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Investigation #4 - Cemetery, (Jamesburg, NJ) - November 11, 2010

It was the day after the car alarm and I still had a case of the creeps,  even though I was convinced after listening to the EVP after the scare I got.   My wife called me at home  to ask if I was planning on going back to the cemetery after what happened the night before.   I first thought about waiting a week,  as this was my original plan for investigating.   Go once a week so as not to annoy any spirits by showing up too much.

After a few hours of thinking it over,  I decided I had to go back, even though I was still feeling creeped out.  That is another "rule" that I have read at other paranormal sites.  If you are not in the right state of mind for an investigation,  then you should forgo it for that time.   The creeped out, slightly scared feeling should have qualified as not being in the right state of mind.  However,  I had to go back to send a message that I would not be scared away so easily.  Plus I wanted to give my kudos to the "prankster" for a practical joke well done that would have made most people envious.

I was dropped off at the cemetery at 5PM for a 5-6PM investigation.   I said my prayer of protection and again advised nobody had any permission to follow me home.  I'll stop including this part of the update in the future logs,  but nobody has to worry.  I will be doing it each and every time I go someplace from now on.

I began to make my way up the hill,  again feeling nervous and a bit of edge.   As I got to the top of the hill near the mausoleum and looked to the far left part of the cemetery,  I saw something that really put me at ease.

Deer at the cemetery means no evil spirits to spook them!

There were two deer over there grazing.   They took note of me,  I took note of them.   They pretty much kept their distance before wandering off later on.   As animals are supposed to be able to sense evil or malevolent spirits,  I took this as a sign that there were not any present.   I felt that if there were bad elements lurking about,  the deer would sense this and stay away.   Other than keeping an eye on me,  they went about grazing on the grass until they left.

I walked around and gave my thumbs up to the practical joker for his stunt and asking basic questions such as, "Is there anybody here with me?",  "How many of you are present?",  "What is your name?".   When not asking questions,  I would say out tidbits of recent history in case any of the deceased spirits hanging around had passed in the late 1800's or early 1900's.   How many of them would know we landed on the Moon or sent space probes to all the major planets?   I don't really discuss politics or religion.  If it makes living people angry if they disagree with you,  then might as well just assume that the dead might get angry if they disagree with me too!

I did not capture any EVPs on this this night,  but I did catch several photographs that I cannot debunk as being dust orbs or any type of natural light source.   Like the EVPs. when I snapped the photographs,  I did not see these lights/orbs present.  I was just randomly,  taking pictures,  asking if anybody would like to pose in them please do so.

This is the first one.

Spirit Orb in motion

I was sitting half way down the hill, by some of the older tombstones when this picture was taken.  You'll notice the wavy white light across the road.   The next picture is a close-up of this mystery light.

Spirit orb in motion

There is no light source to make this happen.  There is no flash light bouncing off a tombstone or glass to cause this effect.  I am the only person in the cemetery, so there is nobody standing there waving a light around.   The other odd thing about this light is the way it has moved so fast as to create that effect in the split second the shutter of the camera operates.    Other paranormal websites would refer to this as a spirit orb in motion.  Some claim it is an anomaly of the camera.    However for those that claim these are an anomaly,  in the 7 investigations I have done to date (as I enter this log),  this was the only day of the 7 I got any of these lights in motion like this.   I tried to recreate these pictures later on,  but could not duplicate them.

The 2nd picture is a bit more creepy.

Ecto and orb!

A couple of notes in this picture.   There is a dim mystery light just slightly right of center, hanging off the ground.  This is not a branch or large  twig causing this.  Directly in the upper right,  you can see what looks like a mist coming down out of the tree.   This is what some paranormal sites refer to as Ecto (a mist like substance that forms when spirits try to manifest themselves).   This was a partly cloudy day and absolutely no fog or moisture in the air to cause this affect.   This is not a mass of spider webs bouncing off the flash.    Anyway,  I saw none of this or had any feelings that something was going on.

The next picture is what I consider the best of the energy orbs in action.

Red orb in motion.

Directly to the left,  you can see a glowing red orb that has streaked from the tree in a spirally, downward motion with the "head" of the orb near the ground.   This is in front of the tree, so there is no way the effect is being caused by something in the distance (there wasn't anything anyhow).   Also, this picture came out with the same odd effect as the one I noted on my first investigation to this cemetery.  This was not caused by the door to the cemetery, as I have taken dozens of pictures in the front and ever got anything like this.   Again,   I am not aware of this red orb in flight.  I did not see it when the picture was taken.   Did not notice it till I got home and put the pictures on the computer to examine closer on my screen.

The last photo of the night produced this highly charged, glowing blue-white orb.   How something shines this bright, is unseen by the naked eye but caught on camera is really baffling.

Energy orb

Here is a close up of the orb.  This is not dust as dust gives off a transparent look.  This does not.

close up of energy orb

I have tried to find out what the different colors to the orbs mean,  but some sites claim they don't mean a thing and others have some chart that says what each color is supposed to represent.   I have no idea where to go on that for the time being,  so I will assume the colors mean nothing till I experience otherwise.

This investigation was not what I had envisioned it was going to be, I was expecting to get audio evidence on this night and came away with something altogether different.  I love the voices,  but the photographic evidence is just as desirable in my opinion.    When I left I felt relieved that nothing bad had happened,  plus the fact that nobody communicated to me that I was not welcome there.   I constantly asked that question over the hour,  if anybody doesn't want me there,  they are more than welcome to tell me to leave and stay away.  

I also have said that the main reason I was there was to gather proof that there is something after our mortal bodies are of no more use to us and that they could help me out.   Maybe they are.