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Investigation #1 - Unnamed Cemetery, (Towanda, PA)
- October 6, 2013

On this day I had traveled up to the mountains of North Central Pennsylvania to a small, out of the way town called Towanda.  My good friends from my weekly Dungeons & Dragons game in Bayonne had traveled up here to spend the weekend at a friends retreat.   Of course before I came up here, my friend David had told me that there was a small cemetery nearby in the hills and that I should bring my equipment for a first time ghost hunt for everybody.

Of course this place was really in the middle of nowhere.  The perfect place to get away from it all.  When I drove by the cemetery on the way to the house,  I noted it was a small cemetery, about a half acre in size, not entirely forgotten.  Still kept up by the town I guess,  but nearest house was about hundred yards away.   I thought to myself this is the perfect place to go.   I didn't think something this small would have any type of activity.  Perfect, since I knew that some of the adults had their kids with them who wanted to go out on a ghost hunt and see what it was all about.  

As night fell and we ate dinner after a D&D session,  of course the big question is when we would head on out.  I had my equipment all set to go,  but I laid down a couple of laws before the 8 of us would head on out.  Mostly for the younger boys.  I warned them not to act tough or be jerks because antagonizing a spirit is not a good idea.  They don't care how tough you think you are,  they don't care how big your muscles are or how big your fathers are,  they can mess you up.    I said show respect and you'll get respect.

That's all I needed to say, LOL.

We packed up into Dave's SUV and made the five minute trip over to the cemetery.  We found a spot to park down the road and walked up the hill to the place.  To me this was going to be interesting as this was my first time leading a group of people into their first ghost hunt.   Of course I am always reminded by the famous movie line uttered by Agent Smith in "The Matrix Reloaded" - "Appearances can be deceiving."  At night the cemetery looked a lot more spooky than it did during the day light hours.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Towanda, PA - Cemetery Investigation

An old rusted fence lined the front of the cemetery by the road.  Before we crossed into the main entrance into the area,  I led the group in a prayer for any spirits that were there and offered our blessings,  said we came to communicate and not disrespect them.  I finished by proclaiming in the name of God and Jesus Christ that while the spirits were welcome to talk to us,  they did not have permission to follow any of us out of there or attach itself to our equipment.   Again, to a skeptic that may sound like nonsense, but for the minute it took me to say this all out loud, the only thing I lose is that minute.  I'll take that minute every time if it means keeping the group safe and keeping our new friends from leaving the cemetery with us.  :-)

I gave out a piece of equipment to everybody to use, so they would get a feel for the investigation.  K2, 2 Mel-meters,  cameras,  REMPOD, etc.  We all sort of dispersed around to get a feel for the area as I called out to the spirits to make their presence known to us.  Jordan and Zack were using the Mel-Metes and they were getting hit and run spikes up to 1.2mg on the meters. 

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Towanda, PA - Cemetery Investigation

 It was interesting as there was no street light near by,  cell phones were useless due to the mountains so signals were a non-factor. 

While snapping photos with his cell phone,  Dave ended up catching his first orbs!   I would list these as possible spirit orbs as he caught 2 colored and distinctive orbs in photos.

   Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Towanda, PA - Cemetery Investigation

The image to the left of the orb is a tombstone and not a ghost. 

This is the 2nd photo he took later on.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Towanda, PA - Cemetery Investigation

Solid balls of off white and orange,  not the typical grey, transparent ones that are dust orbs.

After a little while,  Zack and Jordan kept getting EMF spikes on the Mel-Meters near a particular tombstone, so we set up the Ovilus and Spirit Box for a session.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Towanda, PA - Cemetery Investigation
I am to the left setting up equipment as Dave observes from the right and Chris standing to my left.

The Ovilus X didn't really throw out much to go on,  so that was a bust.   After a bit more we fired up the P-SB7 spirit box and I was pretty amazed at what we got.  With radio signals poor and using a Faraday pouch,  we got a lot more than I thought was possible.  Most clips have the key part replayed twice at the end,  you should be able to hear it through normal speakers.

Towanda GB #1 - This is one of those questions that is answered even before it is asked,  like playing "Ghost Jeopardy".   Then answer is "Eight plus Jeff."   The question came up just moments later.

Towanda GB #2 - Just seconds after GB#1,  a voice says "Kick that boys foot.", though we have no idea which boy they are talking about.   Right after you hear me ask the question, "How many of us are here right now?"   There were 8 of us there,  but Jeff stayed behind at the house.  So the question had already been answered and we did not hear it at the time.   Anybody want to claim that is nothing more than coincidence?

Towanda GB #3 - We thought we heard somebody answer GB#2 with the number 9, so I am asking if there is a spirit there to make up 9 of us.  A combination of voices comes through saying either "I'll keep working" or "Al keep working."  Could go either way with that one.

Towanda GB #4 - Here I am asking if they are originally from Pennsylvania.  As soon as I finish asking, you hear a quick "Yeah" from a male voice.

Towanda GB #5 - Here I am asking if they just said Jared's name,  again a quick reply,  "No."

Towanda GB #6 - A little bit later,  a faint call for help is made "Help me", followed by an EVP overlapping the spirit box that says my name "Chuck."   I believe this to be an EVP because it has that whispery, raspy voice instead of the much clearer voice we get with the Spirit Box.  Not to mention nobody heard this at the time and it was pretty clear on the audio recorder.

Towanda GB #7 - This clip we hear my name being said by a female voice, you can hear the commentary in the background.  As I am asking if they said "Chuck", a male voice quickly replies with "She's a ghost!"  Then after I ask who was the female that said my name, a female replies "Debbie", which again we all heard.  When I ask if she is buried there in the cemetery, a male voice replies, "Don't think so."   Which leads to an interesting question,  if she is not buried there at the cemetery,  what is she doing there communicating to begin with?  She wander into this place,  jump in from some place else because the Spirit Box has opened a doorway?

Towanda GB #8 - This one was another heard by all.  Since my name is coming up,  I ask if they know who else is present and we get a reply of "People" and "I don't know" from two different voices.   It's funny they can answer a question before it is asked and the reply like they have no idea who is there!

Towanda GB #9 - After a bit it was time to get the joke questions we ask of some of the group who plays D&D.  This one is the who is more gay question,  Jeff or Burke.   Hard to hear at first,  but it is clearly saying "Jeff is too gay."   Now since the word gay meant something completely different 60+ years ago,  that is what we are assuming how the word is interpreted by the spirits.

Towanda GB #10 - Encouraging the others to take a crack at asking some questions,  we hear Chris asking and talking to the Spirit Box.  At the end of this clip you hear a reply,  "Jake......Hey, talk Chris."   Same voice over quite a few sweeps of the radio stations.   So here we have a spirit named Jake wanting Chris to continue talking!

Towanda GB #11 - As Jared finishes talking, we here a voice that sounds to all of us as if it is saying "Burke."  Turns out upon review it was a voice saying "Burt here."    So far we have a Deb, Jake and a Burt communicating with us!  Hardly what I expected from a small, out of the way cemetery!

Towanda GB #12 -  Here we get back to the gay question,  this time asking is it Dave or Burke.   Dave dodges the bullet as we all hear the reply - "Burke"!

Towanda GB #13 - In this clip is a voice,  sounds like the Deb voice from earlier,  saying, "Hear me" and the followed up with a "Hi".

Towanda GB #14 - As we are ending the session,  I thank them for trying to communicate.  A voice responds,  "Don't leave Chuck".  We heard the first part and was thinking "Don't wait",  but upon the playback, we can hear the voice asking me not to leave.    Amazing as we all heard this and something I would not have expected to pick up here.   I guess if you are a spirit hanging out in an hold cemetery and somebody shows up for the first time in decades if not a century and says they can communicate with you,  the spirit is going to be pretty excited I bet.  I wouldn't want my first contact with the living to end so soon as when will the next opportunity happen again?

There was another audio recorder left recording near the front gate,  but with the amount of chatter and whispering going on from everybody walking around,  there was nothing recorded that I could accept as possible EVP.  Which was fine because what we heard from the spirit box was pretty amazing for everybody who was gathered around to listen.

We grabbed a few more pictures before we left.  This set of 2 by the front gate was interesting.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Towanda, PA - Cemetery Investigation

Here is a bright bluish-white orb in motion,  as you can see the streak it leaves behind.  In the next photo about 10 seconds later,  it is gone.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Towanda, PA - Cemetery Investigation

Clearly not a reflection off anything or it would have been in the second photo.

Here is a solid blue orb captured a few minutes later in the middle of the cemetery.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Towanda, PA - Cemetery Investigation

Very similar to a bluish orb that followed me around a cemetery in Jamesburg, NJ several years ago.

Another set of 2 pictures caught my shortly after this one. 

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Towanda, PA - Cemetery Investigation

Here this odd white blip caught my eye in the distance.   When it didn't show up in the follow up photo.....

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Towanda, PA - Cemetery Investigation

...I knew it was not a cemetery light or a star or plane in the background.   From first looking at this through the camera viewfinder,  it looked very interesting.   Then of course you get home, put it on a computer monitor, then you find out the truth of what the picture was.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Towanda, PA - Cemetery Investigation

A bug!   The winglet shows this is clearly a bug in flight and not an orb.   A skeptic may say that the photos above are not orbs, but merely bugs instead.

Let's do a comparison of the bug photo to the orb in motion as shown above.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Towanda, PA - Cemetery Investigation

Does the orb in motion really look like a bug in motion?  No of course not.  The bug, obviously in motion,  clearly shows a wing where the orb in motion is not.   The orb is not from moisture in the air as there was no rain or fog or snow or any weather problems that night.  It was clear.  We have different colored orbs that are not consistent with the grey, transparent appearance of a dust orb. 

We left after about an hour and a half,  paid our final respects,  I again declared that nobody had any permission to follow us home.   Yet as we took some group photos,  there was one last picture that seemed appropriate to post here!

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Towanda, PA - Cemetery Investigation

Floating just over us is that little orb.  Funny how I asked if they wanted to pose in the picture with us and this came out!

When we were leaving the cemetery,  everybody had an enjoyable time,  seeing first hand a basic ghost hunt in a cemetery.   Nobody felt scared,  nobody felt odd or strange,  but a sense of peace and calmness could be felt by all.   Maybe the spirits at Towanda appreciated our attempts to make contact with them and sent us off with a good vibe inside?   If we make it up back this away again,  we will definitely go back to see if the spirits here remember us and are willing to make contact again.

So again, the motto "Expect the Unexpected" was proven correct.   You never know where you can end up finding some ghostly contact.  Even in a small, little out of the way cemetery nestled deep in the mountains of North Central Pennsylvania!