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Investigation # 10 - Cemetery, (Jamesburg, NJ) - March 1, 2011

Following the last amazing investigation at the cemetery,  I was eager to get back and look into the names of the people who introduced themselves at the "circle"  and to find out who the "Bishop" was as this word has been used quite a bit.   This investigation was also going to give me extra time (1:30) to do some tombstone research and then try out the laser grid once the sun went down.  Needless to say,  this investigation was just as stunning as #9 here and then some.

As I had arrived at the cemetery,  the first thing I did was map out on a small piece of paper the cemetery so I could note possible locations for the spirits whose names came up last week (Art, Freddy, Joseph, Bridgette and Alex) along with names that came up previously.   I found a couple of tombstones that had names,  but EVP of the areas produced nothing that would let me know I had found the resting place of one of the spirits.

However,  as I was walking in one area,  I was making it known that I wanted to communicate with anybody present,  not just the spirits who contacted me last week.  While I was walking,  I did get this EVP.

EVP #15 - As I am asking for them to make themselves known to me,  at just around 2 seconds, this sounds like somebody yelling "Helloooooooooooooo", through my speaking.  I never heard this and this was not a sound from anybody in the distance.

Shortly afterward as I was taking some random snaps with my IR camera,  I captured a 2nd EVP!

EVP #16 -  I am asking if anybody would like to pose for a picture,  it would be greatly appreciated. At 6 seconds you hear what sounds like a woman saying  "Okay".

Later,  I moved back down to a group of 2 trees, which has some older tombstones in the area around them.  Something had been nagging me to investigate more in this area.  No voices or tugs or anything,  just a hunch that this was a place to be.   As I got down to the area and started really focusing in on the names on the tombstones, that I made a surprising discovery.   Four of the names that I had encountered previously (Martin, Art, Freddy and Joesph) were all in the same area.

Granted it is just first names that I have (sans Martin which is a last name),  is it an amazing coincidence that these names were all in the same area.  Plus there is no similarity with last names,  so it does not look like they are even related.   I will have to focus a bit more of future trips to this area and verify if these are the people.  The Martin tombstone above is out of the picture, to the left of the tombstone with Arthur (Art) on it.

After investigating this area for a bit,  I tried to set up for an EVP session in the middle of the cemetery in a spot where their were some older tombstones of a prominent family from the area back in the day.  As I had started,  I noticed a couple walking their dog up the road to my right,  about 20-25 yards from where I was sitting.  Fearing possible contamination of the audio recording if they were talking,  I decided to snap some pictures from slightly behind panning right to left.  First I used the IR camera, then the regular digital camera.

Little did I realize at the time how crucial my decision to use the IR camera first was. 

After the couple left the cemetery,  I proceeded back to attempting an EVP session,  but nothing was recorded at my location.  So I decided to head back up to the mausoleum and set up for another session using the Ghost Box.  I was really eagerly awaiting the chance to use it again and do some filming with my Sony video camera with the Night Vision,  but had to wait for the sun to start setting.

As I set everything up and started recording,  the startling results I got the week prior picked right back up from where we left off.   With this batch of Ghost Box clips,  I am lowering the volume a bit on my speaking and trying to remove clicks and slightly amplify the sound of the fainter words in order to make it a bit easier on the ears.

GhostBox #33 - As I start the scan on the box and announce we are starting,  at 6 seconds you hear a female voice also make an announcement - "Chuck is here."   I guess letting the other spirits in the area know I am there to communicate?

GhostBox #34 -  About 10 seconds later,  a voice greets me with "Chuck........hey bub."   

GhostBox #35 -  This one is another clear case of intelligent response in my opinion.  I asked who the Bishop was since the word keeps getting repeated.   As soon as I finish asking,  the name "Willie" is said.  I misinterpreted this as Freddy.  After asking if they knew who the Bishop was, the scan stopped (I omitted this from the clip to save time. )  I again ask if the Bishop is named Freddy.  At 16 seconds you hear the reply..."not Freddy".

GhostBox #36 -  When trying to inquire about Art,  I got a voice that seemed to be impressed with the Ghost Box as it sounds like it is saying...."good.....Ghost Box".

GhostBox #37 - This one just about made my jaw drop.   While doing this session,  I had set up the Sony Camera to film the K-II meter directly in front of the mausoleum door.   So I asked if they could go over and make the box lights blink and at 8 seconds,  you hear the response,  "Yes".   I thought he said no, so I asked why not and a second reply at 11 seconds says "Please Look".

I did not hear this so I did not look.  But upon hearing this you know I grabbed my camcorder and went right to the spot on the tape to see if he made it light up,  but to no avail.   I guess because I did not look he did not want to waste the energy to light it up.   Next time I will look!

GhostBox #38 - I decided to try the "Roll Call' again, to see if it would repeat like the last investigation.   Again,  an amazing response.

  8 seconds - Art
10 seconds - ??????
11 seconds - Billy
14 seconds - John (faint)
15=16 seconds - Pat..rick
17 seconds - Jimmy

GhostBox #39 -  This is where I make another discovery.  I ask if I was over at Art's tombstone earlier and the scan stops.  I figure out this is a good way of asking yes or no questions.  If the answer to my question is "yes", they can stop the scan.  If the answer is "no", they let the scan continue.   This clip is 1 minute 42 seconds but totally amazing.

GhostBox #40 - Not prepared for a Yes/No session,  I am trying to figure out questions to ask so I can figure out what time period the spirits are from.   So I ask if they can tell me who the President was when they were alive.  At 5 seconds, you hear a spirit say "Ford",  immediately followed by a faint voice saying "Presdet...Nix-on."   I then ask if it was Harry Truman and the scan is immediately stopped.

GhostBox #41 - As I finish asking about Teddy Roosevelt,  a weird message comes out saying "make love to beth?"   Not sure about the Beth part,  but my wife listens to my recordings to see if we hear the same thing and she thinks its Beth too.

GhostBox #42 - I am asking questions about favorite things, so I ask about favorite food.  At 6 seconds you hear a voice ask "You?",  I guess asking me what my favorite thing is.  So I reply by saying Lobster.  At 12 seconds mixed in some heavy static and chatter you can hear the phrase...."with butter"!     I guess that spirit liked lobster too!

GhostBox #43 - As I am getting ready to end the session (about 15 mins),  I announce on the count of 5 I will end the session.  Right after I say that, you hear two voices.  First one says "Great",  followed by a second that says "Go ahead."! I have read that 15 minutes for a Ghost Box session is enough as the energy the spirits need to manipulate the box for their voices takes a lot out of them.  How true that is I don't know,  but better to play it safe then sorry.

As I was leaving for the night,  I always take a set of random pictures as I walk back down the center road of the cemetery,  just in case because you never know what you are going to get.  Like this beauty of an orb!

This is very similar to the blue energy orb I captured a picture of in my 4th Investigation of this cemetery.  Here is the close up view of the orb.   Never saw this when I was taking pictures.


Normally at this point,  that ends the log of my investigation.  However,  this particular investigation had to be extended after I got home and reviewed the evidence.   Apparently when I asked the question earlier about posing for a picture and the EVP of the lady saying "Okay",  little did I realize that she may have actually gone ahead and did it!

When I first started reviewing the pictures on my IR camera,  this shot intrigued me.

This is the shot to the right of where I was sitting,  I actually caught the lady walking on the side road.  She is wearing the green jacket with the white sleeves.   However, what I noticed was directly to the left of her by the tombstone she is near.   From this view point you can see a purplish haze right by her arm.   I wanted to see if this was a bush or another tombstone, so I compared it to the regular digital camera photo I took of the same area.

As you can see from the similar angle,  there is no bush or other tombstone to cause the purplish haze in the IR photograph.   Next I cropped the 2 photos and zoomed in a bit.   I was ready to fall out of my chair when I blew this up.

Again you can make out the "real" lady in stride,  the purplish figure now shows to be partially in front of the tombstone and partially off of it.    I cropped and zoomed again to get this final picture.

I had no explanation for what this purplish haze is, except it has the outline of a person's head,  shoulders and arms sticking out.    I blew up the regular digital camera photo to make sure nothing there could be causing this effect.

As you can see in the picture,  there is no bush,  no figurine,  no tombstone in the back that could be causing this image.  If it was some type of glare off of the tombstone from sunlight,  it would be evident on all the other tombstones, but it is not as you can see.

Before I posted this to the site,  I sent the picture off to some of my friends to check out.  My friend Dave suggested that perhaps the lady walking past the tombstone was giving off some type of reflection off the tombstone.    My friend Robert,  Tech manager from Bearfort Paranormal  saw the pictures and said the best way to try to debunk this was to try to recreate the picture and see if the same effect could be achieved.

So I went back to the cemetery for a quick stop a few days later,  just to grab some pics with the IR camera.

As you can see, now there is no purplish image.   But I also ended up realizing something else.

From this picture you can see the road is behind the tombstone, not in front of it.   This means the lady was walking several feet behind the tombstone and not in front of it.  Ergo,  how could she cast a heat signature in front of that tombstone if she was behind it?   The rex "X" is about where the lady would have been in the first picture and the purplish image was where the black circle is.

Still to make absolutely sure,  my wife and I went back one more time and I had her walk on the road behind the tombstone.   Luckily I had my old High School varsity jacket,  one with long white sleeves,  so my wife would be wearing a jacket similar to the lady who did when the image was captured.

As you can see,   no heat signature or residue given off.

I also stood by the tombstone to give you a size of scale on how big the ghost image was.  As I am 5' 10",  the head of the image would have been mid-chest height on me,  putting the figure at around 4' 6" - 4' 8" in size.   Was this the image of a child or maybe a small woman?   The tombstone had 4 names around it,  3 adults and 1 infant who died the same year he was born.

Maybe the image was taking a stroll and had nothing to do with that tombstone.

Whatever it is,  I cannot explain it and I could not reproduce the picture.