  but now there was an old man hiding in the corner.   Was this perhaps the same old man whose voice we caught in an EVP earlier that night?

Now,  when we went back into the kitchen upstairs,  we were planning on doing a spirit box session in the bathroom where we felt the child spirit at.   I was looking for my K2 meter and realized I left it in the basement.   No big deal,  I'll go back down and get it.   So I enter the room where we had just chased out the spirit and all of a sudden I got overwhelmed with a presence all around me.  Whether it was one or more spirits I have no idea.   The feeling startled me for a moment because when we left,  the area felt fine.   Now I felt surrounded,  but not by the negative spirit.   I felt like a soldier from World War 2 who had just walked into a French town after being liberated and the citizens were delirious in finally being free.   Like I was being hugged in gratitude for helping liberate the spirits from an oppressor.   It was a good feeling,  albeit it I was still startled because I was certainly not expecting it.

I got the K2,  mentioned to Amy what had just happened and she felt the same thing I had just said.   We went back to the bathroom and then participated in one of the most memorable sessions I was ever a part of.   My only regret was not being able to videotape it.   There was no room to mount the camera and tripod and I was holding the spirit box , audio recorder and speaker for us to hear with.   We placed a K2 down on the sink as before.  

In the basement session,  we had maybe 15 responses worth noting in a 10 minute plus session.  In this session we had over 50 in about 15 minutes.   Can't list them all here,  but will certainly list a lot of most meaningful ones.

K GB2 #1 -  Eighteen seconds in,  male voice says "Hi".    Carole asks what is their name.  The fainter reply to her sounds like "Listen to me."

K GB2 #2 -  This clip starts off with the same male voice over a span of 10 radio frequencies saying,  "Hey look,  Lavender,  get away from me."   The end overlaps with me talking.    Not only should this voice be heard over a span of 10 radio frequencies as it is saying a full sentence,  but it is also telling one of us who is wearing Lavender essential oil to keep away from him.    Lavender is supposedly not like by negative spirits,  so again for the skeptic, its highly coincidental if this was nothing more than a radio broadcast.

K GB2 #3 -  Earlier,  Amy had sensed the child's name was Patrick.   Here Carole is asking if their name is Patrick and 5 seconds later we get the voice that sounds a lot like Patrick!

K GB2 #4 -  About 30 seconds later,  a male voice says "That's Chuck!".    Funny I can listen to normal radio in my car or at home for months and never, ever hear my name.  I throw on the spirit box and my name will come out several times during the session.   Does it bother me or creep me out?  No,  not really.   I pretty much expect to be called out,  though mostly as a means of validation from the other side.

K GB2 #5 -  One of the most bizarre replies I've heard from a spirit box.   I call out to ask Patrick how old he is.    Immediately after,  there is a male voice asking "Fred,  you gotta pee pee?"  A few seconds later the voice of a young boy replies,  "Do we?"   Of course don't forget we are also conducting this session in the bathroom. 

K GB2 #6 -  Carole had just finished asking if Patrick was 8 years old.   We get a reply of "I'm thirsty."   A call for water in the basement session,  a statement of "I'm thirsty", up here in the bathroom.  Where tight water faucets turn on by themselves?

K GB2 #7 - Carole is asking if he is ready to go home and see his mom.   We had declared before we left for the night we would open a light for spirits so the could cross to the other side.    Same male voice replies "Lift Fred high again!".   So there is an adult male talking about young Fred.  So we have a Fred and a Patrick for boy spirits here.

K GB2 #8 -  Here an older male voice calls out "Thirst". 

K GB2 #9 -  Carole is telling the boy we are going to send him back, his mom is waiting.  Near the end of the clip there is a reply,  "She wants to love me."   

K GB2 #10 -  Carole says that he is going to go home.  A few seconds later the reply is "I want.".   Moments later,  for the first time during the session,  the K2 flashes which you can hear us reacting to.   The flashes basically were "Yes" answers for us at this point.

K GB2 #11 -  Amongst us having a laugh over something,  the male voice comes back again to call out "Thirst!"   That makes 3 times in the first 4 minutes of the session where somebody is letting us know they are thirsty.

K GB2 #12 -  After hearing this again,  I ask if they are turning on the water because they are thirsty.   Right away a voice states "Patrick he know!"   I thought the answer was no,  so I asked who is turning the water on.  At the end the male voice replies "Annie".

K GB2 #13 -  I am saying we will cross over everybody together.  At the end of the clip,  we catch what I believe to be an EVP and not from the Spirit Box.  Again,  just like in the basement where we caught a "Hey",  now its possibly the same female again saying "Hi".   Annie perhaps?  Or another female spirit?

K GB2 #14 -  I am talking about them going into the light to see their family.   This very fast voice replies "They're going to be there for them."  followed by a fainter voice saying "Bishop"!   Arrggh with these Bishop replies!  LOL

K GB2 #15 -  We had been asking how many spirits were there with us and got several replies of 20.   Then this strung out sentence comes out in different voices,  "The chick,  is upset,  with Chuck.".    I slow down the 2 replays by 10% so you can hear it better.   Who is upset with me,  I have no idea and why.

K GB2 #16 -  Carole is telling the spirit he is going to go see his mom.  Andrea asks if he is happy and immediately we get a reply of "Yeah".   We hear this and are excited, then the K2 starts flashing in acknowledge too!

K GB2 #17 -  Moments after K is asking if her mom has been taking care of them,   a teenage sounding male asks "Annie, forgive please."   Now we have 2nd confirmation of somebody named Annie being present.

K GB2 #18 -  K is asking Patrick if her mom is there with them.   An older male voice comes out at the end saying "Water".    Water and thirst words coming out a bunch of times kind of confirms in my mind that the faucets were not turning on by themselves.

K GB2 #19 -  Just before Carole asks if K's mom is there,  hear is the name "Fred" being said again. 

K GB2 #20 -  Another voice of protest.  Picking up at the end of the last clip,  a male voice says,  "Don't touch me.....am not.....the Devil".   Somebody throwing up their hands to protest their innocence.

K GB2 #21 -  The real triumph here, after all this amazing interaction.   K is asking if her mom can hear her,  is she there with us.   Some voice comes through we can't make out followed by a voice saying "love you".  We all heard it and it was an amazing response!

Then the K2 flashed in response.   This was the first time I have encountered a personal reply to somebody from a loved one on the other side.  We are all starting to get a bit choked up here.   Then this follows with an even more amazing response.

K GB2 #22 -  Right off the bat you hear a female voice say "I love you".   K then says "I love you.".  This is immediately followed up by the same voice, "Don't forget I love you!"

K would ask or say somethings and we kept getting strong flashes on the K2 meter in response.  They were quick and right after K would speak from the heart.   For a few minutes,  we did not get any female voices until K asked a favor.

K GB2 #23 -  K is asking her mom for a sign when she is around.  The ladies in the background are giving suggestions.  Right after K mentions the word song,  the female voice is heard coming through saying "Something."  in acknowledging to give a sign!  Plus the K2 flashed in acknowledgement shortly after too!

K would ask if her mom knew how much she loved her,  K2 would flash in response.  The full 5 lights,  can't be much more clear than that!

The session was winding down,  we wanted to get ready to cross everybody over into the light.  When I thanked the spirits for the session,  one let us know what he thought of it!

K GB2 #24 -  After I finish speaking,  you hear the spirit say "Not Bad!"   Of course it wasn't bad,  that was a fantastic session,  best one I have ever been a part of!  :-)

We then made our way into one of the living room areas, where we joined in a circle and opened the white light door for the spirits to cross through.   No more EVPs were caught at this point.   A last minute walk around of the house felt clear and comfortable,  as if there had never been a spirit there before!


In the weeks that followed,  K stayed in touch to let me know that nothing odd seemed to be happening in the house.   She did a little spring cleaning,  let a little extra light in and things have been good.   She did have a beach house she would visit that started to get similar activity that happened at her house.   Andrea went over,  did some saging and the beach house was cleaned out too.    Perhaps it hitched a ride with her or her dad from their residence to the beach house in one last hope of escape.

Also,  when I first heard the name Frank on EVP, then spirit box,   I asked K if she knew a Frank or anybody that lived there named Frank.   She did not recall any such person,  but she asked some family if they knew anything.  Then about 30 mins later she is texting me back OMG,  there was a Frank who lived in the house a long time ago.   The story is long and personal,  but lets say Frank was a bad seed.   We don't know if Frank had passed on and that was his spirit there,  or maybe the dark entity was looking for Frank because it liked his dark character,  but the connection was definitely there.

Thank you to K for inviting Amy and I,  plus thanks to her friends Andrea and Carole for the recommendation we come and investigate the house.   I'm glad we able to help answer some questions,  chase the dark energy from the home and help the other spirits there make their way into the light.   You never know how these private cases are going to turn out,  but this will certainly go into my top 5 of investigations I have taken part in.