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Investigation #2 - Cemetery, (Jamesburg, NJ) - November 2, 2010

Again I started off by saying a quick prayer before entering as I did on my first trip to the cemetery.   Also the reminder nobody was allowed to follow me home.   Also to note,  I repeat myself when I leave and I also say thank you for any cooperation that was given during my investigation.    I am also very respectful and when I passed the graves of former Veterans,  I always thank them for their service to the country.  Without them defending our country's freedom,  a lot of freedoms we take for granted might not be around right now.

My equipment for the investigation again was the K-II EMF detector, an IR thermometer,  a digital recorder (Sony ICD-PX820) and a Samsung S860 8MP digital camera.    The temperature was again around 45F, partly sunny as the sun was setting and a slight breeze again.

I made a quick walk-thru the cemetery, saying hello and paying respects before I made my way over to the only mausoleum on site.  A small one (only 2 people are interred there) but from this day forward,  I have discovered it to be the main focal point for activity at the cemetery .

Note:  The green "face" like appearance on the door is nothing more than weathering.  It shows up in every picture taken of the front of the mausoleum.

Not 10 minutes after I had arrived,  I went to take a temperature check.  In a matter of seconds the air temperature around me went from mid 40's to low teens and as low as 9 degrees.   Within a minute,  the battery indicator on the IR thermometer went from showing a full charge to blinking empty,  then shut itself off.   The battery life of the IR thermometer is 25-30 hours and there is an automatic off switch once you stop actively taking a reading it will shut off in 15 seconds.   I had no explanation on why the battery would drain like that.  It was brand new.   Another experience as I have read and seen on TV before.  Paranormal researchers having fresh batteries drained in seconds.  This was very exciting to say the least, though I did not have a spare replacement battery for it.

As I started to walk around the area of the mausoleum,  the K-II EMF detector jumped to the 2nd light for a moment and then went away.   As I mentioned before, there is absolutely no power sources,  no powered lighting, nothing electrical going through the cemetery.  The nearest power lines are about 200-300 yards away, but if they were high in EMF,  I should have gotten spikes while I was there the first time I walked through the cemetery the week before.   Twice more during my stay this day,  I would get a momentary jump from the 1st to the 2nd light on the K-II.   One of them coincided with a EVP which I will detail shortly.

I took around 20-30 pictures,  but nothing came up to note except the occasional dust orb.

After my wife picked me up (again around 6:30PM)and went home,  I proceeded to download the audio files and listened to them.  This time I only got 3 EVPs, but one of them coincided with a K-II meter spike and the first time I actually heard something that was caught on the recorder.


Note:  It is better to listen to these with headphones on, as the EVPs are faint.  You will not hear these very well through your speakers.

EVP #7 - You hear me saying it would be great to be friends.  At around 5 seconds,  you hear a very noticeable breath.  That was not me.

EVP #8 - This happens right by the Mausoleum.   I set down my digital recorder and K-II detector to take a picture.   You hear me snap the picture,  I walk and step on a leaf.  Around the 8-9 second mark you hear a deep voice just before I start talking.  I cannot make out what it is saying.  "He'll see it"?   Except I heard this because right after the voice happens,  you hear me ask can they do it again,  then the light flicked on the EMF a second later,  prompting me to ask if they can light it up again.  It did not light up.

EVP #9 - This one happens right after I say that I have finished taking my last picture of the day.  At 4 seconds, you hear the faint voice say something like  "Take it again."  Not sure, but its the same wispy voice you hear from my first set of EVPs.


EVPs #7 and #8 were the ones that turned one of my best friends,  Frank,  from a skeptic to somebody who is now intrigued.  I had not told him I was ghost hunting as this point.  I had him listen to #7 and #8 as they were the best EVPs I had captured so far.   He asked where I was when these were done,  I told him the cemetery.  When he asked who was there with me when he heard #8,  I told him nobody was there with me.   He asked "Then who was that talking?".   I said exactly.   Who was that talking to me in #8?