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Investigation #6 - Cemetery, (Jamesburg, NJ) - November 23, 2010

For the investigation this evening (5:30-6:30PM),  I was briefly joined by an area police officer who had assisted me the previous day with a personal issue.  After we were finished,  I had asked him about what means of self-protection I could legally carry for my investigations.   He was fascinated with paranormal research and wanted to see the different tools and methods I used at the cemetery.   So I invited him to meet me on this night.

Before he arrived,   I did some EVP work at the bottom of the hill in an area I had not spent much time at previously.   For the 20 minutes that I was there,  I did manage to capture one faint EVP.  I have enhanced the sound to make it more audible,  again headphones would be needed to hear this better.

EVP #14 - When I was asking spirits to say hello,  this EVP came in that sounds like "Help Me".


Shortly afterward, the officer arrived and I introduced him to the equipment I was using and some of my techniques.   No EVPs were picked up on the Digital recorder,  but managed to pick up a couple of possible responses on the Ghost Box over a 18 second span.

GhostBox #8 -  This one brief segment pretty much caught all there was to catch.  Right after I finish asking for names,  the clip picks up with the name "Barack" being said.  Reference to the President?  Don't know.  At  four seconds later you hear the name "Andrew" being said.   Two seconds later, there is a small sentence than ends in "..... don't stop".  I cannot make out what the first word is.

Then you hear me asking if they can say my name out loud.  At the end of the clip around 16 seconds,  you hear a question asked,  "Aren't you wet?".    This question had significance because there was a slight drizzle a few hours earlier, but the sky had broken up just enough to investigate.  So we were not wet!   The Ghost Box session lasted about seven minutes, but yielded nothing else of significance.    Though we learned that placing the K-II meter directly next to the Ghost Box will yield a false positive,  as the lights on the meter did flicker.   However we debunked this as the meter picking up the battery power on the box.

The investigation was not a total loss,  but I feel that the presence of another investigator,  in particular a big fellow (6 foot+),   the spirits may have felt intimidated and kept their distance.    This was the first night that evidence was slim and kind of lends a little credence to the theory that more investigators does not mean more evidence.