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Investigation # 4  - Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse,
(Manalapan, NJ)  - April 13, 2015

Important Disclaimer : Just a reminder to my readers who like to investigate places I have gone to.  While the Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse is along the walking trail at Monmouth Battlefield,  investigating on the grounds  is hazardous enough,  but somebody trying to enter the house could be seriously injured.   Please do not try to go inside any building that you do not have permission to enter, especially an old abandoned house such as this.  Also,  there are also hidden wells along the side of the house with very flimsy wood covering them.

It has been a slow start to 2015,  other than trying to help a couple of homes with private consulting on possible paranormal activity.   So I was itching to get back out in the field,  any field,  and start investigating again.   On this day I was meeting a friend at a local Diner in Manalapan,  not five minutes from Monmouth Battlefield.  So I tossed my tablet filled with Ghost Apps and my digital recorder into the car.   I figured if lunch ended early enough,  I might be able to head over for a little while,  do some EVP work and at least try out an app or two.

When I got finished with lunch,  I figured I could get in about 30 minutes of investigating,  just enough to wet my appetite and give me some new material to listen to.  Not that I don't already have enough investigations to resort through and add to the website.   But it had been months since my last investigation,  so what was another 30 minutes?  I figured maybe I'd get lucky and get an EVP or 2 over at the Taylor Farmhouse.   Maybe a couple of faint EVPs,  not even worth writing home about.

I was wrong.  Hence why I am writing this trip up as 30 minutes provided a lot more than I really expected.

I have no clue as to why this happens.  Am I truly a "magnet"?  Has my Reiki advancement raised my energy levels to the point they are automatically drawn to me and come to me (I am a Level 3 as I write this)?   Is it because they know me so well over there,  the nice ones as well as the angry and they all come to speak?  Is it because I offer to try to help cross over spirits into the light? 

I don't know.  

So I park at the usual spot and hike past the Sutfin house and say hello to the spirits there.   It was a bit windy on the field,  so it didn't make any sense to try EVP there as the wind blows past the house.   So I made my way to the trail that leads to the Taylor Farmhouse.

I am not liked on that trail.  As I have mentioned in the past,  I have been cursed at, told to get lost and even had the "spiritual face slap" there.  That feeling of spider webs in the face,  but there are no spider webs.   That had happened on a trip here a little over a year ago with meeting Ian & Gabby for the first time.    I have to throw a recorder on during this walk because something always happens and this time was no exception. 

I had walked up to the little bridge that goes over the creek that runs behind the property.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures
This photo was from a previous trip here.   I did not take any photographs on this little excursion.

As I am walking up,  I do catch a very faint EVP,  even amplifying it is hard to hear, but it sounds like it is saying the name "Brett".    Then as I am inviting any spirits there to speak into my recorder,  I catch this voice talking over me. (Original clip heard first followed by replay of EVP 2 times with enhanced audio to hear it better)

Thompson-Taylor 4-13-15 EVP #1  - At around 4 seconds as you hear me say " to me",  there is a voice that comes out at the same time.   It sounds to me an awful lot like "Maria" whose voice I captured on my first trip here.  But I have no idea what she is saying. 

Not ten seconds later as I am crossing the little bridge (as seen in the photo above),  I catch a double EVP back to back.

Thompson-Taylor 4-13-15 EVP #2  - Right after I mention the little bridge and the pond,  the first EVP is said very faintly,  followed by a louder voice,  both male.   On the replay,  the faint voice amplified sounds like it is saying "Come and Get it" and the 2nd voice is clearly saying "get outta here".   What is really interesting is that right after these EVPs are captured,  I note that I am feeling a chill like somebody is there with me.

When you've been doing this for a while,  your body seems to know when there is a spirit presence about.   That chill is just about a dead give away!   (no pun intended)

Thirty seconds later I catch the voice of the spirit I believe is named Belle or Annabelle.

Thompson-Taylor 4-13-15 EVP #3  - I am noting that there are no other hikers around.  Always a great thing because when you are alone,  that means no contamination from the living.   At 4 seconds you can hear a female voice saying something light.   I cannot make out the word she is saying,  but this is the spirit that I initially called the "hey there" girl because it is her voice.  

She was not happy when I was there back in 2014 with my Reiki group as when we were leaving we said nobody had any permission to follow us out and she pouted out "Not fair!".   She sounds like a sweet, young lady,  but no way, no how will I ever invite any spirit to follow me out of anyplace.    I have no idea if this is a demon or evil spirit pretending to be a sweet, innocent sounding girl to trick me into inviting her home with me to be safe.   I don't think it is a evil spirit masquerading because I don't sense the dread or evil from her,  but I won't take the chance.

As I am walking up to the farmhouse,  I am calling out to confirm Belle is there and is that name she prefers or is it Annabelle?   As I am walking up the path near the old silo,   this faint EVP is caught.

Thompson-Taylor 4-13-15 EVP #4  - I notice some deer prints in the ground,  then this very faint male voice is caught.  On the replay with noise reduction and amplified,  still hard to hear.  However to me it sounds like it is saying "Let them go".   If that is what is being said,  is he talking to me or is he talking to other spirits there to stop holding others back from crossing?

So in the first 14 minutes,  more EVPs than I was expecting.

I only had about another 15 minutes to spare,  so I wanted to try the Echovox app for the first time at the Taylor Farmhouse.    Several other investigators had recommended to me for a couple of years now to get the app and give it a try.   I have been sort of dubious of apps,  anything software driven could be set up in advance.   But I shelled out $20, figured what could it hurt.

I played it twice at home and the first time I ran it,  my full name was said,  my daughter's name was said and when I finished up and said I was shutting it off,  I heard "good bye".   Echovox is a phonetic program that has several banks of male and female voices,  some with small words,  some with the sounds that make up words.   Played at different speed sweeps,  random combinations of banks, etc.  Ergo,  in a quick session the odds of my full name and my daughters name beings said from phonetics like ,eh ,he, ah,  err,  (etc etc) should be just about impossible.

So of course for me if there is a place to test out equipment,  it is the Taylor house.  Yes, I did get some interesting responses!   (I'll play the sound bite 3 times in a row,  no headphones needed as it is recorded loud)

Thompson-Taylor 4-13-15 Echovox #1 - This bit in the beginning asks "Did Henry leave?"   The name "Henry" has been captured at various spots at Monmouth,  not only by me,  but Ian & Gabby said they have had an encounter with a Henry too.  Coincidence?

Thompson-Taylor 4-13-15 Echovox #2 - I was asking how many spirits were there.  This one says  "The North Elm,  talk for the box".  A random combination of words and sounds comes up with that? 

Thompson-Taylor 4-13-15 Echovox #3 - I am asking if they need help crossing into the light.   At the 8 second mark of the clip,  there is a reply that says "I can help them."

Thompson-Taylor 4-13-15 Echovox #4 - After hearing the name Heather said and asking a few more questions,  I ask if they died here on the property.   An immediate reply sounds like "Let's talk to Pete."   Peter is the name of one of my friends from Reiki Hands of Hope who has investigated here two times before hand and felt a good connection to the spirits here.   Is this who they want to talk to?

Thompson-Taylor 4-13-15 Echovox #5 - This clip is very surprising.   A full sentence again,  this one asking "Is Gates with you?"    There was an American General by the name of Horatio Gates who fought during the Revolution,  but was up in the Hudson Valley area at the time of the Battle of Monmouth.

Thompson-Taylor 4-13-15 Echovox #6 - I think I am hearing something about that I am supposed to look for something in the woods.   When I ask,   the male voice says "It's Heather.",  confirming a name I heard earlier.

Thompson-Taylor 4-13-15 Echovox #7 - This one was odd.  There are 3 parts in the mix.  The first one at around 2 seconds mentions "spit blood".  This is followed a split second later by the male voice saying what sounds like "Did Evil".  Then at the end of the clip,  the female voice says "I would have been drugged."   All parts replayed twice.   So if this is spirit manipulation,  you can basically come up with a pretty bad scenario for the female here.

Those were the most interesting of the clips that came out of that session.   It's hard to imagine how a spirit can manipulate the random sounds like that,  but since their realm is completely different than the one we live in,  who is to say they can't manipulate devices like that?   It's not conclusive proof by any stretch,  but does mean I will have to try it out more in the future to see how many valid responses I can get with it.

It was then time to leave and head back for home.   Of course when I was walking back,  I would talk and explain a few things and of course another couple of EVP would be captured.

Thompson-Taylor 4-13-15 EVP #5  -  I am trying to tell them that even though their mortal bodies are no longer here, they still live on as a form of energy.   After I pause in this clip,  at the 5 second mark here you hear a voice,  I think it is saying "Hello" in an accent,  but kinda hard to tell.

Thompson-Taylor 4-13-15 EVP #6  -  This one shows the aggravation of having wind blowing while doing EVP.  The wind eventually blows out the voice as you hear in this clip.  The voice is there,  but no idea what it is saying.

There were a couple of more light EVP,  but again the wind on the trail back past the Sutfin house going towards the parking lot was enough to wash it all out.   No sense in posting it here,  they sound basically like EVP clip #6.

So while this little trip was hardly what one could call a full fledged "investigation",  it again showed that Monmouth Battlefield,  in particular the Thompson-Taylor farmhouse and the land have plenty of spirits trying to communicate with me when I am there.   It will be nice to get back there again a few more times during the year,  to some of the other places I need to check out for the first time.  It would be interesting to see how the evidence is in those places too!


Again,  for any investigators who decide they want to check out the Thompson-Taylor farmhouse for activity.   Please do not go there at night.  Besides the fact that you should not be there when the park closes,  the grounds are dangerous with all the fallen debris from the hurricane.  The ground is tricky in spots and there are spots where other buildings used to stand and have since collapsed into the basement as seen below.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse Investigation

As you can see,  if you were walking around at night or not paying attention,  you could end up falling into this or tripping over an embankment in the area and you could be seriously injured.    Be smart and be careful.

Also,  be aware with different EVPs of spirits cursing and being angry,  I strongly advise against provoking here.  I pretty much would advise that with any investigation,  but I get a strong feeling here this is not a place you want to make angry spirits angrier.   There are some friendly spirits here also it seems and I think you will get good EVP by showing respect and kindness.  Just keep your guard up.