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Investigation # 3  - Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse,
(Manalapan, NJ)  - April 9, 2014 - With Ian & Gabby!

Important Disclaimer : Just a reminder to my readers who like to investigate places I have gone to.  While the Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse is along the walking trail at Monmouth Battlefield,  investigating on the grounds  is hazardous enough,  but somebody trying to enter the house could be seriously injured.   Please do not try to go inside any building that you do not have permission to enter, especially an old abandoned house such as this.  Also,  there are also hidden wells along the side of the house with very flimsy wood covering them.

It was already approaching Spring time and the weather was comfortable enough to get back outside again.   Since I was unable to get to Gettysburg this year for the Phenomocon 2014 event,  I decided to head back to the Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse on the spur of the moment.   Except this time I would be joined with my friends Ian & Gabby for the first time!   They had never really spent any time over at the Farmhouse on previous trips they had to Monmouth Battlefield.   Since I've had amazing evidence here and not felt anything bad about the place,  they were eager to join me for our first joint investigation together.

I arrived first and headed over to the farmhouse to take some photos and some quick EVP.   First stopped to take some pictures at the hiking path entrance that leads from the battlefield to the farmhouse.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - April 9, 2014 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse with Ian & Gabby!
Note: The time stamp was off,  I forgot to set it after putting in fresh batteries.

There is a spirit that is on this path that I had encountered on my previous trips.   Not happy with me the first time here when I stepped off the path into the woods to relieve myself.   As I was walking up the path and calling out to any members of the Thompson family that might be around,  I got my first EVPs of the day.  Again,  headphones will be needed to hear the faint EVPs properly.   EVP played in original clip, then replayed twice at the end modified with amplification and/or noise reduction.

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 EVP #1  - Just before I continue speaking,  there is this whispered breath that is picked up by my audio recorder.   Can't make out what it is saying. 

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 EVP #2  - A few seconds later as I am walking along the path,  there is another voice saying something about "Gonna need......." and the last word is lost as I stepped on some crunchy leaves.

I made my way over to the house and was surprised to see the front door was open!  I guess a curiosity seeker managed to pry the nails off the boards holding the door shut and I got a real good look inside the house.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - April 9, 2014 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse with Ian & Gabby!

View from the front door straight ahead.   You can see how the floor and supports have collapsed in the back of the house.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - April 9, 2014 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse with Ian & Gabby!

From the right you can see the stairs going to the 2nd floor and a view of the other side of the room that I had taken pictures of from the holes in the wall that you can see.   Again,  the floor in various stages of collapse.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - April 9, 2014 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse with Ian & Gabby!

This is the view of the room to the left.   This was the fireplace,  so I am guessing this front room was the living room area.  The floor was covered with debris.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - April 9, 2014 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse with Ian & Gabby!

The ceiling directly above the living room.  Plaster and wood falling apart. 

From the pictures you can clearly see how dangerous this place is to even think about getting inside.   I would love to as I had been contacted by a person who was one of the last people to live in this house back in the day and had given me valuable information about the house.    I hope to meet up with him sometime soon as it will be very interesting to see if he has any family connection to any of the many spirits that seem to occupy this land!

As I was taking pictures from here and calling out for the family in front of the house,  I got  more EVPs!

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 EVP #3  -  Since the door is open and there are open windows on the 2nd floor,  I called out to see if anybody was there.   My audio recorder catches what sounds like somebody saying "Shhhh" as if warning others to not make any noise so I would think nobody was there!

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 EVP #4  - About two minutes later I am saying they must be frustrated to see their house falling apart like this.   A few seconds later there is a male voice saying "Think".    I can only guess why that word is being said,  maybe responding to me like saying "Ya think?"  

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 EVP #5  -  As I am walking around the back of the house to snap some photos,  I am calling out that I have seen pictures of the house in its original condition (courtesy of the Monmouth County Historical Society) and a raspy male voice is picked up by my audio recorder.  At first I thought it was saying "Behind You",  but after amplifying the EVP,  it now sounds like he is saying Elijah!  Is this the name of this particular spirit?

After a few more pictures of the back of the house and the brick building,  Ian and Gabby arrived and we finally got to meet face to face!  After talking to each other via e-mail for the past couple of years it was nice to finally to get together to investigate.

I was curious how the spirits would respond with 2 more people joining me.   Would they be just as talkative as on my past trips here or would they shy away.   Nope,  they did not shy away,  they were just as eager to chat as before and some amazing Class A EVPs that just blew me away.

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 EVP #6  - I am explaining to Ian and Gabby about the dangers around the house,  in particular small wells that are covered with rotting wood.  As I am talking,  a female voice blurts out "Hi",  which of course is not Gabby because we're already a few minutes past introductions.

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 EVP #7  -  This clip captures 2 amazing Class A EVPs from a male and female spirit.   One second in you here the male voice call out "Uncle".   This was right after my feeling that a child had climbed up on the silo and had fallen off and hurt themselves.  Then at the six second mark,  a female with an accent replies "I think so."  This is clearly not Gabby's voice nor would she have a reason to reply to me like that.   Maybe she is agreeing that a child once fell off the silo like I had mentioned?

We set up some equipment in front of the silo and set up to do an EVP session there.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - April 9, 2014 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse with Ian & Gabby!

I had a list with me of some of the names of the Thompson family who lived in the house during the 1800's.  I had given the list to Ian to look at.  As he is mentioning this,  we get another more Class A EVPs from the same female.

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 EVP #8  - Right after Ian finishes talking,  my audio recorder catches the female saying "I can tap one."   This is not Gabby as she is trying to listen for real time EVP on her audio recorder,  but this voice might have been too low for her to hear!

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 EVP #9  - Gabby is calling out that the items we are using to communicate will not hurt them.  Just as she finishes talking,  the female says "Oh, she's walking.".   Clearly two different voices as Gabby as more of that Jersey girl accent,  the other female does not.  Besides,  there is just the 3 of us.   There is no reason for Gabby to make a comment about a female walking as she is the only female there!  Well,  living female that is!  LOL

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 EVP #10  - As we are getting ready to move over to the well area,   I say I am scanning the field.  Gabby makes note that she is getting the chills.   Almost immediately,  the female spirit who is with us replies "Yeah you."   Gabby hears this the noise over her headset and replies right away that somebody is here with us!

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 EVP #11  - Not seconds after this,  I am telling Gabby about how the last time there I caught an EVP of a male saying "New Orleans" or "Arlene".   Gabby acknowledges and seconds later the female who is with us says what sounds like "When was that?",  though it is not as clear as the ones we just got.

Then we moved over to the well area.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - April 9, 2014 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse with Ian & Gabby!

There is still a nice little stream that flows though the well and looks like it feeds into the larger creek behind the property.  No doubts at one point the water was higher back in the day from the size of the well.   Is the energy provided even by this little stream enough to fuel the spirits in order to give us Class A EVPs in this area away from the house?   From what we caught next,  it certainly looks that way!

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 EVP #12  - Right after Gabby asks for a name,  there is a reply immediately afterward.  Upon isolating the EVP and amplifying it,  we get what sounds like an African female saying "Esther Lynn"!

Not known to me until late in 2012,  the person who had contacted me about living in the house told me on the 2nd floor there were hidden compartments that were used back in the 1800's as the house was part of the Underground Railroad!  If this was the case,  is Esther Lynn the spirit of a runaway slave who was hidden away at the house on an escape from the South?  Did she die on the property during her travel?   Was she a servant to the Thompson family in the 1800's?   I did find in the Historical Census from the mid 1800's there was a servant on the property named Charlit.  So there were servants on the property,  though the Census did not indicate if this was a slave or hired help.

Regardless,  the fact that Gabby received this intelligent reply to her question was outstanding!

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 EVP #13  - A few moments later,  there is a faint EVP that is too low to play back here, but Gabby hears it and asks if we said something,  which we didn't.  Moments later a female voice says "I don't get this."  Again not Gabby because she is standing a few feet from me as you can hear the distance in her voice.  The EVP sounds like the female is standing right next to me!

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 EVP #14  - Three minutes later,  again Gabby is hearing EVP as she is listening through her audio recorder.  We look around and double check to make sure there are no hikers near by as you hear me mention in this clip.   Moments later,  the female voice says 'I was sleeping!"

Very interesting that a spirit said she was sleeping.   It's not a residual EVP as the responses are directed at us and clearly intelligent.   So do spirits "sleep"?  If so,  probably very different from the way we sleep as human beings.

After this clip,  Gabby plays it back to hear what is being said.  Ian and I also take turns in agreement that there is a whispered voice,  sounds like a female.   As we are discussing it,  we catch another EVP!

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 EVP #15  -  Around the 13 second mark after you hear Ian say he hears two syllables,  a fainter, raspier male voice is saying something,  but I cannot make out what it is.  Clearly not Ian and you hear me talk right in the middle of the EVP!

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 EVP #16  - A few moments later,  I am discussing my upcoming trip to the Old Washoe Club.  Ian asks me what state it is in,  I say Nevada.   Right after Ian says "Nevada",  a female spirit with a raspy voice calls out "Water" followed a few seconds later with another voice faintly saying "Go".   

The funny thing about the female saying water,  it almost sounds like somebody who is extremely thirsty asking for water.  It was last year I had a spirit with a British type accent asking me for a drink of water.  (Click here for Soundcloud Audio of that EVP)

After this we headed back to the silo area to a spirit box session.   The recording of the audio was a bit off to record pieces from it,  but Ian's and my name were said a few times.   Again no surprise for me to hear my name come out,  but it was refreshing to hear somebody else's name said along with mine too!

We went back to the house to take a few more pictures before leaving.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - April 9, 2014 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse with Ian & Gabby!
Picture from inside the doorway using normal digital camera.  You can see the house is too dangerous
to enter from the state of collapse the foundation is going under.

As I was leaning forward to take pictures inside the house,  my P-SB7 suddenly turned on.   It might have turned on by itself by the bag I had it in banging against my body,  so I can't say that was paranormal.  But it had never happened before so I note the incident as being odd.

Because of this,  we started up one last spirit box session,  but like the one at the silo,  voices that were coming through very pretty faint.  Again Ian and my name was said and it sounded like Gabby's was as well.  But there were a couple of clips from this session that were noteworthy.

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 GB #1 -  I am asking who turned the radio on,  not expecting for a male voice to respond at the 4 second mark with the name "Scott".   So now was it a coincidental accident the radio turned on or did a spirit by the name of Scott do it?

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 GB #2 -  A few minutes later,  the same voice over 12 frequency sweeps says what sounds like ""   If this was radio bleed through from one radio station,  it should not carry over 12 frequencies like that.  Never mind the way the voice comes out in pauses as if he is struggling to find the energy to communicate with.

The next reply was a stunner.

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 GB #3 -  I am asking for verification that the house was indeed used as part of the Underground Railroad.  At about the 15 second mark,  you can hear a male voice say "Correct" followed two seconds later by a female voice saying "True".   A double confirmation of what I just asked!

The rest of the session had some minor hits,  nothing really earth shattering to post and also mostly because they were pretty faint.

We started to pack up and head on out to leave for the day,  but of course that did not stop the onslaught of EVPs from being directed towards us!

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 EVP #17  - Right after I finish making a comment about teams of 2 (investigating at the Washoe Club), this male voice says to us "Ask for Mary".    Now is this spirit telling us to ask for Mary there or is he telling me to ask for Mary when I visit the Old Washoe Club?  

As we were walking back down the path towards the Battlefield  we caught 2 more EVP to end the day.

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 EVP #18  - I am telling Ian & Gabby about a family of foxes that live off the path in the woods.  This voice sounds like a female saying "Bee-bee"  like saying Baby perhaps?

Then the last one which validated a personal experience!   As we were walking,  Gabby was leading the way,  Ian just in front of me and I was bringing up the rear.  All of a sudden I felt like I got a big spider web in my face.  So much I had to stop and look around to see where it could have been hanging from.  But there was nothing.  As I am explaining this to Ian & Gabby,  this EVP is captured!

Thompson-Taylor 4-9-14 EVP #19 - I am talking about how I just had car problems.  As soon as I finish mentioning about the car getting gas,  you hear the EVP.  This happens just as I am feeling what I think might be a spider web.   If it was a spider web,  then surely Gabby or Ian would have hit it as they were walking in front of me.    The EVP is played 4 times at the end.  The first 2 are amplified and the 2nd two are slowed down as the voice is fast.   To me it sounds like it is asking "Are you leaving?" !

Oh,  before we left,  I did set up the camera for a group shot of us together for the first time!

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - April 9, 2014 - Thompson Taylor Farmhouse with Ian & Gabby!

It was great working with Ian & Gabby,  first class investigators for sure!   If I wanted to start my own team tomorrow,  I would definitely invite both of them to join right off the bat.    They have a great passion for investigating and take it pretty seriously,  but not so seriously that they don't have fun while doing it.   I know we'll definitely get together in the future for further investigations,   like at Rose Hill Cemetery for starters where they also have gotten amazing results!

It was no surprise to me that we got as much interaction as we did.   I think the spirits can sense what type of people we are and are not afraid to try to make contact with us.   There didn't seem to be any bad feelings this time around,  but I still suspect there might be a portal someplace in the area.  There are just too many spirits there to all be part of the Taylor farmhouse.   Some are definitely from the Revolution (1700's) and some are from the 1800's.   But the rest and those that cause some heaviness and angst in the atmosphere?  Where are they coming from?    Just more questions to ask on future trips!


Again,  for any investigators who decide they want to check out the Thompson-Taylor farmhouse for activity.   Please do not go there at night.  Besides the fact that you should not be there when the park closes,  the grounds are dangerous with all the fallen debris from the hurricane.  The ground is tricky in spots and there are spots where other buildings used to stand and have since collapsed into the basement as seen below.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse Investigation

As you can see,  if you were walking around at night or not paying attention,  you could end up falling into this or tripping over an embankment in the area and you could be seriously injured.    Be smart and be careful.

Also,  be aware with different EVPs of spirits cursing and being angry,  I strongly advise against provoking here.  I pretty much would advise that with any investigation,  but I get a strong feeling here this is not a place you want to make angry spirits angrier.   There are some friendly spirits here also it seems and I think you will get good EVP by showing respect and kindness.  Just keep your guard up.