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Investigation #4 - Rose Hill Cemetery, (Matawan, NJ) -
 May 23, 201

Chuck's Note -  Please be aware of kids entering the cemetery late at night to party and possibly cause trouble.  This happened at Rose Hill back in the 70's and was promptly cut off for visitation from the town.  This cemetery is filled with history and to possibly have this place cut off again is unthinkable.  Please,  if you see anybody committing any acts of vandalism at any cemetery or historical location,  please notify the police at once to put a stop to it.  

It was that time of year again where I was making arrangements to take out some of my friends from Reiki Hands of Hope.   Our trips to Chestnut Hill Cemetery,  Monmouth Battlefield and the Farmhouses really were great experiences for everybody.   But now it was time to step it up a bit and if there is a place where you really will have an amazing experience,  it would be Rose Hill Cemetery!

This time we would be joined by Rose Hill veterans Ian & Gabby,  whose investigations and research there have been nothing short of amazing.   After securing the proper okay to be there with a small group from Al Savolaine (Matawan Town Historian and on the Rose Hill Cemetery Board),  we set up May 23rd as our day to investigate.   A late morning to early afternoon investigation.   The weather was perfect that day,  slight breeze and mid 70's temperature.

My Reiki / Meditation teacher Amy, fellow Reiki / Meditation student Shannon and myself were the first to arrive as we parked over near the Stillwell's family plots.   Ian & Gabby joined us a few minutes later,  to be followed by one of Amy's friends Pam.    Six of us would be the ideal size for the investigation.

The first thing everybody seemed to sense was how the energy in the air was just charged.  This being my 4th visit here,  I had not felt anything like this on the previous trips.   Amy and Shannon sensed it too,  like a lot of the spirits of the cemetery had come forth to meet us.  Like they knew we were coming.   Our intention was to investigate,  make contact and then try to cross over spirits into the light at the end before we left.   It was not a bad feeling mind you,  not like an investigation where you walk into the room of a negative spirit that sucks the life out of you.  The air was charged and pumped up,  like at a big sporting event,  that type of feeling.

We first set up equipment by Lester's tombstone as we would begin there.  

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures & Friends at Rose Hill Cemetery,  May 23, 2015

We set up a H2 Zoom Audio recorder to the left of Lester's tombstone.  On Lester's Tombstone we set up a small pumpkin to try to debunk an earlier event,  the REM-POD,  a small toy that lights up when shook and in front of the marker was a picture of Lester from 1916.   On the tombstone on top of the picture to the right,  we placed the Paramid up there with a toy on each side of it.   We wanted to see if Lester had a preference for either toy and if he moved for it,  would he set off the Paramid.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures & Friends at Rose Hill Cemetery,  May 23, 2015
A toy car flanks the left of the Paramid,  a modern day Jet fighter toy flanks the right side.   The paramid did not sense any movement near the toys.

We also set up a HD camcorder (not seen in the photo) to record any possible manipulation of equipment or the toys.

Pam was delayed in arriving so we decided to start with a quick EVP session and explaining about the equipment that we had deployed around the area.   We got about 3 minutes into our session before the audio recorder on Lester's tombstone picked up this astonishing EVP.   EVP clips are best heard through headphones.  Every EVP is played in its original audio,  followed by 2 clips of the EVP's by themselves.  The 2 clips are enhanced, either  to amplify, reduce background noise or both.

Rose Hill 4 EVP #1 -  Nobody is speaking when the voice of what sounds like a young boys,  says - "Is he big like Chuck?"    Though it also sounds like he could be saying "I see big light Chuck".   Either way,  Class A EVP!

A few minutes later,  Amy and I are telling Lester that is okay to cross over into the light.   We know that he enjoys when Ian & Gabby come to visit him in the cemetery based on their past experiences at Rose Hill.    So I tell him that when he crosses,  he can come back as an Angel and visit Ian & Gabby.   A few seconds later,  we captured another Class A EVP,  again from what sounds like a small boy.

Rose Hill 4 EVP #2  -   A few seconds after you hear me finish speaking  (around the 8 second mark),  you hear the boy answer me by asking "When?"   If this is Lester,  is he asking when can he visit Ian & Gabby after he crosses the light and becomes an Angel? 

We then were thanking one of Lester's brothers for his service to our country when the word "Duty" was said over the Ovilus 4 that Ian was holding.    If not a paranormal response,  it was an amazing coincidence!

About 4 minutes later we catch another EVP,  but from an odd voice.

Rose Hill 4 EVP #3  -   In this clip,  Amy is heard saying a word in the beginning.  Around 3 1/2 seconds in is a fast, scratchy voice,  followed by Gabby calling for Lester.   Upon amplification and noise removal of the jet flying overhead,  you can hear the voice say the name "Jeff".     I don't recall a "Jeff" anywhere near the Stillwell family plot,  but as I mentioned from the beginning,  it felt like a lot of spirits had come over to meet us as the energy felt high in the area.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures & Friends at Rose Hill Cemetery,  May 23, 2015
Another view of the Stillwell family plot area,  this time the photo taken using a full spectrum camera.  Disregard the timestamp as I forgot to change it when I put fresh batteries in the camera.

After about 15 minutes,  Shannon felt a pull to go take a stroll over to another part of the cemetery.   I encouraged Gabby to walk with her.   I gave Shannon the small Sony digital hand held recorder to walk with.  This way they could catch any EVPs while they were away from the group.

During their walk they did capture 4 EVPs and 2 upon their arrival back to the rest of us.

Rose Hill 4 EVP #4  -   This clip is actually a double EVP as I missed the first one until I was reviewing this clip.   About 6 minutes after they left the group,  Gabby and Shannon were strolling around an area where some vandalism had taken place a long time ago.  Around 2 seconds, just before Gabby is mentioning that they must not be happy about what happened,  there is a faint male voice.   Very hard to make out.  A Class B EVP if you.

Right after Gabby is finished speaking,  there is a loud female voice calling out "NO".   Clearly an intelligent response to Gabby saying they are not happy about what happened.   Upon amplifying the male EVP,  even though it is still faint,  now it sounds like he is saying "Roseanna".   If that is what he is saying,  does he think Gabby or Shannon are "Roseanna"?   Is it the name of the female who had just said "no"?

Clips played twice each.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures & Friends at Rose Hill Cemetery,  May 23, 2015
A section of Rose Hill where vandalism took place in the 70's.

Rose Hill 4 EVP #5  -   As Gabby and Shannon are walking,  Gabby is telling some history of the place.   Just before Gabby starts speaking around the 3 second mark,  there is a quick "Hi" said.   It is very fast.    Though the rest of clip is very telling because as Gabby is talking,  Shannon says she is starting to feel pressure on her head.  Gabby mentions that a Mr. Kaufer had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head and it might be him following them.

Rose Hill 4 EVP #6  -   Gabby and Shannon are walking back towards the group here.  Gabby is talking about the Stillwell family.  At the 5 second mark,  right after Gabby finishes speaking,  there is a faint quick voice.  Upon amplifying then slowing down the EVP,  it sounds like a male is saying "F--k."   Having just walked past Mr. Kaufer's tombstone,  this could have been him.    Ian & Gabby have said they have caught EVPs of foul language coming from Mr. Kaufer's area.   There will be more to this spirit in a bit.

Meanwhile,  as the ladies are making their way around the area and back to us,   Pam finally beat the traffic and had arrived to Rose Hill.   She made her way over to where Amy, Ian and I were set up and still trying to conduct an EVP session with Lester or whomever may have been present.   While we were getting something interesting responses on the Ovilus 4,  the Ovilus X was constantly resetting itself to dictionary mode.  Even with fresh batteries inside.

Then I noticed the video camera had been deactivated.   Upon starting the camcorder back up again,   I noticed the 2 hour battery had a 17 minute charge left on it.  Then Amy noticed her cell phone was almost completely drained.   So seeing energy was being sucked up by the spirits in the area,  I pulled out my EM Pump and set it up so the spirits could use that to "feed" upon if they needed more energy.

We then noticed quite a few names coming through the Ovilus 4 that Ian was holding.   Upon asking if they were around us,  the REM-POD sounded off.    Then it did it a second time.   Here is the audio of what happened.

Rose Hill 4 REM-POD  -   REM-POD sounding off twice,  20 seconds and 34 seconds on the clip.

After Gabby and Shannon showed up a few minutes later,  just missing the REM-POD interaction.

As we were discussing our next idea,   another EVP is caught,  somebody telling us they did not want us there.  Shannon is still holding the audio recorder for the next 2 EVPs.

Rose Hill 4 EVP #7  -   A few seconds into the clip,  you here the EVP said just before the group is talking about something and having a laugh.   On the replay, amplified,  it sounds like a male voice saying "Get out buddy."

Rose Hill 4 EVP #8  -   30 seconds later I am mentioning something about one of the pieces of equipment.  After I finish,  a female voice says what sounds like "Five",  though it also could be "Fly".

Just a few minutes after that,  this time with Gabby and Shannon present,  the REM-POD went off for a second time.  Slight buzzing then came to a stop.

At this point Shannon handed me back the recorder and we got ready to conduct a spirit box session at  Lester's.   We gathered up in a small semi-circle with Amy and I closest to Lester's tombstone.   As I was preparing the P-SB7,  I had switched the unit on and a Spanish station was on with the announcer talking in Spanish.  I mentioned that was not a spirit talking,  everybody got a chuckle.  During this we captured EVP #9,  a double,  back to back EVP!

Rose Hill 4 EVP #9  -   You can hear us laugh and Amy say something.  At the 3 second mark,  you can hear a female with an accent say what sounds like "Hold Me",  followed up immediately after by a fainter female voice also saying what sounds like "Hold Me".   Is this the same female speaking or a second one repeating what the first one had said?

We started off the Spirit Box session and immediately heard a reply of what sounded like Hi.   When I asked for the name of who was asking,  a two word reply comes out to threaten me.   (These spirit box clips will be like the EVP,  the regular clip followed by just a clip of the suspected voices)

Rose Hill 4 GB #1  -   Here after I finish asking,  it sounds like they are telling somebody  to "Fight Chuck".   Don't know why,  I haven't been mean or snarky with any of the spirits there.

Rose Hill 4 GB #2  -   A few seconds after the threat,  a male-female tandem comes out to say "Dick....Head".  I guess I have been called worse things than that in my life!

Rose Hill 4 GB #3  -   A few minutes later after some soft voices,  we asked if there is anybody there who wants help.   The reply was the first of many soft voices that sounds like a little boy.  In this case he is saying "Don't", which we all heard.

Rose Hill 4 GB #4  -   Not sure if this is Lester or not,  I ask if there is another child spirit present.   We then get this reply that says "Chuck",  followed by what sounds like it is saying "...we'll wait this deal."   The last part is said very fast,  when I slowed the playback down,  that's what it sounds like.

Rose Hill 4 GB #5  -   Gabby asks if Lester still comes over to her house.   Immediately we get two voices,  each saying "No",  though the second one sounds more like a "Nah".

A few seconds later after the double no reply,  an EVP is captured.

Rose Hill 4 EVP #10  -   You can hear Amy talking when this voice comes through,  sounds like it is saying "Come Up".   I assume that can only mean come up the hill as there is a hill behind us to another part of the cemetery.   This is an EVP and not coming from the Spirit Box as it has that raspy, whispering sound to it.

Continuing on with the Spirit box session......

Rose Hill 4 GB #6  -   This is a clear example of a full sentence that comes over a 9 station (frequency) sweep.  It sounds like it is asking me a question..."Chuck is it xxxxxxx?".  I cannot make out what the last word is.   This clearly is  the same voice,  clearly not radio bleed as this being said over a 9 station sweep.

Though we are feeling the high energy in the area,  the spirits are not coming through as clearly as we had hoped.  Especially Lester.   Then we catch another direct response to a question,  a clear sign of intelligent response.

Rose Hill 4 GB #7  -   I am asking Lester if he needs energy.   At the 5 second mark of the clip,  you hear a voice sounds like it says "Weak",  though its not a young voice like Lester's.   Though it also sounds like it might be saying "Wait".   After the 2nd reply of the voice on this clip,  I replay it 2 more times, slowed down by 18%.   Now you can hear it saying "Weak".

After hearing that,   Amy and I,  being the closest up the hill to Lester's tombstone,  each outstretch one of our hands towards the tombstone and offer our energy to help Lester communicate with us.   Something I normally don't do is to offer my own energy to a spirit,  but in this case I was willing to give it a try.   Amy is a White Light Reiki Master and I am a Level 3,  so we thought our energy should be enough to help.

It did.

Rose Hill 4 GB #8  -   You hear me instructing Lester to take my hand and Amy's hand.    At 6 seconds you hear a voice say, "eh"   At 8 seconds you hear a deep voice say "Okay".   But the money shot is at 9 seconds when the sound of a young boy comes through and says "Sure",  which we all heard.

This voice sounds identical to the "Sure" reply I received from Lester's grave site on my first trip there.   My video on Youtube "1916 Matawan Shark Attack Victims Speaking from the Grave?"   The video in the link is cued up to the moment I ask a question and get Lester's  "sure" response.

This sounds exactly like the same voice.   I know a skeptic will claim total coincidence that a young kids voice will respond on 2 different dates in the same location with the same word "Sure".

Then following up,  we got more replies.

Rose Hill 4 GB #9  -   I mention that I am getting the chills, though everybody was feeling something at this point,  maybe from the excitement of the answer.   So I ask if the energy is helping,  we are glad it is.   Something is said that we can't quite make out.  However,  at the 13 second mark,  you hear a clear "Yes" reply that we all hear and get excited about.  Around the 16-17 second mark while we are speaking,  it sounds like he is saying "Chuck", but it is hard to make out.  Then at 19 seconds,  very clearly he says "Chuck", which we hear.   Then an odd bit at 23 seconds with a female saying "Wouldn't be interested" followed up at 25 seconds with a deep male voice saying "I do",  which I believe to be Captain Cottrell.  Then a really odd sound to end the clip with.

Rose Hill 4 GB #10  -   I am asking Lester if he is ready to cross into the light and be with his family.   A female voice jumps in and says "Chuck", which we all heard.  I go on to finish that we are there to help anybody cross into the light and not just Lester.

That was pretty much it for the real interesting responses we got.   There was a lot we could not understand,  one word replies,  that sort of thing.   Amy and I were kind of drained after the session,  looking back I think that more spirits grabbed on to us when we offered our energy to Lester.  Just a note to everybody that offering your energy is a risk.   The week after the investigation,  most of us felt drained,  this day was really taking a lot out of us.

After we wrapped up the Spirit Box session,  we got one more EVP and just like before the session started,  we catch a female asking us to do something.

Rose Hill 4 EVP #11  -   As we are talking about the "Sure" response,  at the 4 second mark you hear a female voice call out.   On the replay at the end,  it sounds just like what they asked us in the beginning.  "Hold me".  Not with an accent like the first voice,  but perhaps the 2nd female voice?

We then moved up the hill to a large tombstone in order to try an experiment known as water scrying.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures & Friends at Rose Hill Cemetery,  May 23, 2015

Water scrying as been used for centuries as a means of fortune telling,  future seeing,  contacting the dead.   A fellow paranormal investigator,  Orion Silverstar,  had contacted me a long time ago and suggested I try water scrying to see what I could come up with.   He has been doing it for years with some amazing results.   I just had never gotten around to trying it,  but Rose Hill seemed to be the perfect place to try it.

As you can see from the picture above,   one way to try this is to use a pot or bowl and fill it with water.  Then you agitate the water to get motion.  Either from using the pot handle as we did,  or placing your finger or an object into the water to swirl it around.   The other thing you have to is make sure nobody is standing directly over the pot because you don't want to catch your reflection in it while taking photos or filming.   I filmed the water scrying at 30 frames per second,  each of us taking a turn for about a minute,  as 30 frames per second at 60 seconds means 1800 frames to look at individually.  To see if  anything that turns up.

This of course,  like many other things,  is highly controversial because one can look at any photograph, like the one above and see a face or an object.   This is called pareidolia or matrixing,  where the eyes and brain try to make sense of something and put it into understanding.   Like looking at a cloud and seeing a face or an animal,  or by looking at a photo of ink spots.  This is understandable.

But then you get photos like these and that make you take pause.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures & Friends at Rose Hill Cemetery,  May 23, 2015

Looking at this,  I see what looks like a left human eye with crows feet, left ear and hair line.   The nose and mouth look distorted like a fun house mirror.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures & Friends at Rose Hill Cemetery,  May 23, 2015

Then there is this,  what looks like a small white dog or fox,  romping around in the astral.  I see the snout, eyes,  facial color lines and 2 front paws like it is running.   Then there is this stunner.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures & Friends at Rose Hill Cemetery,  May 23, 2015

This looks like a dogs head.  eye, snout,  black nose and in the same shape a dogs nose looks like.   The white around the mouth!    Hardly matrixing as the clearly looks like a dog.

Now this is not to say this concrete proof that this was all spiritual.    So far out of about 5000 photos (frames) I have looked at,  I have 12 pictures that come anywhere near these.   I still have about 9000 more to go as I write this blog story up.   So is 12 out of 5000 the statistical anomaly for water scrying.   That on 12 occasions the shaking of a water pot with only some trees and the day sky will produce some type of life like picture?   Are the thoughts of the person touching the pot causing energy to be transferred to the water to produce a picture like this?

I don't have the answer.   It may just be that 12/5000 anomaly,  but I have not seen any studies done that confirm this or dismiss it outright.   Whatever the case,  this experiment so far has been very interesting and I will probably try this again in the future at another location.   Though not 14,000 photos worth!  Whew the time it takes to go through them is quite staggering!  (When I finish going through all the photos,  I will be making a video to put on Youtube of all the interesting photos from the session)

I left the audio recorder on top of the tombstone near us,  but no EVPs were recorded during our scrying session.  However,  we did get the feeling of heaviness in the air,  Shannon was feeling a bit queasy in her stomach.   Signs of possible spirit presence.

As we were sort of milling around and talking,  getting ready to move forward,  I noticed Amy backed up against a tree near the pond there.   She called for my assistance as something was (as I can best describe), spiritually holding her back against the tree.   An angry force had pushed her backwards.    As I walked up and put my hands into the air in front of her,  it felt like I had stuck my arms into a different world.   Can't describe it.  But it did not feel right,  like there was an angry energy there.    I told the energy that if it had a beef,  to take its hands and put them on me or stand down.   It was not evil,  but a frustrated spirit who I suspected was Mr. Kaufer,  whose memorial was just up on a hill about 100 yards away from Lester's tombstone.   I told it we would walk over there shortly and give him his time to say his peace and give him an opportunity that he might never have had before.

The energy backed down,  Amy felt relieved and said we would be right over to help him.  So we moved over to Mr. Kaufer's tombstone.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures & Friends at Rose Hill Cemetery,  May 23, 2015
Mr. Kaufer's tombstone.   Hand held audio recorder perched in the angel for EVP.

As we set up on the hill to try to communicate with Mr. Kaufer,   it then hit me why his spirit was so angry with us this day. 

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures & Friends at Rose Hill Cemetery,  May 23, 2015

As you can see from our location,  Lester's grave site is down the road,  just over Pam's and Gabby's heads in the upper left center of the photo.    So I saw myself as Mr. Kaufer here.  Sitting on this hill by his gravesite,  when everybody drives on past,  goes down to Lester's and have a fun time communicating with him.   But nobody comes over here to say hi or try to talk to him,  except maybe in passing.    So it gets to be frustrating over the years I suppose.   Now he was bitter and let us know about it.

So we came over and Gabby read out the history about his life and what led to his death.   We spent 20 minutes in the area,  giving him a chance to say his peace and hear us out.   We told him basically that nobody thought bad of him,  we wanted him to cross into the light so he could reunite with his family.   Time to forget about the past,  stop being an "Old Goat" as Amy called him,  and move on so he could finally be at rest.

We picked up no EVPs by his tombstone,  but we did get 2 interesting responses on the P-SB7 spirit box.

Rose Hill 4 GB #11  -   About half way into the session,   there is this odd sentence that starts off with a male voice and ends in female.  Sounds like,  "Let me......flirt ya."   At 4 seconds,  female voice calls out "Chuck" just before I announce what I thought I had heard (incorrectly I may ad).  Then a few seconds after I finish speaking,  another female says "leave" very fast before somebody says "Chuck" again.

Just to note, hearing my name said so many times over the spirit box does not freak me out or concern me.   Though it is odd that I can go months without hearing my name "Chuck" said when I listen to regular radio stations in the car driving around,  but then throw on a spirit box and hear my name said a couple of times in a 10 - 15 minute session!

Rose Hill 4 GB #12  -   I had just finished explaining to Mr. Kaufer as soon as he goes into the light, he can become an angel.   here you hear a voice that sounded like it asked "Really?" very fast.   As I acknowledge it,  there is a booming voice that says "Chuck".  When I ask "Yeah?",  a female voice says "Hurry".     I am assuming by her saying "hurry"  that the spirits that are there are wanting us to hurry up because they want to cross into the light.

What is kind of interesting about this session is that there were a few one word answers,  nothing shattering to post,  but the quantity of really good responses was way down.    Had the spirits used up a lot of energy over at Lester's and didn't have enough to continue just over the way at Mr. Kaufer's resting place?   That's why it is best to try to limit sessions from 10-15 minutes,  help the spirits not drain their energy (well in theory at least).

We then made our way up the hill and over to Stanley Fisher's area.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures & Friends at Rose Hill Cemetery,  May 23, 2015
Amy and Shannon walking on the grounds near Stanley Fisher's family plot.  Time stamp in photo is wrong.

We arrived at Stanley's area,  where I set up my camcorder on top of the main family stone.   I then brought out the Phonopod real time EVP device made by Paranologies.   This device records for a split second internally and then beams out the audio signal to wireless headsets.   So in an essence,  you could hear the audio amplified and in theory any EVPs that are spoken should be picked up live in the headsets.   The only bad thing about using the headphones outdoors is that you need to stand close to the Phonopod as the IR signals don't have any walls to bounce off of as if you were indoors.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures & Friends at Rose Hill Cemetery,  May 23, 2015
Ian,  Shannon,  Pam and Gabby (back to the camera) listening for live EVP using the Phonopod through wireless headsets.   Ian is also monitoring the Ovilus 4 for any words that might come out.   The Ovilus 4 was very active this day,  where in days past it usually had been quiet.

Again,   no EVPs were captured up here in this area.   Though to note the REM-POD which was set up next to Stanley Fisher's headstone did beep once.   Again this was the first time it had ever been active at Rose Hill sans the couple of times it beeped at Lester's earlier in the investigation.

Then before we started the next P-SB7 session up here,   there was an odd noise that we heard.  It turned out that Pam's phone had announced what time it was  (1:35PM),  yet she had not touched her phone or set up any alarms on it to go off and make such an announcement.    We had asked if she had an app for that or an alarm that might have been accidentally set up,  but she swore she doesn't use it,  let alone setting a time for early afternoon.    Funny thing too is that Gabby checked her history book she had of the attacks and they took place after 2:00PM.   Captain Cottrell had seen the shark earlier and tried to warn everybody before the attacks took place.

Given the time it would have taken Capt. Cottrell to get to the Matawan Creek area after his initial sighting,  is it possible that initial sighting took place around 1:35PM?   It's highly speculative to assume that Capt. Cottrell somehow managed to make Pam's phone sound off the time,  but we have no idea why the phone had done that or why at that particular time?

So we started our next Spirit box session,  to ask for Stanley,  Capt. Cottrell or anybody else up there to come forward and make contact with us.    Again,  the answers were few,  but the ones did we get were very interesting.  In particular when we asked again,  was it a Bull Shark or a Great White Shark that committed the attacks.

Rose Hill 4 GB #13  -   Here after I finish asking was this a Great White or a Bull shark,  at around the 7 second mark there is a faint male voice that sounds like it says  "Bull".   Replayed twice at the end amplified and it does sound like the word "Bull" is being said.   This was the same reply I got the first time I asked this question by Stanley's burial site.

Rose Hill 4 GB #14  -   About 4 minutes later,  we had gotten the names Pat and George to come through.   A deep voice was coming thru that I thought might be Capt. Cottrell.   In this clip you hear a word from him that sounds like "Run" or "Rum".   After I finish noting that I can hear his deep voice, at the 7 second mark you can hear a female now say "Bull".   Replayed twice.    Quite a coincidence that the word "Bull" has now been said twice!

Rose Hill 4 GB #15  -   After the female says "Bull",  which we heard,  I confer right back to Capt. Cottrell as the expert and ask him what type of shark was it.   Just a few seconds after we finish asking,  a male voice says "Great", which we all hear,  then followed up what sounds like him saying "Great......White",  though the "white" is a bit muffled but Ian clearly heard it at the time.

Rose Hill 4 GB #16  -   A few minutes later after some chat,  we get a foul mouth cursing us.

Rose Hill 4 GB #17  -   After the chatter seemed to have died down,  we tried to reach out to Robin Williams to see if he would come through the Spirit Box.  Others have tried this on and posted their results on Youtube,  though it seemed odd that he would respond at places he never had been too.   We though we heard the name Robin come out, though not his voice.   Amy asked how he was doing and we get a very clear response.  Though not from Robin,  but perhaps somebody speaking on his behalf?   Replayed 3 times so you can hear what is being said!

Rose Hill 4 GB #18  -   About 2 minutes later,  we aren't really asking anything when this oddball 3 word sentence comes out.  Clearly the same male voice,  takes place over 8 station sweeps,  so clearly not radio bleed.    This voice is saying "Fight Brad Pitt".   I guess some spirit is not a fan!

Rose Hill 4 GB #19  -   Nearing the end,  I had just asked if it was Capt. Cottrell  who played with Pam's smart phone.  Instead at the 2 second mark of this video,  it sounds like "Ian" is being said.   Then after a few mumbled words,  his last name is said at the end of the clip.   At the time we thought it said Robin,  but it's not.   So Ian's full name was just said through the spirit box.    What are the odds of that happening?

We then wrapped up the session with a few more one word replies and soft words to soft to make out.   By then we were winding down,  so we headed towards the back of the cemetery to walk past the crypts and then back to near Lester's where we would perform a healing circle and open a portal of light for the spirits to cross through.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures & Friends at Rose Hill Cemetery,  May 23, 2015
Roadway running along the back of the cemetery.

As we were making our way back and talking,  we called out to any other spirits who wanted to join us over by Lester's to cross into the light.   Walking back we did catch a few more EVPs.

Rose Hill 4 EVP #12  -   This is already enhanced because of how faint the EVP is.  You hear a voice,  followed by hearing Amy and somebody else talking in the distance.  Just to compare how an EVP and a human voice from far away sounds.   The replay is with noise reduction.   Sounds like somebody is saying "Joseph".

Rose Hill 4 EVP #13  -   About 30 seconds later, the voice is back and much louder,  but because there is talking in the background,  it is very difficult to hear what he is saying.  It's a male and clearly not Ian or myself.

Rose Hill 4 EVP #14  -   As we are rounding the bend and in the home stretch so to speak,  I am calling out if anybody wants to come into the light,  follow us as we will be doing a session.  This faint EVP sounds like a female saying "Thank you".    So it looks like we had a bit of an entourage coming with us!

We finally made it back to the area,  I packed up some equipment except my video camera so I could film the healing / light circle for our Reiki group to review.   Except I forgot to turn on the microphone for the camcorder,  so it recorded no audio.   However,  I did place an audio recorder on the ground in the middle of our circle.    We lined up so our left palms were facing up into the right palm of the person to our left.     Amy started off by calling for the light to come so the spirits there could finally leave the cemetery and cross over.

Now I've participated in quite a few of these healing / light circles in the past.  Usually I feel like I have to step backwards because of the energy of the circle.    This time was different.  This time I felt like I was a security guard trying to hold back the masses trying to get into a store on Black Friday.    The pressure against my back was intense and I felt like I was getting shoved forward.    As our initial circle was small,  Amy asked for us to step back and make some room for the spirits to pass.   We then caught this final EVP of the day.

Rose Hill 4 EVP #15  -   As I am asking for them to stop pushing on my back,  Amy is telling them to go around us, under our arms, etc etc.   Go, go, go!     At 15 seconds into the clip when Amy tells us to step back,  we catch this faint EVP from a female saying "Thank you" very fast.  Replayed 4 times at the end.

Amazing and though this sort of thing does not scientifically validate "crossing into the light",  this simple "thank you" from this lady was more than enough validation for us.   The energy was quite high in the area when we first arrived.  When we finished our circle,  the energy levels were back to normal in the air around us.    Everything felt good.   We called out and told any spirits there that had chosen not to cross,  we would come back again on a different date to offer them a chance to do so if they wanted.

For the next few days that followed,  though we all had not spoken,  everybody felt drained.  As if our energy levels were just depleted.    It was an exciting day,  but not physically strenuous.    Myself personally?  It took me about a week to recover from that trip.   Though I did offer energy to Lester during that one spirit box session,  I think other spirits there took advantage and siphoned a little for themselves.   Plus the healing / light circle at the end I think took a little extra out of me also.

But if we helped so much as one soul cross into the light,  it was well worth it.  Though I think a lot of souls crossed over.   Including Lester.    Gabby and Ian called for Lester to cross over to be with his family as they have been close to him from their visits to Rose Hill.   We'll make more trips back there in due time to see if he is still there or did he finally cross over and become at peace.

Rose Hill never disappoints and this trip was certainly no exception.    Ian and Gabby are frequent visitors and they were surprised (as I was) by some of the results we had.   Amy has now been on a few investigations and this sort of stuff does not surprise her,  though she knows first hand it is way better to experience this first hand than just hear stories about it.   Now she can tell the stories!    For Pam and Shannon,  this was their first paranormal investigation and from the feelings they picked up,  the equipment interaction and the mysterious time announcement on Pam's smart phone,  I am sure they left with quite an impression.   

Rose Hill has great history and thanks to the efforts of Al & Catherine Savolaine of the Matawan Historical Society,  it once again is an amazing, historical place to visit.   Even if you are not a paranormal investigator,   just to walk the grounds and soak up the history is an experience you will never forget!