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Investigation # 1  - The WFMU "In Real Life" investigation!
(Manalapan, NJ)  - October 28, 2017 - With hosts Kim & Emily!

You can listen to Kim and Emily's podcast of our investigation this day here.  


Early in October,  I had the pleasure of being contacted by the hosts of a radio show here in New Jersey.   Kim & Emily,  hosting "In Real Life" on WFMU 91.1 in Jersey City,  wanted to do a show on paranormal investigating for their Halloween show.   Of course I was very honored that they had reached out to me.   We thought the best thing to do,  rather than a typical interview,  would be for all of us to go out to a spot to investigate.

On short notice,  it would have been difficult to get an indoor location,  since most of them require weeks if not months advance notice.  Let alone the fee to cover the investigation.    Since the weather was still mild,  I suggested meeting at Monmouth Battlefield and I would take them to the farmhouses  (Sutfin House and Thompson-Taylor).   Their would still be a bit of a creepy feeling,  plus the Taylor farmhouse in particular has never disappointed.  Especially since a month earlier they completely floored myself and guest Robert Bandov from Bearfort Paranormal and Steve Lewis,  one of Australia's finest mediums.    The only gamble was that the weather would stay mild,  dry and of course no wind.

So the day came and we were to meet around 4PM as I had to work and the girls had to come down from North Jersey and NY.  As they were making their way down to meet me,  they ran into a series of events which delayed them.   As if anything and everything that could go wrong,  did go wrong.   Almost a sign as if the forces of the spirit world (or the Farmhouses) did not want them coming down to investigate.  Coincidence?  Perhaps,  but it seems once you start to wet your feet with investigating the paranormal,  you never know what is going to get thrown at you.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures - Chuck at Monmouth Battlefield
Selfie of me near the parking lot, over looking the farm fields and Sutfin House.

 So Kim & Emily arrived about an hour late,  but have to say they were excited to get going.   As it was getting closer to dark,  I knew we wouldn't have as much time in the park as it would be dark soon,  so I suggested that if they had the time,  we would proceed over to Old Tennent Church for a bit.   This way they could visit one of New Jersey's oldest cemeteries,  try a little investigating there and see what its like to hang in a cemetery at night time!

We made our way over to the Sutfin house,  for a quick and hello and then on over to the Thompson-Taylor Farmhouse.   For those unfamiliar with the Taylor farmhouse,  it was built in the 1800's,   well after the Battle of Monmouth.  But the building is being allowed to fall apart as the Park Service will not provide funds to restore houses that had nothing to do with the Battle.  Shame because one of the last people who ever lived in the house had contacted me,  told me it was part of the Underground Railroad during the times of slavery.

Chuck with Emily from WFMU - Monmouth Battlefield
Here I am giving Emily her first paranormal tool to use, the Mel-Meter!

As we walked along,  Kim and Emily were interviewing me with their audio recorders for the show.  So they would ask questions and I would share my answers and some of my personal experiences.   I gave Emily one of my Mel-Meters to use and explained out it works and how one could get a false reading on it  (too close to a powered object for example or shaking it very hard).   As we walked the Mel-Meter was staying a pretty flat 0.00 milligauss (mg) for the most part,  but then out of the blue it would do a spike and then quickly go back to 0.00 again.    I've seen it happen plenty of times before in the area,  like something gets too close,  then backs to keep its distance.

As we got closer to the house,  I was talking about some of the spirits that myself and others have encountered and captured their voices (in EVP) on the land.   As I was talking about the boy spirit who likes to curse at people,  we caught our first faint EVP of the investigation.

As always,   I play the original clip first,  followed by just the EVP amplifed for better hearing at the end.   Best to use headphones and a quiet area to listen to hear them better.   If you listen off your phone by ear in an area with background noise,  you are not going to be able to hear it.

WFMU EVP #1 -  This is very faint.   Kim mentions the boy being an ornery kid and I say yeah.   Then you hear the voice before Kim asks if the boy has a name.   Can't make out what is being said.

A little stop in front of the barn and showing off the dairy equipment and the old silo before we moved over in front of the main building,  now falling apart from decades of neglect.

Chuck, Kim and Emily at Monmouth Battlefield
From left to right,  myself,  Kim and Emily.  Notice the house condition.  The 2nd floor is already caving in as you can see how the house splinters.

As I was setting up some equipment for some interaction,  I called out to Mr. Thomas  (JC) and asked if he wouldn't mind coming out or over to say hi to the gals.  As they introduced themselves and said hi,  we got a reply!

WFMU EVP #2 -  This is a bit louder than the first one,  two words.  You here Kim and Emily say hello,  followed by a 2 word reply from a male voice.    This is not me because a few seconds before the girls spoke,  I spoke and I am right next to the recorder.   This voice is too faint for me and sounds like its from a distance.  Can't make out the first word,  second word definitely sounds like "Hello".

For the next 12 minutes,  we called out for them to speak to us,  interact with the REM-POD or K2 I set up by one of the broken windows,  but nothing was going on.   Even motioned to them they were making me look bad LOL.   So I decided to bring out the Ovilus 4,  which was super active on my last trip here.   Fired it up,  explained how it worked.  Like a spirit speak and spell where they use their energy to pick a word from the internal database.   It said a few words to start,  but I always throw those out as the Ovilus 4 gets used to its environment.

Then the next thing I know,  the batteries are near dead.   Fresh, new batteries dead in mere minutes.  Not a surprise to me,  but a bane to investigators in general including myself.   But that wasn't the only thing affected at that exact moment.   All of a sudden Kim and Emily both were having issues with their audio recorders!

So the next audio clip is them explaining what has just happened right after I announced there was a battery drain my Ovilus.

WFMU EVP #3 -  This clip starts off with Kim noting something odd,  Emily agrees and I say "what" because I'm curious as to what is going on.   After I ask "what",  we catch a quick faint EVP of a male voice saying "Yeah",  like he agrees something odd is going on!   Played twice at the end

So Kim has an odd equipment problem that she thinks she might have caused herself,  but Emily having her fully charged battery drop to one bar since they arrived in front of the farmhouse?   Just moments after my Ovilus 4 batteries got drained?  Oh yeah,  its completely coincidental (snark).

Then moments after we finished discussing what just happened,  I mention that I would take them around the back of the house and show them the smoker building back there,  but the thorn bushes were just too overgrown.  Then we catch another amazing EVP!

WFMU EVP #4 -  As I am talking, you can hear what sounds like a little girl humming in the background.  We did not hear this at the time and its certainly not Kim or Emily doing it.   Then a minute later a similar sound is caught again.


Taylor Farmhouse
A view of the side of the Taylor House taken with full spectrum camera.  Nothing to note in the photo.

WFMU EVP #5 -  Here I am telling a story about something that happened to me on an investigation with Bearfort Paranormal.   The same voice that was humming earlier is now making a similar noise behind me, though not as long as the first time.  It draws out almost like a note being sung.

About 5 minutes later we catch something else very odd,  I thought it might have been Emily,  but the voice response doesn't make sense.

WFMU EVP #6 -   I have been talking about the very first time I was scratched during an investigation.    Here I am in the middle of explaining what the symbolism of 3 scratches is supposed to represent by an evil creature,  the mocking of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.  After I mention the mocking,  you hear Emily go "ahhhhhhhh" like okay that explains what it means.   But then it is followed by a voice that sounds like she is saying "Loraine" or "No Rain".   It was close enough to Emily's that I thought it was her,  but why would she say that?   It does not fit.   Was this a female spirit throwing out a big burst of energy and telling us her name?

We talked for about another 10-15 minutes,  nothing of note going on or picked up on the audio recorder,  so I decided to do a quick spirit box session to see what we could get.   It was hard to tell at the time,  but we did pick some a few interesting replies,  even though we did not hear them all at the time.

WFMU GB #1 -  This clip starts off in the first second with a female voice saying "Kim".   Then Kim is asking if they can say any of our names.   Around the 10 second mark, after Kim asks if they can say "Kim",  a male voice says her name very fast.   We did not hear this at the time,  but this is why recording a spirit box session is a must.  To catch those things you don't pick up right away.   Replayed at the end,  you can clearly hear the male voice immediately reply with her name.

WFMU GB #2 -  Here I am asking if they still mind people trespassing on their land.  A few male spirits that hang out by the barn do not like people walking around,  as if they still are owners of the land.   I completely missed this the first time around,  misheard it by not using my headphones.  After I ask if they mind the trespassing,  around the 4 second mark , there is a deep male voice that is talking through the white noise.  Same voice sounds like he is saying "We're happy..........dead."   Then at the end of the clip,  the voice we all heard at that time saying "No".   Both sets of voices replayed at the end of the clip.

WFMU GB #3 -  Here everybody is saying hello!  At the 2 second mark is a female voice saying "Hello", a spirit I believe to be "Ester Lynn", the runaway slave spirit that normally hides in the woods by the farmhouse.   Kim then asks if they like music.  At the 6 second mark a male voice replies "Hello" and has a distinct accent like it might be British.   Kim & Emily both reply hello at the end of the clip.

WFMU GB #4 -  In this clip I am asking if they have any messages for us.   Female voice comes in tells us to "Get off please".   I guess we are overstaying our welcome at this point lol.

WFMU GB #5 -   This clip produces an amazing response.  I am asking if the little boy with the foul mouth is there with us.   When you get to the 10 second mark,  you hear what sounds like a little boy replying "Here"!   This nearly rivals the response Lester Stillwell gave me at Rose Hill Cemetery  (Lester the 11 year old boy killed in the 1916 Matawan Creek Shark attack).   But as I was preparing this clip,  I caught a voice around the 9 second mark that I missed the first time around.   It is a male voice saying  "I'm here."    It's clear,  but much fainter than the little boy responding to us!    Both sets of voices replayed twice at the end of the clip.

WFMU GB #6 -  The last notable clip of this session was near the end.   A male voice blurts out "Turn",  so of course I am asking what are we supposed to turn and look at?   At the 9 second mark,  you hear the male voice call out my name "Chuck". Replayed 3 times so you can clearly hear its my name.

After this we packed up and made our way over to the bridge area and the well in the woods.   As we were getting ready to walk out,  Emily noticed a huge spike on the Mel-Meter.

Mel-Meter reading
Emily holding the Mel-Meter reflecting a spike in the milligauss reading that appeared all of a sudden.

Here you can see a solid 3.8mg reading.   The typical hit and run readings on the Mel-Meter for the Monmouth Battlefield area tend to range from 0.1 - 0.5mg.    A reading of 3.8 is pretty potent.    Emily did move the Mel-Meter around her audio recorder and could not pick any mg readings on the meter.  Stayed a constant 0.0.

We then moved on down the path and towards the well area.

This is the area that Ester Lynn typically hides in,  but will make contact if she trusts you.

Kim and Emily at the old well
Kim and Emily inspecting the old well from the Thompson-Taylor House.  Photo taken with full spectrum camera.

Usually we have some solid interaction in this area,  but all was quiet on the audio recorder,  no EVP.  No equipment interaction.  Since it was starting to get dark,  I wanted to get back to the cars before it would be too dark and get ready to head over to Old Tennent Cemetery.   But as we got to the foot bridge that leads to the path leading back to the battlefield,  we caught one last EVP.

WFMU EVP #7 -  As we are heading out,  there was a very muddy spot by the bridge.  You can hear geese flying in the air near us.   I pause for a moment in speaking to try to grab a branch to put over the mud for us to walk on.   Kim says no worries,  they have their boots on.  We also notice deer tracks that were not there before.   But at the 5 second mark when I am not speaking,  there is a female voice saying "Not that".   I guess she is telling me that is not the branch I should be using.   The voice sounds very close to the "Hey There" girl that talks to me on occasion there.

So as we were walking back,  the girls got a great view of the sunset from the distance and our light was almost gone.  We could barely make out white tail deer bopping along in the distance in front of us,  I guess they could hear us coming and decided to get away from our approach.   We got in our cars then made the quick trip over to Old Tennent Cemetery.

We walked up near the church where we had a little light from the church to see.  We set up some equipment over one of the flat tombstones that has a table like shape to it.   On it I set up the K2,  the Mel-Mete and the EDI 3-in-1 meter which measures Temp,  EMF and has a Geo Sensor which measures vibration.    To show how the EDI could sense vibration,  I would tap on and hit the tombstone at varying degrees of hardness.  This would show how many lights would go off on the sensor (up to 5).   I jumped up and down on the ground next to the Tombstone to show my affect on the meter.   The Geo Sensor did not pick up my jumping up and down,  this way we could rule out walking around on the ground as a reason for any Geo Sensor activity.

Kim & Emily at Old Tennent Church Cemetery
Kim and Emily over looking the equipment on a flat tombstone at Old Tennent Church cemetery.  On the tombstone from left to right is the Mel-Meter, K2 meter,  a digital audio recorder and far right is the EDI 3 in 1 meter.

Then what was pretty amazing was we finally had some other solid equipment interaction with the Geo Sensor.  We were asking if they could manipulate any of the items on the tombstone.  The Geo Sensor flashed a single light almost as if in response.   There is a road way about 100 yards away from where we were,  but the traffic was light and even with an occasional truck going past,  we saw no readings from the Geo Sensor picking up the traffic passing.   So Kim and Emily would ask questions and we started getting flashes from the Geo Sensor in return.   When we were not asking questions,  the Geo Sensor would sit there quietly.

This audio clip  shows Kim and Emily's reaction to the Geo Sensor being manipulated on their request to do so.

WFMU EDI #1 -  Kim is asking for them to hit  (the tombstone) as hard as possible.   The EDI meter lit up 3-4 lights and did so twice,  which was pretty impressive to see even for me!

Shortly after this,  we received the only decent EVP that would be audible enough to post here.

WFMU EVP #8 -  This EVP is faint,  but you can make out a good part of it.   We had already introduced ourselves,  the girls are saying we are not there to disrespect,  but make contact.  At the end of the clip,  you can hear a male voice say out loud 'What............." and then it trails off.   After amplifying the sound,  I believe it is asking "What.....are you doing?",  but the last word is pretty hard to make out.

Kim and Emily at Old Tennent Church
Kim and Emily investigating at Old Tennent Church.  Note,  the white speck object to the right of Kim's head (in the middle of the tree)
 in the photo is a bug and not a spirit orb.

Bug not a spirit orb
Cropped and zoomed in on,  you can clearly make out the wings of the bug in flight,  hence not paranormal.

As we were approaching the end of our time,   I fired up the P-SB7 Spirit box one more time and again we got a few interesting replies.

WFMU GB #7 -  This clip starts with the spirit box starting up.   Kim says "Here we go" and right on cue we get a male voice replying "Go ahead."  As if they knew what was going to happen!  :-)

WFMU GB #8 -  On my first trip to Old Tennent some years ago,  a female voice came through my shack hack and said "Chuck you know me."   So this time I bring up up what was said to me and ask if she is there.   At the end of the clip a female calls out her name "Linda".   Is this the female spirit that told me years ago I know her?   Incidentally,  on a trip I took back to the Taylor house and a nearby plot of land with Ian & Gabby in the past,  the name Linda came out 6 times over 2 spirit box sessions.

So is Linda wandering around between Old Tennent and the Taylor house?

Now to add even more craziness to this,  again I did not catch this until I was in the midst of typing this blog,  but before the name Linda is said,  between the 9-11 second mark of this clip a male is clearly saying...."Lou....won't....go thru"!   The same voice goes through 8 radio frequencies saying a full sentence through pausing.   That is not radio bleed.

So the question that I ask here,  is Lou a spirit that will not cross into the light?  Yet another mystery to check out on a future trip!

In this clip you hear Linda's name replayed twice,  followed by the male voice twice.

WFMU GB #9 -  As we are standing up near the tombstones,  I ask if they know what year this is.   This one was really faint and is replayed twice at the end.  Male voice over a 7 frequency sweep says "Move back a little bit!".   Guess he didn't like us standing to close to his or somebody's resting spot.

To note again,  we did apologize and told the spirits we meant no disrespect if we accidentally stepped on their resting spot.

WFMU GB #10 -   The last good clip were we caught something pretty cool was near the end.   Here you hear a voice say "Come".  We hear it and ask where do they want us to come too.   At the 5 1/2 second mark,  strong male voice calls out "Freaks" followed by a faint female voice answering our question of where they want us to come to.

She says "Your vehicle".  Replayed twice at the end.

Notice she does not say go to you car or ride or automobile or any modern term.   She calls it a vehicle.   Probably has no idea what its called if she sits up on the hill and watches people come to and from in these strange 4 wheel horseless carriages.

With that, we closed up,  paid our last respects,  reminded the spirits they had no permission to follow us home and then a quick spritz of sage spray as a precaution before we said good night.


So in the span of a few days,  Kim and Emily took all their recordings from the afternoon and early evening,  plus a few of the audio clips I sent them,  and whipped up a great show just a few days later on their WFMU "In Real Life" show.

I was pleasantly surprised they included their conversation before arriving,  wondering how everything was going to go and saying they did have a healthy skepticism of investigating the paranormal.   I was completely unaware of this before be began and that was a good thing in my opinion.   I told my stories,  I did my thing and had them join in so they could see what it was like to investigate.  As I said,  its like the equivalent of a police stake out.  You can sit there for hours and nothing seems to be happening,  then viola!   But in our case this day,  there were a few things that happened that made the experience for them more exciting,  entertaining  (battery drain,  spirit box replies,  Geo Sensor responses).

My many thanks again to Kim and Emily for requesting to do an interview with me and joining me on an investigation to see what it was like.  Hopefully we'll get to do it again in the future,  preferably a night time investigation at one of the more creepier locations in New Jersey!

(Note:  A link to the "In Real Life" webpage at WFMU can be found on my links page.   Check out Kim & Emily's podcasts as they are very entertaining or join them in their chat room live during their show!)