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Investigation #8 - Cemetery, (Jamesburg, NJ) - February 17, 2011

With the temperature hitting the mid 50's, it was great shaking off the cobwebs and getting back to the cemetery.  I had wanted to do a double-header by going to St. James in Monroe earlier in the day,  but alas the morning trip to the dentist took almost 2 hours, so that put the kibosh on that for this week.

Andrea dropped me off at around 5:00PM and made my way in.   The warm temperatures had not melted away all of the snow that had fallen over the previous month,  but the roads in the cemetery were clear and there was enough access to walk within the grassy areas in certain areas.   Also noticed was the level of rabbit activity in the cemetery as pellets were everywhere.   Another sign that the ghosts or spirits that still inhabit the area are not evil or malevolent,  as animals would sense this and stay away.

As I walked around,  I got a chance to test out the Vivitar Infrared camera that I had picked up a few months ago just as the cold temps were moving in.   You can take still pictures and video with the hand held camera.  So I walked around and took close to 100 pictures over the course of the hour and change I was there.   I did not catch anything on the Vivitar,  but the camera does take a cool picture.

The trees in the picture are not red, nor is the grass that light.  That is the Infrared light making the tree leaves look red.  That is a spectrum of light the human eye cannot see in.  As some ghost hunting shows on TV have caught images in the infrared spectrum,  that is my hope that my camera might do the same thing one day.   The camera also has the ability to shoot pictures in the dark as shown below.

Not the best picture, still a bit grainy, but still not a bad buy for $35.  

Meanwhile,  I was also taking pictures with my digital camera,  close to 100 with that one also.   Out of around 200 pictures taken,  only 2 had something interesting to note.   This is the first one.

The big orb over the tombstone to the right is a dust orb.  One of the interesting things about this photo are the 2 glowing lights close to the ground right of center.   I have no idea what those are.  Possibly reflections of off something, but I will have to reexamine the area upon a future trip to identify them.  The other is the small orb in the center of the photo near the road.   I cannot determine if that is a dust orb or not, but it is on the tail end of something else that appears to be in the picture.

This looks like a small thing running down the road.  Most likely what professionals would call a "false positive" where something in the picture is a mixture of background noise and natural elements that looks like a figure of some type.  Another term is "matrixing" where the brain does it's best to make sense of something visual.  Akin to looking at a cloud and seeing the shape of an animal or face.

However,  the following picture is clearly not a "false positive".

In this picture,  the small lights in the far background are from street lights outside of the cemetery.  The orb to note is just to the left of center.   Here is the close up view of what I call the "donut" orb.

This is the first picture I have taken of a glowing orb that has a hollow center.   It is not a reflection off anything as the orb is over the grass and not a tombstone.  It is not lens flare.   Again,  another object that I did not see when I was taking the picture.   It's just random picture taking and hoping you got the camera aimed at the right place at the right time!

While I was taking pictures,  I had my digital recorder on.  However I did not catch any EVPs while I was walking around.   I guess they are waiting for me to bring out the Ghost Box to do their chatting with.  With 25 minutes left in the investigation,  I proceeded back to the mausoleum for a session as it was the one place that someplace dry to place my equipment and sit if needed.

The Ghost Box was split into 2 sessions.  The first part was filmed so I could test out the video recorder of the Vivitar.   The video/audio  is about what you would expect for a $30 camera,  but it picked up an amazing couple of results.

First,  the scan feature which I have disabled,  ends up being stopped on frequency 1210.  As I start the scan again,  I ask that anybody there stop it again at 1210.   It ends up stopping at 1190, very close to 1210.  A second attempt to try that did not happen, though shortly after the station stopped again at 1280.    Then after starting another scan,  I asked that on the count of 3 to have to scan stopped.   I counted to 3 and almost a second later the scan stopped.  Though a second attempt to have it done did not work either, though at the end, you'll hear an EVP validate what I am saying.

The other really odd thing about the video is the way everything goes dark for a few seconds while I am doing the scan experiments.   It's almost as if a dark shadow had come between the camera and the equipment, but I never saw anything.  The camera had fresh batteries and this only happened during the scan requests to stop.  Again is it paranormal,  or just a technology fluke?  It could be a fluke, but there are 2 EVPs picked up during this clip that seem like intelligent responses to what I am saying.


After the video experiment ended,  I took some pictures and tried the Ghost Box again.  I did manage to catch 4 very interesting EVPs from the Ghost Box, including my first four letter word!

GhostBox #17 -  One of the first questions I asked when I stared was asking how many people were here.   This one I did not hear over the box as it was feint,  but at the 6 second mark it sounds like "About..........50" ???

GhostBox #18 -  As I am standing near the 2 little stairs where my equipment is resting, there is a voice at the 5 second mark that says,  "Come up......check".   I did not catch this at the time,  my guess is that I am being asked to go up to the Mausoleum and check it out?

GhostBox #19 -  As it's near time for me to leave,  I mention that I am going to go around and take some more pictures before my wife picks me up.  Right after I finish, you hear an intelligent response answer me back,  " Go ahead!" !

GhostBox #20 -  As I am talking,  between 1 and 2 seconds you hear a voice say,  "Barack".   I heard this because I respond by asking if he just said Barack.   Just after this you hear a faint voice say "yeah".   In an attempt to validate,  I ask if they can tell me who the President was before Barack.  At the 15 second mark and faintly said,  you hear  "bull......s--t".   At the very end is somebody saying something, but again very faint and unintelligible.


The rest of the investigation (5 minutes) ended rather quietly.   I was very curious coming into this investigation on whether or not there would be spirits there to greet me or even remember me from before.   Well they certainly did not disappoint and again gave me more questions than answers to what is going on.   The one disappointment of the day was not getting any contact from the person from the "face" picture.   I asked for specific contact but did not get it.  Though I could have received it and just not caught it.