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Investigation # 11 & 12  - Cemetery, (Jamesburg, NJ) - March 17, 2011 & March 22, 2011

The investigation for March 17, 2011 (#11) is something I have wrestled with posting for the past 2 years and have finally decided against posting it.  The reason is that a week earlier,  our family dog who was with us for almost 11 years passed away from lung cancer.   Our dog started losing his appetite and started breathing more and more heavily until we took him to the vet about a week earlier.    He had a visit in January and was deemed to be in good health.   Then almost 2 months later we were being told he had weeks to live as his lungs were filled with the cancer,  hence the heavy breathing.

Chip our dog,  lived another week and died at home,  which was a very heart breaking moment for the family.  A week later,  I decided to come to the cemetery and do something I really had not considered doing,  that was asking what happened to my dog.   I always thought asking about family was not a good thing to do,  considering you could be lied to by whatever entities are present.   We had asked for signs at home about our dog being taken care of and got them,  but I wanted to ask directly.   I had done a ghost box session and wanted to know how he was.   I was told me was fine and when I was talking about him, the ghost box had at one point replied  "he was ......sick".  

Regardless of what one believes happens to animals when they pass away,  my family and I had several personal experiences that lead me to believe that he is on the other side and doing fine,  just waiting for the day we finally cross over and see him again.

I came back 5 days later on the 22nd with a specific plan to try to communicate with Art, mostly using the Ghost Box to make contact with.   There were a few one word answers that came through the box to questions I had asked,  but these were the type of answers that could be labeled as nothing more than coincidence.   I did try to ask yes/no questions where a yes answer would result in having the ghost box stopped for a yes answer or continue scanning for no.  Again there seemed to be a few responses using this method also,  but again nothing conclusive.    The one word that came through the ghost box several times was the word "Bishop."  One day I will figure out what that means.