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Investigation #1 - Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum (Las Vegas)
 - April 21, 2011

Now I know the first thing you are wondering is how in the world Chuck goes from an investigating a cemetery in Central New Jersey to investigating Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada?   Well,  two reasons come to play.  First is my family was going to Las Vegas for a quick little vacation.  Second is because the Ghost Adventures  Crew did an investigation there as televised on the Travel Channel a few weeks ago.

Madame Tussaud's stands where "The Sands" casino and hotel once stood in Las Vegas.  It was the hot spot of entertainment back in the day.  The "Rat Pack" performed there,  Judy Garland, Danny Thomas,  Jimmy Durante,  Louis Armstrong,  Red Skelton, Shirley McLaine and the list goes on and on.   Of course there was the gangster connections to the area hotels back then as well. The hotel was imploded in 1996.

Apparently the legends of the past,  unsavory characters from the mob or perhaps an unknown victim or two apparently still roam these parts as that's why the Ghost Adventures Crew did a show there.   Since we were going to be in Las Vegas,  how could we pass up an opportunity to check the place out.   My wife and I had been there a couple of years ago,  but we didn't know it was haunted back then.

Now this really wasn't a full investigation as we had to go through during normal visiting hours.   I couldn't use any audio recording devices as the sounds of music and other visitors would contaminate anything captured and would have to be discarded.  However,  my daughter had her digital camera and I brought along my Vivitar Infrared Camera,  so there would be plenty of pictures to take.

Now you would think for roughly a 30 minute tour through the Museum, odds would be slim to none of anything happening,  but you never know unless you try.

The museum was fun to walk through and you could interact with some of the exhibits for picture taking.

Elyssa taking Evil Knievel's motorcycle for a spin!


Chuck singing with Frank Sinatra!

Here's me crooning with Frank Sinatra!   Of course if he heard me sing in real life,  he would have thrown me off stage faster than a Vaudeville hook could pull me off!

Now while walking around,  there were 2 rooms that we entered where it was just me and the family.   One of those rooms was a small wedding chapel exhibit that had the wax figure of Elizabeth Taylor in it.

Elizabeth Taylor wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas.

The second was in the sports area where Elyssa was riding on the motorcycle.  It was an exhibit with Evil Knievel, a couple of famous NASCAR racers and a wax figure of Jessica Simpson waving a flag from the remake of "Dukes of Hazzard".    As were alone in each room,  I shouted out asking that if anybody the performed from the old Sands Hotel or anybody who stayed at the hotel wanted to be in any of our pictures,  I had a camera that would allow me to see them.   At the time and for the rest of the tour through the museum,  we never encountered anything odd or peculiar that would tipped us off to the place being haunted.

That was until we reached the gift store.

As we walked out of the museum and into the gift store,  in the center of the gift store was another wax figurine of Elvis.   Elyssa and Andrea were walking in front of me and Elyssa stopped to take a picture of Elvis.  As she walked over to Andrea about something,  I stopped also to take a picture of the Elvis figure in infrared.   Except as I was about to take the picture,  my camera shut off.   Now my camera has an auto off feature that if no pictures are taken in 5 minutes, the camera will shut off.  Except it had only been a minute since my last picture before we left the museum.

As this struck me as odd,  I walked over towards Andrea and Elyssa.  Andrea told me that as Elyssa tried to take the picture of Elvis,  her camera shut off too!   I said that just happened to me as well!   The goose bumps hit,  I turned on the camera and started taking pictures all over the gift shop.   Had it just been my camera shutting off,  I would have just dismissed the incident as my camera having a hiccup or something.  But for Elyssa and I to have both of our cameras shut off in the same place only seconds apart?  Well you can be the judge of that.   We had good charges on our batteries and there is no logical reason for that to have happened.

 This is the wax figure of Elvis that we both first tried to take.  Taken by me about 2 minutes later.

Wax Figure of Elvis in the gift store at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas

Was it the "King" who deactivated our cameras?  Or was it a spirit that wanted to send us a message since I made two proclamations that I knew they were there and wanted them to come out and pose for a picture?  I don't know,  but after we got back to the hotel,  I plugged our cameras into the notebook to look at what pictures we had taken.   These pictures that we got were very interesting.

The first one is from Elyssa's digital camera (Samsung S860 8MP).  She took about 50 pictures in the wax museum and this was the only one that showed something odd.  It was taken just outside the racing room, over by the Jessica Simpson wax figure.

Wax Figure of Jessica Simpson with light anomolies at Madame Tussauds In Las Vegas

To the left of the flag center and to the left near the top,  there are 2 light anomalies.  Here is the close-up:

As this figure was in the hallway just as you were leaving the racing room, there were no flashing lights or strobes nearby that would have caused a light anomaly like this.  Normally you would see a solid reflection,  not an oval like appearance or the wavy one that is lower in the picture.  Proof of ghosts?  No,  but an oddity that was noted.

Now I took about 150 pictures in the museum and I had 2 come out that really have me puzzled.  The first one is from the part of the exhibit where they had wax figures of past entertainers that performed at the Sands Hotel as well as other place in Las Vegas.

Possible ghost head by Tony Bennett figure at Madame Toussauds in Las Vegas

Here you have Louis Armstrong, the back of Judy Garland,  the back of Liberace to the the left and Tony Bennett to the far right.    When I first reviewed this picture,  the image that struck me was over the back of Tony Bennett's right shoulder.  It looks like somebody is peeking their head over his shoulder!  Looks like a guy with a crew cut and what looks like eye, nose and mouth,  though they are partially cut off by Bennett.

You'll notice two things.  One, this is not somebody standing besides the Bennett figure as you can only see the head part.  There is no body attached to it.  No legs, no torso, no arms, nothing.  At Bennett's angle, you should be able to see some part of a body if somebody was standing next to him.   The other thing is you can see the face cutting off the trim part of the Golden Nugget sign. 


  This is best I could do with a close up.

As I was typing this log up,  I noticed something else about this picture that struck my eye.   I have to attribute it to matrixing again,  but just to the lower right of the flash on Louis Armstrong,  you can make out what looks like 2 faces.  The first one looks like Roddy McDowall's character, Cornelius from the "Planet of the Apes". Right next to that on the trumpet looks like a sideways face wearing sunglasses.   Here is the close up of those.

Funny footnote as I did some quick research to see if Roddy McDowall had ever performed at the Sands Hotel.  I could not find anything that showed he did, but I did find out that he was friends with Judy Garland,  whose wax figure happened to be just a few feet away.  Coincidence?

Lastly, the gift store.   Most of the pictures I took in the gift store, after I realized something paranormal might be going on, came out blurred.   Can't say for sure, might have been my fault for taking pictures as quickly as possible, but this was one that did not come out blurred.

Possible ghost face in gift store at Madame Toussauds in Las Vegas

Just to the left of the hand bags on the wall you see what looks like a face.  Looks like parted light hair wearing sunglasses,  moustache and beard.   Like the mystery face by the wax figure of Tony Bennett,  there is no projection of body coming out anywhere.    Here is the close up.

When I was taking the pictures,  I made a mental note of where everybody was in the gift shop.   There was nobody standing in front of me when I took this picture and I do not recall any display heads on the shelves that would have shown up in this picture.   Is this the spirit that decided to play with me and Elyssa and shut off our cameras?

This is where the drawback of having a cheap infrared camera comes in.   I don't get the best pictures as I would with a more expensive model.  A better camera might have provided a bit more detail to make this a more conclusive picture.   Plus as I was taking pictures on the fly,  I did not think to use my daughters camera to take pictures with a regular digital camera for comparison,  like I did with the apparition at the Jamesburg Cemetery.

Unfortunately,  I wish I lived closer to get another opportunity to further debunk the pictures that we captured.  By the time we get back to Las Vegas again for another visit, I'm sure exhibits and the gift store will have changed several times over so the best I can offer for the pictures is a series of ???????????????.      I cannot say 100% this is clear proof of paranormal activity,  but I am not willing to dismiss them either.  Only because of Elyssa's and my cameras being shut off seconds apart in the same area trying to take the same picture.   I have no explanation why that happened.

Regardless,  if you happen to be in Las Vegas in the near future,  I would recommend stopping by Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and be sure to take a lot of pictures because you have no idea what you might capture there!  Especially if you let the spirits know that you know they are still hanging around!