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Investigation # 9  - Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse,
(Manalapan, NJ)  - Sept 12, 2017
- With Robert Bandov from Bearfort Paranormal
&  Australia's Mystical Medium - Steve Lewis !

Important Disclaimer : Just a reminder to my readers who like to investigate places I have gone to.  While the Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse is along the walking trail at Monmouth Battlefield,  investigating on the grounds  is hazardous enough,  but somebody trying to enter the house could be seriously injured.   Please do not try to go inside any building that you do not have permission to enter, especially an old abandoned house such as this.  Also,  there are also hidden wells along the side of the house with very flimsy wood covering them.

For the past few years,  I have been trying to get my friends from Bearfort Paranormal to make the trip down to Monmouth Battlefield.  They love going to and investigating at Gettysburg and like I always say,  Monmouth is a mini-Gettysburg from a paranormal investigators point of view.

Except you don't get the foot traffic at Monmouth that you get at Gettysburg!

So finally,  with our good friend Steve Lewis,  one of Australia's finest mediums,  visiting in the States,  we managed to work out a day for Robert and Steve to come down from North Jersey to my neck of the woods.   Since our investigation time was going to be a bit on the short side,  I figured the best place for Robert and Steve to visit would be the Thompson-Taylor farmhouse where as you all well know by now,  this is the best place to pick up paranormal activity.  Mostly EVP and spirit box clips,  occasional equipment interaction.

Chuck, Rob and Steve at dinner!
Pictured from left to right - Myself,  Steve and Rob.  Enjoying a meal and drinks while discussing all things paranormal!  :-)

We made our way from the parking lot down past the Sutfin House, which is now fenced in to keep out the squatters and urban explorers.  As we walked along,  Steve immediately picked up on somebody following us.  This is a common thing that happens at the Battlefield for me and Ian & Gabby when they go to investigate too.   The Mel-Meter we use will show hit-n-run spikes of EMF when there should be none at all.    Of course Steve picking up on this was validation.

We finally got to the long trail I refer to as the "Trail of Death",  jokingly of course.

Path leading to Thompson Taylor Farmhouse
"Trail of Death " leading from the battlefield to Thompson Farmhouse (previously used photo)

As we made our way along the trail leading to the farmhouse,  whomever was following us was keeping his distance.  Steve pointed out that he was curious about us,  but also cautious about our motives.   Just moments later we catch our first EVPs of the investigation.  (As always,  EVPs best heard with ear-buds or headphones in a quiet area.   All EVPs played first with original, untouched clip,  followed by EVP twice.  Either amplified and/or with noise reduction.

Thompson-Taylor 9 EVP #1 - Here I am explaining to Steve how the land usually looks as it has been dry for a bit.  As I am explaining you hear what sounds like a little kid respond.   Not sure what is being said, but def sounds like a child.

Thompson-Taylor 9 EVP #2 - About 3 minutes later,  I am noting how deep the water would have been back in the day.  Robert notes a tree that is listing heavily and will fall soon.  Steve responds yeah around 7 second mark of clip.  A second later there is a noise followed by a male voice replying "Yes".  Guess he agrees too!

We then made our way up past the silo,  the dairy equipment and up past the barn.   I noted to Steve and Rob on the big oak tree next to the barn,  the initials JC were carved in there,  until some vandal dug out the bark to ruin the carving.   We then caught other EVP with Mel-Meter activity at the same time!

Thompson-Taylor 9 EVP #3 - As we are moving up towards the house from the barn,  at the 2.5 - 3.5 second you can hear the faint male voice.   Just a couple of seconds later you hear me seeing the spike on the Mel-Meter from a 1.4 milligauss dropping down towards 0.0.   Rob notes that Steve is the conduit for the spirits!   What the voice sounds like it is saying,  is "Get out of here",  again a common thing told to us by two male figures who hang around the barn area.

Now 20 seconds later,  I get another huge spike on the Mel-Meter.  Then Steve picks up on the men who are telling us to get off their property!   Here is the audio of Steve picking it up. 

Thompson-Taylor 9 EVP #3a -  You hear me announce the EMF spike,  then Steve talking,  he's a bit away from me, but toward the end of the clip you can hear him saying he is picking up the male spirits telling us to get off.   Less than a minute after we picked up the EVP of them telling us to do that!

Rob and Steve at Monmouth Battlefield
Steve picking up on the spirits around the Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse as Rob listens.

We then moved over to the house and proceeded to set up some equipment by the door and open window to see if we could entice them to interact with any of the equipment.  A few minutes after we set up,  the REM-POD Robert placed on a tree branch by the door started to sound off.   It went on for about 10-15 seconds then quit.  It was the only time while we were there this happened.   There were no insects or objects close enough to break the electro-magnetic field around the REM-POD antenna.

Thompson Taylor Farmhouse - Monmouth Battlefield 2017
REM-PODS placed by the door and in a window frame.

Thompson-Taylor 9 EVP #4 - Here Steve is walking around and makes a call out to the family.   A few seconds later,  male voice responds to him, sounds like it is saying "Not You."

Thompson-Taylor 9 EVP #5 - About 6 minutes later,  we pick up a child's voice.  You hear me say "Yeah",  I think Robert was motioning me about something so I replied to that.   The child's voice though sounds like he or she is asking, "Would you mind?"  One of the best responses to date from the farmhouse from a child spirit!

Thompson-Taylor 9 EVP #6 - Five minutes later in this clip,  you first hear me say "Breathing".  That's just I had exhaled a loud breath and was tagging the recorder to identify the sound was me.   You hear a faint voice after me which I believe is Steve saying "How do you do?" as he has walked away from us a little bit.   At the 5 second mark,  a faint male voice is captured.  It's hard to make out what he is saying, even amplified,  but its at least 3 words.

After another a few minutes of seemingly quietness,  Robert pulled out his special Panasonic voice recorder to do a burst session with and yet another EVP.

Thompson-Taylor 9 EVP #7 - Robert had just finished the quick burst session when here Steve asks if he caught anything.  Robert says "I'll let you know when I play it back!"   I laugh at Rob's response.  This is immediately followed by a male voice saying what sounds like 'Good Luck"!   Hoping his voice will get captured on the recorder perhaps?

Not long after Steve was picking up feelings of cannon fire in the distance behind us and sensed soldiers coming through the land they were on.  This was correct as my friend Pete,  park historian,  had told me during the Battle of Monmouth,  the Colonials had retreated through this area until Washington had arrived to rally the troops.   At the end of the day,  in the evening,  the British troops had slipped off the battlefield through this area when they withdrew from the field.     Even though you can read about the battle online,  there is no map that shows the advance and the retreat of the armies through the land the Thompson-Taylor stands on because the farmhouse was built until some 40 plus years later.  Hence it would not be on any battle map of the day.    So Steve picking up on this was quite interesting!

Thompson Taylor Farmhouse in the process of falling in on itself.
View from the side of the farmhouse,  now showing it in total collapse.  Picture taken with full spectrum camera.

While Steve was picking up feelings about the battle and the names of some of the possible occupants of the house or land,  there was not any interaction going with our equipment.   So we decided to do a spirit box session.  Robert placed one of his large speakers in the window and we attached a P-SB7 spirit box for the session.

Thompson-Taylor 9 GB #1 - Right after we started the session and I asked them to communicate with us through the box,  first good response was "Rob"!

Thompson-Taylor 9 GB #2 - Next good response had 2 back to back words.  First is a little child calling out,  can't make out what the word is.  This is immediately followed by a female pleading "Please?" to us.   The female voice is very familiar from past sessions there.

Thompson-Taylor 9 GB #3 - Here I am asking if any member of the family would like to communicate with us.  The reply was pretty obvious though we did not hear it clearly at the time.

Thompson-Taylor 9 GB #4 - About two minutes later,   Steve had asked a question,  but cannot hear it because I am close to the spirit box with my recorder,  Rob and Steve standing behind me about 10 feet away.   Though this reply was obviously directed to Steve because the male voice comes out and says "Mate"!   Now here in the States,  that doesn't mean anything, but down under in Australia,  that's what they call their friends - Mate!

Thompson-Taylor 9 GB #5 - About 20 seconds later,  a female voice comes out and says "Linda".    There is a Linda connected to this area somehow as this name is very common coming out of the spirit box in the Thompson-Taylor area.   On one trip with Ian & Gabby,  her name came out six times over two sessions!

This next one is a duplicate message repeated by the same voice about 25 seconds apart!

Thompson-Taylor 9 GB #6 - As I heard this on the first playback,  I thought for a second the female was saying something about a "great soul".  Like it was being hummed.   Then I thought maybe she was saying something about being "grateful".

Then 25 seconds later here it is again, but now being said instead of sung!

Thompson-Taylor 9 GB #7 - Now the same voice is saying what clearly sounds like "You have a great soul!"   So is this what she was singing to us just 25 seconds earlier?   She doesn't mention who she is telling this too,  maybe all three of us?

It's interesting because later on Steve told us that as we were walking around in the area,  the spirits there were watching us,  studying us to see how we were.   He mentioned something about another team or some folks who came here looking for the spirits and were down right nasty and mean to them.    They know who I am,  but had never seen Steve or Rob before and maybe that made them a little cautious with us at first.  However it seemed as the investigation went on,  they could see we were there with love and light and respect.

That's how you get spirit interaction,  not by acting like rude jerks!

Robert taking photos of Thompson Taylor House
Robert enjoying his first trip to the Thompson-Taylor House!   Getting ready to take photos of the house!

Thompson-Taylor 9 GB #8 - In this clip,  I am shouting out asking if anybody is home.  I get the immediate response of "Me".   After I note hearing that word,  at the 6 1/2 second mark Rob's name is called out.   Rob replayed twice at the end of the clip.

Thompson-Taylor 9 GB #9 - As we are nearing the end of the session,  I note that we are getting ready to leave.  At the end of the clip, a light voice comes through calling out Steve!

Thompson-Taylor 9 GB #10 -  Just seconds later I am telling the spirits that its okay to come forward and speak.  We felt something might be holding them back.  As soon as I ask the question,  we get the reply "Okey-doke".   Then as I begin speaking, a deep male voice is saying Chuck over my voice.  Both replies replayed twice.

Thompson-Taylor 9 GB #11 - This last clip of the session,  I am asking if they are angry that the house is falling apart.   Soft, older sounding male voice replies "Yes"    Is this why  some of the spirits of the area are angry, because their once beautiful house is falling apart?

We then packed up our gear and started to make our way towards the bridge and the well area on the other side of the silo area.

Full Spectrum photo at Monmouth Battlefield
A shot of the woods in full spectrum near the well area.  A stunning piece of evidence is captured near here that validates something Steve was picking up on!

As Steve and Robert were a bit behind me, I walked up ahead to plow out some thorny branches and go near the silo.    As I did this I picked up an EVP of a spirit I did not know was there and had never made any communication attempts with me in the past.   Then when we got over to the bridge,   Steve picked up on something that there is no record of.

In this next EVP clip,   I will first play what Steve is picking up.  This is approx 5 minutes after the EVP was recorded.  I will then play the EVP with the single world by this new spirit.

Thompson-Taylor 9 EVP #8 - Here Steve tells us what he is sensing.  It is something we don't know for sure,  but it is a powerful feeling that I have and that other mediums & sensitives in the area had also suspected.    The word he is being said by the new spirit is ringing out in his head as clear as day.  Little did we realize that we got that same word in an EVP just 5 minutes earlier.

Not that I didn't already know this,  but if you ever had to wonder if mediums are real or not,  Steve just proves it right there with the EVP to back it up.

Thompson-Taylor 9 EVP #9 - As we are walking towards the bridge,  I'm just talking about them.   A faint male voice replies with a few words,  but even amplified I can't make out what is being said.

Thompson-Taylor 9 EVP #10 - Then after we are on the bridge we capture an EVP that rather shocks me.  As the clip starts, you can hear Steve say "Uh huh" in response to something said before the clip started.   At the 3 second mark you hear a male voice and at the end I am just starting to talk about the little stream that runs from the well under the bridge.   On the reply amplified, you can clearly hear the male voice say the initials, "J.C."   As in J.C. Thompson, they guy who built this house in the early 1800's.   This is not my voice,  it is not Robert's and certainly does not have that Australian accent that Steve has.

Never in all my visits here have I had anybody call out those initials!   Is this the spirit of J.C. Thompson finally communicating or is it a family member or servant looking for him as we have been all this time!

We placed some equipment on the bridge and even put out the Ovilus X with the Digital text display.   Most of the time the Ovilus X has been used at Monmouth,  I've gotten some interesting responses, but the farmhouse area has generally been quiet.   But this time the Ovilus X would not stop spitting out words.  Half of them did not make much sense,  but then we got the name Johnny.

About a minute or so after Johnny came through the Ovilus X,  we catch the little boy with the foul mouth,  not cursing this time though.

Thompson-Taylor 9 EVP #11 - Steve is talking about the amount of layers of spiritual activity he is picking up.  Just after he is finished speaking and Robert mentions he is going to do real time EVP,  the boy speaks.   On the play back it sounds like he is saying "That's him!".   The voice is unmistakable.  Who he is referring to here I have no idea.

We then did a quick spirit box session on the bridge.  Unfortunately,  the first half of the session I missed because I accidentally put the recorder on pause.  Fortunately,  Robert was rolling on his full spectrum camera!   You can see that and some other video footage of the investigation here.

What Robert caught was amazing because during the session he posted,  the little girl who cried "mama" earlier did so during the spirit box session!

We did have trouble again in the area because Steve sensed the kids were afraid to come out of the woods and talk because there was a male spirit back there scaring them.   Steve encouraged the kids to come forward.   Also noted again that some investigators coming into the area were being disrespectful and made the spirits nervous about interacting!  Ugh!

Australia Medium Steve Lewis at Thompson Taylor Farmhouse - Monmouth Battlefield
Steve on the bridge feeling the many "layers" of spiritual activity at Monmouth Battlefield!

Another interesting note,  Steve had asked about a person with an "S" sound to their name.   I couldn't think of any "S" names until it hit me that "S" sound was actually Ester Lynn!   Her name has an "S" sound though it starts with an "E"!   Ester Lynn hides in the woods near the bridge and well,  we have felt she is a runaway slave who is hiding here, afraid she is going to be captured and taken away.   We've tried to assure her on the trips here she is safe,  but that's a strong feeling she has and will take a lot to convince her she will be okay.

We then packed up for the hike back to the parking lot.  However,  this was not the end of the investigation, at least for a couple of spirits.

We did pick up a few more faint EVP walking out,  nothing notable to post,  but two did strike out.   The first one was as we were walking past the Sutfin house,  I was talking about their history and got a reply to my story!

Thompson-Taylor 9 EVP #12 - Here I am talking about the stories that the Sutfin's were Tories who were loyal to England.  As I am mentioning this,  there is an audible reply between 10-11 second mark of "No".  Replayed twice and clearly this voice is saying no.

So they just clarified this for the record!

Then one of the most chilling EVP's I have ever heard and this was a conversation between a male and a female.

We were walking down the path,  corn stalks were the crop planted this year so they were all over.  We did pass a man and a woman walking their dog,  but by the time the EVP was captured,  they had to have been too far away to be picked up as clearly as the EVP is.  Plus what they are saying makes no sense unless you are looking at it from a spirits point of view.

Plus this serves as a reminder the possible pitfalls of being an investigator.

Thompson-Taylor 9 EVP #13 - You hear the 3 of us walking and  I mention that I'm good.   Just a second earlier Robert had asked if I wanted to let him carry one of my equipment bags.   Then there is a male voice who says a sentence,  pauses and says another which is followed by a female.   I turned off my recorder about 15 seconds later.   It's shocking to me cause first time I have heard this.

First sentence by the male sounds like "I want this one."

Second sentence by the same male sounds like "I'll follow this one".

Last sentence by the female sounds like "There'll be trouble."

Is this a male and female spirit following us back to the car and the male wants to follow one of us?   To which the female knows better hence her reply, "There'll be trouble."?    I think he was possibly looking at Steve because of his psychic abilities and the female knowing Steve would not take kindly to the spirit following him and taking action about it.

Could it have been the couple with the dog?  It's always a possibility,  but their words make no sense.  They were not following us, they went on their way with the dog and were long gone before this EVP came about.

Spirits have followed Ian & Gabby from Monmouth.   On my first trip to Monmouth,  I had to pull my car over when leaving because I felt like somebody had gotten into the back seat of my car.  Couldn't shake the feeling and basically cursed it out until it left.   So if something was going to follow somebody,  naturally it would be those that are trying to communicate with the spirits.   Not that the spirits were evil or bad, but if you were dead for 100+ years with nobody to talk to and all the hikers came and went without acknowledging you,  what would you do the first time somebody showed up and said I know you're here.

That's the most likely scenario in my book.  Hence why you must always tell the spirits they have no permission to follow you when you leave an investigation.

Anyhow,  it was a quick trip,  couple of hours,  but glad to finally have gotten to investigate with Steve in person!  Plus getting him and Robert to Monmouth Battlefield was fantastic so they could finally see what I have been raving about for years!   Hopefully I'll get them back down there in the future,  touring some of the other spots on the battlefield!


Again,  for any investigators who decide they want to check out the Thompson-Taylor farmhouse for activity.   Please do not go there at night.  Besides the fact that you should not be there when the park closes,  the grounds are dangerous with all the fallen debris from the hurricane.  The ground is tricky in spots and there are spots where other buildings used to stand and have since collapsed into the basement as seen below.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse Investigation

As you can see,  if you were walking around at night or not paying attention,  you could end up falling into this or tripping over an embankment in the area and you could be seriously injured.    Be smart and be careful.

Also,  be aware with different EVPs of spirits cursing and being angry,  I strongly advise against provoking here.  I pretty much would advise that with any investigation,  but I get a strong feeling here this is not a place you want to make angry spirits angrier.   There are some friendly spirits here also it seems and I think you will get good EVP by showing respect and kindness.  Just keep your guard up.