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Investigation #5 - Rose Hill Cemetery, (Matawan, NJ) -
 October 25, 2019

Chuck's Note -  Please be aware of kids entering the cemetery late at night to party and possibly cause trouble.  This happened at Rose Hill back in the 70's and was promptly cut off for visitation from the town.  This cemetery is filled with history and to possibly have this place cut off again is unthinkable.  Please,  if you see anybody committing any acts of vandalism at any cemetery or historical location,  please notify the police at once to put a stop to it.  

It had been about 4 years  since I was last at Rose Hill Cemetery.   I hadn't had much time to investigate as of late due to a new work schedule and normal everyday life just taking up a lot of time.  So with some new paranormal friends,  Michele and Andrea (not my wife),  we decided to come back here for a couple of hours to see if things are quiet or are they just as crazy as the times I had been here in the past.

I arrived first,  shortly followed by Michele.  While we were waiting for Andrea to arrive,  we were going to go up to Lester's tombstone to pay our respect and set up a few pieces of equipment to use on this trip.   First though,  I went into the wooded area to take a pee because I had to go.  Normally I would not care to share a bodily function,  however this would actually be brought up a short while later.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures
Toys left over the years at Lester's grave site in tribute for the little boy killed in the 1916 Matawan creek shark attack.

As you can see in the photo above,  we placed a REM-POD to the right of the tombstone and on top we placed a Parascope 360 (steampunk version).   The Parascope senses electro static energy nearby.  Anything with that type of discharge that got close to the device would light up the sensors, so you can see in what direction it was coming from. Plus it also makes an audio sound,  a buzzing noise.  This way if you are not watching the device and it starts to react to an unknown source,  you will be alerted to it.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures
Parascope 360 - Steampunk version.  Made by Jeremy Jones / Paranologies

After Michele and I set up the equipment and got out an audio recorder,  we both started to feel odd.   Nothing new to me,  but Michele had not experienced this before.  She started to get a chill when the outdoor temp was comfortable and her head started to throb a bit.  Like a headache was coming on.   My head also had that throbbing sensation,  but that usually happens to me when there are spirits around.

As we were waiting for Andrea to arrive,  the Parascope started buzzing and we could watch the rods start to light up on the sensor. There were no bugs and we were standing about 15 feet away.  Too far away for us to accidentally trigger the device.   Before we could get our smart phones out to record the event,  it stopped.

We did an EVP  before Andrea arrived,  except it was very faint.   it happened when Michele told Lester she was sorry for what happened to him.   The response sounded like a drawn out whine.

Andrea arrived about 5 minutes later and she met us over at Lester's.   We told her what we were feeling and that that Parascope had detected something for a few moments.  Then we got a couple more EVPs that were interesting.

As always,  EVPs will be played first with the original clip, followed by 2 replays of just the EVP that may be amplified or had some noise reduction.   Headphones are the best to listen to EVP with.  Listening through your smart phone speaker or PC speaker may be more difficult due to ambient noise of your surroundings.

Rose Hill 5 EVP #1 -  I am finishing up describing the Parascope to any spirits that might be with us.  At around the 11 second mark, there is a faint male voice,  but not a child.  After amplifying,  it  sounds like he is saying, " I'll shoot."  Does this mean he will try to light up the device or does he have a spiritual gun and he is going to shoot it?

Rose Hill 5 EVP #2 -  Right after the EVP " I'll shoot.",  I am asking any spirits there if they want to touch us on the shoulders they can do so.  As I am talking you hear an odd sounding laugh.  Clearly not either of the ladies.

About 2 minutes later, Michele took the dowsing rods I brought and was feeling a connection as soon as she held them out in her hands.   Then the Ovilus 4 we had placed out (not shown in the photo above),  put out 2 responses that were interesting.

Rose Hill 5 Ovilus 4 -   The Ovilus 4 says the letter "P", followed immediately by  "often".   Just coincidence or is a spirit manipulating the device to let us know it saw me take a pee in the woods before we started to investigate!

Right after the laugh we had about the Ovilus 4 response,  I was telling the ladies how on my first trip to Rose Hill,  I had put a bunch of my equipment around Lester's grave site.  Then my Ovilus X said the phrase  "For me",  for which I had to reply I was not leaving them there for Lester,  they were just tools to communicate.  Then the Parascope 360 started to buzz,  alerting us that something was manipulating it.

Oh and just seconds before the Parascope went off,  we caught this Class A EVP!

Rose Hill 5 EVP #3 -  We finish having a laugh about the past "For Me", then a voice comes out and says "Cannot strike me."  Then the Parascope sounds off.   I don't understand what that means.  I figure he is either referring to the Parascope revealing his position or he is responding to the earlier spirit who said " I'll shoot.".

With the activity we were having,  we decided to try a P-SB7 and Shack Hack spirit boxes session to see if Lester would come through like he had in the past.   Some interesting responses were captured!  First the P-SB7.

Rose Hill 5 GB #1  -   After our introductions, we are asking for a name.  First we thought we heard the name "Pete",  then on reply it sounds like "repeat".  So we ask the question again and get a response of "Pimple", then "Pete".   I don't know, was his name "Pimple Pete"?  LOL.

Rose Hill 5 GB #2  -   Michele is asking for any spirits there to say their names.  A female voice replies "Michele"!

Rose Hill 5 GB #3  -   Since my friends Ian & Gabby come to visit,  I ask if Lester has messages for them.  I get a reply in what sounds like the young boy's voice we have captured in past.  He says "A bagel".  After I heard this,  I sent them a message asking if they have ever brought him a bagel before and they said no.   Maybe he liked them when he was little or maybe a previous visitor had one, so now Lester would like one!

Rose Hill 5 GB #4  -   After a couple of minutes of hearing things, but not understanding because they were faint,  Andrea asked if they could give their names one at a time.  She received a female voice but couldn't understand what the name was.  This was followed by crystal clear male voice "Mick" and female voice "Jeri".

Rose Hill 5 GB #5  -  Michele had asked how many spirits were with us and the reply sounded like "7".  So I started to ask a question and asked about the "7" and got a crystal clear "NO!".  Andrea laughed right afterward.

Rose Hill 5 GB #6  -   A few moments later,  this clip starts off with a male voice saying "The Hill".  There is a hill right behind Lester's tombstone and at the top is burial site for Stanley Fischer,  the man who died trying to save Lester during the shark attack.  Michele responds by asking the spirit to come stand next to her.   A voice immediately responds.  I can't make out the first word, but it sounds like he is saying "......just sat next to me."  This is followed by a bizarre cry of "Weeee" which sounds like it is being said by two spirits,  possibly children.

Rose Hill 5 GB #7  -   After about 14 minutes, we decided to shut the box down.  I do my standard closing of telling the spirits if they don't say any of our names by the time we count to 5, the box will be shut down.   And yet again,  as I am doing the countdown,  a spirit throws in the next number in sequence.   I can't count how many times this has happened over the years.  I say one,  spirit says "2"!  Oh and take note of the voice that says 2 here.

Rose Hill 5 GB #8  -   Right after I count to 5,  a male voice comes out and says "Let Bruce count." followed a few seconds later by a young boy calling out "Two!".

Rose Hill 5 GB #9  -   I do another count down again and at the 10 second mark when I should be saying "4",  the same voice that earlier said "2" is now saying "4"!  The voice is a little deeper but the harmonics of the voice sounds identical.  Michele and Andrea have a good a laugh how the spirits jump in on the count down.

We then packed up our gear and before heading over to Stanley Fischer's grave site,  we made a stop along the way.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures
Memorial for the Kaufer family.

I wanted to stop at the site where William Kaufer is buried.  On an earlier trip there with a group with mediums and sensitives,  they picked up on his spirit.  He was not happy that everybody drove past him to go pay tribute to the shark victims.  So if I go back,  I make it a point to stop by and say hello and give him a chance to communicate.   We set up the REM-POD,  K2 meter,  Ovilus 4 and the Parascope 360 which would later give us a 20 second response.

After we got set up,  Andrea and Michele were commenting on nice the stone was.  It sounded like they got a Class A response, but from whom?

Rose Hill 5 EVP #4 -  First you hear the ladies commenting on the stone.  Then a deep male voice comes out crystal clear and says "It for real."   Clearly not my voice.   You could assume that maybe Mr. Kaufer spoke to us,  but this deep voice sounds more like Capt. Cottrell who we believe we have captured his voice in the past.

About 5 minutes later,  I am talking about how the equipment is technology from our time that we use to communicate with.  Unknown to us at the time, a female voice gives us a stern message.

Rose Hill 5 EVP #5 -  you hear my last couple of words. At the 3 1/2 second mark, there is the faint EVP you can make out that sounds like it is saying "Get Back."   Even fainter and what did not come out until I removed some noise,  she continued by saying "Stay Away.".   My gut feeling with this is that the female spirit is being protective of this incredible looking tombstone and doesn't want anything to happen to it.   Spirits there are not happy about the vandalism that was done there over 40 years ago.

There was one more faint EVP from this female spirit a couple of minutes later, but was too faint to make out.

Also to note,  the girls did not feel odd standing over here by the Angel tombstone.  They felt a lot better after we left Lester's grave site.

We then switched over for a spirit box session.

For most of the session,  we got mostly static and some bits and pieces of words,  what you would expect from typical radio bleed as the spirit box sweeps through the frequencies at a rate of 250ms per frequency  (4 sweep by in one minute).    Michele and Andrea tried speaking German as Mr. Kaufer was German,  but we did not capture anything that sounded like a reply in German.   Finally we decided to give up,  but that didn't mean we didn't get an amazing reply!

Rose Hill 5 GB #9  -   We thank any spirits for trying to communicate,  whether they are successful or not.  I do note to Mr. Kaufer that we stopped by to specifically see him and he can't say we didn't.  As soon as I say "Right?"  there is an immediate reply of "Yes"!

Rose Hill 5 GB #10  -   I am doing my count to 5 before we leave the area.  Right after I say "2",  a female voice comes in and says "Leave".  I'm assuming its the same female who told us to get away from the tombstone.

From here we made our way over to Stanley Fischer's site.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures
Full spectrum photo of the Fischer family plot.  Stanley's marker is the one on the bottom left of the photo.

When we arrived at the Fischer family area,  we noticed that a photo of Stanley was placed beside his marker as well as the baseball that was down below at Lester's marker.   We put some equipment around like the other places,  but we had no equipment interaction.   We all felt fine here so it seemed like we were alone.  Except we weren't!

Rose Hill 5 EVP #6 -  We are looking over the area when we noticed a bunch of stones placed on top of the big Fischer headstone.  A female voice responds,  "Now he's upset."    Is he upset about the stones or our arrival?

Rose Hill 5 EVP #7 -  Right after we mention the coconut shell on the tombstone from the last EVP clip (#6)  a female voice responds very faintly.  It sounds like she is saying "He left me.".    Is it the same female and is she complaining that the male spirit who was upset walked away?

I pulled out the full spectrum camera to take a few photos of the area.  The dark curvature on the right of the camera photos are caused by the lens and not a paranormal shadow of any sort.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures
On top of the hill just to the right of the Fischer family plot area.

As I was explaining what the camera was and how it works to Andrea and Michele,  somebody else apparently was impressed by the camera too!

Rose Hill 5 EVP #8 -  I am finishing up explaining about the camera when you hear Andrea say awesome!   This if immediately followed by a male voice saying "Cool."  Again, there are only the 3 of us there and I am the only male.

Just to show you how the sound file looks when I have it on the computer,  here is what the original clip looked like.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures

As you look at the sound file above,  when Andrea and I are speaking,  you can clearly see the large spikes on the audio file.  That is because we are standing next to each other talking,  with my recorder on the tombstone next to us.  Note when the EVP is captured how flat the sound is as compared to Andrea and I.  Yet that voice from the audio file sounds like they are standing pretty close to us to be loud and clear.  

If it was Michele  (and it clearly isn't),  if she was close to us than the area where the EVP was captured should have spiked higher.

Rose Hill 5 EVP #9 -  About two minutes after the "Cool" EVP,  we are just looking around the area when another class A EVP is captured of a female spirit.   This one is a tough one.   At first it sounds like she is saying "Shadow him.",  like someone is being told to follow me.  Then after slowing it down,  it sounds like she might be saying "Shout at him."  That would make more sense since they might be trying to communicate with us, knowing they have to be as loud as possible. 

Rose Hill 5 EVP #10 -  Literally 15 seconds later,  this faint voice sounds like it is saying "Hi".   Being so close to the last EVP,  I think this is a second spirit.  One who maybe was told moments earlier to shout at me.

We then set up to do another spirit box session,  # 3 for the day!

Rose Hill 5 GB #10  -   A couple of minutes after we started,  a voice says "Cold".  We acknowledge hearing that.   What we missed was a voice of somebody saying "Sure",  immediately followed by an older sounding fellow asking "What was all that about?"  I can't say that "Sure" was Lester's voice,  which was caught on two prior trips in the same voice.  Maybe it was Stanley?

Rose Hill 5 GB #12  -   After going for about ten minutes with almost no responses,  I announce I am going to shut the box off and we are going to move to the mausoleum.   There is a young kids chatter mixed in with mine,  but at the end of the clip you hear a spirit call out "Hey Chuck!"

Rose Hill 5 GB #13  -   I am doing my count down to end the session.   After I say one,  we all hear the box reply "Two"!  Then after I say three,  it almost sounds like a spirit says four!

With that we picked up our gear and moved to our final spot for the day.  The area in the back of the cemetery near the mausoleums.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures
The road leading past the mausoleums.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures
One of the locked and gated doorways into one of the mausoleums.


Unfortunately,  we did not pick up any EVP or anything out of the ordinary in this area.  Like previous trips there in the past, what seems like it should be the most haunted part of the cemetery ends up being one of the quietest parts!   So with that we made our way back to our cars and headed out.  All in all a very good investigation!

A few years later and nothing has changed.   We spent a few hours there and had some amazing results as before.  Andrea and Michele had a great time and I'm sure they are going to be just as amazed when they see the evidence review is finally done and now they can examine it themselves.  That is because like most times investigating,  you don't know what you have truly captured until you get back home.  There were things I heard at the time I swore would be great evidence and turned out instead to be nothing burgers.  Then stuff I heard that I was nothing turned out to be pretty awesome stuff!

Rose Hill has great history and thanks to the efforts of Al & Catherine Savolaine of the Matawan Historical Society,  it once again is an amazing, historical place to visit.   Even if you are not a paranormal investigator,   just to walk the grounds and soak up the history is an experience you will never forget!