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Investigation #5 - Cemetery, (Jamesburg, NJ) - November 18, 2010

After a week off to give the spirits a break from my back-to-back trip from the previous week,  it was time go back for a 5-6PM investigation.   It was practically sunset by the time I arrived.   This time though, I came with a few new pieces of equipment.   After my Samsung digital camera broke and resorting back to my old Nikon Coolpix,  I needed an upgrade.  Fortunately there was a pre-black Friday sale, so I got a Fuji Film AV-100 12 MP at a great price and was able to test it out on this investigation.

Chuck at the cemetery investigating.

Yes, that is me, posing for the picture,  though sans any spirits!    I took this picture in front of the mausoleum to give it scale as to how small it really is.  The little black box on the cement block to the left is my digital recorder,  always recording just in case!   Now you may ask,  if I investigate alone,  how did I take that picture?   My friend Dave suggested earlier with coming up with a way to take photos so the camera would be absolutely still and eliminate any minute shaking that could foul up a picture.   So that gave me an idea to use a present my wife had gotten me last year to use with my hobby picture taking.  It's a miniature flexible tripod that the digital camera could be screwed into.   With the flexible legs,  I could mount the camera on top of most of the tombstones without worrying about it sliding off.

With a 10 second timer on the camera,  I can take pictures of myself while asking spirits to join in with me for a picture!  Alas it did not happen this night.  Plus I can also take random pictures to eliminate any shaking effect, though the camera does have an anti-shake feature built in. 

Before I tested out a new piece of equipment to record spirit voices,  I  walked around to take pictures to see if I could capture any more of those wild energy orbs in motion from last week.   I only managed to capture one photograph of a blue orb in motion.

Blue orb streakin in the distance!

Just right of center,  you can see a small blue streak in the air.   The picture was brightened just a little bit so you can make out the tree line behind it in the distance.   Since it is below the top of the tree line,  this eliminates any possibility that this was a low flying airplane.   The other orbs you see in the picture are dust, as they have that transparent quality to them.    Below is a close up of the blue orb and a dust orb so you can see the stark difference between the two.

close up of a blue orb and dust orb side by side

As you can see,  a dust orb has a transparent feature to it.  When you zoom in on the dust orb,  it almost looks like the background noise in the picture,  just a bit brighter that enables you to make out the orb.  The blue orb does not have this transparency nor does it look like the background noise.   Plus it gives off its own energy, which dust cannot do.

For the skeptics,  this orb is not a bug.  The temperature was in the low 40's, so it was a bit cold for bugs to be flying around.  Even so, at the apparent distance the orb was away from me the time the picture was taken, that would have to be one large bug,  capable of giving off its own energy signature (the glow).   At that range my flash should not be able to illuminate a bug or bird,  it would have to be almost in front of me.

This was the only picture of the night worth reporting.  No EVPs where recorded on my digital recorder either, but as I was walking around and taking pictures,  I was making it known I had a new piece of equipment I wanted to try to use to communicate with,  the Ghost Box (also known as the Shack-Hack).  This is a Radio Shack AM/FM radio with a built in scan feature so you can scan between the stations until it finds a clear signal.  Why its called the Shack-Hack is because on Youtube, there are videos that show you how to hack the radio and disable the scan feature so that it will not stop on a clear station.  It will continuously scan the stations, regardless of clarity.    The theory behind the Ghost Box is that as it scans like 2-3 frequencies every second,  the spirits are able to pick up snippets of sound and use that to communicate whole words and even sentences with.

Ghost Box or "Shack-Hack"
Ghost Box - Shack Hack

I had enough time to try two areas to use the Ghost Box in the areas I thought might produce good results.  The first place was toward the center of the hill,  where there are quite a few tombstones from the late 1800's.  The other place obviously would be in front of the mausoleum.

At the center of the hill,  I did a 7 minute session.   The problem with the Ghost Box initially is trying to get used to all the static and white noise that is being generated as the radio goes through its continuous scans.   I left the antenna down on purpose to get as few clear stations as possible on the AM band.   I have heard others on Youtube use the FM band, but there are too many snippets of music coming through.  I did not want to have to listen to static, white noise and music to listen to whatever words might come through.

Here are the best Ghost Box sounds I recorded,  these are loud enough in most cases you can hear them through your speakers, provided you don't have a lot of background noise (aka: work area or kids playing)

GhostBox #1 -  This one picked up within the first minute,  the name Howard comes out.

GhostBox #2 - Ask I am asking for somebody to say my name,  you can hear the snippets of sound from the scan coming through.  Though between 4-5 seconds, you hear somebody say "meter off".   Since the scan feature goes through 2-3 stations a second,  there is no way the same voice should be saying words that encompass 2 seconds.  This would  mean 6-8 radio frequencies would all have to have somebody with a similar voice saying a snippet of sound that all lined up so the phrase "meter off" would sound like it does.

The other part of this is that I had turned off my K-II EMF detector, so the meter was off!

GhostBox #3 -  This one starts off with somebody saying what sounds like "Hello".  I was able to understand this and say hello back.  What follows I can't make out fully.   It sounds like another person is saying ......
 "he would see ____ "  the last word not audible enough for me to make out.

GhostBox #4 -  This one is amazing.  I ask if they can say my name Chuck.  A second later you hear somebody say "Chuck".   I understood this and asked if they can say their names.  At the 12 second mark you hear a male voice say "Jimmy", followed immediately by a female voice saying Jenna.   Right after you hear me say the name Jimmy,  At the 16 second mark a fainter voice comes in and says  "Can we play it for you".   Again, there is no way a full sentence with the same voice should come up when in the time it takes to say it,  several radio frequencies have already passed.

After this session,  I headed up to the front of the mausoleum to try again.   These are the best 3 clips that I have from the 2nd session.

GhostBox #5 -  This one shows how the snippets are used to form a word.  Is this a spirit using different sounds to create the name "Craig or Greg Mar-tin" or is it just sounds from the stations that all meshed together at the right moment?  To add to the mystery,  I am asking for the name of the person there with me.  Coincidence a name comes up?

GhostBox #6 -  Here I am saying out loud that maybe I need more white noise, to get a better response.  At 4 and 6 seconds, you hear a female voice say "Chuck".

GhostBox #7 -  As I start to ask the question,  "Have there been other...",  you can hear a voice jump in and say no before I finish asking the question,  "....people like me here, asking questions to make contact.....".  At the end another voice jumps in and says something I cannot make out...."Please ____ front"?

All in all, there were approximately 31 possible Ghost Box communications, though quite a few of them are very questionable as they were one word answers that could have gotten out from a clear station in the brief moment that the frequency was being scanned.    They say the Ghost Box is a questionable device because of this,  however based on some of the results I listed above,  I would definitely say it is worth using again on future investigations. 

Until I get the dough together to get a PX Box.   That item is an amazing tool.

To get an idea of how a Ghost Box works,  here is a Youtube video from another researcher showing the same exact radio I use.


You can see how fast the radio scans in this person's video.   While simple two letter words like  it, an, of...etc etc could probably get through for you to hear,  I'd like to know how its possible for a sentence like  "Can we play it for you" to get through.   The idea that it is a cell phone or cordless phone transmission bleeding through does not explain it because the bleed through should be limited to one particular frequency, not the radio itself.   Thus, any bleed through should end up being like a scan through a regular radio station.  All you should get is a snippet of sound,  not an entire sentence or large words.