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Investigation # 2  - Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse,
(Manalapan, NJ)  - January 9, 2013

Important Disclaimer : Just a reminder to my readers who like to investigate places I have gone to.  While the Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse is along the walking trail at Monmouth Battlefield,  investigating on the grounds  is hazardous enough,  but somebody trying to enter the house could be seriously injured.   Please do not try to go inside any building that you do not have permission to enter, especially an old abandoned house such as this.  Also,  there are also hidden wells along the side of the house with very flimsy wood covering them.

Early January provided some nice high 45F+ temperatures,  so I decided to take advantage of this opportunity to get back to the Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse to investigate on the grounds again.  After the amazing EVPs and Spirit Box snippets I got on my first trip,  I wanted to get back there as soon as possible.  

This trip took place after Hurricane Sandy had ravaged the NJ area.  Monmouth Battlefield was hit pretty hard in the wooded areas. Trees and branches toppled everywhere.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Jan 9, 2013 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse trip

This picture was taken right where you cross the small brook that is behind the farmhouse.  You can see branches and limbs and stuff all over.  On the trail from the battlefield in the distance, there is a giant tree that had fallen across the path, but you could still go under.   This creek is a possible source of energy for the spirits of the area as there is a theory that moving water can provide energy  for spirits to feed off of.

What made this trip even better than the first was the ability to now move around all over the grounds.   Here is a picture of the area when I was first there a few months ago.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Jan 9, 2013 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse trip

The foliage was so thick and lots of poison ivy around so getting back towards the silo and the grounds behind this metal apparatus (which I have since learned was for milking dairy cows) was basically impossible.  However,  a few months later in the middle of winter, the cold took care of the foliage, poison ivy problem!

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Jan 9, 2013 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse trip

Now it is just leaves and sticks to contend with.  Some minor briar bushes,  but nothing major.  With this foliage gone,  I got to see a whole section of land that was covered with brush and poison ivy just a few months earlier.  First I got up to the front of the silo.  

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Jan 9, 2013 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse trip

The silo had a slit in that went up to the top.  Inside was filled with bird poop and other things that would probably make you sick if you inhaled it.  I was thinking about going inside it to do an EVP or P-SB7 spirit box session,  but then looking up at the top of the silo really made me think twice.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Jan 9, 2013 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse trip

Those planks at the top of the silo (probably about 40 feet above me) did not look they were in the best of condition.  Not a smart idea to get inside here and potentially risk one of these getting loose from a gust of wind and falling on my head.  Not to mention, whose to say that one of the prankster spirits I encountered here last time with the foul mouth doesn't push one on my head for a laugh.   I then took note of the surrounding area that was covered on my last time here.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Jan 9, 2013 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse trip

These stones lined up from the silo and about 10-15 feet in front of the milking apparatus were interesting.  I thought maybe for a moment they were possibly burial markers,  but had no writing on them.   Later on after writing to the Monmouth County Historical Society for information about the farmhouse,  I learned originally there was a giant 3 room barn in this area.  So these stones were probably supports or part of the foundation of the barns back in the day.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Jan 9, 2013 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse trip

Then moving forward to the back of the property,  I found a well and another small brook that ran across the front of the property.   Tiny as it was,  this is now a second body of water that runs past the property,  but in the front.  There was also a small foot bridge I had to cross to get closer to the well.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Jan 9, 2013 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse trip

Still in pretty solid condition for a well that was probably well over 100 years old!   I took a picture of the inside as well so you could see what it looked like.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Jan 9, 2013 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse trip

Side note:  As you notice the brick well that is under the wooden structure,   on a later trip to the Farmhouse with my friend Ken,  we found two similar holes, covered with rotten wood just in feet of the farmhouse on the side and in the back.  We came close to stepping into these which could have resulted in serious injury.   I am pointing these out so you are aware of the environmental dangers of investigating this property. 

After taking a bunch of photos of the area,  I wanted to get over to the farmhouse to do some more investigating and see what evidence I could catch.  Once I got back on the main trail,  blocked.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Jan 9, 2013 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse trip

This was one place I had to squeeze through some briar bushes to get around this blockade.  What I found interesting about coming up from the main path is there were a couple of these blockages,  this one being the toughest to get around.  Almost like the trees were felled purposely to slow down an approaching force.   Yes, that is highly speculative,  but you couldn't help but feel that.

As I got around this patch,  I found a place to sit near the milking apparatus to try a Real Time EVP session with my real time audio recorder.   This audio recorder allows you to listen to a live feed on a delay.  I had mine set up for a 10 second delay so I would ask a question and just listen to see if I could hear a response.  I could hear a couple of little grunts that didn't sound normal,  but could have been something natural so I am not posting them.

After  I got up, I made my way towards the back of the house,  I picked up my first true EVP of the day,  this one a voice telling me to go back.   Again, for all EVP,  you will probably need headphones to hear and a quiet room.  The original clip, followed by the EVP played twice with either amplification and/or sound reduction.

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 EVP #1 -   Just before I speak, you hear a fast voice, then I say "All right".  I did not hear this,  just starting a sentence with all right.   The EVP is spoken fast, but when I slowed the clip down 20%,  I can clearly hear this voice saying "go back".   Oh boy, here we go again!

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Jan 9, 2013 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse trip

I moved my way through briar and pointed branches to get as close as possible to the house to do an EVP and then a Spirit Box session.  In the IR picture taken above,  you see my K2 meter being positioned on a branch and metal post in case any activity could be measured.  While I am setting up,  EVP #2 comes in.

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 EVP #2 -  As I am in here moving about setting things up,  this male voice says to me "No chip."   Two word EVP, clear as day.  I have no idea what he is referring to, other than he is saying that my dog Chip is no longer around as he passed away a few years ago.

I set my audio recorder down near the K2 and started to ask some questions.  As the feeling of negative energy has kept my friends Ian and Gabby from coming onto the property,  plus the little foul mouthed kid from my first trip,  I wanted to know if there were any negative forces on the land.

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 EVP #3 -  As I am asking if they want any help or if they want to people to know they are there and want to be left alone.  A few seconds later I get a response,  but I cannot make out what it is saying.  Cleary intelligent response only because its a few words and in response to my question.

I followed this up with a question asking if they were trapped there and could not leave for any reason.  I got a very faint reply,  but cannot make it loud enough here to figure out what was being said.  In face, there were 3 more responses, but all very faint.

After a few more minutes of EVP,  I decided it was time to try the Spirit box and see if anything would come through on this side of the property.  I was very curious about the two spirits last time who used the spirit box to talk to each other.  The female that said "he knows" and the male that followed with a response, "he doesn't".   IMHO this was a discussion if whether or not I knew there were spirits there on the property or not.

Right after starting,  I first asked if Maria,  the first female spirit who called out to me on my first trip was there.   This was the response that came from the Spirit Box.   Spirit Box clips just played once.

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 GB #1 -  You hear a voice in two words say,  "pray for" followed by a weird clip of music and then a female voice saying something I cannot make out. 

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 GB #2 -   This clip starts off with somebody saying Tim.  As I acknowledge this and ask if they are a family member,  a female/male combo replies,  "Chuck...will you come?".   I have no idea where they want me to come to,  but I can tell you its not to their side,  not time yet!

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 GB #3 -  As always,  I ask if they can get the "grey box"  the K2,  to light up.  A female voice responds with "Yeah!" followed by a male voice saying, "That was weird."    I don't know what was weird and the female didn't light the K2.  Probably because I didn't ask her to show me, smh!

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 GB #4 -  As I had started up a new recording,  you hear a male voice say "just one" followed by what sounds like a "chorus of angels" singing "One!".   I thought all that mixed together said the word "Ghost", but clearly wrong when I listened on the playback.  Why you must always record and listen to your Spirit Box sessions again.   I am assuming that when they are saying one,  they are referring to me as I am the only one present.

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 GB #5 -  Here I am asking if they remember me from before.  As I am saying this,  you hear a voice as clear as day say "Preach" followed by a voice saying "Hello".  I was going to do a spirit crossing session shortly so did this spirit sense this and wanted me to start "preaching" so I could cross over some spirits?

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 GB #6 -  This one was a little disturbing to hear.  I had asked how many spirits there were and I got a reply of 4.  When I am then asking about the "hey there girl" from my first trip,  we get this same voice say "heart stabbed wounded."   Not far from this area is the hedgerow where a lot of hand to hand fighting took place during the Battle of Monmouth.   Is this the spirit of a solider who was bayoneted through the heart ?    I heard the wounded part at the time of the recording.

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 GB #7 -  Another disturbing part.  I here a call for help so I ask what type of help do they need.  I ask if they need help crossing.  At the end of the clip you hear a voice singing "God... won'".   That is sad to hear.  IMHO,  the help is there for them to cross,  perhaps they can't see it or can't find it.

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 GB #8 -  Another exchange between spirits about me.  Here a combination of voices says, "Can...he...hear it?" which is answered by a clear "Sure!".  I thought they were saying the word spirit at the time.

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 GB #9 -  As I am getting ready to shut down the Ghost Box,  at the two second mark, you hear a nasty low toned voice say the word "Bitch.  This is followed by a sorrowful sounding man saying "Child....needs.... help".  I hear the help word and this is followed by a female voice saying the name Gabriel.

Now what is striking about the name Gabriel being said,  is that I believe it is in reference to ArchAngel Gabriel who is "is an angel who typically serves as a messenger sent from God to certain people."  

So we have a voice saying God is not helping them,  cries for help and that a child needs help,  a nasty voice saying bitch to me and a female saying the name Gabriel, who is God's messenger.   I hear some of this,  some I don't.  I then decided I had to do a crossing session.  

Doing Crossing session's is pretty much a private and personal thing for me as I do invoke the name of God and Jesus Christ to help me.   For some people I know religion is a turn off and I don't want to come off like I am trying to preach here.  But there are parts of this I need to play to show the magnitude of what I am doing.

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 GB #10 -  I am calling for my Guardian angels and spirits to assist me as before.  Just after the 10 second mark,  you hear a voice say to me "You bitch".   Not the dark voice from #9, but calling me a bitch nevertheless.  Somebody here is clearly not happy with what I am doing.

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 GB #11 -  I am telling any spirits that are there that if there is something bad there holding them back from crossing, to ignore them.  This is followed by a faint female voice saying "ok" followed by a male voice faintly saying "gotcha".  At the 8 second mark of the clip,  you hear a voice say  "There's Love....." finished off by deep voiced male saying...."there."  Yes cross into the light and find the love!

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 GB #12 -  One of my best results to verify a crossing.  I am asking if anybody has gone up to the light since I have been speaking.  A female voice says hi,  followed at the 12 second mark by a voice saying "Pray"!  This is followed by another voice saying "He go!".  I hear the go and ask what is the name of the person(s) who crossed into the light.  At the 25 second mark a female voice responds,   "Jimmy........went up."  Followed by the male with the deep voice now saying "Bob".   

Of course I cannot prove that a spirit named Jimmy and /or Bob crossed into the light,  but I truly believe this happened.   Paranormal investigating is an amazing thing to take part of,  but when you feel like you've helped release a trapped spirit into the light,  there is no better feeling.   Skeptics can say its nonsense and that's fine.  You can't take away my belief that I did something good here.

After the end of the Spirit Box session,  I made my way back around the house to head back towards the silo area so I could do some EVP work and set up some equipment over there.  As I was rounding the side of the house,  I noticed a small gap in the wall where I could look inside the house and take some photos.  I thought the inside might be in bad shape,  but I had no idea how bad it really was.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Jan 9, 2013 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse trip

The inside is a mess.  You can see the floor is falling apart and the gaping holes.  As I panned and took a picture to the right of this,  you can see more damage.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Jan 9, 2013 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse trip

The floor is gone up to this door,  having collapsed into the basement.   Here is a picture of the basement from this view point.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Jan 9, 2013 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse trip

The damage is done to this house.   It really is a shame because of the history of a place like this, slowly falling to pieces.  It makes you wonder if some of the spirits here are angry because the town is letting this place fall apart.  I understood that the Park Service will not spend any money on any building at Monmouth Battlefield Park that was not standing during the Battle of Monmouth.  This house was built in 1827.  If I won the lottery tomorrow,  I would pay to get this old place restored.

These photos are also yet another reminder of why old abandoned houses are not safe and should not be explored for safety sake.  I was outside the house shooting these photos with my camera stuck through a hole in the wall and I was on solid ground.  To try to navigate a place like this inside is a disaster waiting to happen.

I took a series of photos with this camera and my IR camera,  calling for any spirits in the house to be in my photos,  but nothing came of it.

I then made my way back up to the silo and set up the K2,  the Ovilus X and took a few more photos of the area while conducting an EVP session.  As I was walking over,  I caught at least 7 odd noises that left me scratching my head on the playback,  but they could have been natural,  so no need to waste your time getting to the good stuff!

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 EVP #4 -  Right after you hear me blow out a breath,  you hear a faint voice.  Replay with noise reduction and amplified.  It sounds like the voice is saying either "somebody" or "something" here.

About a minute later,  this class A EVP is picked up,  but still not sure what it is saying.

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 EVP #5 -  As I am taking a few steps around the silo area,  this voice says what sounds like "New Orleans".   I'm not entirely sure,  could be asking "You Arlene?", but I am not a female.  Still a great EVP!

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 EVP #6 -  I had set the audio recorder down as I poked my head inside the silo.  I wanted to take a peek inside to see if there was any graffiti or markings inside, but could not make any out.  Right after the Ovilus says the word "One",  a male voice says something like "better off" or "get her off",  but I cannot tell.   My friend Steve, the medium from Australia sensed some pain in this area.   It's possible that a child or somebody may have tried to climb on the silo and fallen off and gotten hurt.   There is no historical record that I could find any deaths on the land,  but records have been scarce.

After a few minutes,  the Ovilus X said the word momma and burning.   Which was interesting because one of the old barn houses near was reduced to a charred wood pile,  like the building caught fire.  But decades ago because of the heavy fresh growth of bushes in and around the area.   I was asking if the mother of the house was killed in the fire.  While no EVP's were caught during this exchange,  all of a sudden I did notice the smell of burnt wood which lasted a few seconds.  There was a slight breeze blowing and possibly could have come from the burnt wood,  just the coincidence of it all made me wonder.

Here is the playback of this exchange, lasting a bit over a minute.  (Click Here)

Three minutes later, another class A EVP was captured and there was no questioning what this fellow was saying!

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 EVP #7 -   The voice clearly says the word "Devil".  No mistaking that.   Now the question that needs to be asked is what does this mean?  Is the spirit warning me there is a "Devil" on the grounds?  Gabby and Ian pick up negative energy here and won't come to the area.   Is this what they are sensing?

Or is it this is a spirit who once lived here and he is calling me a Devil for being on his land with a lot of equipment he has no idea about.   If this was an 1800's farmer,  he could have been calling me Devil or doing things he might not consider "Godly".   Other than the foul mouthed boy,  somebody calling me bitch in a dark sounding voice and the Ovilus X reference to my first trip here,  saying the words Portal, Beast, King,  there is nothing I could see or feel that would indicate the presence of a devil or demon.    Just something to keep in the back of your head if you are investigating there.

As I was getting ready to start packing up to go home,  I said that my name was Chuck and I asked the Ovilus X to say a word that began with the letter "C" like my name.   Not only did the Ovilus respond right away with a "C" word, it was the word "Clock".   The Ovilus database has 2048 words I believe and only 2 of them begin with "C" and end in "CK", just like my name.   You take the lo out of clock and put in hu and you spell Chuck.

This was captured on video.  Here is the clip below:

I packed up after this and made my back to the trail and back towards the parking lot.   Once again, though, after leaving the area,  I picked up a nasty EVP!

Thompson-Taylor 1-9-13 EVP #8 -   As I am walking along,  a voice says what sounds like "Losing a head",  then followed a few seconds later by what sounds like "sucker" or "F--ker".   Not the first time somebody has cursed at me someplace on the Battlefield!

My second trip to the farmhouse did not disappoint,  though there was a bit more negative responses and no sound from the "hey there girl" from my first trip.   There is something definitely odd about this place and of course I will be going back in the future for further investigations.


Again,  for any investigators who decide they want to check out the Thompson-Taylor farmhouse for activity.   Please do not go there at night.  Besides the fact that you should not be there when the park closes,  the grounds are dangerous with all the fallen debris from the hurricane.  The ground is tricky in spots and there are spots where other buildings used to stand and have since collapsed into the basement as seen below.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse Investigation

As you can see,  if you were walking around at night or not paying attention,  you could end up falling into this or tripping over an embankment in the area and you could be seriously injured.    Be smart and be careful.

Also,  be aware with different EVPs of spirits cursing and being angry,  I strongly advise against provoking here.  I pretty much would advise that with any investigation,  but I get a strong feeling here this is not a place you want to make angry spirits angrier.   There are some friendly spirits here also it seems and I think you will get good EVP by showing respect and kindness.  Just keep your guard up.