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Investigation # 9 - Cemetery, (Jamesburg, NJ) - February 24, 2011

Today was my brother's birthday,  so it was kind of of fitting that today the spirits gave me the most amazing Ghost Box session yet!  Happy Birthday Bro!    I am still sitting here truly amazed at what transpired on this evening at the responses and actions that were taken by whatever is taking up residence at the cemetery.

The investigation was hampered for the first 15 minutes as a group of local kids were using one of the side roads as a skateboard ride (the deer picture in Investigation #4).  So I waited them out to leave as they were making too much noise that would contaminate any audio recordings I could attempt.   So I walked around and took pictures with both my digital camera (FujiFlim) and the Vivitar.   One picture I took looked like a bright orb near the fence on the side of the cemetery.   When I zoomed in on the picture,  I got this amazing looking item.



Now of course this made me do a double take as this could look like a man with a black hat, grey beard,  white shirt with belt,  arm with black strip like a watch.  Was this the full body apparition that I am dying to catch a picture of?  After Andrea came up and checked out the picture and then we looked at the full scene and then some other pictures of the nearby area,  it turns out that the white shirt is actually a chimney shoot from one of the nearby townhouses.  The rest of the stuff in the photo is matrixing,  the blending of the trees, bushes, leaves and whatever else that makes this look like a ghost.     Another example that you really need to be objective and not assume everything is paranormal,  especially with pictures.

No EVPs where picked up while I was walking taking pictures.

After the picture taking,  I decided to split the ghost box session between 2 areas.  The mausoleum (naturally), but I had been getting some vibes from an area down the hill on the other side of the cemetery.  It was near where the first glowing white orb streak was captured.  A couple of trees,  some 1890's and early 1900's tombstones are in the area,  but something just nagging me inside that was a place to try out.

I wanted to film the session with my video camera and the new IR light I got to increase the range of the video camera in night vision mode,  but the new tripod I got was a piece of garbage so that ruined the film taking.  I took some video by hand but have not yet had a chance to review the footage.  If anything turns up,  I will insert it at the bottom of this log.

The ghost box session produced some good results and some repetition in 2 different words,  Freddy and Bishop, as they came up here and also later at the mausoleum.   Here are the highlights of the 1st session:

GhostBox #21 -  I am asking who is here with me.  As soon as I finish you hear a voice say "Don't Know?" as if I don't know.  A few seconds later a female voice appears to say "Lucette" but it might be different.

GhostBox #22 - At the 2-3 second mark, you hear a female voice faintly say "Freddy".  At around 8 seconds after I finish talking a male voice also says "Freddy".   Between this session and the mausoleum session, the name "Freddy" is said 5 times.

GhostBox #23 - I had earlier stated nobody was allowed to follow me home.  This message comes through with a male voice saying "They won't...." immediately finished off by a woman saying "come with you".   Like a wife finishing off her husband's sentence.   The sentence did not have to do with what I was talking about, but perhaps they were answering my earlier statement?

GhostBox #24 - Here was the first string of the word "Bishop" for the session.  At 3, 7 and 15 second intervals, you hear different voices say what sounds like "Bishop".  I have heard the word "Bishop" used at previous sessions,  but now its being said to much to ignore.   It got said 6 more times at the mausoleum session for a total of 9.     Plus between 9-11 seconds you hear an older male voice say "Bridge.....ton".  Perhaps a reference to Bridgeton, New Jersey?

There were other words said,  but nothing as notable as these.   Interestingly the scan on the radio never stopped during the session (about 10 minutes) until the very end when I asked them to stop the pause at 1210 (as noted on my You Tube video from investigation # 8).  It did not stop on 1210, but make note of this because I was surprised at what happens at the end of the investigation.

GhostBox #25 -  I ask them to finally stop the scan on the box at 1210, but it stops elsewhere.

I then made my way up to the mausoleum and the spirits or whomever did not fail to disappoint.  This was one of the most bizarre sessions yet.  When I said after the car alarm incident to always expect the unexpected,  it really is the case!

GhostBox #26 -  Wasting no time after I started the session, I noticed the batteries in my recorder were low but I could not say for sure was it spirits draining it or just forgot to check the battery status before hand.  Anyway,  at 6 and 8 seconds, you hear a voice say "Chuck".  Then right after I ask how many people are here with me,  at 10 seconds you hear "Don.............is dead".    I only know 2 Dons and both are still alive and well!

GhostBox #27 -  Still within the first minute everything breaks loose as voices just pile on top of each other.  I couldn't make anything out.  So I stopped everybody and asked them to speak one at a time.   You can hear the voices still piling on.  I ask for everybody to get in a big circle.  At 7 seconds you hear an annoyed spirit, probably not happy with everybody talking,  saying "F---ing people" with another voice inter lapping with mine saying what sounds like "heard me".

I then ask that everybody go around the circle and say there names one at a time.  I finish at 13 seconds.  Then you hear the list of the names in the following order pop out!

15 seconds - Alex
17 seconds - Bridgette
19 seconds - Freddy   (again!)
22 seconds - Chuck    (me or a spirit Chuck?)
23 seconds - Joseph
24-25 seconds - Two words come out but cannot make them out.
25 seconds - Phil (faint)
26 seconds - Art

I thought I had heard the name Martin, but on the playback I can't seem to hear it.   I thought I had heard 1-2 names but when I got home and heard the roll call of possibly 8 names I was absolutely amazed.  Never mind the F-bomb being dropped!

GhostBox #28 - (NSFW)  I ask who was the person responsible for saying "S--T" and right away the reply is "I am Bill."   I say the full word in the audio just to warn you in case you have children nearby listening.

GhostBox #29 -  I was trying to set up my camera on a nearby tombstone with the flexible tripod in order to take some pictures,  offering spirits to join me in the picture.  Every time I walked the radio scan would stop.  So I would go back and reset the scan before going back to set up the camera.  Finally I just walked over and ignored the scan.  A female voice comes in and says "Get Chuck".   I guess to get me back over to the Radio and not in a violent manner.

GhostBox #30 - Another clear sign of intelligent response.  I ask if there are any last messages they want to leave.  Right after ward (3 second mark), you hear a voice say "Think so" followed by a word I cannot make out.  After a pause,  I ask what do they think of George Bush,  since the name Barack is said a lot.   The response at 12-13 seconds is  "George...Bush?".   He repeats the name as if he has no idea who George Bush is.  Could be if he lived 50 years ago and is not up on current events.

GhostBox #31 - This one reeks of a smart-ass intelligent response.  I am going through a couple of questions about the afterlife (heaven, hell) which get completely ignored.   I then ask can you tell me what life is like on the other side to which is immediately replied (5 seconds) "Find Out"!   It is said literally the split second after I say the word side.   There is a word said a second later, followed by yet another "Bishop".

GhostBox #32 - I am doing a countdown to end the Ghost Box session and before I can do the countdown and stop it,  the scan stops....on 1210!   Just as I had asked it to do at the end of the earlier session (Ghost Box #25)!


The most often question I am asked now is,  how can I not be creeped out by the things that are happening and the voices being recorded?  I guess its because I am getting used to the idea that when I am trying to communicate, there are possibly unseen beings around me.  As this cemetery has had no malevolent spirits threatening me or being hostile,  it does make things easier for me.   As I get ready to go visit other places,  that could change depending on what types of spirits are there.